Era of Disaster

Chapter 269

Chapter 269: The Other Provenance Fruit

No vision, no sound, no touch, no smell, and no taste: he was trapped in the Still World where all five senses were completely cut off. Other than his own consciousness, nothing else seemed to exist.

Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes had created a cage and completely trapped Duan Xiu Cheng inside of it. Bai Yi could feel that there was an even deeper level of change in his eyes and energy, but Bai Yi didn’t have the strength to use it. Blood flowed profusely from both of his eyes. Bai Yi stretched out his right hand and a few blades of wind rapidly spun around his fingertips. Even at this time, Bai Yi didn’t recklessly approach him.

“Bai Yi, your parents!” Duan Xiu Cheng suddenly shouted within his consciousness.

He didn’t actually speak, but Bai Yi could sense Duan Xiu Cheng’s words through his life field. The words were just blackmail and his last resort. Duan Xiu Cheng’s words caused Bai Yi to pause for a moment, but in the next instant, Bai Yi closed on him with a Flash Step.


Bai Yi’s right hand viciously pierced Duan Xiu Cheng’s chest and gripped his heart tightly.

The powerful electrical currents numbed Bai Yi’s body, but Bai Yi’s expression was still incomparably calm and cold.

An excruciating pain came from his heart, and Duan Xiu Cheng almost fainted the moment his sense of touch recovered, but he held on to consciousness for fear of coming too close to death. Duan Xiu Cheng raised his head and looked at Bai Yi. He didn’t know if Bai Yi heard his shout, but he knew that this was his only chance to survive at this time.

“Your...parents!” Duan Xiu Cheng didn’t say more; Bai Yi should have understood his meaning.

“I know. I heard your shout just now,” Bai Yi said coldly.

“Then you...!” Duan Xiu Cheng’s expression turned into one of shock. If he heard him, then why did Bai Yi attack him?

“I won’t be blackmailed. No matter what example you look at, the so-called compromise will never have a good ending. In the end, the only thing that will happen is that they will end up losing and suffering even more. So,” Bai Yi’s expression turned sinister. “Don’t try to blackmail me with my parents!”

Bai Yi squeezed tightly, and Duan Xiu Cheng’s heart exploded in Bai Yi’s hands. Fresh blood spurted out of the wound and sprayed onto the ground.

“You are really...heartless!” Duan Xiu Cheng’s voice slowly came as he died.

At this moment, Bai Yi didn’t move and stood at the peak of the ruins. His figure appeared incomparably desolate. How could Bai Yi not know the consequences of his actions? However, compromising for the sake of his parents or friends would only cause a greater tragedy in the future. No matter how one looked at it, it would probably end with him being played until he died.

Can you understand this, father, mother? Weren’t you the ones that taught me this? You said that even small characters could understand the big principles.

“I’m sorry!” Bai Yi said under his breath apologizing to some unknown person.

Bai Yi panted heavily and took out another tube of Material Essence. The Material Essence hadn’t even replenished one percent of his energy, and the Illusion: Still World completely drained the rest of his energy. Anybody could tell that Bai Yi was extremely weak now, but the people battling in the area all subconsciously avoided him.

Who knew just how long could Bai Yi fight? What if Bai Yi still had the strength to act when they approached? They would just be seeking their deaths. When facing the issue of their lives, anybody would be more cautious.

Even though the majority of people didn’t wish to face Bai Yi, there were still some people ballsy enough to try. Regardless of the potential rewards, the concept of killing Bai Yi was enough to scare a huge majority of people.

Bai Yi grabbed a long broken sword on the ground. It wasn’t Red Kiss as he’d lost it a while ago. Looking at the few hesitant people, Bai Yi gestured with his finger with a fake smile. In reality, Bai Yi had no special energy left, and his body was about to give out. However, he had to endure until he died no matter what.


Bai Yi gripped the broken blade and charged forward with a malevolent look on his face.

At this time, the battles around him were very desperate as well. Even Woolf, Sharpei, and Pupu had started to breathe heavily. With the odds of a hundred against a thousand, the fact that they hadn’t been wiped out yet was because they were putting everything on the line. However, no matter how hard they tried, they could only delay their defeat. Even Sharpei and Pupu had been injured.

Bai Yi killed crazily, but after killing more than a dozen opponents, his movements became slower and slower. A wind blade passed by Bai Yi’s side, and he didn’t manage to dodge it.


Bai Yi’s body tilted, and the torn cloth tied around his waist ripped. Everybody saw the pale-white wound on Bai Yi’s waist.

It was pale-white because Bai Yi’s body had no more blood to bleed.

The wind blade pushed Bai Yi along and he fell. Bai Yi looked at the sky and saw a dark shade of black as if it was representing the world. Humans were really complex lifeforms. There were light and kindness but also darkness and ugliness. The few people nearby saw Bai Yi’s state and immediately attacked him. Anybody could tell that Bai Yi was already at the end of his road.

Bai Yi squinted his eyes and prepared to burn his last remaining life force!

Life Ignition!

However, at this moment, the people attacking Bai Yi were suddenly bound in mid-air like wooden puppets. A floating dragon with a woman on its head flew towards the battlefield. When they saw this woman, all of them knew that another powerful person had come.

“Long time no see, Uncle Bai,” Ning Xue said softly.

“Long time no see,” Bai Yi was surprised to see Ning Xue again.

“You seem to be in a pretty bad state every time I see you,” Ning Xue said though Bai Yi wasn’t sure what she meant.

“Ah, my luck doesn’t seem to be too good.”

“Hahahaha,” Ning Xue laughed lightly and a trace of desolation flashed in her hands. She then raised her right hand.

“You guys aren’t qualified to kill Bai Yi,” Ning Xue said arrogantly to the people in midair.

Ning Xue had discarded her weak and gentle appearance from more than ten years ago. Now, she was an expert in the rules of this era, and the aura she gave off was sufficient evidence of her prowess.

Body Control: Mutual Slaughter!

Ning Xue moved her right hand and the dozens of people trying to attack Bai Yi immediately started to attack their original teammates. Countless cries of horror and pain rang out because Ning Xue’s body control power was really terrifying. Even Bai Yi was shocked. When had Ning Xue’s life field had become so special that she could directly control other people’s bodies?

Provenance Fruit: Body Control!

Many years ago, Yu Han obtained information about the connection between activated cells from a research facility. Using New Christchurch as the setting and sacrificing countless evolved humans and lifeforms, he cultivated a special Provenance Fruit in New Christchurch. That Provenance Fruit and Momo’s Provenance Fruit of soul control correspond to the two different components of life.

However, even after all his planning, Yu Han hadn’t been lucky enough to use the fruit. However, since Ning Xue was the one who obtained it, Yu Han probably wouldn’t feel that it was unfair.

“Then, I’ll make a move first,” Ning Xue nodded at Bai Yi after helping him once.

In truth, Ning Xue didn’t know how to interact with Bai Yi. Were they friends? Their lovers had both died by each other’s hands. Were they enemies then? The two of them were people who could think about things rationally and keep issues separate, so they weren’t able to truly hate each other from the bottom of their hearts. When people said that life was complicated, they were probably referring to relationships like this.

“Goodbye then!”


Ning Xue didn’t continue to help because she realized that Momo had already awakened. The fat little girl from years ago had turned into a noble young woman. No, a princess, the Princess of the Dark Kingdom.

Sharpei immediately looked up at the floating dragon when it flew overhead. The two of them still remembered the bitter battle between them from long ago. Sharpei and the Pellegra Dragon’s relationship were similar to their owners. They weren’t really enemies, but it was even more wrong to say that they were friends. Anyway, the two of them didn’t get along and only wished that the other would be more miserable. Thus, when the Pellegra Dragon saw Sharpei’s miserable state from the long battle, the corner of its lips curled up.

By then, Momo had already stood up, but her eyes looked empty.

The battles around all went quiet for a moment and all of them looked at Momo at the center, feeling uneasy in their hearts. After a long while, Momo’s consciousness finally seemed to return and looked at her friends around her. Woolf, Sharpei, Pupu, Nancy, Bellamy and her daddy-- everybody looked incomparably miserable. Taking a deep breath, Momo opened her small mouth – Soul Law Treasure: Release!

“Paradise of the Dead: Dark Kingdom – Soul Control!”

The tiara on Momo’s head flew out and sent out ripples through the air. The ripples acted as the boundary between the real world and the world of the dead. After these ripples pulsed out, the entire world seemed to turn dark. In this world, countless spirits slowly became more and more visible. Even the corpses on the ground all started to move again and opened their eyes.

Everybody looked on in extreme astonishment without being able to pull their eyes away. Although they knew that Momo’s transformation was very strange, this was just too...

Nobody could find an appropriate term to describe their feelings.

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