Dimensional Sovereign


Punishment Field (1)


Kang-jun’s eyes widened with surprise. Meanwhile, the sentence had disappeared again. 

‘Unbelievable! It was real!’ 

Kang-jun was astonished and ran back to his goshiwon. 


He closed the door and sighed. 


Kang-jun sat down on his bed. 


He needed to organize his thoughts. It was confusing but he could make a rough estimate of what happened. 

‘So I absorbed Cho Sang-jin’s strength.’ 

It was similar to how he absorbed the energy of the guy in the room next door earlier. 

‘It seems obvious.’ 

Yes. Now he remembered clearly. 

‘Black Magic Energy 10/100’ 

The words had disappeared but they still remained in his memory. 

‘In other words, if I absorb black energy from someone and reach 100 points then the door to Hwanmong will open.’ 

No matter how much he thought, this was the only conclusion he came to. 

Then the door to Hwanmong? He remembered it. 


Mission 1. 

-Gather black magic and open the door to Hwanmong. 

-Compensation: Reconstruction of the flesh 


It was the first of 100 missions that Kang-jun needed to do! In other words, if he completed the first mission then the door to Hwanmong would open. 

‘Ha. This was real?’ 

Kang-jun’s heart was running wild as he pinched his cheeks. 


Really painful. 

‘I pinched too hard.’ 

But this pain proved it was real and not a dream. 

And at the same time, it meant that Kang-jun had a strange power. The power of black magic! 

It was really possible? 

Kang-jun jumped up. 

‘Yes. I want to check it again.’ 

He looked for someone to absorb power again. There were many people similar to Cho Sang-jin scattered around the streets at night. 

Cho Sang-jin was sitting down with a troubled expression in front of the building and shouted as he saw Kang-jun.

“Hey! Limp! You come here! What did you say earlier?” 

Kang-jun ignored him and walked past. 

“Don’t run away you X (censored swear word)! Are you coming over here?” 

“Stop it, Cho Sang-jin.” 

“No, I would let that X go. Does he really want to go to hell?” 

However, Cho Sang-jin’s rough face was pale. 

He got up but staggered like he was going to collapse at any moment. Nevertheless, he still clung to his wicked actions. 

“That X bastard needs to become my cigarette shuttle! Or else I will sell his organs.” 

Kang-jun became furious. 

‘Cigarette shuttle? What is with my organs?’ 

A cigarette shuttle. This meant Kang-jun had to constantly deliver cigarettes. It meant he needed to offer a cigarette whenever Cho Sang-jin needed it. 

It was similar to always buying bread for spoiled students. He was like that once. But it was really terrible in the long term. 

There was also talking about taking Kang-jun’s organs and selling them. 

Was that something a human could say? Even if he didn’t like talking badly about other people, Cho Sang-jin was literally the scum of the human race. 

‘I can really see it.’ 

He had endured it for as long as possible. Did he need to have any more patience towards a person like that? 

Of course not. 

In that case, he would use his black magic! A misfortune that would happen not once but twice to Cho Sang-jin! Everything would be inflicted on him. 

‘Blame it on your dirty mouth, Cho Sang-jin.’ 

Kang-jun had figured out the method to absorb the strength of others. 

A strong desire to curse the other person! In other words, he had to hate his opponent in order to trigger the black magic. It was just like when the guy next door lost energy or Cho Sang-jin suddenly staggered. 

Of course, he needed to confirm it once again. 

‘Cho Sang-jin! You are not qualified to open your dirty mouth and speak. I will suck out your strength before you can open your mouth again.’ 

Kang-jun finished cursing Cho Sang-jin. 

At that moment, like he expected. 


Kang-jun’s eyes eerily shone as he started at Cho Sang-jin. 


[The strength of the target is too low.] 

[The black magic energy is unable to be absorbed.] 


[Instead, you can punish the target.] 

[Would you like to consume 1 black magic energy to open the punishment field? Yes/No] 


‘What is this?’ 

Kang-jun was blank for a moment. It wasn’t difficult to understand the meaning of the sentence that appeared in front of him. 

He was certain that black magic would be triggered once he completed the curse. But Cho Sang-jin’s energy was too low so the black magic energy couldn’t be absorbed. It was probably due to that fact that Kang-jun had just recently absorbed energy from him. 

Instead, he could punish Cho Sang-jin. What type of punishment was it? 

‘Anyway, yes!’ 

He was eager to further explore what it meant by punishment. In addition, he could refill the consumed black magic energy. 


[1 black magic energy has been consumed.] 

[The lowest grade punishment system has been opened.] 



The surroundings started to become dark. 


[Punishment Field] 

-Rating: Lowest grade 

-Duration: 1 minute. 


The surrounding space instantly became dark. 

But this darkness wasn’t normal. 

He could miraculously see perfectly despite the complete darkness. 


[This is a virtual space created for punishment.] 

[The real world won’t be affected by what happens in here and the memory will remain with the target.] 


‘A virtual space? Then nothing that happens here will affect reality?’ 

At that moment, someone appeared in front of him. A human looking around with a bewildered expression. 

It was Cho Sang-jin. 

Kang-jun finally realized what it meant by the punishment. This was a bizarre space outside of reality. 

A so-called virtual space! 

In addition, Cho Sang-jun was in front of him with a blank expression so Kang-jun knew the existence of this virtual space was real. It meant the memory of what happened here would remain. 


[Start the punishment!] 

[If the punishment isn’t sufficient then you will be cursed instead.] 


[The field time left is 60 seconds.] 

[The field time left is 59 seconds.] 


He had no time to hesitate. 


Kang-jun immediately walked towards Cho Sang-jin. 

This was a virtual space but he was still limping uncomfortably. On the other hand, Cho Sang-jin was standing still in this dark place because he couldn’t see. 

Then Kang-jun’s two eyes shone in the darkness. 

“Kukuk! This X cigarette shuttle! Do you want me to break your remaining leg? Or do you really want to be robbed of your organs?” 

Cho Sang-jin still hadn’t realized the situation he was facing. If he was wise, he would wonder about this strange space and where Kang-jun was. Of course, even then he wouldn’t be able to avoid the punishment. 

No, if he was really wise then he wouldn’t have touched Kang-jun from the very beginning. 

Kang-jun was a taekwondo 3rd dan. It was impossible for him to do the dazzling kicks like before but he didn’t need his feet. 


Kang-jun quietly made a fist. 

He hit Cho Sang-jin exactly in the nose. 


The nose broke immediately. 




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