Era of Disaster

Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Start Of An Era

Bai Yi’s vivid Reverse Flower Eyes looked at the sky as if he didn’t notice the seven undercover operatives being killed at all. Taking a deep breath, Bai Yi suddenly lowered his head and the Reverse Flower Eyes was reflected in everybody’s eyes.


Just a single word ignited the fuse in everybody’s hearts: kill!

Bai Yi flew toward the crowd in front of him. There were just too many people on the opposite side. It would be extremely disadvantageous for them if they allowed the United Nations’ people to split up and gang up on each of them. Hence, the best way was to dole out a heavy blow from the start. The air in the surrounding area started turning and twisting. Four hurricanes suddenly appeared from thin air and wreaked havoc on the surroundings. Bai Yi coughed up a mouthful of blood but clasped his hands together. The four hurricanes spun toward the center furiously and were even more terrifying than the eye of the storm earlier.

Hurricane: Four Directions Twisting Slaughter!

Bai Yi bore the pain in his body and abruptly opened his eyes wide. The energy inside his body pulled hard on the surrounding air through his life field. At this moment, a man wearing a military uniform stood out and clasped his hands together in the same manner. Four other hurricanes appeared rapidly and collided fiercely with Bai Yi’s hurricanes. Grinding and whirling sounds rang continuously as the eight hurricanes furiously collided and resisted each other. Finally, with a few rumbling sounds, the eight hurricanes abruptly broke down from the pressure of tearing at each other and unleashed chaotic gusts of wind everywhere.

The people who hadn’t been pulled into the hurricane dodged the explosion and separately looked for their own opponents. Bai Yi looked at the man wearing the military uniform as he felt the wound on his waist gradually turn numb.

“I can spare your life if you are willing to join us,” the man opposite said.

“Then what? Get played by you guys until I die?” Bai Yi asked plainly.

At this moment, a few other people arrived. Bai Yi was somewhat familiar with them, including Barzel whom he had met earlier. They were really fortunate to be alive. The people appeared behind the man wearing the military uniform, went to attention and saluted him.


“You guys go to another place. I can handle this,” the man said.

“Yes!” The few of them replied without hesitation.

“It’s still better than dying here. A person like you should be able to endure humiliation for something more important, right? China has a saying called King Gou Jian of Yue1, right?” The general said to Bai Yi after Barzel and the rest left.

“Oh? I didn’t know that you thought of me as somebody like that,” Bai Yi sneered.

“How could I not? 109 cases of assassination have happened all around the world, and every time it happened, it would cause an extremely big ruckus. People from the Devil Isles did it, but you are different. You never talked to anybody about it. On the contrary, your goal was to let all the evolved humans regain their human forms. I can guess that your next goal is to reintegrate with the human world and secretly look for the masterminds before giving them a devastating blow, right?” The general said slowly.

Bai Yi went silent for a long while before asking, “Where are they now?”

“All dead. I don’t deny that they are all very strong. They were just a bit lacking up here,” the general pointed to his own head. Attempting to take on the world alone, it would have been an understatement to say that they were reckless.

“So it’s like that!” Bai Yi didn’t show too much emotion and only said a few simple words.

Bai Yi’s left hand slid across his waist and a dark flame escaped from the wound on the left side of his waist. After leaving Bai Yi, the flame floated in the air and burned silently without looking like it was going to extinguish anytime soon. It was a White Underworld Flame and a manifestation of Momo’s special energy.

“It’s useless. Even if you can expel your daughter’s Underworld Flame from your body, your injuries can’t possibly recover immediately. Moreover, your energy should be more or less exhausted, right? Most importantly, I’m also a perfect LV3 Life Field Stage,” the general looked at Bai YI’s actions and laughed.

“You haven’t gone through a life and death battle, have you?” Bai Yi asked as he pulled the ripped cloth around his wound tightly and tied a dead knot. Bai Yi spoke viciously as he cracked his lips and revealed his pale white, bloodstained canines, “The world had already been peaceful for close to a hundred years. Based on your age and your status, you definitely haven’t gone through a real battle, right? A true battle isn’t using strength to bully a normal person, and it isn’t playing around like in a game. A true battle is bloody and cruel!”

Although he was injured, Bai Yi’s eyes were extraordinarily bright and bewitching.

The general opposite subconsciously took a step backward. Only after he took the step had he realized what he had just done. Had he actually been scared?

Reverse Flower Eyes: Illusion: Dark World!

Bai Yi’s eyes started spinning and the general instantly felt like he had descended into extreme darkness. However, he had seen Bai Yi’s battles previously, so he knew that Bai Yi could use basic vision and sound to control other people’s five senses. Hence, the moment his eyes fell into darkness, the general swiftly closed his eyes and created a chaotic and violent wind around him.

No matter what, it was most important to protect himself.

After deploying the protective wind blades, the general then tried to ascertain Bai Yi’s location with his life field sensing. The general’s heart skipped a beat. Bai Yi had ignored the protective wind blades completely and charged straight at him! After a few Flash Steps, Bai Yi closed in on the general who had initially been far away and reached out with his right hand. The general was right. Bai Yi didn’t have much energy left, so he wouldn’t waste time here and used a battle style that would instantly decide life or death.

Bai Yi’s right hand immediately passed through the protection of the wind blade barrier and wrapped around the general’s neck as blood exploded from his arm.

Wind of Massacre!

Berserk and frantic gusts of air erupted between the two of them. Both of them were LV3, and both of them had evolved perfectly so the difference between them wasn’t much. The Wind of Massacre engulfed the both of them. The general felt an excruciating pain coming from his body as he was sliced everywhere. He screamed miserably. At the same time, Bai Yi controlled the airflow around his body to avoid the vital areas of his body while a madness and excitement blossomed in his eyes.

You don’t know what a real battle is. It is not using strength to bully a normal person!

Bai Yi gripped the general and suddenly plummeted down from the sky, smashing violently to the ground with a loud ‘boom!’. In the instant of impact, an incomparably tyrannical wind exploded. The Wind of Massacre that hadn’t displayed its capabilities fully in the battle with Momo. Against the general, Bai Yi showcased its true power for the first time. The general struggled desperately, but the airflow within his body erupted. He exploded into a vividly colored, bloody flower on the ground in Bai Yi’s hands.

Bai Yi was covered in blood. He turned his head and looked in another direction.

Everybody who caught Bai Yi’s gaze immediately shivered, What the hell was this?! They were both perfectly evolved LV3s, but Bai Yi killed him so easily! Were they just a joke for being ordered around by the general previously? 

Bai Yi stood up again and licked the blood by his lips.

“Take over the higher positions! The world has already reached a period of revolutionary change. The next hundred years will select the group of people who can truly stand at the top of the world!” Bai Yi’s eyes shined brightly as he spoke. His voice wasn’t loud, but everybody could hear his words. To all who heard him, his words had an incredible impact on them.

Five Senses Illusion: Sound Control!


Undoubtedly, Bai Yi’s words shook the majority of his enemies’ hearts. Should they fight to the death here, or live on and quietly wait for the period of great change coming in the future?

After Woolf entered the battle again, he found his previous opponent and continued the unfinished battle. This time, Woolf gripped his fists tightly and prepared to Blossom. Woolf had already stepped one foot through evolution’s door, and after such intense battles, he was more or less ready.

Blossom – LV3!

Woolf’s aura erupted and reached a level completely incomparable to before.

The woman wearing dark green metallic clothing suddenly stopped and stepped backward. Qing Qiao didn’t step backward because she was afraid of Woolf suddenly entering LV3 but because of Bai Yi’s words.

“Qing Qiao!” The other man said in surprise.

“Let’s leave!” Qing Qiao hesitated for a moment, turned around and left.

“I have a way to neutralize the particle bomb inside our bodies. I have already successfully assimilated the elements inside the particle bomb,” Qing Qiao said as she left Woolf standing there dumbly.

This is...not a fight anymore? 

Even though there were two fewer enemies, there were still a lot more opponents everywhere and he didn’t have to be scared of a lack of opponents.


“He died so quickly. Fancy that he was a perfectly evolved LV3,” a man sneered as he looked at the dead general in Bai Yi’s hands.

“Team Leader!” Another man beside him exclaimed.

“Continue fighting. You guys know that your personal safety is the most important. Only by letting them out, and letting the world turns chaotic, will we get a chance,” the man licked his lips and a bewitching light flashed in his eyes.

Regardless if those were his heartfelt words or intentionally crafted to sway his enemies, he really liked Bai Yi’s words.


Some of them were still fighting, but a majority of them started to have many doubts. The so-called perfectly evolved LV3 general was so pathetic when fighting that he couldn’t even be compared to them. Other than being in a high position from the beginning, taking a large portion of the resources, and evolving perfectly, there was really nothing to admire about him.

Is that what Bai Yi meant when he said to take over?

The next hundred years would select the group of people who could truly stand at the top of the world!

Nobody imagined that Bai Yi’s words would become the start of a new chaotic era!


Translator Note:

  1. King Gou Jian of Yue is a king who went into enemy captivity but got released in the end and managed to go back and lead his empire, so I guess what he meant was that Bai Yi should tolerate a temporary loss and subservience because he might get a chance in the future to make a comeback.

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