Era of Disaster

Chapter 264

Chapter 264: Instinct Of Slaughter

More than ten people escaped the area and watched Bai Yi in the center warily from afar. The neuro-stimulant in the air worked so that the more one battled, and the faster the blood circulated in the body, the easier it became for the person to fall into a mindless state. The group of people gathered precisely to lure Bai Yi into that state and gang up on him. However, even though they had more than ten people, more than half of them died before they had managed to make Bai Yi and Momo lose their rationality.

“Is it done?”

“En, Bai Yi has lost his rationality. The rest should follow soon after. Every country had their own people mixed into the battle, even if some of the evolved humans had better resistance, these undercover operatives would also take the initiative to draw them into battle to quicken the effects of the neuro stimulants. Everybody has more or less fallen into that mindless state. The only thing we have to do now is to wait and watch. They will continue to slaughter each other until no one is left,” the leader said.

“But Bai Yi said just now to protect a Bellamy and a Nancy?”

“I don’t know about that.”

Bai YI charged out again. Sword techniques, air control, illusions of all five senses-- all of his abilities had merged and made him a killing machine. His actions were swift and cruel as if he only killed for the sake of killing. In just a short time, a large number of evolved humans around him had already collapsed onto the ground: dead. After that mad outburst, the air around Bai Yi abruptly exploded and threw all the torn limbs and broken body parts flying into the sky.




Countless globs of blood and pieces of flesh fell from the sky like a bloody rainstorm.


Bai Yi kneeled down on the bloody ground and screamed at the sky. However, his voice was already too hoarse, and his scream cut off halfway, leaving behind an abnormal groan. However, this kind of painful groan shook the hearts of the people watching even more. Even those ten-plus people standing nearby couldn’t help but feel a coldness in their hearts. They all knew very clearly what they were doing. Even though they were standing there for different reasons, it didn’t mean that they could wholeheartedly accept what was happening.


A woman watched Bai Yi screaming hoarsely and couldn’t help but feel an ache in her heart as tears gathered in her eyes. They had been enemies just a moment ago. She had mentally prepared for it all, so why was it that she felt such ache when watching this scene?

In this world, human nature and morals had become the depths of corruption, while selfishness and apathy were seen as noble and elegant!

Just what happened to this world?

Them acting as the executioners-- What happened to them?

Not only this woman felt this way, but also the rest of them felt that it was unbearable to watch and couldn’t help but turn their gazes away. All of them suddenly heard a voice from the ears that completely pushed them into the abyss.

Kill Momo! 

“WHY?!” That woman suddenly asked. Things were already like this. Why was there still a need for them to act?

The voice from the higher-ups hesitated for a moment but still explained in the end, “Because Momo is very special, as long as she is alive the soul field of this place wouldn’t change. All the dead souls will be sucked into her White Underworld. Our judgment is that as long as Momo is alive, the underworld will not form. If Momo dies, then there is a very large possibility that this place would become a huge underworld. The Wellington Underworld that disappeared previously and the White Underworld now may very possibly both manifest in this place.”

The man added on finally, “Kill Momo immediately!”

“Can’t we just wait for her to die by herself?”

The man’s tone got very irritated, “Do you think that’s possible?!”

Everybody looked over. When the battle just started, Momo wasn’t doing too well because of her injuries. As the battle continued, she absorbed more and more souls and seemed to become stronger with every person she killed. Based on the current situation, it was basically impossible for Momo to lose her life in such a battle. Although they fell into a mindless state, Bai Yi and Momo were both people who stood at the top. Even if it was a mindless slaughter, they would still survive until the end.

“Move! Lure Bai Yi and Momo together,” the team leader instructed.

“Ah!!!” Everybody understood what he meant. To let the mindless Bai Yi and Momo fight was the most suitable and efficient method, but wouldn’t that be too cruel and too inhumane?!

The team leader’s calm yet unfeeling voice rang in their heads, Do you guys still think that your hands are clean?! 

The leader took out a cigarette, lit it, and took a long breath. ’Puff~!’ That short amount of time he took to take a breath felt very long, and everybody’s attention seemed to be drawn by the sound of his breath.

During our previous missions, we killed commoners, women, and even children! At that time, we could still say that it was for the sake of our country. But now, I actually can’t find any reason for this. But the moment we came here, we had already lost our so-called ‘goodness’, or rather, we gave up on ‘good’ long ago! No matter how much fame and glory we may get in the future world, we will definitely be unable to forget the amount of blood on our hands, the leader’s voice continued to echo in all of their minds. If you stop here, do you think you can leave this place alive?

Everybody suddenly understood why their leader who carried himself with a thick military air didn’t directly say these words but used his ability to transmit his words into their minds.

“Let’s move!” The leader said at the end.

“Bastard,” Somebody couldn’t hold it in and cursed under his breath before walking out to lure Bai Yi and Momo together.

When they had begun to lose their minds, Bai Yi and Momo had separated from each other and headed in different directions. Apparently, Bai Yi and Momo knew at the start that the two of them might be lured together to kill each other.

To lure Bai Yi and Momo together, the group of people had no choice but to enter battle with Bai Yi and Momo again. Bai Yi and Momo were both panting harshly, and their energy seemed to be more or less depleted. However, it was in this state that they were the most dangerous.

“Don’t go over. Use a long-range attack!

“En!” Another man lifted a new model sniper rifle. It was something the United Nations developed to use special energy as its propelling force. However, by the time the man brought out the weapon, he didn’t have the chance to attack. Bai Yi turned his head towards them, and his eyes spun.

Illusion: Dark World!

Instantaneously, both of their visions were engulfed by darkness. They had engaged with Bai Yi for quite a while previously, so both of them knew that this was one of Bai Yi’s abilities. He could transmit fake signals to their brains through normal vision or sound to create illusions. However, this was too far! The Bai Yi before didn’t have this kind of insane combat ability!


The notion instantly surfaced in their minds, and they didn’t have the slightest bit of hesitation. However, the two blinded men hadn’t managed to run too far before something sliced through their bodies. After another dozen steps, their actions gradually slowed down, and blood flowed profusely from their bodies before they broke into pieces.

Bai Yi walked quietly over to their bodies and licked the blood on the side of his lips. In the air, countless thin, dark crystal-like threads waved around Bai Yi. Tiny currents of air flowed around the surface of these threads and made the threads appear even sharper and more durable.

On the other side, two people headed for Momo. However, the moment they stepped within a hundred meters of her, Momo turned her head toward them and gave them a proud and beautiful smile. The two of them were stunned and suddenly felt their vision going dark as if their souls had been drawn away. No, it wasn’t as if. Their souls were really drawn away! The two of them immediately felt like they were having a heart attack as they watched their souls leave their bodies easily and float toward Momo.

Soul Charm: Death’s Peaceful Rest!

So scary!

Bai Yi and Momo who had lost their minds had fully unleashed their instinct for slaughter. Any action of theirs could take away a life. Where the two of them walked, not just the people on the mission to lure them to each other, but any normal evolved human fighting nearby were slaughtered without exceptions. Everywhere Bai Yi walked, his dark threads sliced anybody nearby into pieces of meat, while Momo seemed like a princess of the Underworld going out on an inspection tour, and the greatest form of respect to her was to die.

The two of them were gradually lured by these people and slowly approached the center.

Another seven died from acting as baits, and in the end, there were only four people left. At this time, Bai Yi and Momo walked to the top of two different hills of corpses and gazed at each other from afar.

The four of them distanced themselves and watched Momo and Bai Yi each standing on their corpse hills with nervous hearts.

The father and daughter were about to really try to kill each other.

As if instinctually sensing the power and pressure coming from their opponent, Bai Yi and Momo both calmed their auras down for a moment before exploding in full force.


On the other side of the city, a group of people was protecting Bellamy and Nancy.

After Bellamy and Nancy found people to protect them, they very quickly knew that they needed to meet up. Bellamy could expel the abnormal drugs in a person’s body, but after expelling it the person would still continue to absorb these compounds, so they needed an antidote. On the other hand, even though Nancy could create the antidote, she realized that even if she managed to inject someone with the antidote it would still take time to take effect and wouldn’t let them recover from the mindless state quickly; hence, she needed to find Bellamy.

Find each other and then look for Bai Yi!

Both teams came to that consensus. Very quickly, Truman and the others’ long efforts in managing this city showed its fruits, and they displayed their power. Although many people suffered from the influence of the drug and fell into a mindless state, the two teams still very quickly gathered again. At this moment, there were close to a hundred people in this group, and other than Bai Yi’s teammates inside of it, the rest of them were also all people originally from the Devil Isles.

“Where’s Bai Yi and Momo?

“Bai Yi and Momo circled around the city once and flew back to the center,” somebody answered.

Center, huh? Everybody looked at that direction. In that direction was a feeling of an oppressive calm, and it gave all of them a feeling of unease.

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