Era of Disaster

Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Death Blood Bond

Momo brushed her left hand over the body of the blade and raised her head slightly. She looked down at them loftily. Momo didn’t really mind other people learning their sword techniques because even if it was the same technique, the power of the technique differed between individual users. Furthermore, in the later stages, the power of the technique depended on personal understanding. However, it was still quite annoying for an enemy to learn their sword techniques and use them against her in battle.

“Now then, are you ready?”


“No matter what you are planning, death is the only outcome for you. Other than that, I’m also taking back the things you got from Romain,” Momo said as if stating a fact.

Their hearts skipped a beat as Momo spoke and pointed the black sword at them.

Purgatory Sword: Break: Great Shockwave!

The technique used the same starting motion as the Great Shockwave, so Octavania immediately lifted her own sword as well. Barzel watched their movements and felt his heart pause.

Shit! Why is Momo using the same attack? 

The two of them swung their swords at the same time and because Octavania really wanted to win this clash against Momo she swung the sword even faster and with more force than previously. However, Momo’s attack rapidly broke through space, and the power of the Great Shockwave multiplied.

“Be careful!” Barzel shouted anxiously, his body moved faster than his voice and held both his hands out in front.

Immobilization Field!

The Immobilization Field was a unique transformation of the life field. Within Barzel’s Immobilization Field, any physical or energy attack gradually came to a standstill. Some experts hypothesized that, when the Immobilization Field was at its full strength it could stop the movement of even atoms and subatomic particles, as if freezing time itself.

The two Great Shockwaves collided and Momo’s attack broke through Octavania’s. Octavania’s eyes were filled with shock. The Immobilization Field appeared as Octavania was about to be killed by Momo’s attack. In Momo’s eyes, it seemed as if her sword qi had come to a stop in mid-air. Although it didn’t stop completely, the sword qi was slow enough to be seen by the naked eye. Barzel and Octavania took advantage of the pause and dodged the blow.


The Great Shockwave regained its speed, flew out, and destroyed everything around it with a devastating shockwave.

Fire Fist!

The moment Barzel and Octavania escaped, Boll jumped up into the air. A large volume of flames burst from his body and fiercely charged toward Momo in the shape of a gigantic fist. The gigantic fist filled Momo’s vision and rushed towards her. The ground around her began to break from the heat of the fire fist.

At that moment, Momo’s expression turned into a slightly brash smile!

Butterfly Flash Step!

Momo disappeared and reappeared right below Boll. However, the moment Momo disappeared, Boll had already put up his guard. He wasn’t like the three men in the research facility who had died without knowing how Momo managed to escape from the sealed corridor.

The black sword collided with Boll’s gauntlets, and a loud ‘clang!’ rang through the air. Boll couldn’t imagine how Momo’s small body could contain such massive strength. The two different colored flames smashed together upon impact of the two weapons. Although the dark-colored soul flames didn’t have any heat, they instantly overpowered and devoured the red-colored flames.


A huge shockwave sent Boll flying back with dark flames raging over his body. At this time, Momo spun her black blade and began the starting movements of the Wasp’s Sting.

Immobilization Field!

Ice Sword: Wasp’s Sting!

Barzel and Octavania who had barely dodged the Great Shockwave attempted to rescue their teammate. All of them had seen Bai Yi’s team’s sword techniques of Bai Yi’s team. It had only been Octavania who chose to learn them in the end. Wasp’s Sting was the strongest single point piercing sword technique Bai Yi’s team had. The two Wasp’s Sting collided. The small sharp tip of their blades met each other with such a force that space itself seemed to twist for a moment before the blades recoiling from one another.

Momo suddenly stretched out her left hand at them.

Soul Draw!

Romain had told them all to be extremely careful if they faced Momo. If they were just a bit careless, they might not even know how they died. Hence, after seeing Momo’s actions, their hearts palpitated, and they quickly unleashed their powers. Flames, ice, and the Immobilization Field burst outward and disrupted Momo’s life field and broke Momo’s draw on their souls. The shockwave from the outburst pushed Momo back a distance. She backflipped and smiled in excitement.

So strong!

They were so different from the few opponents she had before. If she was right, the three of them had all entered LV3 through the normal manner. After getting the information from Romain, nobody would want to use the Blossomy drug to enter LV3 if they could help it. No wonder they were a lot stronger than those people she met earlier. After the massive outburst, the four people on the other side hadn’t stabilized themselves, but they noticed that Momo had stopped in mid-air.


The four of them were quick and immediately discovered that black cracks had appeared in their surroundings. Frightened, the four of them quickly tried to escape. The black cracks were of the White Underworld formed from Momo’s Provenance Fruit. Regardless if was the qi or the departed souls inside the White Underworld, neither of them was good news for them.

Grand Burial: Departed Souls of the White Underworld!

Momo clasped her hands together, and countless transparent floating souls swarmed out from the cracks around them. The floating souls eddied around the four of them and continued to gather and circle around them. The souls lit up the entire area in a magnificent glow. However, this wasn’t anything good for them. Spiritual bodies and normal lifeforms clashed in general. Every encounter with the souls drained the energy of the four. When their energy was completely drained, their souls would be next.

Momo stretched out her left hand, but suddenly, she changed movements and pulled her hands apart. Countless floating souls immediately dispersed.


A pillar of intermixed red and blue light broke into the sky, and all the floating souls that hadn’t managed to dodge in time were all stuck in the pillar of light as if frozen. This pillar of light immediately started spreading, and all the floating souls that encountered this pillar came to standstill and became motes of light. With a ‘buzz!’, the pillar of light abruptly expanded and created a gigantic circular shape on the ground. Momo was blown far away before the shockwave finally receded.

Momo stared at them in astonishment. At this time, Momo discovered that Barzel, Boll, and Octavania had formed a triangle formation. Schmitt stood at the center of the triangle, connected to each of them by a limb.


When her astonishment passed, Momo started laughing. Everybody started to have different energy attribute inclinations after they entered LV2, and their absolute life field also started to change. However, during that attack, the life fields of the three of them actually managed to fuse together completely! The extremely cold air, high-temperature flames, and the Immobilization Field had merged into one. There were even two types of energy commonly known to be opposing to each other inside, but they had actually managed to fuse together harmoniously. It was definitely only possible because of Schmitt standing at the center.

The world outside the Devil Isles was indeed very entertaining. The kinds of changes and cooperation by humans were superior to those evolved lifeforms on the Devil Isles.

Momo smiled and stretched out her hand again.

However, Schmitt who had his head down all this time suddenly raised his head and looked at Momo. Momo stiffened. Somehow, Schmitt’s had changed his appearance to be identical to Momo’s and that frightened her. Schmitt then did a hand seal on the area around his heart. In the next moment, Momo reeled backward. She felt her life field become strange as if there was a mirror between her and Schmitt so that they were reflections of one another.

‘Ba bum’, ‘ba bum’, ‘ba bum’...

Momo seemed to be able to hear their hearts beating in sync and feel the changes in their life field.

What’s going on?

Momo raised her hand again, but suddenly Schmitt stabbed a knife into his own stomach. Momo instantly felt a piercing pain coming from her stomach as blood gushed out from the wound. In that instant, Momo’s life field pulsed and pierced her own body without warning.

Mirror: Death Blood Bond!

Using the blood Romain gave them, Schmitt could synchronize and fuse their life fields so that he was a ‘mirror’ of Momo. Through damaging himself, he could cause the same damage to Momo. Evolved humans usually used the life field to control various attacks, but Schmitt directly used the life field’s influence on the human body to attack itself.

“Momo!” Vala and the other souls immediately grabbed hold of Momo.

Life Field!

Although Momo didn’t know what was going on, she could tell that Schmitt’s ability had to do with the life field. The harmonious fusion of their life fields just now and the mysterious damage she suffered definitely had to do with the life field. Schmitt stabbed the knife into his stomach again, and Momo felt another piercing pain in her own stomach. Seeing the knife in Schmitt’s hands, a sense of seriousness flashed past Momo’s eyes.

Equal damage! 

Did that mean that if her opponent stabbed his own vital areas, then she would suffer the same injury? Momo didn’t dare to bet on whether her opponent dared to commit suicide. She wiped away the blood on the corner of her lips, and her eyes turned bright!

She formed a hand seal, and all of the floating souls and Spirit Devouring Butterflies were sucked back into the White Underworld so that not even Vala had been left outside. Momo’s hair began to float in the air, and her initially brown-ish hair began to turn silver-white. All human emotion seemed to disappear from Momo’s eyes. The sky dimmed as if another world was overlapping with this one. That world was the world inside of Momo: the White Underworld!

Momo was now the princess of the White Underworld!

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