Era of Disaster

Chapter 255

Chapter 255: White Underworld Princess

When Momo was very little, she said that she wanted to be a princess, but everybody thought that Momo had simply been caught up in childhood fairytales. After entering LV3, the declaration that they thought had been a joke became reality. In this world of the dead named the White Underworld, Momo was the princess of all departed souls and possessed absolute power.

As if the entire world turned dark, the White Underworld overtook the world without warning. Under the dark sky, countless shadows of spirits flickered about, and the aura of the White Underworld flowed into this world. All the living things in the surrounding area felt their environment change; their bodies suffocating. The White Underworld was purer than any Underworld formed by chance, and it was completely unsuitable for any living existence.

“Schmitt!” Barzel shouted to Schmitt.

“I know.”

Schmitt took a deep breath and stabbed the knife into his heart.


He had created a huge hole in his heart. His initially healthy heart halted. After piercing his heart, Schmitt’s body trembled and blood flowed out from his wounds as he gradually turned back to his original appearance.

The moment Schmitt stabbed himself, his life field had merged with Momo’s. Just like a mirror, Momo heard a ‘Puchi!’ sound coming from her heart and she knew that her heart had been pierced as well. However, Momo’s lips cracked into a wide grin as her gaze became increasingly icy. She pressed her hands together.

Descend: White Underworld!

“Tear through it!” Barzel roared loudly and pointed at a place.

From the information Romain gave them, they were done for it they were pulled into the White Underworld. Unexpectedly, Schmitt’s attacks on both of their vital areas hadn’t stop this girl’s actions. Momo was truly someone who had survived on the Devil Isles. She was ruthless and savage when fighting for her life.

Schmitt placed his hands on the three of them again – Life Field Fusion!

The four of them unleashed all their power. The pillar of red and blue intertwined light merged with the Immobilisation Field and managed to break through the opening before the White Underworld had completely descended. The four of them immediately rushed through the crack. Behind them was an utterly dark and endless world. Inside the dark world, they could see countless warped spirits and shadows. It was the world of the dead that had once only existed in humanity’s imagination.

“So close!” Barzel exhaled a long breath and panted heavily. If not for Momo pausing for a moment due to her heart being punctured, they probably would have ended up staying in that world forever.

Inside the overlapped world, Momo floated in the air silently. Her initially closed eyes suddenly opened, and death tattoos appeared on her face.

“Momo!” Vala, Heloise, and Mavis shouted at Momo as they appeared in front of her and tried to stop her. However, Momo ignored them completely and swept them aside.


The three of them flew back towards her and shouted agitatedly at Momo. Hearing their desperate screams, a trace of human emotion finally appeared in Momo’s eyes.

Vala immediately started to persuade her, “Stop chasing them! Even though you don’t have any real vital areas in your form now, the injuries won’t automatically heal once you exit this state! Stop chasing them so we can think of a solution to deal with the mirror damage.”

Momo listened and her eyes moved. Her human emotions rapidly returned, and her hair gradually returned to a purplish shade of brown from the silver-white color. The moment she returned to her normal state, she vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Her heart was pierced!

Vala and the others immediately started to perform an emergency surgery on Momo. Although Momo was the princess of the White Underworld and had power over all the souls, she still couldn’t let other souls approach her at will. Vala immediately isolated their location from all the other souls and entered her body along with Heloise and Mavis to heal her injuries.

Momo’s body was very special. Souls could enter and operate on her body in greater fineness and detail than even a microsurgery. Of course, it wasn’t a simple thing. In reality, Momo wouldn’t be at ease letting other souls enter her body. In the White Underworld, only Vala, Heloise, and Mavis had the right to do it.


Bai Yi flew toward the location that the man pointed to quickly. From far away, he could see the abnormally dark sky and he knew that the White Underworld had descended. Momo had only done it once on the Devil Isles, and at that time, all the living things within the overlapped world had died.

Bai Yi accelerated and shot across the sky towards the area.

When Bai Yi neared the area, he discovered four people trying to escape.


Bai Yi landed and looked at Barzel and his group. Three of them still seemed to be OK, but the last one had a knife stabbed into his heart and the other three were administering emergency treatment to him. Although the life force of evolved humans was very strong, they would still die from an injury like this if it was left untreated. Bai Yi didn’t know who Momo’s enemies were, but from the looks of it, he couldn’t let the four of them leave easily.

The four of them immediately cursed when they saw Bai Yi.

Shouldn’t Bai Yi have been lured to another location by now? Why is he here?! 

However, just when the four of them began to despair, another group of people arrived from another direction. These people saw the White Underworld descending and stopped far away, not daring to enter. After a while, they decided to scout the perimeter. They had happened to be traveling in the direction of Bai Yi and Barzel’s group. The group of people were also familiar with Bai Yi and were his original friends. However, it was hard to say if they were still friends now.

Barzel couldn’t help but grumble in his heart after seeing this group. Couldn’t you guys have freaking come earlier? We shouldn’t have been involved!

“Bai Yi!” Bright looked at Bai Yi. He had already heard about the incident from earlier from other people.

Bai Yi looked at the group of people behind Bright, and he recognized all of them. They were all Bright’s teammates from before. After Tasmania fell into chaos, their subordinates weren’t too useful anymore. Sure enough, it was only around those comrades that had gone through life and death with him that he could feel at ease.

“Bright!” Bai Yi replied plainly. It was hard to say if they were still friends now.

Barzel couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. The people who should have come did come in the end, but it was too late. As expected, their planning of time wasn’t done well enough. More accurately, they had underestimated the strength of Bai Yi’s team. A perfectly Blossomed LV3 was indeed far stronger than anybody else was. While Barzel was thinking about what to say, Bright already had enough of the silence.

“Barzel, why are you guys here? Where’s Isaac?” Bright asked.

“I’m sorry, Minister Bright. Dr. Isaac was killed by a girl,” Barzel said.

He had almost forgotten that he was a researcher in the research facility. Neither Bai Yi nor Bright knew his true identity.

Didn’t this just get a lot easier? He only had to tell Bright that Momo had killed everyone in the research facility. The only unfortunate thing was that he had revealed himself, and it wasn’t as safe as hiding behind the scenes.

“What did you say?” Bright was incomparably furious.

“Hahahaha!” Bai Yi suddenly started laughing and looked at Barzel. Bai Yi asked, “Who are you guys, and what are you plotting?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you are talking about. This afternoon, a girl suddenly barged into the research facility, broke through all the defenses, and killed everybody inside. We are still wondering what’s going on,” Barzel explained.

“So only you guys escaped? Everybody else died?” Bai Yi asked mockingly.

“...Yes, only we escaped.”

“Oh, really? How unexpected. I didn’t think that the strongest people in the research facility would be the researchers. Strong enough to escape the White Underworld, huh?” Bai Yi said indifferently.

“It’s just a coincidence. We happened to be near an exit on the other side of the research facility.”

“What a smooth reply. Was it specially prepared?” Bai Yi continued to ask.

“I’m just telling things as they are. What are you trying to frame me for?”

“When did I try to frame you? I’m just asking you questions. I didn’t say anything in particular,” Bai Yi laughed lightly and looked at Barzel. “In any case, if I really wanted to do something, do you think I would care about your excuses and make you admit to some crime first, eh?”

Bai Yi gave them a mocking smile that didn’t reach his eyes. In the normal human world, only the court could judge whether somebody was guilty or not. However, that wasn’t the case to Bai Yi because they already had the power to mete out punishment to whoever deserved it!

The White Underworld rapidly receded. Momo floated in the air with a pale face. The clothes around her chest and stomach were stained with blood.

“Momo!” Bai Yi came to Momo’s side.

“Daddy!” Momo said softly with love and adoration.

Bright’s subordinates rushed inside the research facility and came back out soon after. They then shook their heads. Nothing could survive inside the area where the White Underworld descended. Bright then turned to look at Momo and Barzel’s group.

“Bai Yi, this is your daughter’s doing, right?” Bright asked.

“En!” Bai Yi didn’t deny it.

“HAHAHA!” Bright laughed in fury, walked toward Bai Yi, and passed by Barzel’s group.

Suddenly, a few poison-barbed tentacles shot out. Barzel and his group instantly dodged, but because Barzel had to protect Schmitt, his movements were slowed by a beat and a poisoned barb grazed his arm. Bright wasn’t an idiot. Just like Bai Yi believed, after possessing enough power, they could do whatever they judged to be right or wrong without waiting for a court of law to pass a sentence.

“It’s great that you admitted it! Although this was all planned by them, it’s undeniable that all my men inside the research facility were killed by your daughter!”

Bright raised his head. His expression was bloodthirsty as he looked at Bai Yi and Barzel’s group.

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