Era of Disaster

Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Because We Can’t Do Everything

You must think very clearly about it! Bai Yi’s words echoed in their heads. This was truly a difficult problem. After all, there weren’t many that could guarantee their safety 100% on the Devil Isles. If not for Bai Yi appearing this time, Ariza would have died for sure.

“You guys don’t have to be so worried now. The United Nations is still constructing the super aircraft carrier. With how the Devil Isles are like now, normal ships won’t be able to enter this place.” Bai Yi said.

“En.” Damian’s team nodded.

“To think of it, how do you guys usually use the ice attribute plants or creatures?” Bai Yi asked. He had an idea in his head right now, but he had to clarify some things first.

“How do we use the ice attribute plants or creatures?”


“We eat them, I guess, but it’s just very dangerous. All the plants and creatures on the Devil Isles now are basically foreign to us. Other than the ones that other people have already tested with their lives, we don’t dare to eat anything else.” Damian’s situation was apparently quite similar to Bai Yi’s. They used human lives and white mice to test new plants and animals and figure out their effects from there. However, there weren’t any real white mice on the Devil Isles. Even if they caught some and tested it on them, it still might not be completely safe for consumption.

For example, Damian’s team knew that ice attribute plants and animals could induce the transformation of the special energy in one’s body to ice attribute energy. That was why they were trying to collect these new plants and animals. However, what was safe to certain lifeforms may end up being extremely poisonous to humans because the special qualities of each living thing were too special and varied now.

All in all, it was still extremely dangerous!

“Then, do you guys or Greivis have a potion that can stably supplement the body’s needs and induce the transformation of ice attribute energy?” Bai Yi looked at Damian’s group and slowly asked. At this time, the rest of the people in Bai Yi’s team looked at him, not knowing what he wanted.

“We don’t. Greivis seems to be wantonly killing and harvesting animals and plants as well, so he doesn’t seem to have a refined way of doing it. But we know more than ten special plants and ten creatures that have this effect.”

“This incident was entirely because we found two stalks of Seeping Snow Grass on the frozen lake monster’s back and we only realized that it was a living thing when we tried to pick it. I’m not sure why Team Leader Bai Yi wants to know this?” Uehara said and looked carefully at Bai Yi. It was quite obvious; everybody could see what Bai Yi wanted to do.

“Concoct a type, or a few types, of potions that have a huge effect on the transformation of ice attribute energy, or through using tonic cuisine!” Bai Yi said seriously.

“Eh?” Damian and the few others immediately looked at Bai Yi in shock. What was Bai Yi trying to achieve here?

“To make a trade. I am very curious towards the method of training and transforming energy in Greivis’ hands!” Bai Yi said in a low tone, his eyes sparkling brightly.

“That’s impossible. Why would he hand over something like that?”

“No, there’s a chance. It just depends on what price I can offer. That’s why I need your help.” Bai Yi looked at Damian seriously. Damian backed away slightly under Bai Yi’s gaze, but suddenly looked at Ariza by the side who Bai Yi rescued and thought in his heart: Forget about it. I’ll just treat it as repaying the debt. Anyway, with our discrepancy in strength, there wouldn’t be anything to gain if we had any conflict.

“Please speak, Team Leader Bai Yi.”

“I need you guys to tell me about all the special plants and animals in the area, regardless if it’s ice attribute or not, poisonous or not. Tell me everything as long as you find it special. My team will produce a suitable potion and tonic cuisine within this period. Of course, this requires your cooperation. There isn’t anybody on my team with ice attributed energy, so we still need you guys to test the effects.” Bai Yi said.

“That’s impossible!”


“It’s too dangerous. Things like testing effects are really too dangerous! There are many things that cannot be touched on the Devil Isles right now.” Damian rejected Bai Yi without the slightest trace of hesitation. It was fine telling Bai Yi about those special plants and animals, but testing the effects was a no go. On Damian’s team, a woman with traces of a cold aura around her looked at Bai Yi icily. She initially had high expectations of Bai Yi since he had such great prestige; she never expected that he would want to use others as experimental subjects.

“I think you don’t have to worry about this problem.” Bai Yi pointed at Bellamy.

“Bellamy, her energy attribute is ‘purification’. It can expel any abnormal energy or substances in a person’s body. I guarantee that there won’t be any problems. Of course, if you guys still don’t believe me, you can use a plant or animal that you know to contain potent poison as a test. Afterward, you guys get a copy of the formula for all the potions and medicines that we develop. Furthermore, if the deal goes through, you guys can get Greivis’ energy transformation and cultivation method as well.” Bai Yi said with a smile.

Damian’s team looked at Bellamy in surprise. Purification! Was there really such an attribute?

“I believe that you guys won’t lose out on this deal. In the end, there isn’t anybody with the ice attribute in my team. The energy transformation and cultivation method will be most beneficial for you guys.” Bai Yi added again.

“We need to discuss this.” Damian’s team looked at each other and said.

“Sure!” Bai Yi nodded.


“Bai Yi, do you really value the energy transformation and cultivation method so much?” Vala floated inside a cave and said to Bai Yi. At this time, everybody else was sitting nearby.

“En, it’s very important.” Bai Yi nodded.

“Why can’t we just develop one ourselves?” Ulisses asked.

Everybody looked at each other after hearing Ulisses’ words, but Bai Yi shook his head. “It’s not that we can’t develop one ourselves, but if there’s a faster and more convenient way to get it, then there’s no need to be so stubborn. Activated cells and special energy are unfamiliar territories to everybody. We may be able to discover some things, but others can also similarly have some other findings. Exchanging information and making up the holes in each other’s information is the fastest way to progress. Nobody is all-powerful. A person who wants to complete everything by himself is without a doubt naïve.”

“If only there was a magic tome, then we could just flip through the book and learn whatever we wanted to. Where do you see movie characters having to go through so much trouble to figure things out for themselves?” Woolf said.

“This isn’t a movie, but I also want to get a secret martial arts manual left behind by ancient experts.” Bai Yi laughed.

“Anyway, we can’t possibly be like in the novels and movies and just learn from what the predecessors left behind. In a way, we are the predecessors. Perhaps a long time in the future, the things that we have discovered and consolidated may become the Cultivation Method, magic tomes, or the Inheritance1 to the people after us,” Bai Yi said regretfully.

“Then, won’t I be like an archmage?” Woolf couldn’t help but get excited thinking about this.

“The most you could be is probably some great warrior or battle god. Archmage probably isn’t your thing,” Betsy shrugged at Woolf.

“Battle God Woolf? That doesn’t sound too nice. Actually, who I admire the most is Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings,” Woolf thought in his head, seemingly imagining himself to be some battle god.

“What’s there to admire about an old man like Gandalf?” Betsy jabbed.

“I want to become the White Underworld Princess,” Momo raised her right hand and was also very excited.

“What is a White Underworld Princess?” Everybody looked at Momo.

“Daddy and I both have the surname Bai2, and isn’t my energy attribute the soul and death? Also, I want to be a princess.” Momo explained very seriously. The rest of them immediately started to laugh. She was really still a child, after all, wanting to become a princess like in fairy tales. With Woolf and Momo fooling around, the atmosphere became a lot livelier immediately. Everybody started to joke around about what kind of title they should give themselves.

While Bai Yi’s team was going off-topic, Damian’s team were still having their discussion. However, no matter how they thought about it, there really doesn’t seem to be any harm to them. On the contrary, they could gain huge benefits, and they really didn’t have any reason to reject.

“If that Bellamy really has the purification attribute, then we will agree to this,” Uehara said, looking at Sigrid. On Damian’s team, there were only Damian and Sigrid who were of the ice attribute. If they had to test the effects of something, Sigrid would normally be the one to do so. No matter what, Damian was still the leader.

“I’ll do it; I’ll test the potion. Bai Yi promised us that we could use poisonous plants or animals to test Bellamy’s purification energy first, so it shouldn’t be a lie. Moreover, Bai Yi wouldn’t have such high prestige for no reason. If he really was that kind of selfish person who only cared about his own interest, somebody would have realized it by now. There are a lot of smart people in this world.” Damian said.

“I’ll do it, Team Leader,” Sigrid said quietly and didn’t say anything else after that. His entire persona seemed to be recluding into a quiet shadow.

Damian looked at Sigrid before nodding. All of them knew that Sigrid was very quiet normally, but once she said something, she would basically never change her mind.


On the next day, just as they expected, Damian agreed to Bai Yi’s request. There wasn’t any negative outcome for them. They just had to tell them the location of any special plants or animals and cooperate with Betsy and Nancy to test the effects of their tonic cuisine and attribute medicine. With Bellamy around, it might be dangerous, but they would definitely not die. Furthermore, even if the deal with Greivis failed, they would gain a lot just from the recipes and formulas they would receive from Betsy and Nancy.

They knew that Greivis had been active in this mountain range recently, and Bai Yi’s team immediately started on the tests on their new recipes and formulas.

Just as Bai Yi said, they weren’t all-powerful, they couldn’t possibly think of everything themselves. As for the magic tomes that Woolf mentioned or the secret manuals that Bai Yi talked about, they were just jokes.


Translator Note:

  1. Inheritance is the sort of mysterious power or skill or items that make up an inheritance that the main characters usually find ‘by accident’ in cultivation novels that were left behind by ancient powerful beings. So they technically inherit the ancient being’s power.
  2. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but Bai means white in Chinese, hence the ‘White’ Underworld Princess.

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