Era of Disaster

Chapter 245

Chapter 245: The Wind Starts

The welcome banquet passed by with the main character of the banquet, Bai Yi, being ostracized just like that. The so-called welcome banquet was actually just a networking session. The members of the upper echelon of Tasmania happened to need to a place to network with each other. Bai Yi looked upon everything with a calm expression, just like an external observer. This was a complete society, fickle yet luxurious, with everybody fighting for power and benefits.

And now, was Bai Yi going to become one of them?

Bai Yi looked at the stars outside and smiled candidly; perhaps he would really have to do so. If Bai Yi wanted to go to China through the normal route, he had to request the current governor of Tasmania Truman to help him. It was obvious why everybody was always striving for power and trying to curry favor with the powerful.

Bai Yi downed the remainder of his red wine in one gulp and headed toward Truman.

Bai Yi asked Truman if he could help him return to China, and the request satisfied both of Truman’s need to keep up appearances and his ego. This incidentally thoroughly proved the status of both sides right now. Bai Yi was just a common peasant now, no matter how strong he might be, it wasn’t possible for him to gain authority through brute force in this peaceful world. After promising Bai Yi that he would definitely help him, Truman appeared to be in even greater spirits.


After the welcome banquet, Bai Yi’s team returned to their new residences. Their original residences were all occupied now, so they were allocated a new place. However, from how these people did things, it seemed more like they were doing charity for the poor. Bai Yi rubbed the teacup with his palm at his home and stared at the street outside, thinking of what he would do next.

Although he personally didn’t like the so-called upper echelons, the world now hadn’t reached the stage that Yeye predicted where individual strength would completely dominate over any authority granted by the masses. To live a good life, the pursuit of power and benefits was still the main goal of the world now. Even if he didn’t like it, Bai Yi didn’t want Momo to live a hard life where she had to appease and be subservient to others.

“Is Bai Yi here?” Truman’s voice came from the outside.

“I’m here, just come in," Bai Yi said, and his voice seemed like he was speaking right beside Truman’s ear. Hearing Bai Yi’s voice, the two bodyguards beside Truman looked inside the house in dissatisfaction. Just who did this Bai Yi think he was? The governor came personally to deliver something, and he didn’t even come and receive him? This guy really had no manners and put on such airs!

“Don’t get angry, Bai Yi is the one who made major contributions in helping the majority of evolved humans walk out of the Devil Isles," Truman said hiding the dissatisfaction in his heart.

Inside his house, Bai Yi easily heard their conversation outside.

Smiling lazily, Bai Yi relaxed on the sofa. Why? Just because he didn’t have any status now, he had to talk to them in a small voice and try to get into their good books?

Truman walked in and immediately saw Bai Yi sitting on the sofa. All of sudden, the slight unhappiness that Truman felt inside disappeared into thin air when he saw Bai Yi, and he even gulped down his saliva carefully. What happened? Under the Bai Yi’s gaze, he seemed to be facing the king of the entire world and even felt a slight sense of fear from the bottom of his heart. All the things that he held so much pride in suddenly seemed to be worth nothing in that instant.

“Is there something?” Bai Yi asked.

Truman’s body shook lightly, and his mind came back into focus feeling incomparably strange inside.

Weird, just what happened just now? Was that feeling just now just a hallucination?

“Nothing much. I’m just here to give your team a few of the Blossomy drug. With it, it would be easy to successfully Blossom and allow the absolute life field to expand outside of the body. The increase in strength from this isn’t a small amount," Truman shook that strange feeling outside of his head and said to Bai Yi. No matter what, Bai Yi gave the Prototy Back drug to them so generously, so he should do something in return as well so as to not lose face.

“Oh, thanks. I never thought that you guys would be able to develop something so useful," Bai Yi said.

“It’s nothing much. A large part of it was due to luck," Truman said pushing a small box toward him. There were 30 tubes of Blossomy drug inside the small box and nothing else. It wasn’t like what Bai Yi did previously when he gave them the formula and production method. However, Bai Yi didn’t mind this at all, he never actually expected Truman to give him the formula in the first place.

Bai Yi was thinking about another issue now. Blossom, Blossomy drug, this was the term that Bai Yi and the others had coined in the Devil Isles. Why did Truman use the same exact name? There couldn’t have been such a coincidence in this world, right? The only reason must be that the name spread from someplace first and got adopted by the others after that. Although Bai Yi wasn’t willing to think about this, he still thought of a likely truth.

“Many thanks, otherwise I don’t know when Woolf and the rest would be able to enter LV3 Life Field Stage," Bai Yi said as he looked at Truman.

“No need for thanks, it’s what I should do," Truman didn’t seem to find anything strange at all when he heard ‘Life Field Stage’.

The two sides chatted for a while and Truman eventually headed out again. Bai Yi then examined the Blossomy drug. It was a pink solution, placed inside small tubes of reinforced glass and extremely exquisite and pretty. Although Bai Yi felt that Woolf and the others didn’t need such a thing, the drug still had its uses.


The days passed by just like that, but there was still no news regarding the matter of returning to China. Bai Yi didn’t know whether if it was really that difficult to get approval or whether Truman was intentionally dragging it out, but it was also a good time for Bai Yi to relax, so he didn’t mind it. One day, Bai Yi and Alodia went out and wanted to take a look outside. After walking around for some time, Bai Yi bumped into Ulisses.

“Bai Yi!” Ulisses waved from a distance away.

“Oh? What are you doing here?” Bai Yi asked.

“I’m going to drink at the bar over there. Let’s go together," Ulisses invited. Bai Yi hesitated for a moment but Ulisses immediately added on, “Let’s go, the ambiance at that bar is pretty good," Bai Yi couldn’t help but nod his head, he really didn’t have any place that he wanted to go anyway and was just walking around.

“The bar is a bit far away, we should take a car, or we would have to walk through the minor roads," Ulisses said.

“Let’s walk then, no need for a car," Bai Yi said.

“Sure, over here. To speak of it, I’m really envious of you, how good is it to be able to fly? It would be so convenient to go anywhere you wanted," Ulisses said, his voice carrying a sense of politeness and envy. Bai Yi glanced at Ulisses, smiled, and didn’t say anything. If he wanted to be envious, did he have to wait until now? He had already been on the team for quite a few years. Ulisses suddenly felt that Bai Yi seemed to be suspecting something; his heart skipped a beat but he still appeared to be calm as he brought Bai Yi and Alodia forward.

The so-called ‘taking a minor road’ of course meant walking to a remote place, and very quickly they came to a place that looked like a slum.

Bai Yi looked Ulisses leading the way in front with an indifferent expression.

Have you changed after you came back to Tasmania, or were you like that all along? Just what have you prepared in wait for me up ahead?

“I really never imagined that a slum-like area would appear so quickly in Tasmania. Bai Yi, if you were the one in power in Tasmania, what would you do?” Ulisses said as he looked at a guy that looked like a beggar by the side of the street.

“Me? I don’t know," Bai Yi went along with Ulisses’ question.

At this time, the beggar suddenly raised his head and stared right at Bai Yi’s group. What did that person say just now? Bai Yi? Was that really Bai Yi? The beggar had lost both of his legs. His body was as thin as sticks and even one of his arms was missing. On his face were countless dried up wounds, but at this time, that pair of incomparably dim eyes suddenly displayed an unimaginable light as he stared directly at Bai Yi.

The body shape of this man was the same as the Bai Yi in memory, just that this man didn’t have the fur that had been on Bai Yi’s face! However, recalling that there’s already the Prototy Back drug, this wasn’t something strange at all. Most importantly, this beggar saw Bai Yi’s treasured sword Red Kiss on his waist.

I can’t be wrong. This is Bai Yi. The real Bai Yi!

Red Kiss was Bai Yi’s treasured sword, all the evolved humans who were more familiar with Bai Yi would never recognize it wrongly.

The beggar immediately crawled toward Bai Yi, calling out his name in a strange voice. “Bai Yi, Bai Yi wait!”

The beggar crawled miserably on the ground, moving toward Bai Yi as if the figure up ahead was his last hope. It must be! It must be heaven giving him a chance! If it’s Bai Yi, then he definitely could rescue all his original companions!

“You are?”

“Bai Yi. Sir Bai Yi, I am Bach. Bach Gerard, do you remember me? I am one of the 800 evolved humans that survived back then," the beggar said in a hoarse voice.

Bai Yi looked at this beggar in shock and carefully observed him. Bai Yi wasn’t familiar with all 800 plus evolved humans that survived after the battle in Australia, but he would never be unable to recognize the comrades that fought with him in a life and death battle. After a careful look, Bai Yi immediately confirmed that the beggar was really Bach.

“Bach, how did you become like this?” Bai Yi supported Bach.

“Sir Bai Yi, please save all of our brothers-in-arms! Otherwise, we really wouldn’t be able to die in peace!” Bach’s withered hand clutched tightly onto Bai Yi’s sleeve with an agitated and sorrowful expression.

“What happened?” Bai Yi asked seriously.

“Truman and the others aren’t human at all. They really aren’t human! For the sake of fighting for power, the few of them tried to pull the initial 800 plus comrades to their side because we were the strongest at that point in time. However, we weren’t interested in their power struggles. Some of us even loathed it, so we didn’t participate. However, we never imagined that they would actually turn us into experimental subjects. Experimental subjects!” Bach denounced them in a severe tone.


“Why? What other reason could there be? Because it’s only by subjecting LV2s like us to experiments could they figure out the changes in the Metamorphose Stage, prevent themselves from going down the wrong path and make mistakes, and even avoid death!” Bach exclaimed in fury and hatred.

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