Era of Disaster

Chapter 265

Chapter 265: To Kill Each Other

In the beginning, Yu Han extracted a special kind of compound from a plant and used it on New Christchurch. After Yu Han died, his subordinates somehow encountered the United Nations. Of course, the United Nations, more or less, simply used them. The drug had initially targeted evolved lifeforms, and it was changed and developed into a drug that specially targeted evolved humans. The drug rapidly increased the bloodlust in a person’s heart and turned them into a wild and ferocious killing machine.

The Mad Bloodlust drug!


Soul Charm: Death’s Peaceful Rest!

Momo smiled at Bai Yi. Although the attack was directed at Bai Yi, the people watching from the sidelines felt like their souls were being drawn away. However, at this moment, Bai Yi didn’t move. Instead, he created a pulse in his life field to stabilize his body and soul. At the same time as Momo activated the Soul Charm, Bai Yi raised his left hand. Countless dark threads ferociously flew toward Momo. Momo gripped her black sword tightly, swung it, and instantly split apart all the dark threads.

Purgatory Sword: Gluttonous Evil Spirits!

Momo swung her sword again. Bai Yi raised Red Kiss and stabbed at the exact moment to stop the Purgatory Sword’s swing. After that, Bai Yi used a Flash Step and shot through the air. Countless floating souls and Spirit Devouring Butterflies swarmed Bai Yi, but Bai Yi just pulsed his life field again. A chaotic and violent wind raged, ripped the floating souls and Spirit Devouring Butterflies to shreds, and turned them into motes of light.

“How could they not be affected by each other’s attacks at all?”

All the people watching this battle were incredibly astonished. They had already discovered through their earlier battles that Momo’s Soul Charm was very difficult to defend against, and those floating souls and Spirit Devouring Butterflies were also very difficult to kill.

The basic makeup of the body was physical matter, but the makeup of the soul wasn’t energy. Otherwise, the soul would have been discovered long ago. Hence, when facing spiritual lifeforms, physical attacks were completely useless. Energy attacks seemed to be able to damage spiritual lifeforms, but the effects weren’t large, so they all felt that the floating souls and Spirit Devouring Butterflies were very difficult to kill.

So, how exactly did Bai Yi do it?

The group was agitated from the start, but they quickly calmed down and watched the battle seriously. There were a number of things to be learned from Bai Yi and Momo’s battle style and how they reacted to different situations.

For instance, with regards to sword style, Bai Yi used the Wind Mist Sword, and Momo used the Purgatory Sword. Everybody could tell that the two sword styles were of the same basic style but their techniques had been developed differently due to the differences in their special energy. Bai Yi and Momo clashed rapidly, and their movements changed incredibly quickly. Around them, bursts of air and the White Underworld flames continuously raged. Due to the continuously waving thin threads and the continuously gathering and dispersing floating souls, Bai Yi and Momo’s battlefield appeared incomparably dangerous and magnificent.

“Why do they seem like they are sparring?”

“They are father and daughter. They definitely sparred a lot like this. A lot of the answers to how best to deal with their abilities can be answered by watching them fight. Observe carefully, if we can learn some of it, we would at least not be so miserable facing them in the future.”

Although nobody thought that they would ever encounter Bai Yi or Momo in the future, they couldn’t see anything wrong with learning from them.

“Bai Yi can control the air, right? Why isn’t he controlling the air around Momo’s body?”

“How would I know?”

“It’s the disruption of the life field! The life field spreads out from the body and weakens gradually the further away it is from the body. The closer it is to Momo, the weaker Bai Yi’s life field is and the stronger Momo’s life field is. Since they are of a similar power level, Bai Yi is unable to control the air around her.”

Another man wanted to ask something, but somebody else interrupted him, “Stop chattering, and watch carefully.”

Even though they had lost their rationality, Bai Yi and Momo’s battle instinct had grown even stronger. Reverse Flower Eyes illusions, dead souls, Spirit Devouring Butterflies, air control, Soul Charm-- Bai Yi and Momo displayed their various abilities vividly and thoroughly. Even though they had lost their rationality, the two of them instinctively knew how to counter each of their abilities. Bai Yi and Momo had never hidden their abilities from each other, so it wasn’t surprising. They lost their rationality, but they hadn’t lost their natural instincts.

After a brilliant and dazzling battle, the fight between the two of them actually reverted to the simplest and purest contest: sword skill!

Though they were simple sword skills, they appeared incomparably grand and fatal in Bai Yi and Momo’s hands. Everybody realized that Bai Yi and Momo had fallen into a strange balance. However, at this moment, a small, unexpected deviation happened in the otherwise evenly matched battle. When Red Kiss and Black Underworld clashed, a soft ‘crack!’ came from one of their swords. Although the sound was very small, both Bai Yi and Momo heard the sound at the same time.


A maniacal grin appeared on Momo’s face, and she brutally swung Black Underworld.

Purgatory Sword: Cross Chop!

The attack was one of pure brute force, and it was different from the long-range intense sword qi and tremor of the Great Shockwave or the single point pierce of the Wasp’s Sting. Cross Chop was a brute force technique that relied on Black Underworld’s weight to break through a hundred other techniques with just strength. Normally, the technique would have been ineffective, but with the crack that appeared in Red Kiss, this kind of heavy brute force technique was incredibly useful.


Red Kiss broke in the center and half of the blade shot into the sky. In the next instant, Momo charged in and stabbed her black sword viciously toward Bai Yi’s heart. The sword’s thrust formed an immense force and drew the floating souls and Spirit Devouring Butterflies along.

Funeral Procession of Ten Thousand Souls!

With a ‘buzz!’ and a clear ring of the sword, an intense shockwave engulfed the surrounding area and forced the four remaining survivors nearby to escape further away if they did not want to be caught in the attack.

The moment the four of them managed to stabilize themselves on top of a building, one of them realized that the air in the area had started to spin, and all the floating souls and Spirit Devouring Butterflies began to move in the same direction.

This is a hurricane!

The air in the area was moved violently until it swirled toward the center of the large and rapidly forming hurricane. The hurricane sucked corpses, blood, and other things into it, ripped everything inside it into shreds, and dyed itself red. Just when everybody thought that the hurricane would continue spinning like a natural hurricane, the eye of the storm high in the sky sucked in the hurricane, and the air in the surrounding area disappeared.

A powerful vacuum formed and pulled things over a thousand meters away towards the center. The four people watching from a distance lost their balance and flew toward the eye of the storm as if somebody pushed them viciously from behind. The vacuum the eye of the storm created pulled them and the air so that it roared and rushed toward it to fill the vacuum.


The word flashed across everyone’s minds. Anybody who was sucked in would obviously die.

The four of them were terrified as they were sucked toward the center, but suddenly the suction force completely stopped. The entire hurricane was drawn into the eye of the storm and abruptly smashed down from the sky.


A deafening sound exploded in their ears, and all of them seemed to lose their hearing in that moment. All they could hear was the frenzied, chaotic wind rushing and swirling around them. An unimaginable force devastated the surroundings and smashed the group of four, the remaining corpses, broken buildings, and various other things into the ground. The air shot out as a giant circular shockwave and practically leveled the city center in an instant.

The brutal shockwave smacked the group of four through countless objects before they finally landed limply on the ground. The military man who led the group leaned on a piece of debris and felt as though his entire body was broken. In reality, his body was actually broken, and he hadn’t even been at the center of the hurricane. If he had been closer to the center, he probably wouldn’t even have been a complete corpse. The man trembled as he raised his right hand and lit another cigarette.

Damn it, I knew there would never be a good ending for doing such things. It’s just too bad that I won’t get to see the outcome of this battle. But, a man like that would never die in a place like this, right? 

The man thought in his heart and looked at the ground in the center that had caved. He then looked at the man standing at the center. The cigarette between his lips still burned slowly as he slowly closed his eyes.

Bai Yi pressed the ground with his left hand. There was a huge wound on the left side of his waist. The White Underworld flames burned slowly on his wound in a faint shade of black and strange motes of light appeared on it as if his wound was corroding. Under Bai Yi’s hand were empty ground and a very deep hole.

A black light suddenly appeared above Bai Yi’s head, and the black tip of a blade instantly stabbed down toward him. Momo suddenly sprang out from the White Underworld with a vicious expression. Bai Yi abruptly raised his head and happened to lock gazes with Momo in a moment that seemed to stretch into eternity.

A soft ‘pop!’ sounded!

Something seemed to break, and the wound on Momo’s chest suddenly tore apart again. Rapidly pumping blood instantly spurted out from Momo’s heart. Her initially vicious movement paused abruptly, and the thrust of her black sword lost its strength.

The hot blood pumping from Momo’s heart splattered into Bai Yi’s eyes, and a hint of madness flashed in them. His left hand twirled and knocked the black sword in Momo’s hands into the black light behind her. Bai Yi took a Flash Step, seized Momo by the neck with his left hand, and smashed her into the ground.



At that moment, Bellamy and Nancy’s groups who had just arrived as well as the people watching through the satellites all held their breaths.

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