Era of Disaster

Chapter 246

Chapter 246: It Starts

Hearing Bach’s words and seeing what he looked like now infuriated Bai Yi, but he didn't let his rage consume him. Everything that happened was too much of a coincidence in relation to some of the things that Bai Yi had pondered.

“How did you get out of there?” Bai Yi asked.

“They thought I was dead. I crawled out from the corpse burial grounds,” Bach’s expression was full of mourning. Tears streamed down his face as he described the process of his escape to Bai Yi. Bai Yi tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart, calmly listen to Bach tell his story, and evaluate his story for discrepancies.

“Where is it?”

“There’s a total of three research facilities, they are--”

“I’m talking about the corpse burial grounds,” Bai Yi interrupted.

Bach was apparently taken aback. He thought that Bai Yi would ask where the research facilities were and immediately head over to rescue their old companions, but he told Bai Yi where the corpse burial grounds were anyway. Bai Yi waved his hand through the air and Bach floated into the air. The four of them ran toward the place that Bach described quickly and nimbly, and every step that they took covered more than ten meters.

Following Bach’s directions, they soon arrived at an abandoned treatment facility. There were very obvious ‘no entry’ signs outside, but Bai Yi paid them no attention.

“The research facilities in the early days weren’t too well-equipped, so the corpses were all moved here. That was how I managed to survive and run away,” Bach explained.

Bai Yi jumped into the abandoned treatment facility and landed on the ground hard. The air trapped inside the soil exploded and threw a thick layer of soil up into the air exposing the mass of skeletons messily buried. Bai Yi looked at the skeletons quietly as the stench of rotting corpses filled the air.

“Are you suspicious of my words?” Bach had guessed the reason why Bai Yi wanted to see the corpse burial area. “Sir Bai Yi, you will definitely find something if you head to the research facility now! Of course, you can’t give them any time to prepare. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see anything at all.”

Bai Yi looked at Bach and then towards the research facility hidden in the mountain cave nearby as Bach floated in the air.

“Do you want to take a look?” Ulisses asked.

Bai Yi looked at Ulisses and nodded: “En, let’s take a look.”

Bai Yi didn’t know what kind of role Ulisses had to play in this incident, or if he purposely arranged this encounter with Bach; however, from Bach’s appearance now, it really didn’t seem to be fake. If things really were how Bach described, Bai Yi would definitely have to do something for his own heart and conscience.

The four of them arrived outside the research facility and encountered a guard.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

This wasn’t the time to bother reasoning with them. As Bach said, they wouldn’t discover anything if they gave them time to prepare. However, Bai Yi maintained a sense of calm because everything felt like it had been purposefully arranged. Even if he forced his way in like this, it was still possible that everything he saw would be a lie.


Meanwhile, Momo strolled along on the empty streets on the other side of the city with a bag of snacks. For this walk, she only brought Chinchilla along since Chinchilla was still quite small. Sharpei and Pupu would have been too frightening. Suddenly, Momo turned and looked at the empty street in confusion. Where did Chinchilla go? She had only looked away for a moment and Chinchilla had disappeared.

“Chinchilla! Chinchilla, stop hiding and come out!” Momo walked toward the darker corners of the street as she called for Chinchilla.

After a few minutes, Momo went back to the streets again and frowned. Although Chinchilla was usually very playful, this had never happened before. Momo stretched out her right hand and countless multi-colored transparent butterflies flew out and dispersed into the surrounding area.

Some of the people nearby looked at Momo in surprise. She and the butterflies were so beautiful! Even though the people living in Tasmania were all evolved humans, they had never seen somebody as special as Momo.

After a few minutes, a few of the butterflies returned. Momo immediately looked toward the east and her expression turned cold. Somebody actually had the guts to kidnap Chinchilla! Chinchilla had just entered LV2 and could be considered the weakest on the team, but Momo couldn’t figure out why anybody would abduct him.

Momo stepped into the air and flew. Her body had gained more and more properties of a soul since entering LV3. Even though she still had a physical body, the effects of gravity were greatly reduced on her. Momo flew gracefully in the air and the dispersed Spirit Devouring Butterflies congregated around Momo as if they were returning to their nest. They formed a gorgeous streamer that billowed behind her.

The evolved humans in the city stared at the long stream of beautiful butterflies stretching through the air and the bright beautiful girl in wonder. The sight of her countless Spirit Devouring Butterflies dancing created a commotion large enough to alarm everyone in the city, especially the people in power.

Truman’s subordinates reported the incident to him and he identified the girl as Momo.

Wasn’t this Momo? So, she can actually fly and make it appear so beautiful too! No, no, no-- that’s not the main point. What is she trying to do by flying through the sky in such a grand manner? And the direction she’s heading in is one of the research facilities...

Truman grew nervous and stood up abruptly.

By then, Momo landed and stopped right outside of this research facility. The guards had already noticed her due to the way she flew there without making any attempt to conceal herself. The guards attempted to stop Momo as she walked towards them, but Momo was nothing like Bai Yi. If Bai Yi considered the consequences of his actions first, then, unfortunately for them, thoughts like that never crossed Momo’s mind. Chinchilla was abducted and taken to this place by somebody, so Momo wouldn’t hold back.

“Young Miss, please stop.”

The guards were quite smart. From the grand way she flew here, they knew that there was no way that Momo was a weakling.

“Get out of my way!”

“I’m sorry, but please show your identification pass.”

Soul Restriction!

A few floating souls flew out and wrapped themselves around the guards. Momo continued on her way into the research facility. Actually, these guards weren’t that weak, but they had never seen somebody with abilities similar to Momo, and they also hadn't expected her to attack without hesitation. Before they had the chance to react, all of them had been immobilized.

Momo arrived at the front door of the research facility and realized that she needed a password to get inside.

Momo didn’t know the password, so she clenched her right hand. Black transparent ripples appeared in the air next to her as if a hole was being formed in space. A bunch of floating souls and Spirit Devouring Butterflies appeared in the center of the ripples carrying her black sword out of the hole. Momo then swiftly grabbed the black sword and swung it at the door.

The metal alloy door was sliced apart by the sword’s swing, broke off from the frame, and flew inside. The sword’s powerful qi also almost split the exterior of the research facility in half. The impact caused ear-piercing alarms to ring but Momo just walked inside the research facility casually.

A bunch of guards rushed out. At first, they were confused about Momo’s identity. It was only when she walked right up to them did they take out their weapons and attack her. It was clear to them that this wasn’t a police apprehension scene. There was no need to give a warning when it was clearly an invasion.

When they launched their attack against her, they strummed the chord named ‘danger’ in Momo’s heart. She unleashed her life field and clenched her left hand in front of her.

Soul Charm: Sleep!

In the next moment, all the guards and researchers collapsed to the ground as Momo proceeded to walk pass them. After this happened a few times, everybody inside the research facility understood that they were just cannon fodder facing up against Momo. Eventually, some LV3s who served as the main pillars of defense for the research facility came to stop Momo.

“Miss Momo!”

They were shocked when they realized that the intruder was Momo. Momo looked at these guards but didn’t recognize them. It would have been strange if she could recognize them as they had all regained their human appearances.

“It’s me. One of the 800-plus evolved humans that survived back then!” A man said.

“Oh, where’s Chinchilla? Why did you guys abduct him and bring him here?” Momo asked.

Since he was an acquaintance, Momo wouldn’t act immediately.

“What Chinchilla? We don’t know, but Miss Momo, what are you thinking barging in here like this?”

“I saw Chinchilla being taken to this place. Where are you guys hiding him, and what is your purpose?” Momo asked.

“We really don’t know about Chinchilla! Miss Momo, your actions are really putting us in a difficult position,” they said again.

Suddenly, a painful cry came from a passageway nearby. Everybody was stunned as Momo stared at them icily. She immediately ran towards the passageway.

“Miss Momo!”

“Scram. If something happens to Chinchilla, I will make all of you go to hell with him.” Momo spoke in an arrogant and overbearing tone.

The group of them were stunned and felt anger rising in their hearts. They had heard that Bai Yi was just a normal human without any status now. Their respect for Momo was just out of habit from long ago and they had no need to gain her favor. Realizing this, they stood in front of Momo and blocked her path.

The corner of Momo’s lips lifted slightly and an ice-cold killing intent flashed in her eyes. Momo had only incapacitated people so far and hadn’t intended to kill anyone yet.


Without knowing how, a strange smell spread across the city. The scent gradually agitated everybody who breathed it in, causing their emotions to become chaotic.

It starts!

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