Era of Disaster

Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Merry Bride


Rose ran toward the girl on the ground with no regard to any potential attack from Bai Yi. It was obvious to everybody how anxious Rose was over this girl. Bai Yi stopped and looked at Rose without a trace of guilt in his eyes. If somebody should be guilty, it was them.

Rose turned around and glared at Bai Yi viciously.

Both of them were very familiar with each other and had met again during the welcome banquet. Rose had been one of the important team leaders among the evolved humans back on the Devil Isles. Bai Yi gazed at Rose for a moment before turning around and leaving. There wasn’t much to say to Rose. The most important thing now was to gather all the members of his team since Bai Yi didn’t know who the masterminds behind this were and what they were plotting. Moreover, proper arrangements had to be made for the baby. Otherwise, any small confrontation would end the fragile life of the baby.

“BAI YI!” Rose roared loudly and clenched her right hand in front of her.


All the water pipes in the area suddenly burst. The water that gushed out formed sharp blades and shot toward Bai Yi’s group. Rose’s expression was incredibly vicious. She thought that Bai Yi would give her an explanation, but she never expected that he would completely ignore her.

The sharp water blades came at them from all directions, and this time Bai Yi focused rather than remaining nonchalant.

Rose had been a powerful team leader on the Devil Isles. Her growth after that wasn’t too different from Bai Yi’s team. Even though she used the Blossomy drug to enter LV3, she was still very powerful.

Bai Yi raised his right hand and surrounded his group in a rapidly spinning sphere of air about three meters wide. The air sphere and water blades collided fiercely. The sound of impact and grinding rang continuously until a sudden ‘BOOM!’ forcefully propelled all the water away. The explosion of water hit the unfortunate people who couldn’t dodge in time and many of them fell with cries of pain.

Rose was pushed back slightly as well, but in the next instant she accelerated and overtook Bai Yi to stand before him and block his path. Water continuously flowed and gathered in the passageway. The surging water mixed with the fresh blood of the injured and turned an eye-catching shade of red. Under Rose’s control, all the water gathered and circled around her like a red water dragon.

“Step aside!” Bai Yi said.

“Do you know who she was to me?” Rose’s expression was ice cold.

“I don’t know!” Bai Yi shook his head.

“SHE WAS MY SISTER!!” Rose screamed at Bai Yi savagely.

Rose had always thought Amy had died on the Devil Isles, but somehow, she managed to survive and even managed to get to Tasmania. It was easy to imagine just how happy and emotional she had been when they were reunited. However, Rose never expected that Amy would survive the Devil Isles and arrive safely in Tasmania only to be killed by Bai Yi.

“China has an old saying: those who kill will be killed sooner or later,” Bai Yi said.

“Kill? Who do you think you are?! This is a peaceful and lawful world!” Rose shouted at Bai Yi furiously.

“Peaceful world? HAHAHA! So this is the peaceful world you are talking about? Don’t tell me you don’t know who they were. Even if you weren’t on the same team or familiar with them, they were still our comrades-in-arms! Yes, you guys are all in high positions now and you feel that with such power you are above the rest. For your own power and interests, you can even treat your previous comrades this way!” Bai Yi pointed at the room behind him where countless corpses still lay.

Ever since coming back to Tasmania three years ago, Bai Yi felt that his once familiar friends had all changed from sitting high positions for such a long time. However, Bai Yi didn’t mind it too much since pursuing power and self-interest was just human nature. Even Bai Yi himself thought about how he was going to live in Tasmania in the future. After all, he couldn’t always rely on his strength to take whatever he wanted. However, Bai Yi always felt that he had a line in his heart that he would never cross. Seeking and desiring power wasn’t wrong. What was wrong was that Truman and the others had abandoned that line.

“Always like this, ALWAYS LIKE THIS! AS IF YOU’RE A SAINT! Yes, we should all be grateful to you. You did a lot for everybody back on the Devil Isles, but things are different now! This world has always been separated into many different classes.”

“What right or basis do you have to interfere with what we do?! In the end, how are you different from us? If you really treated all people equally, then how can you kill others so easily? Your actions are even lower than ours because it didn’t produce even the slightest bit of value!” Rose retorted while staring severely at Bai Yi.”

Didn’t produce even the slightest bit of value!

Bai Yi couldn’t even give her a mocking smile at this time. So her so-called value was to use their friends as stepping stones to develop a fast and safe path of evolution? So that they could advance safely? Power and interests were really the things that corrupted people the most, and it had only been a few years.

Core values!

At this moment, Bai Yi quietly examined his own core values; he would never lose his heart.

“Step aside, while I don’t plan to act,” Bai Yi couldn’t be bothered to say anymore.

The water dragon surrounding Rose roared loudly into the sky and charged ferociously toward Bai Yi. Apparently, even if Bai Yi didn’t intend to act, Rose would not let Bai Yi leave. For Rose whose sister had just been murdered, her hatred for Bai Yi had reached inconsolable levels. This was also an end result that a particular group of people wanted. With this as bait, they could set Bai Yi’s team and the current people in power over Tasmania against each other and even wipe each other out.

Bai Yi instantly drew Red Kiss and swung the sword.


A large hole appeared in the center of the water dragon, but its speed didn’t decrease as it continued to surge toward them. The water dragon was just the form that Rose manipulated it to occupy. It wasn’t a real living thing, so it couldn’t possibly have any vital parts. Bai Yi looked at the water that continued to gush from the pipes.

So this was your plan? The more water that flowed out, the more advantageous it was for you, huh?

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Bai Yi’s eyes immediately started spinning, but Rose had already closed her eyes and closed her palms together.

Life Field Sensing!

Practically everybody knew that Bai Yi had the Reverse Flower Eyes, how would they not prepare countermeasures against it? The life field that extended beyond the body could not only control matter and energy but also act as a sort of sixth sense to sense their surroundings. Under Rose’s control, the faint red water all around swirled and crashed over Bai Yi’s group trapping them inside.


The giant red water dragon closed in on itself completely, wrapped around and crushed them. The ground tore from the immense water pressure. The waterspout spun and ground crazily, but Rose stopped what she was doing and looked at the center.

Without her noticing, the flowing water had started to crystallize from the center. With a few splashing sounds, the remaining flowing water crashed to the ground and revealed a beautiful crystalline hurricane sculpture at the center.

Crystallization Energy!

Alodia slowly retracted her right hand from the center of the crystallized waterspout.

“Help me carry her,” Bai Yi passed the baby to Alodia.

High-speed movement and acceleration were both extremely dangerous to the fragile baby. Due to the baby being too weak, Bai Yi hadn’t tried dodging at all since the beginning. However, from the looks of things, he had no choice but to act for real.

Alodia took the female baby and carefully cradled her in her hands. The baby was born from a Cesarean section and looked wrinkled and ugly, but also represented the hope of a new life.

Bai Yi swung Red Kiss forward. With a ‘ding!’, a crack appeared on the crystallized red waterspout and fell to the ground in two. Seeing that Bai Yi’s group wasn’t injured in the slightest, Rose’s expression turned turn dark. She raised her right hand again and all the remaining water started to gather.


This place was really unsuitable for her abilities. If she was near a river or the sea, she wouldn’t be so passive in this battle.

“I’m going to say it for the last time: step aside!” Bai Yi said.

“Not unless you make Amy come back to life!” Rose said viciously.

That was impossible. Even though they had a method of preserving the soul now, it was still far from revival.

“Then, I’m sorry!” Bai Yi said and took a step forward – Flash Step!


Bai Yi and Momo were both baited into their own incidents when they stepped inside the research facilities. The rest of their team met with various problems as well. Just as Bai Yi guessed, there were some people who were trying to lure Bai Yi’s team into a conflict with the upper echelons of Tasmania. At the same time, a restless atmosphere spread throughout the entire city and made all the evolved humans slowly become agitated until only a spark would set everybody into a frenzy.

“Are the preparations done?” A person asked in a secret location.

“Everything’s prepared, and everybody is in place. We will definitely record the truth of everything that happens here,” a young man replied.

Everything from the satellites to the surveillance equipment inside the city was fully ready.

“Are you dumb? The higher-ups don’t want the truth. It’s good that it’s real footage, but we still need to cut and edit it, or else how are we going to show this to the world and achieve our goals?” Another guy asked lazily while eating a bag of chips.

“Ray, what exactly are the higher-ups’ objectives?”

The man called Ray munched on his chips with a crunching sound and said in a relaxed tone, “That I won’t tell you. It’s not good for you to know too much.” What are their motives? They actually have three objectives. Doesn’t China have an old saying? Kill three birds with one stone, right?


Translator Notes:

I don’t know why the title is “Merry Bride”, *shrugs* but I don’t think I translated it wrong.

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