Dimensional Sovereign


Beginning of the War (1)


“Wek! Aigoo! I-I will die…!” 

The men vomiting on the floor hurriedly got up and disappeared. 

After losing a few drinks, they realized what a shameful appearance they were showing. 

“Thank you. Thank you for helping me escape.” 

The woman said while respectfully bowing to Kang-jun. 

Kang-jun’s eyes widened with surprise. 

Come to think of it, the woman’s face was fantastic. Jewel like eyes and shining hair! The moist, pink lips beneath the nose! The perfectly curved waist line! 

It was no wonder why the drunks lost themselves. 

Well, that wasn’t important right now. 

“What did I do? Anyway, I am quite busy.” 

“Wait a minute. Let me buy you some coffee for the help…” 

“That’s okay. Please be careful from now on. Many humans turn into dogs after drinking at night.” 

After saying that, Kang-jun moved away as swiftly as the wind. 

The woman Yoo Seo-rin stared after him with a strange expression. She had thanked Kang-jun for his courageous actions. But was it normal to shrug that off from someone with her appearance? He just walked away like nothing had happened. 

‘An unusual person.’ 

Yoo Seo-rin looked at Kang-jun who was limping away. 

On the other hand, Kang-jun was walking away as quickly as possible. 

In fact, he inwardly thought it was a pity. It was a rare opportunity to drink coffee with a pretty girl. But right now he was in a hurry. 

‘I need to quickly gather black magic energy to open the door to Hwanmong.’ 

If he opened the door to Hwanmong then the first mission would be completed. He could also level up so it was the most important job right now. 

How long did he walk thinking about it? 

‘This place is?’ 

It was the park. And the scene that Kang-jun’s eyes caught! 

High school students seemed to be engaged in a fight. No, it was more like one person was being hit than a fight. 

Peok peok! 



Three boys were being surrounded by 10 people and seemed to be in a serious situation at first glance. 

“Hey you! What are you doing?” 

Kang-jun stared screaming. 

In fact, it wasn’t easy to interfere in fights with bad students. Adults who tried to interfere would be badly beaten or even killed by the street youths. 

Therefore, Kang-jun wouldn’t have called the police even if both his legs were working. Of course, that was the Kang-jun yesterday. But now Kang-jun was different. 

“Stop it quickly!” 

Kang-jun yelled while approaching. 

Then a few students turned and glared at Kang-jun. 

“What is this brat saying?” 


They were dumbfounded when they verified that Kang-jun was alone. 

“Hey, hyung! Just go.” 

“This X! Meddling for nothing.” 

“If you don’t want to get hit then get lost!” 

“Kik! Look at his lame leg. What is he going to do with that?” 

“Eh, he is just a stupid cripple!” 

Kang-jun stiffened at this moment. 

‘These guys are the real thing.’ 

However, he had no intention of fighting. He didn’t want to feel the punishment he had dealt out. 


He couldn’t just face one or two people. If he gathered black magic energy individually then it would take too long to open the door to Hwanmong. 

The mission was more important right now. Kang-jun used superhuman patience and refrained from replying. 

Light flashed in his eyes. 

The groups of students laughing suddenly stiffened like they had been struck by lightning. 



It suddenly became quiet. The complexion of the students turned white but no noises could be heard. 

What happened? 

They couldn’t move like their bodies had turned to stone. Their mouths couldn’t open. Tongue and lips seemed paralyzed. 


‘Ugh! Mu mouth isn’t moving!’ 

It gave them tremendous fear. It seemed like they would be mute with terror forever. They were in a terrible state where they couldn’t even eat or drink water. 

But there was even more. 

They could only see darkness. Nothing was visible except darkness. In addition, there was no sound. 

Following the attack, their hearing and vision would become paralyzed. 

Petrification! The people felt like they had been turned to stone. 

Ah, how could they live in this state? They would rather die. 

Tears formed in their eyes but couldn’t drop. They couldn’t feel any of their senses. 


Kang-jun clicked his tongue. 

He was surprised as well. He just cursed them to stop the swearing but didn’t know it would make their mouths numb. 

No, their whole bodies became numb. The black magic energy seemed much stronger compared to when he absorbed energy from the drunks. As a result, he was like a person who was unprepared to bring cows into a slaughterhouse. 

‘Is it like a critical explosion?’ 

If this continued then he wouldn’t even need the punishment field. Maybe they would really die? 

‘That’s not it. A paralysis will loosen after a while.’ 

It was intuition. His instincts told him that. It was like he absorbed bizarre knowledge along with the black magic energy. 

In other words, black magic granted temporary fear but it didn’t do any actual harm! 


[Black Magic Energy 53/100] 

[Filling up the black magic energy will open the door to Hwanmong.] 


Thanks to absorbing black magic from 13 people, his points went over the halfway mark. 


“I-I can move my mouth.” 

“My body is moving!” 

“Ah! My eyes can see again!” 

The paralyzed students started moving again. But they panicked when they looked at Kang-jun. It seemed like they were looking at a ghost or monster. 

It was a natural reaction. 

Kang-jun stared at them and said. 

“Why are you bullying other people? And cursing at me? Are you sure you have nothing to fear in this world?” 

“I-I was wrong.” 

“I won’t do it again.” 

The students flinched and answered. They were so intimidated it was difficult for them to stand up straight. Kang-jun didn’t know if they heard his words or not. Would disciplining them do any good? 

“You, 112! And the one next to you, 119! Call them.” 


“Call straight away! Don’t you know what that means?” 

“Ah, I know.” 

The frozen students took out their smartphones to call. 

They were more afraid of Kang-jun so they felt relieved when he told them to call the police. In fact, it seemed like a better idea to be caught by the police. 

“Tell the police what happened here when they arrive.” 


“I will check it. If you tell a lie then I will ensure you stay permanently in that state. Do you understand?” 


Kang-jun glared at them furiously before leaving the park. 

Eeeeng – 

After a while, the siren sound of a police car came closer. He also heard the some of 119 emergency vehicles. 

‘They will take care of it.’ 

Kang-jun had finished what he needed to do. 

The police and 119 emergency services would take care of the rest. They were meant to deal with things like this.



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