Era of Disaster

Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Meeting Again Like This

Even an idiot would feel suspicious over this very strange situation. The people in the secret surveillance room racked their brains for a way to save the situation. Without Luke’s persuasive abilities, it would be a lot harder to make Momo kill the people inside the research facility. Suddenly, the leader of these people recalled Romain’s words. You don’t have to use any schemes, it’s enough as long as Momo feels hurt. Even if Momo knows that there’s a huge scheme going on, she wouldn’t tolerate it. She’d explode and destroy the entire research facility.

“Kill the cat!” They ordered.

One really had to give it to Romain. His judgment was spot on. After all, he had interacted with Bai Yi’s team for quite a few years now and had watched Momo grow up. However, while Momo would definitely not think so much and unhesitatingly destroy the whole research facility if provoked, what Romain didn’t tell them was that Momo was not an idiot. Since she knew that there was a scheme going on, she would definitely pursue the mastermind behind this incident.

They would be mistaken if they thought if they had successfully manipulated Momo. In reality, this was just Momo’s way of doing things.


“Jimmy1! Doctor Jimmy!”

Quickly, the attention of Isaac’s group was diverted away from Momo to the man in the white coat lying on the ground. One of them ran over to check on the man they called Jimmy, but how could he be alive after being stabbed in the head?

“Research Director, Doctor Jimmy is dead.”

“Just what happened here? Momo, why are you here, and why is Jimmy dead?!” Isaac asked.

“Isaac, you tell me why I am here!”

Momo’s tone was extremely cold. Suddenly, the man checking Jimmy took out a few scalpels. Although he took Momo by surprise, the black sword still sliced through the air in a crescent and knocked the scalpels away. However, Momo turned her head around and realized that a scalpel had been stabbed into Chinchilla’s head in exactly the same manner as she had stabbed Luke.

Momo gritted her teeth and her body trembled. Vala and the others wanted to intervene, but Momo sent all of them back to the White Underworld.

Vala, Heloise, and Mavis couldn’t do anything but smile bitterly at the closing space. This was going to be a big issue. Momo wasn’t stupid, she definitely knew that there was a plot going on here, but she would never take it lying down. This was Momo’s personality. If somebody offended or threatened her, she would kill the person first then look for the real mastermind and cause even greater destruction.

Sure enough, Momo pulled Chinchilla’s soul into the White Underworld. Other than Chinchilla, there were still two other souls that Momo restricted and pulled into the White Underworld. One of them was Luke, and the other was the guy who used the scalpel to stabbed Chinchilla. The souls being restricted and thrown into her world increased rapidly as she unleashed her wrath. It was apparent that Momo’s anger had erupted in full as their souls were imprisoned by Momo.

“Meow, damn it! How did I die?” Chinchilla’s body landed on the ground and rolled a few times while his soul flew out and looked around in shock.

“Chinchilla, what happened exactly?” Vala asked.

“I was just strolling with Momo on the streets. Then, I met Romain while Momo was buying food somewhere. That guy suddenly knocked me out and the next thing I knew I was tied to an operating table when I woke up,” Chinchilla patted his head when Vala asked the question, but his spiritual body suddenly warped and gave him a scare.

“Romain!” Vala and the two other souls exclaimed.

“We must tell Momo!” Heloise looked at the dark sky anxiously.

This was the White Underworld; it was the world formed from the Provenance Fruit and had a suitable environment for souls to live in. Since the fruit had fused with Momo after she consumed it, Momo was now the entrance and exit to this world and no amount of anxiety would help if Momo didn’t want to let them out.

“Don’t worry. A lot of Momo’s attacks have to do with the soul. No matter if she uses the Spirit Devouring Butterflies or floating souls later, we just have to follow them out,” Vala said.

At this time, Momo stabbed her sword through Isaac’s heart completely ignoring the man’s fearful look and miserable screams.

“This really has nothing to do with me! It’s really not my fault!” Isaac screamed in pain and begged.

“I know that you are just an unlucky guy that got framed, but you still must die because I want to kill you,” Momo said coldly.

Momo let the Spirit Devouring Butterflies and floating souls scout the way and they had seen a lot more than just Chinchilla being restrained on the way. In this research facility, many of the experimental subjects were real evolved humans. However, Momo was too worried about Chinchilla just now and had neglected them.

“W-why?” Isaac didn’t understand at all and continued to beg as his lifeforce rapidly drained away.

Even after Isaac’s death, Momo didn’t answer his question. After killing everybody there, Momo stretched out her right hand and a black halo opened behind her. A swarm of Spirit Devouring Butterflies and floating souls immediately shot out and flew magnificently through the entire research facility. Vala and the others flew out with the strange force acting that shot through the entire building.

This is...!

Momo was using the special characteristic of passing through matter that the Spirit Devouring Butterflies and floating souls had to swiftly search the entire research facility.

A bunch of Spirit Devouring Butterflies rapidly shot through the secret surveillance room, and the five people inside immediately jumped in shock. Sure enough, Momo tilted her head to look diagonally downward at them, as if there weren’t obstacles in between.

Damn it! There are so many people in the research facility but she found us so quickly! 

They still thought that Momo was very dumb from how she killed Isaac right away, how did this happen?

“She’s coming.”

“En, I know. Release the information of Isaac’s death first. Let the upper echelons of Tasmania know about it,” the leader said, being the calmer one in this group.

“Attention everyone! Attention everyone! Intruder discovered. Her name is Bai Momo. She’s currently at B block basement level 3-2 dissection room. All guards prepare for attack!”


At this time, Bai Yi and a few others barged into another research facility. Although Bai Yi’s methods were tough, he didn’t cause any casualties. Instead, he made all of them fall asleep. However, the more he saw, the harder it became for him to suppress the killing intent in his heart. Just like at the beginning at the research facility in New Zealand, there were many humans used as experimental subjects here, and Bai Yi even found a few familiar people inside.

The three of them stopped at a processing room. This was where they kept all the discarded experimental subjects. The people here were all either dead or close to death and had completely lost all value or use.

Bai Yi stood outside looking at the bloody bodies, and his gaze turned ice cold. However, Bai Yi’s eyes flashed for a moment seemingly unsure. While everybody was still reeling in shock, Bai Yi broke the wall with a punch and instantly appeared in front of a disabled experimental subject. The experimental subject stared into blank space with dead eyes as if she were already dead.

Bai Yi placed his hand on this person and injected his special energy inside. The body that was initially close to death received the stimulation from the injection of special energy. Gradually, color returned to the pair of dead eyes and slowly focused on Bai Yi. Upon seeing Bai Yi, the pair of eyes paused for a moment and hope blossomed in them.

“Un...Uncle Bai?” The voice was extraordinarily hoarse but filled with emotion. There was an unconcealable impulse of hope in it.

“Don’t talk. I’m going to save you now.”

This disabled experimental subject was somebody very familiar to Bai Yi: Bailey Khina. One of his companions from Waikato University. Due to their different choices, they ended up walking different paths. The incidents in the past rapidly flashed through Bai Yi’s mind and a hint of nostalgia rose. However, Bai Yi didn’t understand why would Khina appear here, but it wasn’t the time to be thinking about that now.

“Uncle Bai, I’m sorry,” Khina apologized after her surge of emotions. Tears fell from her eyes.

For a countless number of nights, the incident from their past replayed in Khina’s mind tormenting her with incomparable guilt. If not for her blind pleading then, there wouldn’t have been so many tragedies up until now. Many times, Khina wanted to look for Bai Yi and apologize to him. However, Khina never had the will to follow through with it because she knew how empty and worthless her apology would be. Other than tearing open the scars in their hearts again, there would be no meaning to her apology. However, after being kidnapped and brought to this facility, it had become Khina’s greatest regret.

“Why are you saying all this now? I’m going to save you.”

Although Bai Yi said that he was going to save Khina, Bai Yi himself knew that injuries like these weren’t wounds left behind from battles. Khina’s entire body was ruined. It wasn’t possible to save her.

“Uncle Bai, this is my final request. Please...Please...!”

Khina pointed at her own stomach. The three of them looked over and realized that there was an unnatural swelling in her abdomen as if she was pregnant. No, it wasn’t as if she was pregnant. She really was pregnant! Khina lost her breath and found it difficult to even say a single word. However, she still struggled on, slowly saying the words one by one.

“ Han’s!”

Khina didn’t say what she wanted Bai Yi to do but managed to finish speaking her final five words. After she said Yu Han’s name, Khina eyes remained wide open in a stare as she finally passed away. Of course, it couldn’t be Yu Han’s as he had died years ago, but Bai Yi knew why Khina insisted on saying those five words before she died. She was worried that Bai Yi wouldn’t be willing to protect the baby in her womb if it was Yu Han’s.

Bai Yi raised his head slightly, sucked in a deep breath, and endured the pain in his heart.


Translator Notes:

1. I don't know he's called Jimmy here, I'm guessing it's a fake name he had in front of the others. Luke and Jimmy are the same person.

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