Era of Disaster

Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Figured Out

The drugs in the air affected the LV1 evolved humans first. The effects slowly escalated until the LV2s were affected. Bai Yi and Momo hadn’t shown any signs of reaction yet. Perhaps they had a strong resistance, but the two of them didn’t dare to be careless. As far as they knew, only Bellamy could completely expel the drug from her body, and Nancy probably had the largest chance of developing an antidote. However, due to the limited amount of available materials, there would definitely not be many antidotes made. Momo didn’t speak but watched the center of the plaza.

“What is it?”

“Nothing much. I just feel that it seems very familiar!”

Momo floated into the sky and landed on the top of the giant tree in the center. Looking at the mass of humans endlessly slaughtering each other, dying in droves, and the hill of corpses stacking up, Momo had a sudden bolt of realization.

This place-- why is it so similar to what Wellington looked like at the beginning? Momo flew up into the sky, and Bai Yi immediately followed. The two of them looked upon the entire city from high up in the sky.

A thought appeared in Bai Yi’s mind after he saw the layout of the city, Underworld – Wellington! I understand. I completely figured it out now!

After seeing this, everything seemed to connect in Bai Yi’s mind into a complete image. Why they suddenly wanted peace after the battle by the Australian coast and settled them in Tasmania. Why he found the layout of the city so familiar after returning to Tasmania the previous time. Why such a great conflict started in the city for no reason, and practically all of the upper echelon of Tasmania were occupied somewhere at the moment.

From LV0 to LV3, the activated cells research had already developed into a stable system. As long as they followed the rules and patterns that had already been discovered and used some precious resources, one could enter LV3 safely. Most of the resources were still attainable. Although the Devil Isles were very dangerous, it was still possible to get materials from them. However, there was one thing that couldn’t be obtained: Fostsoul. The underworld was a coincidental occurrence, and the Dead Soul Flower could only grow inside it. After Wellington returned to normal, the Dead Soul Flower became a legend.

To undergo perfect metamorphosis to LV2, one couldn’t lack the nourishment of the Dead Soul Flower to the soul.


Bai Yi could be certain that regardless of if they were evolved humans on the Devil Isles or the evolved humans belonging to the other countries, none of them would have very high statuses. Even if there were, it would definitely only be just a pitiful few. Now that the evolution system had been gradually completed and refined, the normal humans with high statuses in the outside world would definitely wanted to become evolved humans. Although they were still very far away from the goal of longevity, people still desired the power and strength desperately. Those people in high positions would definitely not wish to enter LV2 by force; hence, the Dead Soul Flower was necessary.

Bai Yi had his own explanation for the formation of an underworld: it formed when a large number of humans died by chance and resulted in a dissipation of souls that exceeded the load-bearing capacity of the place. Coupled with the effects of a special layout, an underworld formed. The accidental layout of the buildings in the city of Wellington was the first ‘Underworld Diagram’ to which they could refer. That was the reason why the construction of Tasmania was so similar to Wellington. Although the layout was similar, it wasn’t exactly the same. Did that mean that the various countries had already improved on the design?

Did they gather information from the ancient archaeological findings, the Terracotta Army, Pyramids, and similar legends to refine their design, or did they try to refine the process by deliberately creating slaughter zones?

 Bai Yi pressed his forehead and thought hard. The evolved humans that had first entered Tasmania were just 800-plus people, so it was possible that the United Nations had arranged everybody else. How could Truman and the rest truly control Tasmania with so few of them? As long as the United Nations wanted, nothing could be hidden from them in Tasmania. Regardless if it was the Prototy Back drug that Bai Yi brought back or the Blossomy drug that they so-called ‘developed’ themselves, the United Nations monitored all of it.

The reason for all of this was simply that the disparity in power was too great. He could also say that all of this was part of the United Nations’ plan including giving Truman and the others certain information through various channels and letting them think that they had discovered something great. However, what they didn’t know was that once they used these things, they would be walking on a flawed path and face a great deficiency in the strength they possessed.

But why did the United Nations want to wipe them out without mercy? Why?

Bai Yi’s thoughts spun, and he suddenly recalled senseless comments from the internet. Somebody said that life was very tiring, so they wanted to transmigrate to a medieval world like in the novels and become a king there. Another person said that transmigration was just a fantasy and would never come true. To get a new status, it was more likely that a world war would have to wipe out the status quo.

However, somebody else had refuted that statement. What did he say…?

The status quo of the world was stable. Although there weren’t any true kings or emperors like in ancient times, the various classes and statuses that people had were already clear and set in stone. There was basically only one way to enter the true upper class: the accumulation of power over generations. To stand at the top of the world by one’s own power in a few short dozens of years was basically just a vain delusion without any probability of success.

If one really wanted to stand on the top of the world quickly, one needed an external power to barge in and completely break the status quo of the world. That power had to be the kind of power that could completely throw the world into chaos and mix everything up. Were the activated cells and evolved humans such powers?

Bai Yi’s gaze seemed to stop, and his eyes didn’t move at all.

Did they really have the strength to reshuffle the power distribution of the world completely? No, the key wasn’t whether they had the strength or not; it was whether the people in power of the world believed that they had the strength or not. Even if they didn’t have the strength, or if there was only a one percent chance of doing so, the group of people at the top would undoubtedly try to wipe them out.

That’s right.

It didn’t need to be confirmed. A remote possibility was enough reason for them to act, especially since they came from the Devil Isles. Although it wasn’t obvious on the surface, they hated the masterminds behind the activated cells research deeply.

Then, why would such a secret plan be so full of holes?

To pull some people to their side maybe?

That’s right.

The United Nations didn’t represent a single country, and every country had their own thoughts and plans such as that Chinese man Bai Yi met previously. To them, Bai Yi was someone worthwhile to attract and pull over to their side. Moreover, China still had Bai Yi’s parents in their hands. For China, Bai Yi was a very suitable target. Furthermore, regardless if it was Bai Yi’s power of hypnosis or Momo’s control of the soul, they were both very useful.

That’s right: useful.

People who weren’t useful didn’t have the qualifications to be coerced to their side. Ulisses and Romain were on Bai Yi’s team, but they were people who belonged to different countries. For other countries, it would be very difficult to pull Bai Yi to their side. However, it was very easy to sabotage China’s efforts to rope Bai Yi.

What I can’t get you won’t be able to get either, huh? What a simple way of thinking. 

That was why the entire incident seemed so strange, and the plot was full of holes. They were dragging each other down.

“HA!”Bai Yi suddenly burst out laughing, but it was a pitiful laughter. “Hahahahaha!”

Bai Yi closed his eyes tightly and took a deep breath. Looking up at the sky, he made a decision.


“Daddy!” Momo looked at Bai Yi in puzzlement. When they had discovered that Tasmania could become an underworld, Bai Yi had fallen into deep thought and then suddenly started laughing loudly. Momo was left puzzled by what was going on with Bai Yi.

“Stop all of this!” Bai Yi said.


“Stop the killing and the formation of the Underworld,” Bai Yi said to Momo.

Stopping the formation of the underworld was secondary; the main thing was to stop the massacre happening. They had to find all the people who could keep their own minds, spread the information, and find an antidote.

However, just as Bai Yi led Momo to look for the others, they flew over a certain building and stopped. Bai Yi remembered the layout of Wellington that Heloise had drawn. This particular building was one that couldn’t be missing to form the special pattern of the city. Since he hadn’t been able to find anybody that he could give instructions to yet, it would be best if he just destroyed some of the building blocks of the underworld first. Bai Yi passed Alodia to Momo and drew Red Kiss.


Four people walked out from the building the moment Bai Yi drew Red Kiss. Bai Yi squinted. As expected, the United Nations wanted to turn Tasmania into a man-made Underworld, so they had specially arranged for people to protect important locations like the building.

“It’s actually Bai Yi. Didn’t we get lucky?” A big, simple and straightforward looking man said.

A petite woman jumped up and smacked the head of the big man with a thick hardcover book, “Are you dumb? How is getting Bai Yi lucky? It’s a great misfortune.”

A wretched-looking man watched the woman’s bouncing chest and nodded in approval, “Hehe, big breasts, big breasts.”

Another man grabbed hold of the wretched-looking man’s head brutally and twisted it 180 degrees.


The man then threw the wretched-looking man’s body behind him like a piece of trash.

“No secretly ogling my sister.”

“I’m clearly ogling at her in the open!” The wretched-looking man who had his neck broken and had been thrown away said pitifully.

Bai Yi watched the four of them making a fool of themselves quietly. From their conversation, he could tell that they were definitely a team sent to protect the various pertinent locations for the formation of the underworld. The United Nations had clearly thought that there might be people who would try to destroy these locations, but they didn’t know who they would be. Moreover, even though the woman said that it was a great misfortune to meet Bai Yi, they were apparently sufficiently confident in their abilities to be relaxed in this situation.

Bai Yi didn’t say anything but raised Red Kiss.

The eyes of the man who was the leader became serious. Bai Yi didn’t say any useless words like convincing them to leave, which meant that Bai Yi knew that it wouldn’t be effective and decided to use the most straightforward and simplest method to deal with the situation. He would defeat them all. Rather, he would kill them all.

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