Era of Disaster

Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Incomprehensible Diagram

After Vala and Greivis finished discussing things, Momo brought all of them back to the cave. In the distance, Woolf, who was guarding the entrance, immediately stood up. If not for Momo being with this group of people, Woolf would have thought that they were there to find trouble with them. Despite it being Momo who brought them over, Woolf still stopped the group of people outside.

“Please wait for a moment,” Vala said to Greivis.

Momo brought Vala back into the cave. Bai Yi seemed to be still pondering something and didn’t even notice Momo entering the cave. After a while, Bai Yi finally came back to his senses and looked at Momo and Vala standing in front of him.

“What is it?” Bai Yi asked in confusion.

“Actually, something happened: I discussed the deal with Greivis,” Vala said.

“Daddy, you guys talk; I’ll go out and find Chinchilla,” Momo said and ran out.

“You discussed it alone?”

After Momo left, Bai Yi looked at Vala again.

Vala didn’t expect that to be Bai Yi’s first question. Vala got a shock in her heart and suddenly thought of a problem. Momo was very respectful toward her, and, in truth, every student she taught was very respectful. There wouldn’t be a problem if the child was a normal student, but things became problematic if the student was noble. A noble child with status would need to express his or her own independent thoughts and opinions and not be overly dependent on her. Too much dependence and reverence would likely appear as a puppet-like personality and that was something that couldn’t be tolerated as a noble.

No matter what, Bai Yi was the leader and she had overstepped her position by negotiating with Greivis without Bai Yi’s approval.

“I’m very sorry. I will pay more mind to my status in the future.”

Vala lived in that social sphere for a long time; she knew that things would become very dangerous for her if she was careless.

“Status?” Bai Yi frowned. “What are you afraid of? I just wanted you to bring Momo along and let her learn more things. She’s really too playful.”

“Yes,” Vala nodded seriously.

“Tell me about the conditions you reached in the negotiation with Greivis then,” Bai Yi said.

Vala immediately began to explain the conditions of the deal she reached with Greivis in detail. While speaking about this, Vala looked at Bai Yi seriously. Although Bai Yi wasn’t a member of the so-called traditional nobility, he already possessed some of the air of an elite. Furthermore, considering how much the world had changed, and Bai Yi’s current abilities and power, he could very possibly become one of the rulers in this new world. However, Bai Yi didn’t currently seem to be aware of that.

Bai Yi, would he be a good leader?

Since Bai Yi wasn’t aware of this himself yet, then she had a responsibility to guide Bai Yi. The same was true for Momo. No matter what, she was her last student. Thinking of this, Vala immediately turned back into that noble etiquette teacher: serious, strict, elegant, yet not overstepping her position.


Bai Yi and Greivis’ deal eventually went through well. There were many arguments, but in the end, things still settled down. During the process, Vala’s contribution didn’t go unnoticed, but nobody noticed her change in attitude.

Bai Yi obtained the method for cultivating and transforming energy from Greivis, and Bai Yi provided a few recipes and formulas suitable for Greivis’ team. When the deal was complete, Bai Yi also gave them each a small piece of Soul Release Wood about two centimeters long.

After asking Bai Yi what the pieces of wood were for, Greivis looked at Bai Yi in shock at his answer and left with his team.

After Greivis’ team left, the group of them started to study the complicated-looking diagram in their hands. Damian’s team also obtained the same diagram; however, understanding it was another matter. None of them imagined that Greivis was actually an energy expert who had been conducting research on energy conversion before New Zealand’s change. It was because of this that Greivis was able to create just a special method of energy transformation.

Without the prerequisite professional knowledge, it was difficult to make sense of this diagram.

The human body was extremely complex, to begin with, and the evolved humans now were another mystery altogether. Everything that the evolved humans had now required them to stumble around in the dark to figure out. Things weren’t like in games or movies where the characters learned things easily.

“Did Greivis cheat us by giving us some random diagram?” When Damian’s team got hold of the diagram, all of them immediately felt their heads start swimming. The content didn’t describe a process as simple as moving energy along certain meridians, but a detailed process of the transformation of energy. The mathematical formulas and symbols that made up the diagram were horrifyingly numerous, and the vague process of energy transformation shown on the inside was just confusing.

“I don’t think so. Greivis might be insolent, but I can tell that he’s a very proud guy. Moreover, I saw it myself during the deal that Bai Yi got the same thing from them,” Damian shook his head.

Sigrid said a word, “Study!”


Sigrid spoke again, “Professional knowledge.”

“That’s probably the only way now. If we don’t have any knowledge regarding energy conversion, we won’t be able to understand this diagram,” Damian said.

Meanwhile, Bai Yi said the same thing.

This was easy to understand. For example, many people knew that large amounts of energy could be produced from nuclear fusion and fission, but how many people could imagine the exact process needed to create it from those simple words? The energy conversion process in evolved humans was even more complex than that. Although they had this diagram, they wouldn’t be able to make use of it to transform the energy in their bodies if they were unable to imagine the process in their heads.

Everybody had been very excited when they had acquired the diagram. It seemed to be as if they had received a secret martial arts manual, but in just half a day, everybody was forced back to their original state.

They couldn’t understand it. Not only was there a lot of modern energy-related knowledge applied in the diagram, but there were also a lot of things that Greivis named and defined himself. Moreover, Greivis himself only managed to figure out the basics of things. There were still many things that he didn’t fully understand himself and he could only use vague formulas to represent it. Most importantly, this was the method of cultivation most suitable for him. If they wanted to use this process on themselves, they had to completely understand the theory behind it and be able to adjust it to become suitable for their own bodies.

“Yeye, do you have information regarding energy in your database?” Bai Yi asked as he recorded this diagram into Yeye’s database.

“Yep! The search for the Devil Algae began because of the Theory of Special Energy, so there’s a complete energy knowledge database in me. Of course, these are only the theories developed by the scholars before the change. I don’t understand the information in this diagram either, but we can try to cross check the diagram and understand it.” Yeye said as she tried to simulate the process of energy transformation on the computer’s screen.

A few of them looked at the energy conversion process that Yeye simulated on the screen. It was very marvelous, beautiful, and much easier to take in than the plain diagram.

“Let’s find a more intact research facility and stop there for a while,” Bai Yi said to everyone.

“Yes!” Everybody agreed.

They had already given up on finding the research facility that was nearby because they had been searching for such a long time. Before leaving, Momo went to say goodbye to Little Beetle and this time it invited Momo to its home again. Bai Yi and the rest already knew that the ice beetle didn’t eat meat but survived on ice and minerals, so they weren’t worried about it. Moreover, Bai Yi decided to tag along as well.

The two of them stood on top of the giant ice beetle’s back as it swam to the heart of the lake. As the giant beetle dove into the lake and the icy cold water was about to engulf them, the beetle manipulated the water and formed an air bubble around them.

The beetle passed through an aqueduct and swam upwards again, quickly arriving at a dry platform. It then cried out to Bai Yi and Momo introducing its ‘home’.

Bai Yi and Momo stared at this cave dumbfoundedly...This place was clearly a research facility! However, most of this research facility had been damaged and became a place suitable for this beetle to live in. At the top of the cave, a few lamps remained lit and there was still a computer on top of a broken platform. The researchers had built this research facility by the lake, but something must have had happened at the end. The experimental subjects broke out of this place and it became the ice beetle’s home.

“So it was here! No wonder we couldn’t find it even after searching for so long,” Bai Yi said helplessly.

The beetle used a small tentacle to tap the computer indicating for Bai Yi and Momo to look. This creature--it can’t be that it’s planning to ask Momo to fix its computer? Bai Yi was taken aback.

Bai Yi found a more intact computer monitor in another room and connected it to the computer in the main room.

Once the computer switched on, the beetle immediately used the computer familiarly, seemingly searching for something. After a while, the classic movie Transformers appeared on the screen. After the movie started playing, the beetle watched the story on the screen unfold with rapt attention.

So it was like this!

Bai Yi almost couldn’t contain the strange unwell feeling inside his heart and laughed out loud. After stopping here for a while, Bai Yi and Momo said their goodbyes to the beetle and returned to the lakeside.

“How was it, Bai Yi? Was the beetle’s home very eerie and scary?” The others asked.

“No. It’s actually very big and clean,” Bai Yi felt like laughing thinking of the gigantic beetle going up close to the small computer screen to watch the movie.

“What happened?” The rest of them couldn’t help but ask after seeing Bai Yi’s face.

“Its home is the research facility that we had been searching for, and that guy likes to watch movies, particularly Transformers.”

“What?” None of them understood what he said.

Only after Bai Yi let the rest of them visit the beetle’s home as well and left a huge collection of movies on its computer did this group of people finally understand. So it was like this!

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