Era of Disaster

Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Extremely Pure Personality

Alodia raised her head and looked at Bai Yi with restless eyes. Alodia was apparently trying very hard to control herself. Bai Yi placed his hand on Alodia’s shoulder and sensed that her blood was circulating rapidly. Her expression became more and more agitated and even contained a hint of mania. This kind of feeling wasn’t much different from the LV1 and LV2 Brutal Stage! Alodia’s body trembled slightly. Apparently, she understood and felt that there was something wrong with her, but she just couldn’t suppress it.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Bai Yi’s eyes spun, and he locked gazes with Alodia. After a while, Alodia’s head drooped, and she fell into a deep sleep. However, even though she had fallen asleep, her body still flushed as if her body was still reacting to the stimulants.

“This isn’t an aphrodisiac, right?” Bright asked beside him.

“Aphrodisiac? No, it’s just that both contain chemicals to excite the brain,” Bai Yi shook his head.

However, Alodia was indeed very attractive now. The light blush on her warm body, her rapidly beating heart, and her faint breathing were all incredibly titillating.

“Then, what are you planning to do now? Seek revenge on me?” Bai Yi looked at Bright again. The men inside the research facility were apparently all Bright’s subordinates, but none of them survived Momo’s White Underworld.

 Bright sat by the edge of the building and said calmly, “No. It’s completely pointless to fight you now, and I would be falling for their scheme if I did so. I was indeed quite angry just now, but much of it has already faded away. Anyway, you can plan how you are going to compensate me. They were still my subordinates after all so your compensation can’t be small.”

“You can still be so calm?”

“Say what you want, but even if they were my subordinates, their status was just that. It’s just like in the political factions: they were just people who had come under my wing. People like them in the lower strata of power are only valuable because of the benefits they can provide. As long as there are enough benefits, these people can be changed anytime.”

Bright’s faint purple pupils seemed incomparably bewitching.

“You aren’t scared of turning their hearts cold?”

“Hahahaha, how can it be? They obviously know my personality well since they chose to follow me. My personality is that I say what I mean. It’s much better than those people who say one thing and mean another. Moreover, these people are different from that bunch of subordinates. These are my true companions who survived through life and death experiences on the Devil Isles with me.”

Bright spread his hands. Seven people came over and stood behind Bright. Bai Yi looked at the seven people, and for a moment, he thought he saw Woolf, Nancy, Betsy and the others. The subordinates he gained based on the authority he had and the comrades he made on the Devil Isles were completely different. However, this guy was really very calm, huh? He could he suppress the fury in his heart and only seek the maximum benefits at the end. This kind of person would undoubtedly walk much further than those who were just hot-blooded and rash.

“You guys all entered LV3, right?” Bai Yi asked.

 Bright nodded, “Of course. Although Tasmania isn’t very bad, the resources are still quite abundant. As the upper echelons of Tasmania, definitely monopolized a large portion of the resources.”

“Do you feel that even though we are all LV3 the difference between us is very big? Habona, if I don’t remember wrongly, you were also an air controller at LV2, right?” Bai Yi looked at a man on Bright’s team.

“En!” Habona nodded.

“Do you want to do a test?” Bai Yi asked.

“What test?” Habona didn’t reject Bai Yi. All of them had some understanding of Bai Yi and knew that Bai Yi would never do something for no reason. Though he said that he was doing a test, he definitely had a reason behind it, and he would never use this chance to harm them.

“Try controlling the air around you now,” Bai Yi said.

Bai Yi and Habona were about fifteen meters apart from each other. Habona immediately tried to use his life field to control the air around him, but he suddenly reacted with shock. The amount of air he could control was so little! He had no control over the air just two meters away from his body. There could only be one reason behind it: Bai Yi’s air control completely suppressed his. However, Bai Yi was more than ten meters away from him! They were both LV3s, so why was the difference between their life fields so large?

Bright and the others couldn’t see the flow of air, but they could also infer things from Habona’s expression.

Bai Yi looked at Bright, “Perfect Blossoming is achieved by letting the physical body, soul, energy, awareness, and absolute life field evolve to the limit during the Metamorphose Stage, reach a stable state, and automatically Blossom. The evolution of life is a gradual change to start with, so there’s already a big deficiency in you guys because you used the drug to forcefully Blossom.”

“Do you have a solution to make up for the deficiency?”

Bai Yi shook his head, “No, I don’t! Believe me. After all, we have only just entered LV3 too. How could we develop a solution to make up for the flaw so quickly? What we do is adjust the body well at LV2 and supplement it with the nutrients it needs. Of course, these things are also definitely effective at LV3, and can make up for some of the flaws.”

Bai Yi looked at Bright and asked, “Will you accept what we have?”

“Hahahaha, of course! I think I even got the better deal actually!” Bright laughed loudly and nodded. What he lost was just a bunch of subordinates, but they would never be more important than his own body.

“Our Basic Cultivation Method Diagram has no attribute, and you can derive a Cultivation Method from it to fit your own attribute. As a kind of Cultivation Method, it can increase the rate of change of your body and energy. We also use the Unrestrained Visualization Technique, which is also a basic diagram. You can use it to set a certain thing to visualize. It can increase your awareness and level of control,” Bai Yi explained.

“They are all basic diagrams?”

“Because everybody is different. Even if give you my air control diagram, would you dare use it? Aren’t you afraid of it clashing with your energy attribute and harming yourself?” Bai Yi asked Bright.

“I want it!” Habona said without standing on ceremony at all.

“Bai Yi, you won’t be stingy here, right?” Bright added on. Bright indeed couldn’t learn Bai Yi’s cultivation diagram, but Habona was also an air controller and would gain greatly from it.

“Fine,” Bai Yi squinted and didn’t mind it. “I’ll send them to you after this incident in Tasmania is over. For now, let’s go to the center and see what those masterminds are planning.”

Bai Yi grabbed Alodia and flew away. Momo followed beside him.

Bright looked at his seven teammates as Bai Yi and Momo left. “Let’s go, we’ll take a look as well. I want to see who is plotting all these things.”

Bright’s team didn’t have any objections when Bai Yi said that he would deliver the things afterward. The things that Bai Yi spoke about were probably not on him anyway. Furthermore, even though they seemed to be enemies now, Bright and the rest still felt very assured of Bai Yi’s character and didn’t think that he would trick them. Reality was just like that. Gaining the trust and respect of others wasn’t something done in a short period. Perhaps succeeding in one’s scheme would gain some short-term benefits, but what was lost permanently was the trust of others.


“Daddy, you are giving them those things just like that?” Momo was quite puzzled.

“Bright can be considered to be a truly ambitious and ruthless character, and he would place everything on a scale to measure its pros and cons. It would really be troublesome if he really wanted to find trouble with us for killing his subordinates. It’s not that we can’t beat him; it’s just that we don’t have to make ourselves enemies of everybody,” Bai Yi said to Momo. Momo’s personality was also so reckless; as a father, he would need to manage the aftereffects of her actions for her. “Moreover, Romain and Ulisses would have probably leaked the information out long ago. The cultivation diagrams are indeed very valuable, but since it has already been leaked, why not make use of this opportunity to squeeze some value from it?”

“I will seriously think about things in the future.” Momo seemed to think of something.

“No, no, no. I’m not telling you to change. Just do what you think is right. Sometimes, this extremely pure personality of yours is your shining point. It’s precisely because of that I have too many things to think about that I don’t dare to do a lot of things and have a lot of hesitation about them.”

“Are you referring to the incident in New Zealand?” Momo asked.

Bai Yi went quiet for a moment before nodding, “En!”

“New Zealand’s population used to be over six million, but now it has completely turned into the Devil Isles. Everyone, Qi Hua, Martin, Sara-- everyone died for different reasons, but if we really chased the matter to its roots, all the responsibility can be placed upon the masterminds behind the activated cells research. These masterminds are all the people in power in various countries around the world. If it was you, what would you do?” Bai Yi asked.

“Kill them all!” Momo said unhesitatingly.

“Hahahahaha!” Bai Yi laughed loudly.

As expected, that was Momo’s decision. However, Bai Yi couldn’t be that rash. The more he carried on his shoulders, the heavier his responsibility and the more he couldn’t act as he wished. The people who died were innocent, but the still living were the most important. Ever since Mavis and the others died because of his desire to take revenge for Hong Qi Hua, Bai Yi understood that he couldn’t let his emotions control him when doing things. Who didn’t want to immediately rip their enemies to pieces? Many would love to charge into the normal human world and wipe out all the masterminds. However, Bai Yi could be very sure that if he really did so, he would just be killing off a few small fries and end up throwing himself, his family, and his friends into a dark abyss.

Plan first and act later!

It wasn’t that Bai Yi had really forgotten about all of this. It was just that after going through so much, Bai Yi understood deeply that if he just charged in dumbly like that, he would just be sending himself and his friends to their deaths without achieving anything.

“Do you still remember Alice?” Bai Yi suddenly asked.

“I do,” Momo nodded.

Alice was one of the more powerful team leaders among the evolved humans. Her abilities were suited for assassination, and she held a deep hatred for the masterminds. Alice had looked for Bai Yi to talk about it. She wanted to return to the normal human world and seek revenge on those people in power, but Bai Yi rejected her. From then on, Alice had gradually disappeared from everybody’s eyes and nobody knew where she had gone to now, but there probably hadn’t been many changes since then.

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