Era of Disaster

Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Law Treasure: Dark Kingdom

Paradise of the Dead: Dark Kingdom – Soul Control!

Momo’s voice wasn’t loud but it rang in all of their ears at the same time. The two worlds seemed to overlap where the ripples that came from the tiara were, and the entire space turned dim. At this moment, the dead opened their eyes and stood up again with a lost expression.

This is the Paradise of the Dead? Someone thought, Don’t tell me that they all became zombies. 

The people who watched couldn’t understand what they were seeing. Zombies would be useful against normal people, but against evolved humans of their level, they couldn’t even be considered cannon fodder.

Momo floated in the air, and a tiara appeared and landed on Momo’s head. It was both a powerful treasure and a symbol of her status. Seeing her, the remaining enemy force felt that something was very wrong and wanted to stop Momo. A bolt of lightning flashed and rushed towards Momo, but it bounced away the moment it neared Momo.

A vicious smile appeared on her face, “Kill them!”

The revived evolved humans heard her voice coming from their hearts and pounced. They had all been fatally injured, yet they moved as if they were at their peak of health and used the same basic and special energy attacks as when they had been alive.

These were zombies? Someone thought, Are you bloody kidding me?! These people have the same level of power as when they were alive! 

Most importantly, the people that Momo ordered them to attack had once been teammates of the revived evolved humans. Countless pitiful screams of shock and horror rang through the air as the revived people fought as if they had no regard for their lives. Or rather, had never had a life to preserve at all.

“Attack the head! Attack the head!” A group shouted madly and aimed for their heads.

In all zombie movies and novels, severely damaging the brain was the only way to stop them. However, that was not the case for these zombies. Momo’s power was not over zombies but over souls. Controlling the corpses to rise and attack was just an extension of her power and an additional attack on their enemies’ spirits, so after they destroyed the bodies of their former teammates, they realized that the battle hadn’t ended because their souls still remained. Furthermore, their souls weren’t just shadowy ghosts. Instead, they appeared exactly as they had when they had been alive, and they had retained forty to seventy percent of the strength they had when they were still alive because that power completely came from their souls, which Momo controlled.

Attack Momo!

Everybody finally realized that attacking the body and soul of the zombies were both secondary; the crux was to attack Momo. However, a portion of them saw the cruel smile on Momo’s face and immediately made the wiser choice to escape.

When a group of people charged toward the center, Momo grinned slightly and thought, The Dark Kingdom isn’t a place for the living to stay in!

The normal world was not suitable for dead souls and caused them to dissipate. Conversely, the Dark Kingdom was not suitable for the living. When the Dark Kingdom descended, the ending had already been decided. The descent of the White Underworld previously had proven that. Momo had only been toying with these people, and unfortunately, not many people had realized that. Other than the hundred plus people who had escaped in the beginning, the people who had stayed within the boundary of the Dark Kingdom were rapidly invaded by the intense underworld qi. Their lifeforce left them swiftly. Everybody who charged toward Momo was surrounded instantly by the underworld qi, which rapidly invaded their bodies and souls and pulled them toward death. No, not death. Under normal situations, they would have died, but in the Dark Kingdom, all of them were subject to Momo’s Soul Control, so they revived and attacked their original companions.

Momo stretched her right hand in front with an insolent smile of excitement.

Shit! Nancy and Bellamy cursed in their hearts.

The neuro-stimulant in Momo hadn’t been removed completely, so she not only attacked their enemies but also their friends. A seemingly endless number of souls swarmed from the other world. In the Dark Kingdom, dead souls could retain a large majority of their original strength, but they were all subject to Momo’s soul control.

“Kill!” Momo said with excitement.

“Momo!” Bai Yi began to use his Reverse Flower Eyes to wake Momo up, but the moment his eyes moved, his vision turned black, and he almost fainted. Bai Yi was really at the end of his road. It was very commendable for him to be breathing still. Who else could face off against Momo who controlled all these souls?

“All of you die,” Momo said with a frenzied expression, and everyone felt a numbness in their heads.

Sharpei suddenly pounced at Momo, and all the souls controlled by her swarmed Sharpei. Sharpei erupted with an unimaginable power, didn’t halt in his steps, and charged toward Momo. Pupu watched and recalled a vision, the vision of Sharpei’s death. Pupu had been thinking about it all along to figure out just how Sharpei’s death could occur. No matter how he looked at it, Sharpei couldn’t have possibly died so easily!

So it’s like this!

Pupu shouted and charged over, but he only managed to make half the journey before abruptly stopping.

Sharpei stopped in front of Momo, and a long black sword made of Underworld Flames pierced Sharpei’s chest and devoured his lifeforce greedily.

It’s really like this. It’s really like this! Those dark flames, what could it have been other than Momo’s Underworld Flames? 

Pupu opened his mouth wide but couldn’t make any sound. He hadn’t been able to understand the vision when he first saw it, so he hadn’t spoken to Sharpei about it. It was something that couldn’t have happened. Sharpei stretched out his tongue and licked Momo.

The scary tongue still retained some warmth of life, and Momo shivered. This was how Sharpei had shown his affection a long time ago before New Zealand changed.


Momo looked at Sharpei’s heads that had already turned extremely terrifying, and suddenly recalled the days of a fat little girl and a small fat dog playing. Tears started to fall from Momo’s eyes filled with pain and disbelief.

All the souls and remaining living humans paused and finally managed to take a break.

The Pellegra Dragon who hadn’t flown away yet was stunned, That dumb dog died just like that?

Momo suddenly started to laugh, “Hahahaha...Sharpei is so silly.”

Momo wiped her tears and said, “Don’t worry, you won’t die. I am the princess that controls the Dark Kingdom, the White Underworld Princess. However, your state of life will change somewhat.”

Everyone was extremely shocked by her words and didn’t fully understand what she was saying.

Don’t tell me that Momo had become able to control life and death.

Something had definitely happened to Momo and allowed her to understand some fundamental things about the universe.

“Hmph, he’s actually not dead!” The Pellegra Dragon sneered, but anybody could hear the gladness in his voice. Ning Xue looked at the Pellegra Dragon and the corner of her lips quietly rose.

“Let’s go,” Ning Xue said and let the Pellegra Dragon fly north towards Australia.

Momo stretched out her right hand with her palm facing the sky. In the next instant, the entire Dark Kingdom started to tremble, and the ground started to shake.

What the hell is going on now? Some people thought miserably. Can’t we just get a moment of peace?! 

The ground broke and rapidly shrunk. Everyone felt like they had been rejected by a world and were being bounced out of it. Everyone who was still living fell from the sky and quickly started to perform emergency treatment on themselves. Some of them looked at the sky and were dumbfounded.

Slightly less than half of the city floated in the air and rapidly shrunk before disappearing into the small and exquisite tiara on Momo’s head. A gigantic, circular, concave area more than 10 kilometers in diameter was left behind in Tasmania as if somebody had dug a part of the city out. They pondered that thought and looked at the small princess tiara on Momo’s head.

That thing that appeared from thin air, they wondered. What is it exactly?


Realization of Law: Soul Law Treasure

Everyone who existed within the universe was subject to the laws of the universe. The laws of time, karma, energy, gravity, life, etc. Before evolution and the activated cells, lifeforms were subject to the laws. Gravity would ground them. Life would gradually move, and space-time would not bend to allow people to teleport. However, after a lifeform became powerful enough and gained a deeper sense of the universe, the lifeform could occasionally control a small part of universal laws rather than simply being controlled by them.

The realization wasn’t an understanding of human consciousness but an enlightenment about life. No one could gain the power to control the universal laws, nor understand them, simply by reading books. After entering the LV3 Life Field Stage, one could awaken a Soul Law Treasure if the soul called out for it desperately enough. The Soul Law Treasure represented the understanding of lifeforms in relation to the laws of the universe and was a manifestation of individual strength.

The intense call of the soul would normally only come about amidst despair, the moment of death, being able to see beyond everything, and other states that stimulated the individual beyond their limits. The Soul Law Treasure was an additional power that went beyond the normal cultivation system, and very few people could awaken it. However, once somebody awakened a Soul Law Treasure, it meant that the lifeform had started to vaguely encounter and understand a trace of the laws of the universe.

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