Era of Disaster

Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Battle and Clues

Greivis chased after the ice beetle trying to kill it, but the monster was very strong as well and wouldn’t be killed so easily. Very quickly, the creature became completely submerged and fell to the bottom of the lake and Greivis had no chance but to return without any harvest. Seeing that his prey had disappeared, Greivis had a very sour look on his face. After staring darkly at the lake for a moment, Greivis turned around to stare at Bai Yi by the side of the lake. In his heart, this incident was purely due to Bai Yi finding trouble with him. If not for Bai Yi, he would have caught that monster.

Greivis looked at the three teams by the side of the lake, focusing especially on Bai Yi’s team.

There were twelve people on Bai Yi’s team and they all had very strong auras, while his team only had nine members. If they really ended up fighting, it would surely end with heavy losses for both sides. But, it really pisses me off to leave it like this! Greivis thought in his heart as he flew back to the side of the lake.

Bai Yi placed both of his hands inside his pockets and watched Greivis fly toward him. This was really troublesome. From the very beginning, he could tell what kind of personality Greivis had: arrogant, overbearing, and self-important. One could tell that he really didn’t believe in ‘first come first serve’ from his very first attack and only reluctantly compromised after hearing Bai Yi’s name. Right now, he was probably thinking of how to pay Bai Yi back for his actions.

Ah...really so troublesome!

“I have long heard of Team Leader Bai Yi’s strength. Would you be interested in giving me some pointers?” Greivis’ mouth cracked into a smile.

“Sure, I’ll give you some pointers,” Bai Yi said with his usual smile.

“Ah, my thanks!” Greivis said with a sinister expression when he heard that Bai Yi candidly accepting his challenge.

“Team Leader!”

 At the same time, Greivis’ team members heard him challenging Bai Yi and couldn’t help but to want to stop him. This was definitely a losing deal. Even if Greivis managed to beat Bai Yi it wouldn’t do any good for them to harm Bai Yi with his level of prestige.

However, at this time, Greivis stretched out his right hand, signaled his subordinates to keep quiet, and gestured for Bai Yi to come at him.

Bai Yi smiled faintly and suddenly disappeared from the spot.

So fast!

The Bai Yi in Greivis’ vision disappeared instantaneously. The next time he appeared Bai Yi was already right below him and his left fist viciously drove towards his abdomen.

‘Heh!’ Greivis grunted coldly, not bothering to dodge. Instead, he thrust his spear toward Bai Yi. White mist appeared instantly around the freezing cold spear as it made contact with the air.

Before anyone could realize it, Bai Yi had already drawn Red Kiss and stopped the advance of the spear, parrying it away with a ‘dang!’. At the same time, Bai Yi’s left fist had almost landed on Greivis’ abdomen. As Bai Yi’s fist approached, his hand started to freeze over and a cruel smile appeared on Greivis’ face. Was his body something that could be neared so easily? However, at that moment, Greivis’ smile stiffened on his face.

Bai Yi’s fist landed unwavering on his abdomen. A gust of air spun inwards, creating an immense suction, but abruptly reversed its direction of spin and exploded with force.

‘Ding!' the sound of the collision, and ‘pa!’, a dull impact, rang out.

The two of them split apart after a single instant of contact and floated in the air. Countless layers of ice appeared on Greivis’ body and a fist-shaped dent appeared on his abdomen with cracks spreading from it like a spider web. Greivis exhaled deeply, but once his breath left his body it turned into tiny crystal-clear pieces of ice. At this time, Bai Yi clenched his left fist. The frozen pieces on his fingers instantly shattered and the broken ice fell to the ground.

“Team Leader, this Bai Yi seem to be very strong; let’s not fight anymore!” The black bear-like guy who was more than four meters tall and incomparably bulky said. Unfortunately, the two people in the air would never listen to him.

Momo happened to be standing close to the black bear, right in the middle between both teams and couldn’t help but to look at the black bear. This black bear’s fur immediately stood on its end with a single look from Momo and he assumed a fighting pose.

“I-I am not scared of you!” The black bear wanted to put up a strong front and say that he wasn’t scared. However, the light around Momo seemed to be absorbed and her surroundings appeared significantly darker. Moreover, the few small balls of ghostly lights that floated around her really made the black bear’s blood run cold.

Momo stretched out her right hand, a ghostly light circling around her hand and the black bear immediately focused his attention on it. Suddenly, the ghostly light around Momo’s hand stretched and turned into a terrifying face of a dead person.

“AHHHHHH!!!” The black bear immediately screamed and backed far away from Momo.

Everybody turned their heads, but the ghostly ball of light turned back into looking like a stretched version of a firefly light. The terrifying face of a corpse was nowhere to be seen. However, the people in Bai Yi’s team knew that Momo was definitely scaring people again. Bai Yi specially requested that Momo make these souls stay in the form of a small ball of light; otherwise, they would really feel uncomfortable having a bunch of ghostly apparitions following them around all the time, even if they knew about the existence of souls.

“Black Bear?” Greivis’ teammate caught hold of the black bear and looked at Momo in puzzlement.

While they were fooling around below, the battle above had already resumed. With a second collision, the battle between the two of them escalated to even more intense levels, turbulent gusts of wind raged and dazzling ice flowers continuously exploded across the sky.

Bai Yi pushed off from the air and rapidly changed directions multiple times before suddenly stopping right above Greivis’ head. Before Greivis could muster his defenses completely, a fist landed hard on his face. ‘Boom!’ Greivis shot quickly into the frozen lake like a cannonball causing a huge wave to splash into the air.

Greivis floated up from the lake and half squatted on the surface, glaring at Bai Yi darkly.

Bastard. Air control, huh? No wonder you’re so fast!

He was too fast. Bai Yi’s mobility in an aerial battle was dozens of times of that on land. This was because Bai Yi could make use of the air all around him to change his direction of movement instantly unlike being on the ground where people could only push off from the ground. How could Greivis who could only flap his wings move faster than Bai Yi? Moreover, another thing that Greivis didn’t think of during the battle was that the amount of air resistance that Bai Yi faced was extremely small. That was why he could move so monstrously fast.

At this time, Bai Yi also descended from the air. A ripple spread from where the tip of his foot lightly touched the water’s surface.

Greivis grit his teeth and suddenly started to run on the water’s surface. When he was about to get close to Bai Yi, his right foot suddenly slammed down violently. ‘BOOM!’ As if a bomb went off below the lake, huge waves splashed up into the sky all around them. At this moment, Greivis pointed his spear at Bai Yi and the extreme cold energy in his body erupted with all the force he could muster.

Infinite Frozen River!

‘Kacha’ sounds rang out continuously. The waves that splashed high into the sky instantly froze over before they could come down and froze Bai Yi inside. However, in the eyes of the others, Greivis was just using a large-scale freezing attack on an empty space above the water’s surface. Bai Yi had clearly outflanked him and already arrived right beside him.

“Team leader!” The black bear started shouting again.

Greivis instantly sensed something and thrust his spear into the lake. In the next moment, the lake started to freeze over with Greivis at the center. Ice instantly formed around Bai Yi’s feet and rapidly shot up all the way up to his waist before stopping. From the looks of it, Bai Yi looked like he had been frozen to the surface of the lake.

However, at this moment, Greivis just looked at the dark red blade pointed right at his heart silently.


If Bai Yi had wanted to kill him, he could have done it long ago. If not for this being just a sparring session, he would have probably died for real when he thought that Bai Yi was still in front of him. This Bai Yi, how did he confuse his sights and sneak beside him? Greivis looked into Bai Yi’s eyes that were gradually turning back to normal, seemingly able to guess something.

“Hmph!” Greivis grunted coldly and walked to the side of the lake, leaving with his team without saying a word.

At this time, the black bear continuously apologized to Momo and the rest and only hurried to run after his teammates once he saw that everybody else had left.

“That black bear is really interesting.” Betsy laughed.

“Haha yeah, that guy is really quite funny.”

“He’s a black bear,” Momo said. The rest of them were surprised for a moment hearing that. He was a black bear? He was probably similar to Sharpei and Pupu and only started to learn the human language recently. That was probably why he appeared to be such a joke.

“Hey, can somebody help me to melt the ice? I can’t move.” Bai Yi said helplessly.

“Seriously?” Woolf and the rest were all taken aback hearing his words.

After Greivis and his team left, Bai Yi still remained frozen to the lake. At first, they thought that Bai Yi was just acting cool, but from the looks of it now that didn’t seem to be the case. Betsy and Melvin immediately ran over, helping Bai Yi melt the ice. However, once Betsy and Melvin tried to do so, they immediately realized that something was wrong. So hard! The layer of ice freezing Bai Yi’s legs was unimaginably hard. Even if as they used their flames to heat the ice, the ice was melting at a very slow pace.

“This level of freezing!” All of them were astounded.

“En, I was just one step faster than him.” Bai Yi nodded.

“Deep Freeze!” At this time, the team leader of the other team came over and said to Bai Yi. “I’m sorry that I am only introducing myself now. I am Damian the team leader of this group.”

“Hello, I am Bai Yi, and these are my teammates.” Bai Yi said with a smile, not minding it at all.

“Can I ask what Deep Freeze is?”

“Greivis discovered a method to cultivate and transform special energy to turn the energy in his body into the extreme cold attribute. This is also why he’s very famous in the area.” Damian said.

At this time, Bai Yi was slightly shocked in his heart. A method to cultivate and transform energy – Cultivation Method1!


Translator Note:

  1. So cultivation method (功法) is probably something familiar to wuxia, xuanhuan, and cultivation novels. It refers a certain systematic or ordered way of moving the energy, qi, chakra, or whatever form of energy the novel adopts in order to develop and cultivate the energy inside someone to become more powerful. Bai Yi is shocked about the appearance of something in ‘real life’ that should have only belonged in wuxia novels.

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