Era of Disaster

Chapter 241

Chapter 241: The Third Obstacle: Blossom

They initially thought that Bai Yi and Momo would sleep for a long time. After all, Bai Yi and Momo hadn’t drunk, eaten, or slept in half a year. Unexpectedly, they woke up in just one day and immediately dashed to the dining hall following their noses. Fortunately, Betsy and Bellamy had already prepared many nutritious and suitable dishes for their famished stomachs while waiting for Bai Yi and Momo to wake up.

“You guys starved for too long. You have to let your stomachs get used to food again slowly.”

“Don’t eat too much. Nurse yourself for two days first,” Betsy said.

Bai Yi and Momo were both obedient even though their bodies were crazily demanding food. Betsy was a professional chef, so she was the best person out of all of them to advise on nutritional matters. Nancy came over and performed a physical check up on Bai Yi and Momo. After that, both Nancy and Betsy agreed that they should slowly let their bodies get used to food for three days first before letting them eat to their hearts’ content.

Even though they already knew that their appetites would definitely be shocking, everybody was still frightened when they saw how much Bai Yi and Momo ate after three days.

Shit, are they even human?! Even their appetites during the Binging Stage couldn’t be compared to now!

Fortunately, Betsy had already started cooking when Momo woke up. Otherwise, there definitely wouldn’t have been enough food. It was too scary; Bai Yi and Momo’s appetites were too good, they didn’t just devour the normal food but even the bones weren’t left behind.

In the end, Betsy and Bellamy cooked so much that they almost died from exhaustion.

After an unknown amount of food, Bai Yi and Momo finally felt full and burped. However, they still looked very frail now and their bodies were skinny like sticks, but their energy seemed decent.

“Finally alive again!” Bai Yi exhaled a long breath.

“You deserve it for not taking care of your own body,” Alodia lectured Bai Yi.


Momo walked over and hugged Bai Yi. She stuck very close to him and didn’t let go. When Momo entered that strange state, it seemed as if she had fallen asleep but also as if she had entered a deep level of meditation. She had been very aware of everything that happened around her and knew that Bai Yi had guarded her from the nearby peak for the full half a year.

“Although it’s not very appropriate for me to disturb you guys at this time, I still must ask. Did Miss Momo enter LV3?” Doctor Wang asked as he walked in from the outside. Everybody had also been very interested in the answer to that question ever since the day Momo woke up.

Momo turned around to look at Doctor Wang when she heard his voice. The iciness in her eyes instantly caused Doctor Wang to tense.

“Last time, daddy told me to think about what I should do!” Momo said.

“I couldn’t understand it at the time. Daddy said that my experiences are very different from a normal person’s and that my understanding of the world is very superficial. Daddy didn’t tell me to change, and I don’t want to change either. I still dislike the kind of apathy you have toward life. Although I have killed many living things as well, I can feel that we are completely different. However, since daddy stopped me at that time I have decided not to pursue that matter anymore,” Momo said.

A different kind of apathy toward life? Eleanor slowly closed his eyes. The kind of collected calmness that researchers had while dissecting a living thing was indeed incomparable to even a murderer.

“Let’s do this then. We’ll talk about the issue of LV3. There’s no need for any tests. Miss Momo can just sense the changes in your body and let us know what is so different about LV3.”

Doctor Wang didn’t mind Momo’s words just now at all and was seemingly completely in the dark about how he almost took a tour of hell. No, it wasn’t that he didn’t know, he simply didn’t care. From the understanding of Doctor Wang they had gathered over time, he was a researcher through and through. Exploring the unknown was the only thing that interested him. In the process of exploration, things like whether what he did was moral, legal, or ethical were completely outside his range of consideration.

“I need to carefully sense myself first!” Momo replied.

Doctor Wang nodded. It was already very good that the girl agreed. These were separate issues. Since she had already said that she wouldn’t pursue the matter of the experimental subjects just now, Momo wouldn’t tangle with him over the issue as long as Doctor Wang didn’t encroach on her bottom line again.


Bai Yi and Momo rested for a month, and their bodies gradually became healthy again. Over this month, Momo also described her experiences as the only LV3.

“Blossom?” Bai Yi asked in confusion.

“En, how should I describe it? Back then, my absolute life field and awareness both strengthened to a boundary point, and I just happened to be able to control all the special energy in my body at once. In that instant, my absolute life field naturally broke through the restriction of my body, extended out, and unleashed itself onto the world like a blossom,” Momo seriously recounted the process.

“What about now? Do you feel any different?”

“Within the range of the extended absolute life field, I can freely control my own energy, and I also seem to be assimilating and absorbing heat energy from the air. Right, I also seem to be able to sense everybody’s souls.”

Momo carefully felt the changes in her body and stretched out her hand toward Bai Yi. Bai Yi suddenly felt a palpitation as if something had tugged at something inside him.

“Ah!” Momo suddenly shouted.

“What is it?”

“I seemed to be able to control daddy’s soul just now,” Momo said in shock. In reality, Bai Yi was the one who was more astonished. Had that palpitation been Momo touching his soul?

“Controlling the soul?”

Bai Yi immediately recalled the battle against the normal soldiers previously. He and Rose had both discovered that they could control the components inside a normal human during that battle. After a few experiments, they realized that it was indeed true, but they had to do it through the extension of their absolute life fields into the soldiers’ bodies. Now that Momo’s absolute life field could be unleashed beyond her body, didn’t that mean that Momo could control other people’s souls in a large area?

They immediately looked for a few small creatures that were recently born on the Devil Isles on which Momo could experiment. Sure enough, Momo could pull out their souls within a range of nearly a hundred meters. However, for those who entered LV2 and had an absolute life field, it was much harder for Momo to control their souls.

“Oh, right. What happened exactly when I saw those souls all entering your body that day?” Bai Yi asked.

“It was that fruit. It seems to have a large space suitable for souls to live in inside just like the Soul Release Wood. If the Soul Release Wood only has a small space, then the amount of space in this fruit is incredibly large. Oh, right! Daddy, the butterflies are inside as well. They didn’t die! Not long ago, the six butterflies that had been with me went back and rejoined their clan,” Momo said and raised her right hand.

Everybody looked over and saw the countless butterflies as they flew out from Momo’s right hand and danced about in the sunlight. Momo immediately ran over to laugh and jump around with the little butterflies. Bai Yi looked on from behind and laughed. Momo was really still just a little kid.

Very quickly, all the data was compiled and the process of entering LV3 from LV2 was called: Blossom!

LV3 was also named: Life Field Stage!


◆【Third Obstacle: Blossom】!

Blossoming was the process of the absolute life field breaking through the limitations of the body and extending itself beyond the body.

The conditions for blossoming were that the absolute life field and awareness both had to be strengthened to a certain degree. There was no direct way of measuring the absolute life field and awareness, so the criteria for judging whether the absolute life field had reached the requirements for blossoming was when the strength of the absolute life field and awareness were strong enough to support an individual to control all of the energy in the person’s body at once.

Blossoming only had to do with the strength of the absolute life field and awareness, so it could be done regardless of whether the individual had reached the metamorphosis limit or not.

Of course, normally speaking, a lifeform would definitely be able to undergo blossoming once they reached the limit of metamorphosis. This was a natural process in a lifeform’s evolution and growth. Those who tried to undergo blossoming by force while having deficiencies in their metamorphosis would definitely be inferior to those who blossomed after reaching the limits of metamorphosis. This inferiority would be in the level of their life fields.


Life Field: The extension of the absolute life field beyond the body.

Through the absolute life field, a lifeform could actively control the special energy within its body. However, once this special energy exited the body the lifeform would no longer be able to control it and it would dissipate into its natural state. Blossoming was the way to unleash the absolute life field and act as the medium for the transfer of energy so that the lifeform could control their energy even outside of their bodies.

Lifeforms with lower levels of metamorphosis would have a small life field, a slow energy transmission speed, and only be able to control a lesser amount of energy at a time.

The uses of the life field were as follows:

1. The control of matter control

Just like how a ferrous metal would experience a magnetic force within the range of a magnetic field, an evolved lifeform could control certain matter within the range of its life field. Due to the differences in each lifeform’s life field, the type of matter it could control differed.

Examples of general matter control would be the ability to control earth, liquids, air, sand, rock, metals, blood, etc. Examples of fine matter control would be the ability to control a single element like iron, nitrogen, etc.

Regardless of whether it was general or fine matter control, both consumed the special energy within one’s body. Even though things appear to be very magical right now, controlling matter still followed the law of the conservation of energy. Thus, in order to do the work an equivalent amount of energy had to be consumed.

Matter control usually only worked on free matter and wasn’t effective on the matter within a person’s absolute life field. As its name implied, the absolute life field meant that the body was absolute and inviolable though there were always exceptions.

The matter that Momo could control were souls!

2. The transmission and control of energy

The transmission of energy required a medium, and the presence of the life field allowed evolved lifeforms to transmit their energy through it and control the energy outside of their bodies.

For example, if fire attribute evolved lifeforms released their energy outside of their bodies, it would turn into a burning fire, but if they tried to control and manipulate the energy, they could shape the fire into unnatural forms like a ball or a bird.

3. The assimilation and absorption of energy

Previously, the conversion of activated cells was the only source of special energy. However, after the life field extended out of the body, the life field would be able to assimilate energy from the outside world and absorb it into the individual’s body. The closer the energy’s attribute was to the individual’s energy attribute, the faster the absorption.

The lifeform would usually have all three of these abilities, but there would be more or less some bias towards some aspects rather than others. However, it was precisely due to these biases that made combat even more flexible and exciting.

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