Era of Disaster

Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Calm And Resolute

Bai Yi’s gaze swept over the four of them silently, and the four of them who had been fooling around a moment ago immediately focused their attention on Bai Yi. Bai Yi raised Red Kiss, and the four of them immediately dispersed from their location. Everybody on the battlefield sprang into action. It only took an instant to move from extreme stillness to extreme movement.

The big man and petite woman stepped backward and made a few hand seals. A transparent barrier of light appeared in the air; then, the tall man and the wretched-looking man charged for Bai Yi and Momo from either side. The four of them were sent to protect the building, so their strength couldn’t be underestimated. Moreover, their reactions were also quick. Attack was always easier than defense. They knew that there would definitely be holes in their defense, so they decided to avoid being passive and initiated the attack. Momo and Alodia were Bai Yi’s weakness now.

Momo was still injured and couldn’t defend herself. Alodia was still asleep from Bai Yi’s hypnosis.


“Bai Yi has arrived at checkpoint 13. Do we need to send support over?” A man asked as he looked at the image on the screen.

However, nobody replied even though they heard him. Just as Bai Yi deduced, they were from the United Nations, but they all belonged to different countries and, therefore, had their own thoughts and objectives. The entire incident wasn’t just about creating a man-made underworld. There was still the problem of the distribution of resources after it was over based on each country’s performance. Without sufficient gains to be had, the old foxes wouldn’t act.

“There are four people on that team, and the only one who can effectively fight is Bai Yi himself,” a general in military uniform said.

Another man smiled silently and didn’t say anything.


Bai Yi’s eyes started spinning, and he pulled his left hand through the air. The air in the surroundings moved violently as he sent a Great Shockwave flying at the big man and the petite woman from Red Kiss. The four people opposite focused their minds. At this moment, Bai Yi’s body flashed through the air like a shadow. The four of them felt like the air was being blown into their eyes and were slightly disoriented.

In the next instant, Bai Yi’s body slid past the man opposite him, and Red Kiss sliced through his neck. No, the man ran into Red Kiss’s edge. The wretched-looking man suddenly discovered that Bai Yi, who he thought had been right in front of him, had disappeared.

Reverse Flower Eyes: Visual Illusion!

When Bai Yi’s figure slid past the man casually at a high speed, the group of higher-ups who were initially arguing stood up.

What happened? Bai Yi clearly charged straight at that man just now, but he didn’t seem to notice anything and died? He didn’t even try to dodge and seemed like he just ran to his death!

The Great Shockwave slammed into an invisible barrier. A loud ‘boom!’ rang out as the shockwave spread. However, none of them paid attention to this as they focused on the scene of Bai Yi casually swinging his sword.

“Brother!” The petite woman screamed in pain and horror, but the only thing she saw was the man’s head flying up into the sky.

Energy Impact!

The girl glared at Bai Yi and pushed with her hands abruptly.


Bai Yi felt a powerful force slam into his body. Bai Yi drifted backward with the attack, and he raised his hand to force it to disperse in the air. Bai Yi pushed with his left hand and the air near him immediately shot out in that direction.

“Be careful!” The big man pressed both hands on the ground.


The ground flew up and formed a shield in front of them. Like getting hit by a powerful air cannon, the shield exploded into pieces with an even louder ‘boom!’. The big man and petite woman flew backward a certain distance from the shockwave of the impact. Bai Yi stood still on the ground as his eyes slowly spun.

Earth control and a general psychic power that can be used to form an attack or a barrier for defense.

It seemed that it could exert a force on matter or on an opponent’s body. The psychic power was an energy that was inclined toward assassination. Bai Yi tensed, broke free of the restricting psychic force around him, and disappeared in the next moment.

“Don’t look into his eyes!” The big man roared.

The remaining three remembered that about Bai Yi. Bai Yi’s attack had already begun the moment they first met, yet they had been confidently fooling around in front of him. Thinking about it, the three of them felt an intense loathing for themselves. Compared to Bai Yi, they treated the world like a game. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t a playground. It wasn’t a place where they would survive by playing around, especially when facing Bai Yi.

Bai Yi spun Red Kiss in his hand, lowered himself slightly, and raised his head. The wretched-looking man pressed forward, throwing the black needles in his hands forward.

“No, come back!” The big man shouted, but his words came too late.

The formless wind knocked away the needles when they reached within five meters of Bai Yi. At this time, Bai Yi’s Red Kiss flashed across the air, and in the next instant, everybody fell into extreme silence. The wretched-looking man immediately felt a powerful force cutting through his body. His entire body shuddered. Before he could understand what had happened, his body broke apart at the center and got torn to pieces by the violent winds.

Wind Mist Sword: Break: Great Shockwave!

The chaotic Wind Mist Sword collided with the barrier formed by the big man and the petite woman. The immense force of the strike pushed them back many steps backward. Hatred, mania, killing intent, indignance, and other various emotions rose on the girl’s face. She pushed forward with both her hands and pushed her psychic barrier to its limit. Due to overexertion, blood started to flow profusely from his eyes and nose.


The Wind Mist Sword shattered violently against the barrier, and the force created overpowered the limits of the psychic barrier. The psychic and earth barriers broke apart and crumbled. An immense force shot out and brutally smashed into the building that they were supposed to protect. Bai Yi slowly walked forward, but he only took two steps before the woman stood up again and blocked.

Bai Yi’s didn’t stop and he continued ahead. There wasn’t any pity, mercy, cruelty or killing intent in his expression. Nobody knew what decision Bai Yi had made, but from that moment onward, there was a calm resoluteness in his eyes.

Psychic Hand!

The woman clasped her hands together and split them apart again before fiercely swinging her hand in Bai Yi’s direction. She couldn’t suppress the mania and killing intent in her eyes.

I must. I must definitely kill Bai Yi! 

The madness in her expression, the injuries, and the blood on her body made her look very pitiful. It was just like a continuously struggling child facing a desperate situation that they created for themselves. It was hard to look at and sympathize with her. If she were another person, he might have stopped right there. Unfortunately, the one she was facing was Bai Yi. Suddenly, the big man leaped in front of the girl like a shield. The rocks on the ground cracked apart and crashed into Bai Yi from all directions.

Wind Mist!

Bai Yi swung Red Kiss, and the wind around him swirled violently. The psychic hand and the rocks were all ripped into tiny pieces as the big man escaped with the woman to a hidden place.

“Let me go! Cook, release me! I must kill him and take revenge for my brother!” The girl struggled crazily.

“Don’t go. Calm down, don’t go,” Cook hugged the girl.

“I told you to let me go! Did you hear me?!”


A loud slap landed heavily on the woman’s face. The slap stunned the woman.

Cook actually hit me? That simple, honest, and dumb Cook actually hit me? Subconsciously, the girl wanted to retaliate, but Cook’s calm and criticizing gaze stopped her.

“Valeria, be more mature. What’s the point of you going against him now other than committing suicide? Don’t think that Bai Yi won’t kill you.”

That’s right. She shouldn’t think that Bai Yi wouldn’t kill her just because she was a woman. Cook could tell that Bai Yi was very calm. It wasn’t like facing a powerful enemy and cruelly killing his opponents. Instead, it was that kind of calmness that let Cook feel the resoluteness in Bai Yi’s heart. Anybody that got in his way would die, no matter who it was.

“This building is specially built; it won’t be destroyed so easily. The higher-ups will send people here very soon, so we just need to occasionally disrupt him so that he won’t be able to destroy this place until they get here. He doesn’t have the antidote to the drugs in the air, and it affects even LV3s. It takes more time, but as long as we wait until everybody in the city falls into madness and starts killing each other, everything will be resolved,” Cook said.

Valeria looked at Cook. She never knew that Cook was actually smart and rational. Had everybody just been doting on her all along?

Bai Yi looked at the tall building and raised Red Kiss.

Great Shockwave!

Bai Yi swung his blade and breaking sounds echoed. However, after the Great Shockwave passed, Bai Yi looked at the shallow crack on the bottom of the building in shock.

What was this made out of so that it’s so hard? So, it’s like this. They knew long ago that there would be people who would come and destroy this place, so they used special materials and construction methods to build this place?

Apparently, it would take a while to destroy the place. Bai Yi pressed the center of his brows to stabilize the frustration rising in his heart. Even Bai Yi didn’t know if the sense of frustration was because of him being unable to smoothly destroy the building or if the chemicals were affecting him.


When Bai Yi easily killed the leader of the team, the group of people behind the scenes couldn’t sit still anymore. The Underworld Diagram hadn’t been completed yet, so nobody knew if the underworld would still form if this key point was destroyed. Hence, they definitely couldn’t let Bai Yi destroy this place.

After having this consensus, a new group of five rushed to Bai Yi’s location.

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