Era of Disaster

Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Family

Bai Yi flew away with Alodia in search of the rest of his teammates. At the same time, Bai Yi pondered the motives and objectives of the people behind this entire incident. Even though he was deep in thought, Bai Yi didn’t lower his guard. Suddenly, Bai Yi turned his head and a bolt of lightning shot past about a meter away from him.

Bai Yi looked toward the direction it came from and saw an Asian-looking young man.

That attack had obviously been just a greeting rather than an intent to harm Bai Yi, so Bai Yi decided to land and meet the man. The man was at least thirty years old. He smiled, but it seemed rather cold and distant. The two sides stared and assessed each other thoroughly. The man opposite Bai Yi had probably been in a position of power for a long time. Even a simple and quiet stare down like this usually gave people a feeling of pressure. However, it had little effect on somebody without many desires or fears.

“Your daughter is over in that direction, but the location of the others isn’t clear,” the man said and pointed in the direction. The man observed that Bai Yi still seemed very calm and added with a smile, “Your family members are doing very well too.”

Bai Yi’s expression finally changed slightly, but at this moment, that man had already turned around and left.

“Uncle Bai!” Alodia looked at Bai Yi worriedly. The ‘family members’ that that man mentioned at the end was obviously not a reference to Momo.

“En, I know,” Bai Yi said heavily. The man spoke in Chinese and mentioned the family members that Bai Yi had never mentioned before. From that, it wasn’t hard to deduce the identity or motive of the man.

“Don’t worry; I won’t give in to a hostage situation. Although my parents are just normal humans, they are very open-minded and will definitely support my choice. After all, they were the ones who taught me to be this way,” Bai Yi said to Alodia.

Alodia just started to let out a sigh of relief, but suddenly felt strange. There was something strange in Bai Yi’s tone.

“Uncle Bai’s parents are very amiable, right?”

“En, very gentle. My family opened a small restaurant. My old man is a bit plump, but don’t people always say ‘the wider the heart the larger the body’? There was never much that could make him upset or angry. My mom is a normal housewife that used to nag at me all day, but it was only out of concern for me...”

Bai Yi started to tell Alodia about the things that happened in the past with a nostalgic expression on his face. While on the Devil Isles, Bai Yi initially never said much about his family because he didn’t know if he would be able to survive. After gaining a certain amount of power, Bai Yi had still kept quiet about them because he had long thought of the possibility that his parents would be used against him.

Apparently, he was right.


While Bai Yi and Alodia flew towards her, Momo also sensed the location of some people through the Spirit Devouring Butterflies and headed toward them without any hesitation. Undoubtedly, those people had to be the masterminds behind this whole incident. Momo wasn’t an idiot. She killed Isaac because she wanted to, and she wouldn’t let these people off either.

Soul Devour!

Countless Spirit Devouring Butterflies and floating souls surrounded and swarmed the five people.

One of them waved his hand through the air and conjured a stream of flames to cover his body. The other three people also set up their own defenses. They were all apparently very familiar with the Spirit Devouring Butterflies and floating souls. At this time, the man in the center suddenly put his palms together and a ripple spread from his body. With a ‘buzz!’, all the Spirit Devouring Butterflies and floating souls stopped in the air as if frozen in time.

“Move! Don’t waste time here!” The man shouted and ran outside.

Momo rushed to where these people were in the research facility; on the way, many guards appeared and attacked Momo. Within a short while, various types of attacks exploded and wreaked havoc on the research facility, threatening to tear the entire building apart.


After a few times of this, the guards had thoroughly aggravated Momo.

Soul Charm: Peaceful Rest of Death!

Momo floated into the air. Her hair waved behind her as gravity seemed to stop working on her body. She appeared to be incomparably peaceful and sacred, but this was the sacredness of death!

Death Seal!

Momo made a hand seal with her right hand. Her life field pulsed, and everybody who had been attacking Momo suddenly felt something passing through their minds. Their eyes slowly lost their focus. The guards gradually walked toward Momo, but all of them collapsed, one after another before they could even take a few steps, yet their souls still continued to walk toward Momo and were seemingly unaware that their bodies had already fallen. Soon, their souls disappeared into the White Underworld, and their bodies lay on the ground without any signs of life.

Among the guards, only the few who entered LV3 could resist Momo. The survivors had already run far away in fear. The difference in strength was too large! Furthermore, Momo’s ability had to do with the mysteries of the soul. After more than a hundred people dying at one time, those who had entered LV3 didn’t dare to obstruct Momo’s path.

Numerous corpses lay on the ground, but Momo didn’t land. Instead, she continued to fly after her targets. The five people ran out of the research facility through a secret exit and found Momo floating in the air waiting for them. Before they could express their shock, Momo swung her sword.

Purgatory Sword: Gluttonous Evil Spirits!

A line of black light flashed, and the man who at the front of the group felt a coldness in his chest just before his upper body separated from his lower half. Although the remaining four behind dodged the attack, they were still scared by the close encounter. The black crack in space that led to the White Underworld burned with a dark transparent flame, and countless floating souls swarmed out from it. The remaining four were still in disbelief that Momo had managed to intercept them, but they had no time to think about it. They enacted a counterattack.

Immobilization Field!

The leader of the team, Barzel, clasped his hand together, and all the Spirit Devouring Butterflies and floating souls came to a standstill in the air instantly. By his side, the fire user, Boll, made a few hand seals and fiercely pressed down with both hands.

Sphere of Fire!

With Boll at the center, a gigantic sphere of flames wrapped around them and rapidly extended outward. The Spirit Devouring Butterflies and floating souls trapped in the Immobilization Field were instantly submerged in the flames.

“Do I need to prepare?” Schmitt asked.

“Prepare!” Barzel said.

Schmitt heard Barzel’s words and cut a small wound on his chest. He then took out a small bottle and dripped the blood from inside the bottle onto his wound. The blood was rapidly absorbed into Schmitt’s body the moment it came into contact with the wound, and his body pulsed.

Purgatory Blade: Great Shockwave!

Without waiting for them to finish their conversation, Momo swung her blade again and the dark-colored White Underworld Purgatory Flames turned into a ripple and shot forward. However, the remaining woman, Octavania, rushed out and swung a long snow-white sword. The sword qi from both blades collided in midair violently. With a ‘buzz!’, an intense shockwave ravaged the surroundings. White Underworld Purgatory Flames silently burned around Momo. On the opposite side, the surroundings were frozen by frost qi.

Extreme cold energy….

Momo didn’t care about that. What she paid attention to was the sword technique that the woman had used.

It was also the Great Shockwave!

Momo’s gaze went icy. The sword techniques that Bai Yi’s team used had never been shared with outsiders. Only the people in the team would know them. Momo had felt that something was wrong for a while now.

Although Chinchilla was only LV2, he was even stronger than they had been while they were at LV2 because he had a very smooth and perfect evolution. They had already thoroughly studied the process of evolution, so Chinchilla didn’t have to make any mistakes in the process. So, how could he have been kidnapped so easily without resistance?

So it was like this. A traitor on the team, huh? No...I should say that the person was actually an undercover agent in the first place.

At this time, the floating souls of Vala, Heloise, and Mavis came to Momo’s side and secretly said something. Momo’s eyes flashed for a moment, so it was like this!


“You learned the Great Shockwave quite well!” Momo said plainly.

The expressions of the people opposite changed a few times, while Octavania flicked her long snow-white sword and cold energy circled her body.

“Thanks for the praise, but I’m still inferior to Miss Momo.”

The collision of their sword qi left marks on the ground, and Momo’s Great Shockwave had completely suppressed Octavania’s so that there was only a small circular area protecting her team members.

“I always believed that I had developed my sword technique to a very high level. Why is there still such a large difference? Unless I haven’t learned the full thing?” Octavania looked at Momo in suspicion.


Momo was confused for a moment but suddenly burst out laughing. She laughed boisterously, but it didn’t seem brash at all. Instead, it contained a noble disposition. At the very least, that was what the four of them felt since they didn’t feel affronted in the slightest by her laughter.

“Not having learned it in full? You mean to ask if we hid the true sword techniques from Romain.”

Octavania was stunned for a moment before saying, “Romain. So you guys knew after all.”

The meaning of her words was obvious. Since they knew that Romain was a spy, the sword techniques he brought back couldn’t possibly be complete. If that was true, it made sense why the power of her Great Shockwave was inferior to Momo’s.

“A lowly mind!”

“Romain knew the complete sword technique. We shared everything with everybody on the team without prejudice and without withholding anything. Your Great Shockwave isn’t weak at all, so apparently, Romain gave you guys the complete technique. The fact that it’s weaker than mine is because of a difference in personal strength. There’s no need to find any excuse for it. If I knew that Romain was a spy, I would have never let him bring back any information and would have killed him on the spot,” Momo said in a proud manner with a look of hatred on her face.

Momo spun her black sword and slid her hand over its surface. Although she had an energy inclination and could use other methods to attack, Momo still favored using the sword.

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