Dimensional Sovereign


Punishment Field (2)

This was a lawless zone where rules didn’t exist! There was only the punishment. 

Cho Sang-jin flinched and took a step back. 

“Wahh! W-wait a minute! L-let’s speak…” 

Nonsense! What was needed other than a good fist? 

Kang-jun grabbed Cho Sang-jin’s arm and bent back one of his fingers. 


Cho Sang-jin’s finger was broken. 


Brutal techniques that were never used in a real duel. Kang-jun had never used such terrible techniques until now. 

Kang-jun continued to bend back Cho Sang-jin’s other fingers. 

Wooduk! Ujijik! 

“Kuaaak! Aaack! H-help me…” 

He could hear the wailing screams but Kang-jun didn’t stop. 

He started furiously punching Cho Sang-jin. 

Peok peok peok – 

He hadn’t exercised for a while but it was sufficient to crack Cho Sang-jin’s face. 

Was it too harsh? Of course, it really was harsh. 

But what about it? This wasn’t actually happening. It was only intended to cause fear. He had to strike terror in Cho Sang-jin. If he was scared then he wouldn’t bother Kang-jun any further. 

‘Anyway, this is enough.’ 

He thought that ruining Cho Sang-jin’s face and spirit was enough punishment. But the information that appeared in his field of vision was different from expected. 


[The target has not received enough punishment.] 

[The field time left is 10 seconds.] 



Cho Sang-jin was currently in a state just before death. Yet it still wasn’t enough punishment? 

‘It wants more? Don’t tell me it wants me to kill him?’ 

No matter how bad they were, killing people? But he couldn’t hesitate. If Cho Sang-jin didn’t receive sufficient punishment then Kang-jun would be cursed. 

‘I’m not really killing someone.’ 

Kang-jun clenched his teeth and stared at Cho Sang-jin. 

Cho Sang-jin’s body was trembling from the pain. He could read the intentions in Kang-jun’s eyes. 

“Ehhh! H-help me…” 

But Kang-jun just threw a punch with all his strength at Cho Sang-jun’s head. 


Until now, he had just been hitting recklessly. But now it had power. His fist fell down like lightning. 

And that was the end. 

Cho Sang-jin’s body slumped down. 


Kang-jun breathed out. 

It was a terrible thing that he wouldn’t have committed in reality. 

Killing people. 

‘Damn! I am really glad this is a virtual space.’ 

A punishment that required killing the target! It was a really terrible punishment. 


[You have sufficiently punished Cho Sang-jin.] 

[The field will shortly disappear.] 



The surrounding space started to distort. 


[You have won the battle. However, the battle took place in the punishment field so you won’t get any experience.] 

[If you want to obtain experience and become stronger then open the door to Hwanmong.] 


‘The door to Hwanmong? Experience? Become stronger?’ 

The statement in front of Kang-jun disappeared again. Kang-jun realized what it meant quickly. 

‘So it means I can raise my level?’ 

It meant that gaining experience could raise his level. It was absurd but Kang-jun already took it for granted that the black magic was like a game. 

‘Level up!’ 

If so, that should be his priority. 

He could level up like a game! 


In the meantime, the punishment field faded and the original appearance returned. 

The colourful nightlife of the city. And two people standing on the side of the street. They were Kang-jun and Cho Sang-jin. 

The pale and horrified Cho Sang-jin was staring like he was seeing a ghost. 

“S…spare me, hyung-nim…” 

But Kang-jun just stared coldly at Cho Sang-jin. A solid finish was needed after the punishment. He reached out to Cho Sang-jin’s shoulders and said. 

“Don’t tease me carelessly with that mouth. If you spout any more bullshit then you really will die.” 

“…Yes, yes.” 

Cho Sang-jin started bowing nervously. 

Tears and a runny nose! He seemed crazy. 

‘The punishment field isn’t useless.’

He could take care of anyone like this in the future using the punishment field. Even if it was horrible, Kang-jun could do terrible things in the virtual space that wasn’t sanctioned in reality. However, it would cause the other party horror and fear. Those type of people would be subject to punishment. 

Anyway, right now the most important thing was opening the door to Hwanmong! It was necessary to obtain 100 points of black magic energy. 

His current black magic energy was 9/100. 

He needed to collect 91 points. Usually he got 3~4 points at a time so he needed to absorb the energy of at least 30 people. However, black magic couldn’t be used on just anyone. 

Kang-jun wouldn’t absorb it from good people without any sins. 

‘There is an overabundance of bad guys that I can collect black magic energy from.’ 

Kang-jun made a vow on how he used the black magic. If possible, only absorb the energy of bad guys! Of course, the criteria for bad actions might be unfair considering it was based on Kang-jun’s subjective judgement. 

‘I should think three times before using black magic.’ 

He was busy thinking while walking. 

“Kyaaak! Why are you doing this?” 

“Hihihi! What’s wrong?” 

“Pretty girl, just drink with us.” 

Drunk men in their 20s were making a scene at passing women. 

“Sorry, I am busy.” 

“Aish! Why are you busy?” 

The women wanted nothing to do with the reckless drunks. 

In fact, this was a common scene in the streets at night. In the past, he had just ignored it. The situation would become more serious if he reported it to the police so he just left. If he tried to help then he would just suffer in vain. 

But things were different now.  

Limp. Limp. 

Kang-jun silently limped towards the side of the drunk men. In the meantime, the drunks had been persistently annoying a smaller woman. 

“Let’s go together.” 

“Let go of me!” 

Under the influence of alcohol, they thought all pretty girls were interested in them but that was further from the truth. And he said he would think about it three times. So he would give them one last chance. 

Well, the conclusion was obvious. 

Kang-jun looked at them with the eyes of a predator that found its prey and said. 

“Stop and go home. The woman said no.” 

Then one of the men watching Kang-jun exclaimed. 


“What did you say?” 

“What on earth is this? It would be better if you stop drinking and go home. Standing over a woman like that makes you look really ugly.” 

“What? This crazy bastard! Aren’t you going to get lost?” 

“What does this have to do with you? You lame bastard.” 

“You are trying to interrupt with that stupid leg? Do you want to die?” 

They reacted just like he expected. They had started off with sexual harassment in the first place. 

‘These guys aren’t eligible to drink. I will make them vomit out the drinks!’ 

An eerie light shone in Kang-jun’s eyes. 

And the man Kang-jun turned towards suddenly fell and started vomiting. 

“Ooh! Why am I so dizzy? Kuweek!” 

“Wuweeek -!” 

“Uwek! A-aigoo! I am dying…!” 

With a pale complexion and mouth aimed towards the ground, the men could no longer look tough. 


[Black Magic Energy 12/100] 

[Black Magic Energy 15/100] 


The welcome words emerged in front of Kang-jun and confirmed that his black magic was filling up. 


[Black Magic Energy 18/100] 

[Filling up the black magic energy will open the door to Hwanmong.] 


These words could only be seen by Kang-jun. 

If other people saw words pop out of nowhere then they would be startled.



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