Epoch of Twilight

Chapter 534

Chapter 534 - Dimensional Tear

A large laboratory that looked like a space station now existed in the empty space within the miniaturized universe. It was a giant cube with length, width, and height that were more than 100 meters. Of course, to a giant like Luo Yuan who had a height of 21 meters, it was still a cramped laboratory.

The cubic space was completely enclosed and there were no exits. All the materials used were highly compressed critical metals, with a density of 300,000 tons per cubic meter.

It was the limit of his current ability. Even a neutron could hardly penetrate through such a high-density metal.

After cleaning the remaining gases and dust repeatedly, it seemed like the space was now a complete vacuum.

Despite it being a laboratory, it was not equipped with any instruments or facilities as most of the biological experiments had already been completed. The only experimental subject left was him and this was also the toughest part of the experiment.

Being a part four-dimensional being, Luo Yuan had somehow exceeded the limit of a three-dimensional creature to some extent. Not only had his tissues, cells, and chromosomes changed significantly, even the microscopic particles experienced some slight changes.

About 70% to 80% of atoms in his body did not actually exist in this world, they scattered around in the space of different dimensions.

These atoms were not stationary as they would shift their positions from time to time. They would experience dimensional tears occasionally. Also, there were atoms that gained immense strength all of a sudden, traveling to the fourth-dimension. However, there was a balance between such atoms.

The speed of change was beyond imagination. Under normal circumstances, the number of atoms that either experienced a dimensional tear or upgrade in a few seconds was the total number of atoms in the human body. Being in the state of transcendence, the time taken for this to happen would be reduced to some ten-thousandths of a second.

That being said, not only did his body exist in this world, at the same time, his body existed in other spaces as well. With his four-dimensional body in addition to the vigorous vibration of the high-frequency atoms, the difficulty level to compress the atoms had been increased.

He had done countless trials throughout the year. However, he failed. It was impossible for him to control the atoms that existed in the infinite space.

These failures were not useless as he had slowly identified his direction. However, he had to do something risky.

At that moment, Luo Yuan was sitting in the laboratory with his legs crossed. A thick beam of light was released from his body and the space around him vibrated slightly, causing the wall of the whole spaceship to give a sudden tremble.

He then extended his hand. The next moment, the skin covering his palm gradually disappeared, revealing the bloody flesh beneath. Before the dripping blood had even fallen down to the ground, it disappeared. Even the flesh had quickly disappeared, leaving only jade-white bones on sight.

It resembled a virus that was being spread quickly throughout his body. A few seconds later, even his arm had disappeared as if it had vaporized in the air. Soon, it spread quickly across his chest and legs.

A few seconds later, his body had completely disappeared. Even the energy crystal had decomposed, leaving only his head that lingered in the air.

Luo Yuan then opened his eyes maintaining a blank facial expression. He had lost his body. However, to him, he felt nothing strange. Perhaps his body had not disappeared, it was just existing in a different form now.

Luo Yuan could clearly sense that each of the atoms that had left his body was still connected to him, including the ones that were in the three-dimensional world as well as those that were in spaces of different dimensions.

They had a close connection with each other. Therefore, he dared to give it a try.

Soon, his head had disappeared, turning his whole body into atoms that could move freely about.

At that moment, it seemed like time had stopped!

Right at the moment when his head had disappeared, Luo Yuan's mind was empty. His mind went blank and it lasted for about thousandths of a second. Soon, beams of light gradually appeared in the laboratory, that was the energy released by the high-energy atoms during a dimensional tear.

At the same time, his consciousness fluctuated a little, appearing in space as well.

At the beginning, the fluctuations in consciousness were weak, resembling a spark that was about to extinguish. However, it instantly became clearer and stronger.

To Luo Yuan, he was absent-minded for only a short while and soon, he had regained his consciousness.


He had never felt so weak before. Under such conditions, the cold fusion reaction in his body had completely stopped. Even the energy crystal had been decomposed into microscopic particles. The atoms that experienced a dimensional tear were supplying his brain with energy. Otherwise, he would have died.

However, to Luo Yuan who possessed the prediction ability, it was evident that the risk was inevitable. Perhaps he could have attempted it countless of times by using his prediction ability.

Luo Yuan quickly calmed himself down after the negative emotions flashed through his mind.

He had lost his five senses alongside his body. It did not seem that he had completely lost his senses, though. A small portion of his four-dimensional sense still existed. It was slowly becoming blurry, though.

During the dimensional tear, his body had gradually left the fourth-dimension. However, this was his main intention.

That was right. Since being a part four-dimensional being would give him no way of compressing his body, he might as well turn his body back to its four-dimensional version.

Under normal circumstances, this would never happen. Be it he was in the state of transcendence or even under normal conditions, a certain amount of atoms in his body would always exist in other dimensions at the same time. The only difference was the frequency of change of the atoms.

Of course, when all the atoms in his body could move freely about, they would have lost energy in order to supply for a dimensional upgrade. Therefore, the atoms could hardly undergo any dimensional upgrades.

He remained still and waited patiently in silence. The energy released by the atoms during the dimensional tear was adequate to supply his brain and could even cover the entire miniaturized universe that had a diameter of more than 1,000 kilometers. Despite the fact that such power was incomparable to being in the state of complete victory, it was sufficient to handle the upcoming experiment.

As time passed, the laboratory remained silent. The entire space was shrouded in lights emitted by the atoms that experienced a dimensional tear.

It had been more than 10 hours. The number of atoms that were going through a dimensional upgrade had been reduced from 7.65% to 0.01% and it was still constantly reducing.

As the time was approaching, he started to concentrate and focus his Will...

At that very moment, when all the atoms were falling, signs of death appeared. Luo Yuan's consciousness had vibrated vigorously and all the atoms were shrouded in his immense Will.

It seemed like he was racing with death. Right after all the atoms had fallen, his brain no longer had an energy supply. The remaining energy could only last for about five to seven minutes or even shorter. Under such conditions, his prediction ability had disappeared. Even if he could predict any scenes, he would not be able to visualize the outcome. He could only rely on calculations and estimations with significant error.

Although five to seven minutes seemed long, it was only sufficient to maintain the basic need of his consciousness. Depleting a large portion of his energy, the time would be reduced by thousands of times and he would eventually die.

Fortunately, to Luo Yuan, even if one second was left, it was sufficient for him to perform the calculations.

Luo Yuan was never a risk-seeker. Especially when he was dominated by his rationality, he would never think of taking a risk. He would not have considered such a risky approach if he had no confidence at all.

Right this moment, all the atoms that had left his body were being compressed by his Will, exploding into a beam of dazzling, glowing energy. Soon, the compressed atoms were being drawn to the center, stirring up a strong wind in the vacuumed space.

There were substances that quickly appeared out of nowhere, expanding in an instant like a balloon.

After one-tenth of a second, a brain floated in mid-air.

The bowl-sized brain had a ceramic white color. It had a shiny surface that looked like a metal. Initially, after he had his Will focused, it had been weakened. However, all of a sudden, his Will was being strengthened as if there was a powerful energy supporting him.

Waves appeared in the space again!