Era of Disaster

Chapter 268

Chapter 268: The World...Is Free!

“The world has already reached a turning point, and in the next hundred years, the people who will stand on the top of the world will be chosen. Regardless of your status now, your reasons for being here, or what shackles bind you, you already have the power to break through this world. The world...” Bai Yi spoke boldly as he held the remains of the general that looked like a broken bag. The scene was extremely cruel, but a sense of ambition and longing rose in many people’s hearts.

“IS FREE!” Bai Yi roared.

At that moment, all the battles seemed to stop as Bai Yi’s words echoed in their ears. The moods of those who heard Bai Yi’s words instantly changed. The world was free. Nobody could shackle them. They already had the power to break this world.

“HAHAHAHAHA!” Bai Yi laughed frantically and gestured arrogantly at the hesitant United Nations teams. “Come!”

Everyone knew that even if they managed to kill Bai Yi, the transformation of the world couldn’t be reversed. Bai Yi’s words had caused great waves to rise in all of their hearts, which would push the group of powerful evolved humans to bring about tremendous change in the world! What a terrifying man. He wanted to throw the world into complete chaos even though he was already in desperate straits. If he didn’t die here--

“I’m considered to be of high status, but I will just be taking my rightful place,” Duan Xiu Cheng took two steps forward and said. “Even if the new era chooses a new group of rulers, I will still stand on the top of the world.”

Duan Xiu Cheng’s heart was aroused. He walked in front of Bai Yi, stretched out his right hand, and dazzling electricity appeared in the air.

“Bai Yi, since you are the pioneer of this age, let me send you off on your final journey!” Duan Xiu Cheng said excitedly as his eyes widened slightly.

In the next moment, Bai Yi and Duan Xiu Cheng collided ferociously.

When Duan Xiu Cheng and Bai Yi truly started to fight, two other people immediately prepared to take part in their battle. However, Duan Xiu Cheng attacked the two of them before they could even approach.

Duan Xiu Cheng, this lunatic! He was like this in China too!

However, truth to be told, all of their hearts here had been roused by Bai Yi’s words. The world was free! Were they considered part of the world? It was obvious that until the system of evolution was solidified, those in high positions with true power would never put themselves at risk. Hence, even though the ones standing here were all people from the United Nations, they weren’t considered to be in high positions.

Can we take another step upward?

In any case, Bai Yi’s words made everybody’s blood hot, and the battle climaxed. Although many of them had the intention to conserve their strength due to Bai Yi’s words, there were still a lot of people who became even more excited and agitated. This was the beginning of a new era, and they had the fortune to stand as witnesses to its beginning.

However, Bai Yi’s group were at an absolute disadvantage because of the difference in numbers and the United Nations’ strategy of exhausting them beforehand. The only thing they could do now was to fight until their last drop of blood was spilled.


The people on Bai Yi’s team and the United Nations’ team all knew that there was somebody who could possibly affect the outcome of the entire battle: Momo!

The unexpected change was obviously different from the power system of evolution as they understood it. The pressure in that instant had felt like they were facing the law of the heavens. If not for Momo fainting due to her severe injuries, the flow of the battle would probably be completely different. Hence, even though the entire area had fallen into a chaotic battle, all the fighting was centered on Momo.

Bellamy and Nancy anxiously tried to heal Momo, but Momo’s injuries were too serious. It was very difficult just to keep her alive, let along heal her enough that she would wake up with the power to fight.

Facing the mass of enemies swarming toward them, Woolf and Sharpei took the initiative and entered LV3. Both Woolf and Sharpei were also one of the ones who undergone perfect metamorphosis and had been on the edge of Blossoming. Under the stimulation of the intense battle, both of them entered LV3, and their strengths rose explosively.

Woolf, Sharpei, and Pupu formed a triangle around Momo and protected her from the countless enemies.

Solid: Metallization Energy!

A metallic color covered Woolf’s body making him seem like a metal statue. Woolf bore every attack head-on without being bothered in the slightest. His power of defense seemed simple. However, because he could bear any attack without getting hurt, his barbaric way of fighting had a great impact on the battlefield. His melee attacks seemed simple, but Woolf could use his life field to supplement his attack. Nobody was able to stop a punch from Woolf.

 Flames, ice, electricity, and earth control energy mixed together with dense earth and smashed into Woolf. However, Woolf was completely nonchalant about the attack and broke through it with a Flash Step.

Heavy Fist!

The simple punch contained unimaginable power. With a ‘BOOM!’, the solid wall the size of a small hill shattered into pieces under Woolf’s powerful blow and an immense shockwave instantly erupted.

Sharpei had two heads. One had the destruction attribute, and the other had the death attribute. When he entered LV3, Sharpei turned even more sinister and terrifying. Furthermore, Sharpei’s speed had increased immensely. After zooming around and killing all the enemies in the area with his fangs and claws, Sharpei stopped and raised his heads at the group of people in front of him. The energy from both his heads merged into a gigantic death beam.

Destruction Death Light!

Both of the energies were biased toward attacking, and the destructive capability became absolutely unthinkable when they fused. In an instant, a terrifying explosion of destruction shook the entire battlefield. After that, Sharpei stood tall amidst the black smoke and continued to protect Momo.

Pupu didn’t look intimidating at all and didn’t even have any grand-looking attacks. However, Pupu’s fat and strong body always happened to be at the right place at the right time to attack or defend as needed. It was clearly a very simple attack, but every time it would create an unimaginable effect on the battle. Pupu’s basic attacks and defenses were worlds apart from Sharpei and Woolf’s, but he still managed to stop anybody who tried to attack Momo.

At this time, Pupu hadn’t forgotten about the scene of Sharpei dying he’d seen before the battle began. Furthermore, this was clearly an extremely demanding and desperate battle. He had to conserve every bit of energy he had. Of course, that didn’t mean that Sharpei and Woolf’s battle styles weren’t OK, it was just that everybody had their own battle styles.

At this time, Melvin suddenly discovered a broken crystallized rhombus-shaped dome. Inside the broken crystal, Alodia was gradually bleeding out. Melvin was shocked. He quickly took out the medicine for emergency rescue and the antidote for the neuro-stimulant to feed to Alodia. She had been caught in the battle between Bai Yi and Momo. If not for her crystallization power having a decent defense mechanism, Alodia would have probably died.

Melvin protected Alodia and watched the ongoing battle, and a sense of resolution and madness flashed in his eyes. From the start, Melvin hadn’t undergone perfect metamorphosis. He had tried his best to nourish and supplement himself during the LV2 stage to catch up to Bai Yi and the rest, but that hadn’t been enough and wouldn’t help him now. Melvin took the Blossomy drug he obtained from Lucretia.


Making use of a short pause in the battle, Bai Yi bit a tube of Material Essence. He panted heavily as he retreated. Duan Xiu Cheng was quite powerful, and the attacking speed and style of electricity were also very strong. Most importantly, Bai Yi was already exhausted. Both the special energy stored in his body and soul was almost completely consumed.

“Although I feel like I am taking advantage of your weakness, being able to kill you here is still a great opportunity.”

“That isn’t for sure,” Bai Yi poured the Material Essence into his mouth. His body frantically absorbed the substance the moment it entered his stomach and converted it into energy.

“Material Essence: one of the essences you guys extracted in the Devil Isles. It is able to rapidly restore and convert itself into special energy. Knowing that I can see that you really intended to do something. You expected to have a desperate battle long ago, right? However, since you used Material Essence, it means that you don’t have much energy left since it can only be used as an emergency measure,” Duan Xiu Cheng said to Bai Yi.

Bai Yi didn’t deny it at all, “En, you are right. I don’t have much energy left, but it’s still very easy to kill somebody.”

“I don’t think that you have any attack that can harm me at this point in time.”

“Don’t be so sure about that.”

Bai Yi calmed his breathing and closed his eyes like Duan Xiu Cheng. Everybody knew that they couldn’t look into Bai Yi’s eyes, so they closed their eyes while battling Bai Yi and used their life field to sense their surroundings. Previously, Bai Yi wasn’t able to do anything about it because it went beyond the five senses, but his eyes had changed after Momo’s blood splashed into his eyes.

Thinking about his emotions of despair and destruction at that moment, they were now a pair of cursed eyes!

Reverse Flower Eyes: Illusion: Still World!

Bai Yi opened his eyes, and Duan Xiu Cheng’s vision went dark. All vision, sound, smell, and touch disappeared, and even his life field sensing vanished. It was as nothing other than his own consciousness existed.

Duan Xiu Cheng was terrified and erupted with electricity, but in reality, he didn’t know if his electricity manifested or not because there wasn’t any feedback at all from his body.

Still World used his special energy and life field as a medium. With it, Bai Yi could completely cut off a person’s five senses and life field sensing. The person would have neither sight, hearing, nor smell because no sensory signals could reach the brain. At this moment, Duan Xiu Cheng didn’t even know if he moved his hand. He didn’t know if he were flying through the air.

He didn’t even know if he was already dead.

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