Era of Disaster

Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Difference

Bai Yi exhaled deeply, took out a Soul Release Wood necklace, and placed it on Khina’s body. Fortunately, the death of the physical body didn’t mean complete death now, so although Bai Yi was still very sorrowful inside, it was still bearable for him. However, the iciness in Bai Yi’s eyes became more and more severe, and even Ulisses felt his body starting to stiffen. Khina was just an accident. Even he hadn’t expected to find Bai Yi’s old friend here, and from the looks of it, they had a good relationship.

Bai Yi placed the Soul Release Wood necklace on Khina’s head and slid his fingertips across Khina’s abdomen.


Bai Yi cut open Khina’s abdomen with a wind blade to reveal the small baby inside. Bai Yi carried this small curled up infant in his arms with eyes full of tenderness and affection. However, very quickly Bai Yi started to frown. The vital signs of this infant were abnormally weak as if she was going to die at any moment. It was easy to imagine what kind of gruesome things happened to Khina here; when her entire body was already ruined, how could the baby be alright? If not for Khina protecting her baby with all her strength, this baby would have probably died long ago.

“Tell Nancy that there’s a baby from a Cesarean section that’s very weak and to prepare for treatment,” Bai Yi instructed.

“Yes,” Alodia nodded and called Nancy.

Just when Alodia started to get worried, Nancy finally picked up the call after a few rings.

“Be careful. We’re getting surrounded here!” Nancy said anxiously before Alodia could speak and hung up immediately after speaking.

Alodia blanked for a moment and looked at Bai Yi solemnly. The voice on the phone wasn’t loud, but with their level of hearing, they still heard it clearly. Bai Yi’s eyes were extremely calm and reassured Alodia not to worry. From the looks of things now, everybody in the team had probably met with some difficulty by now. As for those who hadn’t met with anything, they probably had a different role to play compared to the other members of his team.

Bai Yi carried the baby and took out a tube of Material Cream. It was a kind of essence that Bai Yi’s team created from the plants and animals in the Devil Isles. It could be very easily absorbed to replenish their energy and boost their vital signs. Bai Yi dripped a drop of this solution into the baby’s mouth and closed the tube. For a baby, just a drop of this was enough to sustain them for a few days.

Quickly, the guards in the research facility rushed to where they were and attacked them. Bai Yi turned his head slightly and swept his hand before him. A transparent ripple of air spread in front of him and all the attacks was stopped outside the air shield. There were a lot of guards who came and all of them were at least LV2. There were even six LV3s among them. The research was really going well huh? They almost turned the evolution system into a production line at a factory. However, these were just a bunch of hastily created products. What was the use of just having the LV?

Bai Yi’s clenched his right hand tightly, and everybody suddenly felt powerful gusts of wind blowing and gathering toward the center. In the next moment, Bai Yi’s right hand pressed downward.

Air Impact!

The huge volume of air that gathered toward the center exploded instantaneously, and with a ‘boom!’ the powerful blow hit the entire area. Within a range of twenty plus meters, countless cracks appeared on the walls of the research facility. The LV2s were instantly sent flying from the impact and only stopped when they collided with the wall, blood spurting out from their mouths immediately afterward from the devastating impact. Only the six LV3s had erected their defenses in time and got pushed back only a small distance.

“LV3: air control!” One of them looked at Bai Yi and said coldly.

“What a coincidence. I’m also an air controller. I heard of Team Leader Bai Yi’s great name long ago. Why don’t Team Leader Bai Yi give me some pointers? By the way, I am Stephen. Remember my name.”

A man stood out and exhaled some smoke from his cigarette forming a circle of smoke in mid-air. This circle of smoke didn’t dissipate in the air but flew toward Bai Yi when he flicked the ash off the cigarette.

At this moment, Bai Yi didn’t mind this circle of smoke but looked at Khina. He already knew from Momo that the soul would leave the body from one to thirty minutes after death, but since Bai Yi couldn’t see souls, he decided to wait for the full thirty minutes.

Stephen obviously felt that Bai Yi took him lightly and accelerated the circle of smoke he was controlling. However, this circle of smoke suddenly dissipated when it reached five meters away from Bai Yi.


What ignorance, how can a hastily created LV3 compare with Bai Yi? Although both of them are LV3s that can unleash their life fields outside of their bodies, there are still differences in strength. They both have the ability to control air, but with just this level of strength, how can he overpower Bai Yi’s air control? Ulisses thought while watching them.

After that, Ulisses looked at the woman among the six of them. As long as she dies, his mission would be completed.


Stephen became enraged when he saw that Bai Yi hadn’t even turned his head. Raising both of his hands horizontally in front of his body, the air between his hands started to spin crazily and a faint white color started to appear in the compressed air. The air ground against itself and gave off a high-pitched roaring sound.

Roaring Wind Bullet: Rapid Fire!

In the blink of an eye, countless transparent wind bullets shot out from various directions and trajectories toward the three of them. This was the power of an LV3: the ability to control external matter and energy within their life field. However, Stephen seemed to be just wasting his effort because Bai Yi’s group didn’t shift at all. Countless wind bullets shot toward Bai Yi from multiple trajectories, but the moment they reached within five meters of Bai Yi they lost its form and dissipated.

After dozens of seconds of attacking in full force, the people on Bai Yi’s side were still relaxed and casual. The initially fierce attacks would just dissipate into nothingness the moment they arrived close to Bai Yi.

Soon enough, Stephen stopped and panted.

At this time, the rest of them could tell that Stephen and Bai Yi were on completely different levels. Although they were both LV3, the differences were incomparably huge when it came to the strength, level of control, and the range of their life field. Even with the same abilities, Stephen didn’t seem to have any ability to resist Bai Yi. If Bai Yi wanted to, he probably could rob Stephen of all of his air control and leave him without even the slightest amount of air.

“We should attack together. Our opponent is Bai Yi after all!” One of them said after patting the dispirited Stephen.

Bai Yi looked at the Soul Release Wood necklace. Ever since entering the research facility, Bai Yi had been tolerating everything. He could tell that everything had been intentionally planned by somebody. Bai Yi didn’t want to get tricked by others. However, Bai Yi had to admit that, no matter how others plotted against him, the fact that Truman and the others were using evolved humans as experimental subjects to complete the system of evolution was an indisputable truth. Bai Yi’s fury and killing intent had already reached its limit after seeing Khina.

The energy from the six of them flared and pulsed as they carefully approached Bai Yi.

At this time, Bai Yi looked at Khina’s wide open eyes and his right hand gently closed them for her.

Bind: Formless Prison!

The six of them who just stepped into Bai Yi’s range immediately felt a powerful pressure on their bodies and it became incredibly hard to even lift up their feet. Five of them realized that they couldn’t breathe at all as if the air around them had completely stopped and wouldn’t move into their lungs. Among the six of them, only Stephen with the ability of air control fared slightly better. Although his life field was many times weaker than Bai Yi’s, he more or less could still snatch some control from Bai Yi close to his body to slowly move and breathe.

However, Stephen didn’t run away but stayed in place along with the other five. He understood that at a time like this, it was best to not stand out. If he tried to escape by force now, he might very well become the first target.

Shit! How can the difference be so big? 

An air prison wasn’t difficult to imagine as he had used this move before too. However, usually, it was only effective on LV2s and the effect was very weak on LV3s.

Quickly, the faces of five of them rapidly turned red. Apparently, the air in their lungs was running out. Although evolved humans had already become a lot stronger, it wasn’t like they had evolved to the point where they could live without oxygen. However, Bai Yi didn’t seem to pay attention to this at all and only quietly waited for the time to pass.

Many more people ran to this place from all over the research facility, but they all waited outside without advancing. None of them dared to move when they saw a bunch of LV2s collapsed along the corridor vomiting blood and suffering from concussions. Furthermore, looking at the red faces of the LV3s and how all of them struggled with all their might but still remained immobile, things looked anything but reassuring.

Who would go in and ask for death?

After thirty minutes, Bai Yi retrieved the Soul Release Wood Necklace and stood up. Bai Yi’s group couldn’t see souls, so they chose to wait for the full duration to ensure that the soul had been sucked into the Soul Release Wood. By then, the eyes of five of them had already rolled upward to show the whites and they had already fainted. Only Stephen looked at Bai Yi grimly. He continuously clenched and unclenched his right hand in nervousness.

Then, Bai Yi stretched out his left hand and made a hand seal!

A few breaking and cracking sounds could be heard and the five people who had initially fainted awoke from the pain. An immense pressure had crashed down on their bodies and crushed their bones and muscles to pieces. Bai Yi carried the little baby girl and walked outside. Behind Bai Yi’s group, the six of them laid on the ground unmoving like a pile of rotten meat. At this time, somebody else happened to enter from outside. The two sides stared at each other from opposites ends of the room.

“Amy!” Rose suddenly turned her attention to the unmoving woman on the ground and ran over.


The ten fingers are connected to the heart, and the hands are an extension of the inner self. Hand seals make use of the hands to guide an individual’s awareness and simplify the difficulty of the Computation Routine and increase the level of control.

The Computation Routine will be explained next time!

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