Era of Disaster

Chapter 237

Chapter 237: People’s Changes

Bai Yi slowed down because it was difficult to control himself if he went too fast. With his visual range now, it would be easy to hit into something if he wasn't careful and went too fast. Even so, Bai Yi still arrived in Tasmania quickly. Nearly four years had passed since he had last been in Tasmania, and it had changed even more than he had imagined. New cities rose in many places, and the original urban district had become even more prosperous.

A strange sense of familiarity!

Bai Yi surveyed the layout of the city from the sky and felt a strange sense of familiarity, but he couldn’t put a finger to it.

Bai Yi landed and headed straight to city hall.

In these few years, the status of Truman and the four others rose to become even higher, and the guards didn’t even recognize Bai Yi now. Bai Yi almost wanted to kill the guards because of how annoying they were. In the end, Bai Yi directed his killing intent at the city hall, and everybody inside the building almost got frightened to death. The guards rushed out first, then the law enforcement squad, then the riot control squad. However, all that happened was that the grounds in front of city hall gradually filled with many injured evolved humans. Finally, an evolved human that recognized Bai Yi came out. Even the most unassuming person from back then had become the captain of the riot control squad over these few years.

“Bai Yi!”

“It’s you. Tell Truman that I’m back and I have something for him,” Bai Yi looked at this man. He looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember his name. After the man informed the higher-ups and another half a day had passed, Bai Yi finally saw Truman who arrived very slowly.

“Bai Yi!” Truman said in shock.

“It’s really hard to meet you now,” Bai Yi looked at Truman.

“Hahahaha, it can’t be helped. My status is already different from before, why didn’t you go and look for me at my house?”

“You think that I didn’t go? Who knows where you moved to?” Bai Yi said.

With Tasmania’s development, Truman’s status also rose, and he no longer stayed at the house that he was allocated in the beginning. He had probably built a luxury mansion for himself at somewhere with a nice scenery.

“Get the other four to come too, I have something to tell you guys,” Bai Yi said.

Truman heard Bai Yi’s commanding tone and suddenly felt slightly dissatisfied. For the past few years, there had not been many people who spoke to him with this kind of tone. This Bai Yi, did he still think that he was the leader of the evolved humans? However, Truman didn’t display his discontentment on the surface. The longer people sat in high positions, the faker they were and the deeper they hid their true selves.

“Sure, wait a while,” Truman said while trying to guess the reason why Bai Yi had returned to Tasmania.

“Let’s head inside first, they’ll arrive in a while.” Truman invited.

After the two of them left, the injured soldiers outside the city stared at each other. Eventually, they miserably pulled themselves to their feet and started to clean up the battlefield. From how familiar that Bai Yi seemed to be with Governor Truman, they knew that they had taken a beating for nothing. The riot control squad helped each other up and occasionally grimaced in pain when their wounds came into contact with something.

“Captain, who is that person? He’s so strong.”

“Bai Yi.”

“Bai Yi? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him. How strong is he compared to Captain?” A dumb soldier asked and his teammate beside him immediately pulled him back. He was as dumb as a pig, wasn’t he scared of death? Didn’t he see how Captain was nodding and bending his back in front of Bai Yi? He was really too shortsighted if he had to ask this kind of question.

“Hahahaha...!” The riot control squad captain patted his subordinate on the shoulder. “There’s no use even if a hundred of me went up against him, or I should say that the fact that you guys are still alive is him showing mercy.” The captain said to the soldier who still thought he was going to get a scolding.


“Bai Yi, why did you come back this time?” Truman asked after entering the parlor.

“I’ll tell everybody when all of you arrive so that I don’t have to repeat myself. To speak of it, this place seems to be doing very well,” Bai Yi looked at the city outside the window.

“It’s still okay. The population has increased greatly. A lot of evolved humans immigrated here from other countries after accidentally coming into contact with fluids from evolved lifeforms and becoming infected. Controlling the activated cells seems to be getting harder and harder and the population of evolved humans in Tasmania is already at 1.1 million,” Truman said with an increasingly excited tone.

Bai Yi glanced at Truman. The more evolved humans there are, the more power you as the governor have, right?

The two of them chatted idly, but after a while, they both realized that they didn’t seem to have any common topics anymore. Bai Yi realized that Truman had truly become a politician in a high position, and Truman felt that Bai Yi was still like a country bumpkin. Just when the two of them started to feel awkward, the other four finally arrived at this place.

“Hahahaha, I just got the phone call saying that you were back! Long time no see!” Housman’s crude laughter came from the outside before Bai Yi could see the person.

“Bai Yi,” Lucretia was a lot quieter and only nodded at Bai Yi.

 When everybody finally arrived, Bai Yi did not beat around the bush and went straight to explaining the effects of the drug, “This is Prototy Back: the drug to regain human appearance. Its effects are to clean up the human genes and later hide the additional fused genes. There are more than twenty complete doses here. You guys should choose how to distribute it yourself. This is the microchip with all the information regarding the production of the drug.”

The five of them all stared at Bai Yi in astonishment. They never thought that the reason behind Bai Yi’s return was to give them something so important.

“This thing is really effective?” The few of them couldn’t maintain their previously calm appearances anymore.

“It’s effective,” Bai Yi nodded. Bai Yi had examined this data before. Although Bai Yi wouldn’t have been able to create the formula for this drug himself, it was still possible for him to understand this information with his current knowledge.

“Then why haven’t you changed yet?”

“I only received and used it a few days ago. The changes obviously won’t happen so quickly.”

“Bai Yi, where’s your team?”

“They are still on the Devil Isles.”

“Why did not contact the United Nations but hand it to us?”

“Why do I need to explain this? It’s just so that you guys have more bargaining chips on your hands to negotiate with the United Nations and acquire greater benefits for the evolved humans,” Bai Yi answered slowly.

Bai Yi got slightly discontented inside his heart. He delivered something so precious to them, but what he received were their distrust and examining eyes. Bai Yi observed these five people closely; status really changed people. In just a few years, the people who were originally companions had turned into strangers. Bai Yi smiled faintly and did not ruminate on this issue anymore.

“That’s all. You guys can distribute it yourself. Try to give it to all the evolved humans soon. As for how to deal with the United Nations, I think you guys are more familiar with that than me,” Bai Yi stood up.

“Bai Yi, you are?”

“I’m returning to the Devil Isles.”

“You’re still going back?”

“You think that I got this for free? I still need to work for somebody else for three years,” Bai Yi turned his head and said when he reached the door.

While the five of them were still surprised, Bai Yi had already left. At this time, the few of them then looked at twenty-plus tubes of drugs and the microchip. They couldn’t hide the excitement in their eyes at all. As long as they had the drug, they would have much more bargaining power with the United Nations. Only Lucretia looked at direction Bai Yi disappeared in, holding a glass cup in her hands. She then looked at the faces of the four others and closed her eyes.

“How should we handle this?” Truman asked with a look of delight in his eyes.


Bai Yi flew into the sky with a gloomy and quiet expression. Returning to Tasmania was too different from what he had imagined it would be. Bai Yi didn’t even know if handing the drug to them was the best choice now. Lightly exhaling, Bai Yi abruptly accelerated and shot across the sky.

Very quickly, Bai Yi returned to the Devil Isles and began the days of working for Doctor Wang.

Doctor Wang didn’t have a lot of manpower, just six people, and the conditions in which he had been working weren’t too good. When Bai Yi returned, the group of them were immediately sent to collect various types of objects needed for the experiments. After finding out that they had taken Yeye out of the research facility, she was immediately put to work as well by Doctor Wang. Sunlight and Moonlight1 were complementary supercomputers. When they were together, their performance increased exponentially.

When Doctor Wang knew that Yeye developed her own autonomous consciousness, his gaze turned strange and he seemed to want to study this further.

However, when Momo saw Doctor Wang’s eyes turn strange, an ember of the Soul Purifying Flame instantly flew into Doctor Wang’s body with a flick of her finger. Doctor Wang stunned for a moment and looked at Bai Yi, but Bai Yi did not reply him and let Momo explain it herself.

“Soul Purifying Flame: it can purify souls and is beneficial to you. However, it’s best that you don’t do anything to anger me. Otherwise, I will kill you instantly. I know that you are extremely smart. I can tell from how you are able to develop so many things with such little manpower. However, it is useless. If you dare make any strange moves, I will kill you straight away,” Momo said seriously.


She said that she would kill him twice!

Doctor Wang looked at Momo in deep thought. Was this a child that grew up in the Devil Isles? The kind of education received was completely different from before. Apparently, Momo wasn’t intentionally trying to threaten him, but just talking about something very normal and casual for her. Furthermore, he felt an immense sense of danger from Momo, even more dangerous than Bai Yi.

“I understand,” Doctor Wang replied seriously, suppressing his curious thoughts toward Momo.

She wasn’t joking. Against this girl, any schemes or plots were completely useless. If she felt threatened, she would definitely kill the threat first before thinking about anything else. As for what kind of consequences there would be and how to handle the aftereffects, Momo didn’t consider these factors. For a schemer, this type of person was undoubtedly the hardest one to deal with, especially when the individual also possessed incredible strength.


Translator Note:

  1. Yeye’s real name is Moonlight, but she gave herself the name of Yeye.

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