Era of Disaster

Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Three Years And News

At first, it was just Bai Yi’s team studying, but not long after even the souls inside the Soul Release Wood had started studying the energy transformation diagram as well. To those souls, it was even more boring being stuck in the Soul Release Wood than being in a jail cell. To be able to have something they could do to kill time, they really couldn’t be more satisfied. Through debates, discussions, and consolidation by this group, the improvements of these souls were actually the largest among them.

At this time, Bai Yi’s team realized that souls could cultivate as well.

However, only those souls who had entered LV2 could cultivate. Seemingly, metamorphosis didn’t just let the body and soul reach a new balance but also enabled a significant change in the quality of their souls. This kind of change was the absolute life field. Even if the physical body died, the absolute life field still existed within the soul and so these souls could cultivate.

For normal souls, they would gradually undergo metamorphosis after being nourished by Momo’s Soul Purifying Flame for a period of time. However, the souls that were nurtured by Momo’s Soul Purifying Flame were completely different from those independent LV2 souls. They could only be considered as Momo’s puppets because they were unable to escape from her.

Over three years, everybody changed. At first, they had reluctantly forced themselves to study. Eventually, they accepted studying as a part of their daily lives. Now, they plunged into studying with all their effort and everybody studied really hard. This was especially true when they saw how much Bai Yi changed, and they also didn’t want to be surpassed by Vala and the other souls.

Due to the energy conversion diagram being something that Greivis created based on his own body, Bai Yi and the rest discovered that their energy attributes would gradually turn to that of the ice attribute if they just followed the steps on it. Extreme cold energy seemed to be quite good, but Bai Yi felt that it would be best for him to give up on trying to be skilled in multiple attributes. How their bodies naturally changed in the beginning was the most suitable state for them and the rest of them felt this way as well.

After completely understanding the diagram given to them by Greivis, Bai Yi started to consolidate the conditions and patterns underlying it and adjust the diagram into something suitable for himself.

After studying how to transform the energy in his body in a particular direction based on the understood underlying principles, Bai Yi finally understood the nature of his own energy.

Five Senses Simulation!

Bai Yi’s energy attribute wasn’t Visual Simulation at all, but the ability to simulate the signals that are received through a lifeform’s five senses and project it out, befuddling the lifeform’s five senses. Due to the uniqueness of Bai Yi’s eyes at the start, the first signal that he could simulate was the visual signal. That was why Bai Yi thought that his ability was Visual Simulation. As the transformation of Bai Yi’s energy became more advanced, he also began to understand his own energy more.

For example, right now Bai Yi could simulate the visual signal received by a person to trick the person’s true vision. Similarly, the simulated sound signal could befuddle the person’s sense of hearing, but it couldn’t affect the other senses.

Bai Yi didn’t know what the limit of his energy was, but his first goal was to master the simulation of the signals received by all five senses completely. The second goal was to use the simulated signals to affect the other senses such as using sound signals to trick the opponent’s sight. If he could do that, then, unless the person completely sealed off all five of his senses, his enemies would become utterly helpless. After sealing their five senses, killing his enemies would just be as easy as slaughtering a sheep.

If Momo changed the fastest in the beginning, then Bai Yi had almost caught up with Momo after he tailor-made a method for energy cultivation and transformation for himself.

Although the diagram was the most basic thing, it meant that evolved humans had stepped on the path of active cultivation.

These were different from their changes before. Regardless of what changes they experienced before, they always followed the wishes of their bodies and let their bodies change as it wanted. Now, they had a method to cultivate their body in a certain direction actively.


Bai Yi’s team stayed at this place for three years, and the United Nations didn’t have any comments on that. They knew that the United Nations had the same thoughts as them. Finding Doctor Wang was just a bonus, so they would never place all their hopes on finding him. In truth, the United Nations was also researching a few things: how to regain human form, the patterns behind the LV2 Metamorphose Stage, how to bring out the most power in the Metamorphose Stage, what kind of stage was LV3, and how to reach that stage. All of these were the objectives of the United Nations’ research.

Within these three years, the United Nations had also finished the construction of the super aircraft carrier. It was 800 meters long, had a water displacement weight of 110 tons, and looked just like a small island floating on the sea.

Due to Bai Yi’s team disseminating the information about Tasmania out to everyone before, and the teams sent by the United Nations to the Devil Isles, many people chose to leave the Devil Isles for Tasmania when the ship arrived. People who could disregard the dangers of the Devil Isles like Bai Yi’s team were undoubtedly in the small minority.

Due to them staying in this place for such a long time, quite a few evolved humans knew that Bai Yi’s team were staying there. Occasionally, there would be a few guests visiting to ask about some things.

“We’re looking for Bai Yi,” an evolved human stood in front of the door to the research facility and said to the camera in front of him.

After this man finished speaking, Yeye quickly opened the main door and let the people inside. Craig’s team had already come here a few times before, so they were quite familiar with each other. After passing through an examination passage, the group arrived in the visitor’s hall of the research facility.

Very quickly, Bai Yi arrived with a smile on his face, “Long time no see, what brings you here today?”

“Bai Yi, we met a person a few days ago,” Craig didn’t beat around the bush.

“En, who?” Bai Yi asked expectantly.

“Eleanor1: a biology expert who conducted research on activated cells before,” Craig paused for a moment trying to leave Bai Yi hanging. “Most importantly, this guy said that he partnered with Doctor Wang before. Doctor Wang was the main person in charge of the research facility, and Eleanor had a similar level of authority as Doctor Wang, just that his professional knowledge was slightly inferior to Doctor Wang.”

“Where is he?” Bai Yi asked. His expression became very serious.

“At Napier. He’s a leader of a team now. If we didn’t find out about his identity from his team members by chance, we would have never known that such a powerful guy was actually a researcher previously,” Craig said.

“Is he still there?”

“He hadn’t left when we came here, but I don’t know about now.”

Bai Yi stood up and said to Craig, “Thank you! Make yourselves at home. We’re going to leave this place very soon, so you can have this place.”

“Thanks a lot then!” Craig’s team immediately revealed an overjoyed expression. This place was initially a research facility. It was also where Bai Yi’s team stayed for three years so a lot of the facility’s interior was complete. This place was much better than that old run-down hospital in which they had been staying.

Bai Yi very quickly gathered his team members and left the research facility. When leaving, Bai Yi had Yeye reset the fingerprint access to Craig’s fingerprint. The layout of the research facility, how certain places should be set up, and what was contained in each area were all left on the computer. Once Craig and his team looked over this information seriously, they would know how to make use of this research facility.

At this time, Bai Yi’s team were already rushing towards Napier hurriedly.


Bai Yi thought of this name in his heart. Yeye had information on Eleanor. He was indeed just slightly inferior to Doctor Wang at Tongariro National Park Research Facility. Moreover, Eleanor was the last person to make contact with Doctor Wang before the two of them escaped from the Tongariro National Park Research Facility. Both of them had then consumed the Prototy Original Form Drug and left.

Bai Yi’s team rushed for half a day without any rest and finally reached Napier. After coming to this place, everybody looked at the lush jungle city. The original city was completely covered in vegetation, but not so much time had passed to make it look like an ancient ruin yet. Hence, jungle cities like this had become unique environments only seen in the Devil Isles.

“You guys split into three teams. I’ll go alone,” Bai Yi immediately spread his wings and flew into the sky after he finished speaking.

“Really so anxious,” Woolf commented, but they still quickly split into three teams and left to search for Eleanor.

This was a hard-to-come-by piece of information! Bai Yi knew that the United Nations had probably searched all of the research facilities by now, and they had taken most resources and research data. However, he still had not heard any news regarding Doctor Wang so far. Now that Eleanor had appeared again, how could Bai Yi not be serious about this? Regardless if Eleanor really had information on Doctor Wang’s whereabouts or not, he himself was a biology research expert and that alone made him tremendously valuable.

Bai Yi’s team searched around Napier until nighttime and finally assembled again without finding Eleanor’s team.

“Don’t tell me that Craig tricked us?”

“It can’t be. What benefit does he gain from tricking us? Eleanor could have already left this place before we could reach here. We’ll continue searching tomorrow. Be on the lookout for traces of human activity,” Bai Yi said.


While Bai Yi’s team searched for Eleanor, a new guest came to visit the tremendously infamous City of Graves. Ning Xue stood on the floating dragon and looked in the direction of the City of Graves.

It’s about time!

“Let’s go, Little Lai. We’ll go in,” Ning Xue said. Little Lai didn’t have pellagra anymore but had become a truly imposing and powerful floating dragon. He swung his tail and flew toward the City of Graves. The moment they entered the city they felt a powerful controlling suction force sucking the two of them into the heart of the city. The floating dragon didn’t resist this force, and the two of them shot inside at a high speed.

In the center of the City of Graves, a heartbeat-like sound came from a strange plant that looked like it was made out of countless body parts. When Ning Xue and the floating dragon flew to this place, Ning Xue suddenly broke open a bottle from which a strange smell slowly spread across the area. The initially powerful suction force suddenly stopped and the strange plant seemed to fall asleep and slowly drooped down.

This was something that Yu Han sacrificed an entire city of evolved humans to grow. In reality, even Ning Xue didn’t know what this thing was, but since Yu Han left it behind, Ning Xue wouldn’t let somebody else have it even if she didn’t know what it was.


Translator Note:

  1. I know Eleanor is a girl’s name, but i don’t think i translated the name wrongly (埃利诺). So...I guess i’ll just leave it as it is and assume that it can be a unisex name.
Chapter Notes:

too tired yesterday, fell asleep without posting. Will make up for the missing chapter.

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