Era of Disaster

Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Flaw And Wrong Road

Bai Yi’s team didn’t draw much attention as they walked around in the city. Although there weren’t a lot of people with pure human appearances in the city, there were still some of them. After all, this was Tasmania, it was much easier here to obtain the Prototy Back drug than it was to obtain it in the outside world. Bai Yi didn’t wish to create havoc at the city hall like last time, so they slowly walked around to get to know this city. However, Bai Yi still felt that he made a mistake; he should have asked the five of them for a means of communication before he left last time.

However, Bai Yi didn’t mind this too much. Anyway, they weren’t in a hurry so he gestured for them to walk around as they pleased.

“Split up and take a stroll.”

“En,” all of them nodded.

They didn’t have to worry about losing each other because they had each bought a phone when they returned to the city. The outside world was still intact after all, and after more than six years of governance and assistance from the United Nations, the facilities of Tasmania had been rebuilt. Other than that, they didn’t have to worry about money to spend either, at least not in the short term. The currency couldn’t have changed in these six years, and they’d had a lot of money in their bank cards when they came to Tasmania for the first time.

I wonder if the people up there will notice the changes in the funds of the bank card? Bai Yi thought randomly as he walked around.

The funds on their bank cards were definitely being monitored; Bai Yi and his team weren’t normal people. However, the funds hadn’t changed for more than six years and wouldn’t be discovered so quickly. And when they got discovered...

“Bai Yi’s back!”

“En, we can begin!”


Not long after they arrived, Bai Yi’s team found Lucretia. She was still shocked when she saw Bai Yi’s team. Who on earth were these people? However, after seeing Sharpei, Lucretia could ascertain that this group of people were Bai Yi and his team. They had changed back to their human forms, but Sharpei and Pupu hadn’t changed much.

“You guys are, Bai Yi!” Lucretia was very shocked but also had a sense of joy from reuniting again.

“Long time no see, Lucretia,” Bai Yi said.

“Long time no see, you guys are finally back. How did you recognize me?”

“Tasmania’s Minister of Medicine and Health, why would it be hard to recognize you?” Bai Yi laughed and said.

“That’s true, come in first,” Lucretia said and invited Bai Yi’s team into her villa. Tasmania didn’t lack land space at all, and Lucretia was also one of the people in power here, so she definitely had her own residence, a very wide and spacious residence at that. After entering this place, what they saw first were a lot of staff and also a few maids. However, Lucretia immediately dismissed all of them from the hall.

“Something to drink?”

“A cup of water will do,” Bai Yi said.

“Water? Seriously, should I say that you are very minimalistic or modest? The things to drink are all in the fridge. Help yourself. There are also some mutated fruits in there and they all taste pretty good,” Lucretia said and pointed to them. Lucretia herself then really poured a cup of water for Bai Yi and sat opposite him.

“Now that you are back, don’t tell me you are going to head to the Devil Isles again?” Lucretia asked.

“Under normal circumstances, we won’t go back anymore. That’s why I wanted to ask you about the current situation.”

“What situation?”

“The situation of the entire world. Is Tasmania still an isolated autonomous region?” Bai Yi asked.

“It can’t be considered an isolated autonomous region anymore. There’s some interaction with the outside world, but normal humans won’t have the opportunity to come here. It can be considered a half closed-off autonomous region now. However, things are quite stable here, and after the appearance of the Prototy Back drug, this place became even more stable. Overall, it’s quite good staying here. There is a lot of land, a very small population, and there are many new plants and animals,” Lucretia said.

In truth, Lucretia’s villa was really nice; located on top of a small mountain next to a small lake, it had incredibly beautiful scenery.

“So it’s like this,” Bai Yi nodded.

“That’s right. The experiences on the Devil Isles are already over. We have to look forward and not be continuously immersed in the sorrows of the past,” Lucretia nodded.

“Oh right, Truman and the others will know of your arrival very quickly and probably prepare a welcome banquet for you guys. Other than that, I can arrange a residence for you if you guys intend to stay in Tasmania. No matter what, all of the evolved humans received a great favor from you,” Lucretia added.

“We can put that aside for now. I want to ask: can we return to the normal human world?” Bai Yi asked.

“You want to go back to China?”

“En,” Bai Yi nodded.

Bai Yi hadn’t forgotten that he’d promised the Progenitor to find her daughter. Based on her age, the Progenitor’s daughter would be 21 years old now. Bai Yi didn’t know whether he could still find her or not, but he couldn’t give up and ignore it just like that.

“That will be very difficult, but it’s possible. Because we are evolved humans, it is very dangerous to return to the human world. Not just because of our powerful strength, but also the chain infection capability of the activated cells. With just a bit of carelessness our body’s fluids may infect normal humans with activated cells,” Lucretia explained.

“En,” Bai Yi nodded. If they really couldn’t, then they just had to use illegal means.

“To think of it, congratulations on entering LV3!” Bai Yi congratulated Lucretia.

From the moment they met, Bai Yi and Momo could sense that Lucretia had entered LV3. Although her aura felt a bit strange, it was indeed the aura of an LV3.

“You realized it? I entered LV3 not long ago actually. Our people found a strange plant in the Devil Isles called the Blossoming Petal Flower. We recently used this plant as the main ingredient and developed a new drug called the Blossomy drug. This drug allows somebody enter LV3 and unleash the absolute life field outside of the body, which allows one to control matter and energy in the outside world. This is the other big bargaining chip that we have with the United Nations other than the Prototy Back drug,” Lucretia said excitedly.

“Oh really?” Bai Yi was taken aback.

He thought that Lucretia had broken through on her own. He hadn’t expected that it was through the help of external influences. Bai Yi finally understood what that strange feeling was. Although Lucretia had entered LV3 as well, her life field wasn’t too stable and was much weaker than Bai Yi and Momo’s.

Bai Yi didn’t intend to brag, but he and Momo had both undergone perfect metamorphosis when they entered LV2 and was already much stronger than Lucretia and the others then. Since then, they also had their experiences on the Devil Isles, various tonic cuisine, self-adjustments, cultivation diagrams, and the Unrestrained Visualization Technique. Although these things were far from being complete, they still allowed them to pull away even further from Lucretia. From their personal experiences, Bai Yi could confirm one thing: evolution was a kind of natural process. When every part was done to the best, it would be easier to enter the next stage and wouldn’t leave behind any flaws.

Unfortunately, Lucretia and the others were completely absorbed by the concept of ‘LV’.

From all this, Bai Yi could easily sense the gap between himself and Lucretia. Even ten Lucretias wouldn’t be able to be his opponent. It wasn’t through his Reverse Flower Eyes or the ability to trick the five senses, but just from his basic stats as an LV3.

“I see that only you and Momo entered LV3 here, do you guys want the Blossomy drug? If it’s you guys, you can get it for free,” Lucretia looked at Woolf and the others.

“There’s actually such a drug?” The rest of them hadn’t completely zoned out. Woolf, Betsy, and a few others were still listening carefully.

“En, we found it through a coincidence,” Lucretia said.

“Lucretia, do you want to spar?” Bai Yi asked.

“Spar?” Lucretia looked at Bai Yi in confusion.

“Forget about it. I’m not combat personnel, and is there a need to test your combat strength? I admit defeat,” Lucretia said.

“What I mean is -”

“I’m sorry, let me take this phone call,” Lucretia said and went to a quiet corner with her phone.

Bai Yi looked at Lucretia walking away and shook his head slightly. What Bai Yi meant was to let Lucretia experience for herself the difference between them as LV3s, but unexpectedly Lucretia had actually rejected him so simply. Bai Yi could be sure that Lucretia and the others had walked down the wrong road and he wanted to show them the truth. However, fate just seemed to interrupt Bai Yi’s words intentionally.

“Truman and the others already know of your return. They organized a welcome banquet for you at Aune Hotel along with our old friends,” Lucretia said, long forgetting what Bai Yi said about a spar.

“Sure!” Bai Yi nodded and didn’t continue on the topic.


Not long after, Truman and the others learned of Bai Yi’s return to Tasmania and received them warmly along with many of their old friends. In the welcome banquet, Truman and the few of them gave Bai Yi’s team plenty of guarantees and said that they didn’t have to worry about their lives in the future. Tasmania was their territory now. Even the United Nations didn’t have much power to intervene in their governing. However, from how things appeared, they just seemed to be treating Bai Yi’s team like they had just returned from the countryside and were trying to curry favor with them.

How greatly everybody had changed!

Bai Yi didn’t respond to Truman’s promises and only smiled at him.

Truman noticed how Bai Yi responded and didn’t push the topic. Anyway, it was good enough that their thoughts had been conveyed. The world was different from before. Tasmania had already regained its stability, so it wasn’t like before where the one who had the most power was the strongest one among them.

You were the leader of the evolved humans previously, but now you’re just a slightly powerful normal guy. You really can’t be considered to be worth much anymore. 

The rest of them judged the situation from Truman’s behavior. Those that initially wanted to build relations with Bai Yi started to distance themselves and only bothered to nod at him.

That’s right. The world was already different and Bai Yi couldn’t give them benefits or status now.

Moreover, looking at Bai Yi’s team, only Bai Yi and Momo had entered LV3 and the rest of them were still at LV2. Even from the point of view of strength, they didn’t have to be wary of them anymore.

The welcome banquet was still very lively, so lively that it didn’t feel real anymore. Bai Yi went to the balcony on the third floor of the villa and looked out into the night.

So this is society?

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