Era of Disaster

Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Prototy Back

Very quickly, Bai Yi’s group managed to meet with the renowned Doctor Wang. He had the standard appearance of a Caucasian, wearing a white overcoat, looking somewhat skinny but his eyes contained a mysterious depth to it. After coming out of the research facility, this guy looked at Bai Yi and Eleanor. Even though he had hidden in this place, he had still heard of Bai Yi and Eleanor was his old colleague.

“Put this on. All of you,” Doctor Wang threw some simple bracelets to them.

“What is this?” Eleanor grabbed a bracelet.

“An interference device. I don’t want this place to be exposed yet,” Doctor Wang said and walked into the facility before adding, “Those with too large a size find another place to stay. My place was only built for normal human sizes.”

Woolf and a few other guys who were too big in size shook their heads helplessly before holding the interference device in their hands and walking outside. As for Bai Yi and the others who hadn’t had many changes in size, they followed Doctor Wang through the passageway. After entering, Bai Yi realized that the place was rather primitive. There were exposed rock in many places in this research lab. It wasn’t like the neat and tidy passageways and floors of normal research facilities.

“Your place is really quite crude,” Eleanor said.

“Not enough resources, of course it is crude. It doesn’t really affect my experiments,” Doctor Wang said. If he was greedy and wanted a complete research facility to conduct his experiments in, the United Nations would have found him long ago. How would he still be here?

“You guys are looking for me because of the drug to regain human appearance, right?” Doctor Wang said without waiting for Bai Yi and the rest to say anything.

“Yes. From your appearances, you have successfully developed this thing, right?” Bai Yi asked.

“I did create it, but why should I give it to you guys?” Doctor Wang turned around and said to them after they entered the simple living room. Bai Yi and the rest of them immediately went speechless. This guy had seemed so easy to talk to just now, why had his attitude change so much all of a sudden?

“What do you want?” Bai Yi held Eleanor who wanted to retort something back with his right hand.

“Smart!” Doctor Wang looked at Bai Yi. He was worthy of being the most famous person in the Devil Isles now.

“Help with my work for a period of time, and I’ll give you guys the Prototy Back drug to regain your human forms as well as the chemical composition of the drug in detail.”

“Prototy Back drug!”

“Help you with your work?!”

“How long?”

After Doctor Wang finished speaking, they immediately had various different responses, seemingly very shocked at Doctor Wang’s simple request. Doctor Wang didn’t mind them, filled a cup of water from the water dispenser, and waited for their reply.

“Why do we need to work for you? This guy! You even managed to develop the Prototy Back drug, what else are you researching now?” Eleanor looked at Doctor Wang hesitantly.

“There are too many things to research. The process of evolution is too mysterious. I don’t have much manpower here, and their basic knowledge is poor, so they can’t even be proper assistants to me. Although you haven’t touched research for eight years, I think you should still do well as an assistant.”

“Assistant? Are you kidding me?! You are really pissing me off!” The thing that Eleanor couldn’t stand most about Doctor Wang was his attitude as if he had already thought of and prepared for everything. Back when they were at the research facility together, Eleanor had been just a little bit inferior to Doctor Wang, and that tiny bit caused Eleanor to become very indignant.

“How long do we have to work for you?” Bai Yi asked.

“I can’t be sure of this. I’m currently researching something and happen to be at a bottleneck. I don’t know how much time it will take. Why not we do it this way: we’ll set three years as the limit. If the research is successful, then you guys are free. If not, three years is the maximum amount of time you guys have to work for me,” Doctor Wang said.

Three years!

Bai Yi pondered this and slowly sucked in a breath of air.

“I can agree to this, but you need to promise me one thing first.” Bai Yi said.

“What is it?”

“Give me the Prototy Back drug first. I need to deliver it to Tasmania and give it to the evolved humans,” Bai Yi said.

“No problem, but you’d better not expose the location of this place and don’t take too long,” Doctor Wang nodded.

“One week will do, I’ll return to Tasmania after you give it to me,” Bai Yi nodded.

“Bai Yi, you are heading straight to Tasmania?” Eleanor was slightly surprised.

“En, I have to deliver it to their hands directly,” Bai Yi nodded. It was better to deliver this thing to the hands of the evolved humans directly. If it was given to the United Nations, it might be used as a bargaining chip. The evolved humans might be able to obtain this drug in the future all the same, but they would definitely have had to agree to some of the United Nations’ conditions.

“Then that settles it. Cheryl, go prepare a set of the Prototy Back drug and its related information,” Doctor Wang said.

“Yes, Teacher!” A blonde-haired beauty wearing a white overcoat as well walked away.

“Then that’s that. There are a few empty rooms over there, just pick your own rooms. The Prototy Back drugs for each of you will be prepared as well. I have some things to attend to, so I’ll leave first,” Doctor Wang said and headed outside.

“Hey! I haven’t agreed to be your assistant, you asshole!” Eleanor scolded from behind.

“You agreed to his conditions to help him to work for three years so easily? What if this guy uses you as cannon fodder?” Eleanor looked at Bai Yi.

“Then what do I do? Snatch it from him? Or should I write everything out like in a legally binding contract? You should know that that’s impossible. On the Devil Isles, what is needed for cooperation is the conscientiousness from each side,” Bai Yi said slowly, walking toward an empty room. He was probably going to stay place for a long time, so he had better pick a good room.

Eleanor couldn’t do anything but shrug his shoulders and follow him.

Conscientiousness, huh? Based on Eleanor’s understanding, it was fortunate that both Doctor Wang and Bai Yi weren’t extremely demanding people. Otherwise, with this form of cooperation, it was bound to escalate into a bloody fight if they had any conflicts.


On the next day, Doctor Wang brought over 50 tubes of the Prototy Back drug. Other than the ones that Bai Yi’s group would use, the rest of them were for Bai Yi to bring back to Tasmania. In addition to the drug, there was also a microchip that contained the all of the information regarding the Prototy Back drug. As long as they had this, the outside world could produce their own Prototy Back drug.

“Will this thing have any side-effects?” Eleanor was purposefully looking for fault.

“This isn’t like the sub-standard things you develop,” Doctor Wang said plainly, almost making Eleanor choke.

“This drug targets the genes. It can clean up the human genes and let the genes of other lifeforms that you fused with slowly become hidden. Your body will then slowly revert back to your original human appearance,” Doctor Wang explained after he retorted.

“Will taking the Prototy drug before influence the effects of the Prototy Back drug?” Bai Yi asked.

“No, it won’t. Didn’t we consume the Prototy drug as well before leaving the research facility?” Doctor Wang pointed at himself and Eleanor.

“Oh right, there’s actually something,” Doctor Wang suddenly recalled. “What I was talking about just now is the most common scenario, but in reality, the fusion of genes by lifeforms can be split into three categories.

“The first type: External Attachment. Although such lifeforms will display characteristics of the genes they fused with, the external genes are not truly fused into the original gene chain. In that kind of situation, it would be like adding an attachment on the gene chain itself, thus even if such a lifeform reproduced, it wouldn’t pass on those externally attached genes to its offspring.”

“The second type: Gene Mutation. With this type of fusion, special changes appear in the original genes as well as the new external genes resulting in a mutation. Lifeforms like this usually don’t even have a clear consciousness and could be seen as pure monsters.”

“The third type: Deep Level Fusion. Deep level fusion happens when the original genes and the new external genes have completely merged and formed a new complete gene chain. The genes resulting from this type of gene fusion would be passed on to the future generations during reproduction.”

“The Prototy Back drug is only effective against the first type of gene fusion. It has no effect on mutated lifeforms who have gone through the second type of fusion. In any case, such lifeforms aren’t even conscious anymore, so I didn’t bother to research a drug to reverse it. As for deep level fusion, the externally attached genes can be hidden, but the genes that have completely merged with the original gene chain can’t be reversed.”

“So you haven’t researched it completely,” Eleanor teased.

“What’s so strange about that? The chances of deep level fusion were very small to begin with, and I only have a pair of experimental subjects here. In the end, they both died, and I couldn’t be bothered to continue researching it after that,” Doctor Wang didn’t get angry at all and said casually. “Anyway, help yourself to the drugs. Work will start after you return from Tasmania. The quicker the better!”

Bai Yi went speechless looking at the box of drugs and the microchip. No wonder he prepared everything so quickly, he wanted to get his workers started on work earlier!

“Let me arrange some things and I’ll leave in the afternoon,” Bai Yi nodded. Honestly speaking, Bai Yi didn’t feel there was much of a deal helping Doctor Wang for three years. This was already much easier than what Bai Yi’s team had imagined originally, and most importantly he agreed to give advanced payment.

“Daddy, Yeye said that you seem to belong to deep level fusion,” Momo said softly.

“Doesn’t matter, I haven’t changed much anyway. Maybe the soft fur outside are all externally attached genes?” Bai Yi smiled.


Everybody injected the Prototy Back drugs into their bodies. Afterward, Bai Yi took the remaining drugs and microchip to Tasmania.

Bai Yi didn’t bring anybody else along with him but spread his wings alone and flew directly towards the sea. Without anybody around him, Bai Yi flew into the vast open sky and his speed became faster and faster. This was the first time that Bai Yi could fly so freely in the sky, and the vast and boundless scenery around him seemed to make even his heart feel free. Controlling the air around him to reduce the air resistance and increasing the propelling force, Bai Yi moved at an astounding speed through the sky as if there was no resistance against him at all.

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