Era of Disaster

Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Plot With A Hundred Holes

Momo’s common sense was completely different from that of normal people. When the four of them continued to block her path, Momo gripped her black sword tightly. She hadn’t been too worried in the beginning because she didn’t why was secretly brought to this place. However, hearing Chinchilla’s cries of pain just now told her that something bad had obviously happened to him. Hence, Momo’s attitude now completely changed.

Momo stared at the four people in front of her as she swung the black sword from behind her. The edge of the black sword looked like it tore a long black gash across space itself and gave all of them a shock. Momo intentionally slowed down her attack so that the four of them had a chance to escape, but none of them realized that Momo was giving them one last chance. Instead of retreating, they chose to counterattack.

All four of them were LV3s. Two of them had the most common attribute of fire, one of them could control metals, and the last one had gentle healing energy. Their hearts tensed when they saw Momo swinging her sword. Everybody knew about the sword prowess of Bai Yi’s team. Due to the fantasy of being a swordsman and herd behaviour, many evolved humans had chosen to use swords as well. The moment Momo started swinging her sword, the four of them moved as well.

High-temperature flames burst from two of the evolved humans and turned the entire passageway into a burning oven. The metal controller raised his hand and more than a hundred specially forged crescent-shaped swords floated into the air. Behind the three of them, three transparent energy threads stretched out from the fingers of the last guy and connected to his teammates.

Bursting Flames!

Thousand Scattered Edge!

Countless crescent blades hid in the flames and closed in on Momo. The passageway cracked open and was burnt black by the flames and blades. At this moment, Momo lowered her head. She wasn’t admitting defeat, but relinquishing any qualms she had left.

Purgatory Sword: Gluttonous Evil Spirits!

Momo’s moderate movement accelerated and sent the black sword slicing through the air. Everybody reacted quickly. Momo’s attack was a vertical strike, so the four of them dodged to either side. The black sword qi drew a thin line through the air, flew more than ten meters from Momo’s position, and impacted the back of the passageway.

However, the black line didn’t disappear after the attack was finished. Instead, space itself seemed to split open where Momo’s strike landed. The thin black line gradually cracked open and dark transparent flames started to burn on the sides of the line. From this crack, countless vicious floating souls rushed out. Each of the floating souls had a slightly red tinge to them. They pounced on the flames and voraciously devoured the burning fire while the sharp crescent blades passed through the floating souls harmlessly and disappeared into the crack. The four of them were stunned as the countless floating souls charged towards them and greedily starting biting and tearing on their souls.

“AHHH!!” The four of them screamed miserably.

Looking into Momo’s eyes, the four of them knew that they had really evoked Momo’s sense of danger and she really intended to kill them.

“Shit! I will drag you down with me even if I die!” The guy controlling metal bore the pain of his soul being devoured as he said viciously.

He struggled to break free from the restriction on his soul and his palms slowly closed together. Since they were LV3 as well, they had a certain amount of resistance to Momo’s soul control. When his palms touched, all the things made of metal in the passageway seemed to be attracted by a powerful force and started to twist and warp.

Metal Burial!


A breaking sound came from on top of Momo. To dodge the suddenly collapsing passageway, Momo quickly skipped backward. However, Momo realized that she misjudged. The entire passageway collapsed in on her from the front to the back and countless metal parts flew straight toward Momo.

Spinning around with her black sword, Momo parried and blocked all the metal parts headed toward her. The walls of the entire passageway were destroyed and countless steel bars rapidly shot toward Momo to twist and wrap around her. Momo squinted and jumped toward the four people in front.

Butterfly Flash Step!

The other three people knew that they would be dead for sure if they let Momo come out of the passageway. Gritting their teeth and bearing with the intense pain coming from their souls, the two fire controllers moved to seal the passageway opening and released a great amount of energy. Great flames gushed inside the passageway from the opening and the four of them watched as Momo was buried inside the twisted metal and hot flames through the gradually closing gap of the passageway. Finally, the passageway opening closed with a ‘kacha!’, but what remained in their minds was Momo’s calm expression at the end.

How could she be so calm?!

“What are you guys waiting for?” A voice suddenly came from beside them.

The four of them instantly jumped in shock and realized that Momo had moved behind them for a while now. The four of them wanted to retaliate, but they felt their bodies turning colder and colder. The countless malicious spirits had completely consumed their souls. In the end, they looked at the huge metal burial ball crushed together in disbelief and watched the countless beautiful Spirit Devouring Butterflies gently flying out of it.

Momo raised her right hand and the countless butterflies passed through the thick walls to search for Chinchilla. The butterflies found Chinchilla quickly and Momo’s expression turned icy before she ran toward the other side of the passageway. When Momo left, the dark transparent flames burning on their bodies slowly died and left no mark.


Momo ran quickly because Chinchilla was being dissected. Momo couldn’t figure out the reason behind it, and there seemed to be no reason. Although Bai Yi’s team didn’t occupy a high status, their status wasn’t so low that their members would be abducted for experiments. No matter what, the higher echelons of Tasmania still had to give Bai Yi face. Momo swiftly ran through the passageway following the lead of the Spirit Devouring Butterflies and floating souls. There wouldn’t be any mistake.

After passing through another passageway, Momo finally reached the location and placed her hand on the door handle. The instant she grabbed the handle, an acidic corroding sound came from her hand and she immediately jerked her hand away. Poison! Momo smiled coldly as she flicked the poison on her hand away. Her hand remained clean and smooth and not even a small trace of poison had successfully invaded her body. She kicked the door and sent it flying to slam into the wall on the other side of the room.

“So, you’re here. I didn’t think that the poison would be completely ineffective toward you. The data said that the special energy would automatically protect the body even when you guys were sleeping; I didn’t expect that it would actually be true. Is this the benefit brought about by perfect metamorphosis and perfect blossoming? Something like this didn’t happen with other evolved humans - ” a man wearing a white overcoat turned around and said to Momo slowly. His expression was one of complete control.

Wasp’s Sting!

Momo directly appeared in front of him by using the Butterfly Flash Step and stabbed the black sword through his brain. The man’s expression was one of shock and disbelief. Meanwhile, the people observing the situation through the surveillance cameras were stunned speechless.

Is there something wrong with your head?! How can you kill him without a single word?!

In their predictions, Momo would have been at least somewhat curious about what was going on in the facility. As long as Momo spoke to Luke to relieve her curiosity, Luke would be able to bait and lead Momo around with his intelligence and sly words. However, Momo actually ignored him completely and killed him with a single strike!

Among this group, one of them almost suffered an internal injury from holding in his laughter.

He told them long ago that any schemes would be useless against this girl and that she was best at ‘kill first, think later’. If not for this personality of hers, why would the person that Doctor Wang disliked to see the most be Momo? Although Romain laughed, it was a very bitter laugh. He was a traitor to Bai Yi’s team now regardless of the reasons behind his actions.

“Romain, what is this?!”

“Didn’t I say this long ago? You’re just smacking yourself in the face by doing something like this. Momo is angry now. Be prepared to receive her fury,” Romain said. “My mission was just to lure her here. Since it’s completed, I will leave first.”

Romain then left as if running away. As for whether Romain simply didn’t want to face Momo’s wrath or didn’t dare face Chinchilla’s pained and puzzled eyes, nobody knew for sure. Chinchilla’s intelligence wasn’t low. Why would he have been abducted by somebody so easily? It was obviously because Romain was somebody familiar to him.

Momo pulled out the black sword and ignored the man who died in obscurity and looked at Chinchilla who was still tied to the operating table. In such a short period, Chinchilla’s body had already been dissected. Furthermore, iIt was the kind of operation that happened while he was still conscious and breathing. Although Chinchilla hadn’t died, the injuries he had suffered were already extremely serious.

“Meow~, Momo!” Chinchilla cried out for Momo painfully.

“En, it’s fine now. Don’t make any sound. I’ll help you treat your wounds.”

Momo carefully undid Chinchilla’s bindings, took out an external injury potion they commonly used, and applied it to Chinchilla’s wounds. Nobody else could see it, but the fiery wrath in Momo’s eyes was filled with the intent to massacre everyone in the facility in cold blood. Beside Momo dark colored ripples slowly spread out in multiple circles as footsteps came from the outside and a bunch of people appeared by the door.

“Momo, why are you here? Isaac looked at Momo in shock.

Momo turned her head and looked at the bunch of people in front of her. Isaac! The leader of this group was the ex Minister of Research back in New Christchurch! He wasn’t considered strong, but he was more or less familiar with Bai Yi’s team.

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