Era of Disaster

Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Rescued


Barzel and the two remaining members shouted in their heart in incomparable horror. Octavania’s strength couldn’t be considered low. They never imagined that she would lose her consciousness in the first exchange with Bai Yi without any resistance. Just how powerful was Bai Yi? How high was his combat ability? Although all three of them were horrified, they didn’t have the capacity to help Octavania now because they couldn’t even help themselves.

From the looks of it, Bright’s team hadn’t intentionally put their lives on the line for this battle.

Bright’s poison had already infiltrated Barzel’s body, and Schmitt couldn’t battle with his condition. Only Boll was still in fighting shape, so he unleashed all of his strength. Scorching hot flames ravaged the air and fought back Bright’s team. However, he could only wearily fend off the attacks. After a few continuous explosions of flames, Boll started to pant heavily and the flames on his body started to die down.

Special energy was stored in the body and soul. It came from conversion and accumulation during normal times; thus, it was not unlimited.

Boll knew that many times his opponents intentionally baited him to use his flames to drag the battle out until he couldn’t fight anymore. However, Boll had no choice. If he didn’t fight with all his power, all of them would die in the next few minutes.

Before Boll could catch his breath, the next wave of attacks came, and their target was the badly injured Schmitt.


Boll cursed, waved his hands, and sent a giant burst of flame erupting into the sky. Barzel made a hand sign. Boll was taken aback. Barzel actually wanted him to leave and let the two of them hold the enemy back! Boll analyzed their condition. Schmitt couldn’t move with his body in such a state, and Barzel’s poisoning seemed to be extremely serious as well. The poison seemed to be infiltrating the special energy in his body so that he found it difficult to use his energy.

Boll instantly made a decision and pulled his hands down. The gigantic flame came down and another fire exploded from below his feet, sending him flying away in a flash.

Boll didn’t waste time to cry, be emotional, or spend time saying rubbish like ‘I will never leave guys!’. This was a real life and death battle. If he really wasted the time saying all that nonsense then he would have probably died many times over. Although Barzel and Schmitt’s statuses were higher than his, the two of them wouldn’t be able to escape in their condition.

The moment that Boll turned and ran away and the rest of them still in shock, Barzel spread open both his hands.

Immobilization Field!

The few people who wanted to give chase froze and even the few people who had jumped into the air seemed to come to a standstill and fall in slow-motion. At this moment, Barzel shot forward and brought his fists down on these people with vigorous force.

All of them were indeed stunned when they were immobilized, but very quickly they realized that the Immobilization Field wasn’t as powerful as they imagined. Although the Immobilization Field restricted all their attacks and movements, it wasn’t a very large amount of resistance. Hence, the moment Barzel shot at these people they also unleashed their abilities. Cracking sounds came from the air and the Immobilization Field was broken. The few of them immediately dodged and managed to block Barzel’s attacks.


Not only did Barzel not succeed in his attack, he suffered a few counterattacks. His clothes were torn to pieces. He flew back and smashed into the ground.

Bright looked at the battle from the sidelines in deep thought.

From the looks of it, his team members had very easily suppressed and subdued Barzel. However, Bright knew that this was just because of their advantage in numbers and the weakening effect of his poison. If it were one on one, Barzel’s ability would be extremely troublesome. He could stop any opponent or attack with the Immobilization Field while retaining his freedom of movement! Although Barzel didn’t display any other abilities, that power alone was enough to give his opponents a headache.


“Who are the people behind this, and what are their motives?” Bai Yi asked.

Signs of resistance appeared on Octavania’s face, but she did not answer Bai Yi’s questions.

“I thought that you would read her mind,” Bright said and looked at Bai Yi. Although they were considered enemies now, they were friends previously. This kind of strange relationship made it hard for Bright to gauge how he should treat Bai Yi now. However, Bright also wanted to know who the masterminds behind this were and their goals.

Bai Yi glanced back at Bright but didn’t say anything.

The hypnosis of Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes only made people fall into a deep sleep. Using it in tandem with his special energy to simulate the signals received by the five senses, he could achieve something like an illusion. From the very start, the Reverse Flower Eyes wasn’t an overpowered ability that allowed him to control other people’s consciousness and play around with them like puppets. The more Bai Yi delved into his power, the more he knew that it was practically impossible to extract memories from a person’s mind. The most he could do was to induce them to reveal the information.

“Who are the people behind this, and what are their motives?” Bai Yi asked again.

“Do you want to know?” A bolt of lightning shot toward the center of the battlefield. Only when the flash of lightning stopped did the figure of the man inside appear. Bright immediately jumped in fright, while Bai Yi looked at the man. He was the Asian man who had told him which direction Momo was.

“You seem to know a lot!”

“En, I know a lot, but now isn’t the time to tell you. On the contrary, I need to take the three of them,” Duan Xiu Cheng said. Sparks of electricity flashed from his fingertips and stopped the people reaching for Barzel. The battle immediately fell into silence and everybody turned their attention to this man who suddenly barged into the battle.

“Who the hell are you?!” Bright became more and more pissed off. He was clearly one of the leaders in Tasmania, but he suddenly realized that there were many things he didn’t know.

“Courtesy and manners!” Duan Xiu Cheng smiled gently, although this kind of smile made people feel alienated from him. “No matter what, you are one of the people in power in Tasmania now. Look at you now, you are no different from a parvenu.”

Duan Xiu Cheng seemed to be intentionally agitating Bright.

“This asshole!” Bright grit his teeth and leaped towards the man.

However, Duan Xiu Cheng spread his hands and a huge web of electricity surrounded everyone within a hundred meters. Within this range, the electrical currents raged and formed large bolts of electricity visible to the naked eye.

Duan Xiu Cheng looked at Bright who had stopped in front of him and said with a smile, “Why are you so surprised? Electricity is the most commonly used energy source, and coincidentally, my energy attribute is also electricity. It is indeed a lot more convenient being able to borrow the electricity of the city compared to what you guys have to do.”

Duan Xiu Cheng directed his attention to Bai Yi, “Oh right. Bai Yi, you better go take a look at your teammate.”

Duan Xiu Cheng was confident that he could suppress Bright like this, but he had no confidence that he could do the same to Bai Yi. In reality, the electrical currents dissipated when they came within five meters of Bai Yi and couldn’t approach him. Within five meters of Bai Yi, his life field was just like an absolute life field and completely impenetrable. However, Duan Xiu Cheng was confident that there were other ways to make Bai Yi unable to act against him.

Bai Yi looked toward the rooftop in the distance, and he flew straight for it in the next moment.

Duan Xiu Cheng walked toward Octavania and slapped her. With a loud ‘pa!’, Octavania still seemed to be somewhat groggy, but after a few more slaps, she finally woke up.

“You bastard!” Octavania wanted to unleash her fury but frowned when she saw Duan Xiu Cheng’s face.

“I have saved you!” Duan Xiu Cheng said shamelessly.

She wasn’t his subordinate, and it was quite fun to slap people. In any case, his personality wasn’t one that would try and take special care of women.

“Don’t move. The voltage of these currents is about 100,000 volts. Do you want to try getting electrocuted by a 100,000-volt current?” Duan Xiu Cheng asked when Bright moved to continue his attack. “I’m taking the three of them away. Sorry!”

Bright didn’t dare to move as he stood still for a long while. Only after Duan Xiu Cheng brought the three of them away did Bright realize that he had been tricked as the currents dissipated.

Damn it, that bastard! 

That man did have an electrical attribute, but everybody started changing at the same time. Anybody could tell from looking at the others that metamorphosis was a gradual change, how could he possibly control such high voltage at this stage?

Bright looked at Bai Yi after realizing that he had been tricked.

At this time, Bai Yi looked at Alodia. Momo and Alodia were both standing on the rooftop and out of the battle, but Alodia’s expression was excited as if she couldn’t wait to get into battle. These symptoms were similar to the LV1 evolved humans whose minds fell into chaos from the chemicals in the air and only knew to fight and kill.

“Alodia, calm down!” Bai Yi said as a feeling of unease grew in his heart.

“Bai Yi, what’s going on here? I can put aside the matter of the research facility for now, but I’m not going to let you off without an explanation,” Bright jumped on the roof as well and asked.

“Apparently, there are some people scheming something. From the looks of it so far, they are planning to induce a conflict between everybody here. Not just a conflict between my team and you guys, but a conflict between everyone. There’s a chemical in the air that agitates and excites people starting from LV1 evolved humans. Once they start fighting they won’t be able to stop. It has already started to affect the LV2s in the city,” Bai Yi explained simply and looked at Alodia in worry.

“It gradually affects the higher LVs?”

“Probably!” Bai Yi frowned.

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