Era of Disaster

Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Queenstown

There wasn’t a purely altruistic person in the world, or, at least, Bai Yi didn’t think that he was such a purely altruistic person. Every single one of his actions, from distributing information to the other evolved humans to helping everybody undergo metamorphosis, were done with a clear purpose in mind. Bai Yi was always looking far into the future, so he never complained about or celebrated the minor gains or losses. Unexpectedly, he somehow became the definition of ‘generous’ in the eyes of others.

Eleanor this guy!

Bai Yi looked at Eleanor’s excited expression and knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret anymore.

“Help me find Doctor Wang,” Bai Yi said seriously. As long as they could find Doctor Wang, he didn’t mind telling Eleanor about the energy cultivation diagram.

“OK!” Eleanor nodded but grumbled in his heart. Who knew where that fellow ran off to?

On the way to the southern island, Bai Yi dumped a big pile of documents in the hands of Eleanor’s team. The group saw the thick stack of papers and immediately felt a headache coming. It couldn’t be so complicated, right? However, after Bai Yi’s explanation, they finally understood that it was really that complicated. In the end, Eleanor lived up to his name of one of the top researchers in the past as he was the only member of his team that could more or less understand the information. As for the others, they were at about the same level as Woolf so not much could be expected from them. To understand this information, they would have to study the basic stuff first.

They had already given the information away anyway, so Bai Yi’s team took some secret joy in watching Eleanor’s team get frustrated over the pile of complex diagrams.

Eventually, they came to the Cook Strait again. Eleanor was still wondering how they were going to cross over to the southern island, but unexpectedly, Bai Yi’s team had already had a solution. It was obviously not a problem for those who could fly, but for those who couldn’t fly, Bai Yi got Momo to interact with the flying evolved lifeforms nearby and ask them for help.

Eight years had passed, and the twelve-year-old Momo already became a bright and beautiful young girl. Due to Vala’s education and her unique experience growing up in the Devil Isles, Momo had a kind of noble yet independent disposition to her.

“Momo can actually interact with the other lifeforms!” Eleanor said in shock.

“The activated cells can enhance the intelligence of lifeforms to the level of normal human, don’t you know that?” Bai Yi replied.

“Of course, I know that! But no matter how much more intelligent they became, these evolved lifeforms had never lived in the human world, so they can’t possibly know how to speak the human language. There’s definitely something special about Momo’s ability!” Eleanor said.

“It’s good that you know,” Bai Yi didn’t explain.

“Bai Yi, have you thought about this before? If Momo can really communicate with evolved lifeforms, then you have such an enormous power behind you! At the very least, it would be easy to get a powerful evolved lifeform to be your pet.”

Eleanor looked at Momo, at this time Momo was standing on the back of a gigantic bird. The bird looked just like the mythical phoenix with its bright red feathers covering its body and fire silently burning around it.

Not only Eleanor had this thought in his head, but the others had so as well. Controlling something else had always been the desire of many people!

“It’s just communicating. It’s not submission or enslaving them. You’re thinking too much,” Bai Yi said plainly.

Eleanor saw that Bai Yi didn’t want to continue on this topic and tactfully stopped talking about it as well. In the midst of traveling across the Cook Strait, Bai Yi stopped for a while and the rest of them in Bai Yi’s team guessed that he went to look for the Sea Serpent Emperor. However, it wasn’t like the two of them had some mysterious connection. The Sea Serpent Emperor didn’t appear and was probably sleeping in some sea trench. Bai Yi flew around randomly for a certain distance before returning back high up into the sky to rejoin the others.


The Cook Strait wasn’t too big, and they reached the other end of it very quickly. Momo stayed behind and thanked the flying evolved lifeforms, while Eleanor and his team watched on in envy. These flying evolved lifeforms were all very powerful, and from the looks of it, most of them seemed to be archenemies to each other. Just what ability did Momo have to gather all these flying evolved lifeforms together so peacefully?

Soul Charm!

Any normal creature would subconsciously feel close to Momo when near her. That was Soul Charm. Over the last three years, Momo’s attributes changed more and more, and new abilities emerged in her.

Arriving at the southern island, Eleanor immediately led the way and the group of them headed to where Doctor Wang’s student was staying.

“Wang’s student is called Cheryl Andrea, a very talented girl. Due to her family background, her family more or less knew some things about the activated cells and stopped her from studying them. However, the girl couldn’t stand being bored and built quite a few research labs with the help of her family’s riches to study. Wang would occasionally give her information, though I don’t know if that helped or harmed her,” Eleanor explained along the way.

“Cheryl!” Vala said in shock and floated to Momo’s side.

‘Teacher, you know about this?’ Momo communicated with Vala through the soul, so the rest of them couldn’t hear their conversation.

‘En, I know. I taught her for a while. She really could be called a genius. If she was willing, she could turn into a true noble lady in an instant and be appear nobler than anybody else. Unfortunately, she was too active and loved researching, always making herself look messy and unkempt,’ Vala communicated with Momo.


‘Then I stopped teaching her because our personalities didn’t match. Everybody has their own unique personalities and interests. There was no need to be too obstinate and force her to become somebody else. Just like how I only taught you the basic qualities and didn’t restrict your personality at all. But you seem to carry a kind of noble disposition from birth, maybe...’ Vala didn’t finish her thought and Momo didn’t seem to pay attention to this either.

The group of them walked for more than a month. Under Eleanor’s lead, they finally found four of the mansions that originally belonged to the Andrea family. However, they ended up not finding anything at all.

“Where are they?” Bai Yi looked at Eleanor.

“Not around, but this place was indeed the mansion of the Andrea Family in the past. I even attended a dinner banquet here before. I was only guessing that Wang would go and look for Cheryl, but I don’t know if he really did so or not.” After failing to find Doctor Wang, Eleanor started to look at the sky.

“This guy!” Bai Yi felt speechless, why didn’t he realize that this Eleanor was so shameless before?

Finding Doctor Wang was just a hopeful wish, but it was really difficult to say that they could find him. Furthermore, Eleanor really didn’t guarantee them anything. Everybody looked at the mansion. It was indeed a mansion, but it had been covered by vegetation long ago and there were no traces of human activity around it.

“Go to Queenstown!” Vala suddenly said after floating over.

“Queenstown?” Everybody looked at Vala.

“Cheryl was very rebellious against the Andrea family. She basically never stayed at home but stayed elsewhere. She has a private estate in Queenstown that’s extremely precious to her,” Vala explained.

“ did you know?” Eleanor asked in shock.

“Because I was her etiquette teacher previously.”

In the midst of their surprise, the group of them continued to rush toward Queenstown. To think of it, they had almost journeyed across the entirety of New Zealand on foot. From the northern island to the southern island, and now they were heading to Queenstown. Queenstown was quite a famous place originally, a small town located north of Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by the Southern Alps. Due to it being located in a mountain range, Queenstown had the most arduous terrain but was also home to the most exciting area and beautiful scenery.

However, nobody was in the mood to be a tourist now. After arriving in Queenstown, they immediately split up to search the entire area.

After searching for two days, Bai Yi and a few others suddenly saw three people walking out from a canyon.

The three of them held weapons and were apparently heading out to hunt for food. Once the three of them left the canyon, they happened to bump into Bai Yi’s mini squad who were resting close by.


The few people stared with their eyes wide-open; after searching for so long, they were actually staying in the opening by the side of the cliff? These three people tensed up the moment they saw Bai Yi’s group, seemingly extremely nervous. At this time, Bai Yi had already spread his wings and flew over, discovering a crevice in the wall of the cliff. The opening of this crevice laid flat along the cliff wall and was impossible to find unless they viewed it from the correct angle.

“Who are you? Come down! You aren’t allowed to go there!” One of the three people immediately pointed a strange gun at Bai Yi when he saw Bai Yi flying over.

Bai Yi didn’t answer him but walked in directly. Momo remained motionless as three souls flew over to the three of them. In an instant, the souls wrapped around the three people’s souls. The people immediately realized that they couldn’t move anymore. There was clearly nothing on them, but they just couldn’t move at all. Bai Yi walked a certain distance into the crevice and discovered that it was a man-made cave. The cave wasn’t too deep and Bai Yi exited from it very quickly.

“Hahaha!” Bai Yi suddenly started laughing after he returned and looked at the three of them.

Bai Yi could practically be certain that the cave was Doctor Wang’s residence. Even if it wasn’t that guy, the appearances of these three people were enough to make Bai Yi overjoyed. The three of them looked just like normal humans, but the special energy that flared as they struggled couldn’t be concealed.

“Is Doctor Wang here? Or should I ask, how did you guys return to human form?” Bai Yi asked, gesturing for Momo to release the souls’ binding.

“Who are you and how do you know about Doctor Wang?” The three of them were extremely shocked.

“I am Bai Yi. I have something to talk to him about; you guys can go and inform him first. His old friend Eleanor is here too,” Bai Yi said.

“You wait here,” The leader hesitated for a moment before saying, hanging the strange gun behind his back and running back to the cliff wall.

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