Era of Disaster

Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Pulling Each Other’s Feet

Tentacles covered in poisoned barbs shot out from Bright’s left arm. To protect Schmitt, Barzel’s actions were slightly slower and a poisoned barb grazed his arm.

Shit! Barzel exclaimed in his heart as he dodged.

Before he could stop, Bright’s teammates immediately begun their attack on the four of them too. In a blink of an eye, numerous attacks rained down and were about to engulf them. Barzel formed a hand seal again.

Immobilization Field!

All of the attacks, whether they were of a physical or energy-based nature, instantly came to a stop inside the Immobilization Field. Making use of this brief respite, Barzel and his team escaped the area. A moment later all the attacks came crashing down and shook the area. Although they managed to dodge the attacks, Barzel wasn’t happy at all. Not only had he failed to achieve his goal, one of Bright’s poisoned barbs grazed him.

Bright’s energy attribute was that of poison. That wasn’t just because Bright fused with the genes of quite a few venomous animals. His energy attribute was inclined towards poison. This kind of energy was very special because it could invade another creature’s body and devour and change the special energy of the other creature. Due to everybody trying to keep their abilities a secret, nobody had found a good countermeasure to his abilities even though most people knew about Bright’s energy attribute.

After things settled down, the three groups took up a location each and stared at each other.

Bai Yi stopped at Momo’s side and carefully supported her.

She actually got injured severely! Momo needs to rest now. If she fights again so soon, the closed wounds will tear open very easily. It seems that Momo didn’t use the White Underworld just because she got very angry, but because she met a powerful opponent.

“Daddy, be careful of that guy. He uses a mirror-like attack,” Momo said.


When everybody turned their attention to Momo, Barzel’s group instantly ran for their lives. Unexpectedly, their first reaction was to run away. It was the most rational choice. Momo alone had given them an extremely difficult time, and they had just stabilized Schmitt’s condition. They couldn’t use his ability again even if they wanted. Now that there was the addition of Bai Yi and Bright’s group, staying there would definitely have resulted in their deaths.

The four of them dashed in the opposite direction until they landed on the roof of a house.

At this moment, Bai Yi raised his hand and compressed the air in that area. Feeling the heaviness of the air around them, Boll waved his right hand and flames erupted from his body – Flame Pillar! With a ‘boom!’, the giant pillar of fire shot into the sky and broke through Bai Yi’s prison of air and allowed the four of them to continue their escape.

“Escaped,” Bai Yi said casually.

“So your strength is also only at this level. You let them run away in the end,” Bright said.

Bright clearly knew that Bai Yi was at least 400 meters away from the group of people. Being able to control the air to stop them from such a long distance away meant that Bai Yi’s abilities had far surpassed all other evolved human he knew about. The life field became weaker the further away it was from the source. The closer it was to the body, the stronger the life field became.

“That’s right. I’m not strong enough and let them escape. What about you?” Bai Yi said.

“Hmph! I’ll settle the things between us later,” Bright said and started pursuing the four of them with his teammates.

Bai Yi chuckled and checked Momo’s condition. He took Momo’s hand and flew away with Alodia. The reason why Bai Yi didn’t act before was that he really couldn’t spare the effort. Momo was injured, and Bai Yi wouldn’t dare let Momo engage in an intense battle again. As for Alodia, her crystallization ability was decent, but she hadn’t entered LV3 and was at a disadvantage. Although those people entered LV3 through the Blossomy drug, they were still at the LV3 stage.

Bright’s team were right on their heels and the bunch of them engaged in a fierce battle on the streets.

The two sides didn’t hold back at all in their battle. These people were all at the Life Field stage and they could all use long-range attacks. Very quickly, many other evolved humans were affected by the ongoing battle. Those evolved humans who were still struggling at the LV1 stage couldn’t resist and had died quickly. The more they battled, the closer Barzel’s group moved toward places that were densely populated. The crowd that was already very agitated from the mysterious scent in the air erupted into chaos.

“Are they making use of the crowd to escape?”

“Doesn’t look like it. On the contrary, it looks like they are inducing Bright’s team to kill other people,” Bai Yi said.

Bai Yi still didn’t know what the goal of the group behind this was. He only knew that there were a few countries involved, like the United States, Germany, and China. Such a huge set up that targeted the entirety of Tasmania was equivalent to starting a war. Only through the powers afforded to countries could this have been achieved.

Not just a single country. The United Nations? No. That can’t be right. 

Bai Yi could deduce from the various attitudes of the countries that although the objectives of all the countries should be the same, there were still various and conflicting interests among them that would cause them to try and hinder each other.


Bai Yi didn’t guess wrong. During the fight, the man who told Bai Yi of Momo’s location was being scolded.

“If something goes wrong with the plan because of your actions, is the fault going to lie with China?”

“It’s fine. Aren’t you guys doing things like this anyway? To prevent Bai Yi from leaning toward us, you made Romain and Ulisses act early. In reality, I think you guys could have let them remain concealed for a while longer,” Duan Xiu Cheng said with a mischievous expression.

Although the people from the other countries were pissed off by Duan Xiu Cheng’s expression, none of them came up to stir up trouble. Duan Xiu Cheng had a very high status in China, and he had an abundant amount of resources at his disposal. He was an LV3 evolved human that went through a perfect metamorphosis and perfect Blossoming.

“Oh right, if I let Bai Yi know that you moved against his parents, what do you think he will do?”

“Isn’t China the same? Your so-called ‘protection’ is no different from what we did.”

“You must bring back Barzel’s group, or else I will make sure China takes responsibility for this incident. At that time, you will be the first person I look for,” a man filled with the aura of a military personnel said.

Every country had a few people who went through perfect Blossoming and could be considered leaders. This man was apparently one of them. Both sides went quiet because there wasn’t any meaning in continuing to speak anymore. Duan Xiu Cheng stood up and walked outside. Coming to this place had been for the sake of interacting with these people a bit. Everything had to be done in moderation. If they ended up obstructing each other too much and the plan failed, they wouldn’t be able to blame each other. Other than that, Duan Xie Cheng had to head out. That man would really make things very troublesome if Barzel’s group died.

Barzel and Schmitt’s abilities were both very special and were not common among evolved humans.

If not for them obstructing each other, how would the incident in Tasmania have turned out so crude and rough? Any normal person would be able to see that something was wrong. However, it didn’t really matter as the countries only cared about the end results. Under their absolute strength, it wouldn’t affect the end results much even if other people discovered something wrong.


Bai Yi’s team didn’t know about these things happening in secret and only wanted to capture Barzel’s group to interrogate them.

Initially, Bright thought that this would be an easy task. However, after exchanging blows for real, Bright realized that the four people of Barzel’s team were not weak and were even a little stronger than the members of his own team. If not for their battle with Momo having drained much of their special energy, the battle now would probably have been even tougher.

With a ‘hum’ from her sword, Octavania forced Bright back with a swing of her sword. At this time, Bright happened to see Bai Yi and the two others leisurely floating in the sky.

“Bai Yi, aren’t you going to bother explaining? Why does this woman know the sword techniques of your team?!” Bright asked angrily.

“There were some spies on my team, Romain and Ulisses. Of course, it isn’t just the sword techniques. Other things probably got leaked as well. How unfortunate,” Bai Yi said.

It was indeed unfortunate. Not that the valuable information was leaked, but how it was so difficult to see through the human heart. Bai Yi felt that he had treated the two of them very well and was never unfair or prejudiced, yet, in the end, something like this still happened.

At this moment, Barzel’s group were surrounded in a plaza. There were some other people around them, but they had all fallen into a frenzy.

Bai Yi brought Momo and Alodia to the rooftop of a building and immediately stepped off the edge afterward.

Flash Step!

Bai Yi’s disappeared from the roof and reappeared again in front of Octavania. She raised her blade and stared at Bai Yi full of caution. Octavania had been shocked while battling with Momo. She wouldn’t dare to be the slightest bit careless facing off against Bai Yi now.

Circle Dance Slash: Double-Edge!

Bai Yi flashed past Octavania’s side and pressed her snow-white blade back into its sheath. Octavania’s expression of shock remained on her face as her body stood completely still during the movement. When Bai Yi fully returned her blade into the sheath, her eyes lost their focus just like a puppet.

Reverse Flower Eyes: Lost!

Bright looked on from the side and became very wary watching the scene; he didn’t see what had happened at all! The fierce Octavania had suddenly turned into a helpless lamb waiting for slaughter. Apparently, Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes had changed as well and had gained some new abilities.

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