Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 36: Way of the Sovereign (3)

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Sungkwang building, Paris Bakery on the 1st floor. 

Kang-jun, Keirun, the ratigers and giant ratians were fighting against the gnomes. 

“Kuweeeh! How dare you invade the area of the gnomes! I won’t forgive you!” 

An intermediate gnome in the shape of a human monster with four arms. The arms were holding a sword, axe, spear and shield! An enemy that could brandish three weapons freely while defending with a shield. 

However, that was just the outside appearance. Kang-jun moved quickly due to Aura of the Wind and instantly arrived in front of the intermediate gnome. 

Kang-jun avoided the dizzying flurry of offensive weapons and kneed the arm holding the axe. 



The intermediate gnome screamed and hesitated, giving Kang-jun a chance to attack the axe in rapid succession. 

Papak! Papapak! 



[Experience has risen.] 

[Your level has risen.] 

[30 nodes have been gained.] 


"Huhu, level up!” 

“Ohh! Congratulations, Lord!” 

The gnomes tried to resist but collapsed helplessly in front of the skillful attacks of Kang-jun and Keirun. 


[The Paris Bakery has been occupied.] 

[A gnome treasure chest has been obtained.] 


The 1st floor Paris Bakery had been successfully taken over. Unfortunately, he didn’t get any information about the bakery, but did gain a treasure chest. 


[43 nodes have been gained.] 

[Two fragrant garlic bread have been obtained.] 


[Fragrant garlic bread] 


-Physical damage will increase for 90 minutes after ingesting it. 

-100% freshness (freshness and efficiency will decline over time) 


Surprisingly, the bread gave him a buff that increased physical damage for 90 minutes. 

There was no need to use it sparingly. The freshness and efficiency would drop so it was better to eat it as soon as possible. 

'There are two so I will eat one.’ 

Kang-jun immediately ate one piece of bread. In addition, Keirun ate the other one. 


[Physical attack power has increased by 10%.] 

[The effect will last for 90 minutes.] 


"Okay. Now we will go to the basement.” 

“Yes, Lord!” 

The basement had a tonkatsu store. There was a formidable counterattack by the gnomes. However, Kang-jun had reached Lv9 so they were just like a hearty snack. 


[Sungkwang Tonkatsu has been occupied.] 

[A gnome treasure chest has been obtained.] 


He opened the box and obtained 74 nodes. 

“Next is the 2nd floor! Ratigers! Smash the door!" 

"As Lord wills!” 

Swiik! Kwaang! 

The ratigers attacked the door of the Tsingtao Pub on the 2nd floor. 

They engaged in a fierce battle with the gnomes who came out straight away. 


[Tsingtao has been occupied.] 

[A gnome treasure chest has been obtained.] 


[The elite mathematics school on the 3rd floor has been occupied.] 

[A gnome treasure chest has been obtained.] 


[The elite mathematics school on the 4th floor has been occupied.] 

[A gnome treasure chest has been obtained.] 

They all instantly collapsed in front of Kang-jun. When it came to experience and tenacity in battles, Kang-jun fell behind Keirun. 

Thanks to that, Kang-jun easily reached Lv11 and Keirun Lv2. 

Kang-jun gained three levels but Keirun barely gained one. Just like he said, he only obtained a very small amount of experience. 

"Kuahahaha! Wuhahaha! Level up!” 

Yet Keirun shouted with joy as he gained a level. 

“Kuhuk! Lord! I finally levelled up!” 

Tears even formed in his eyes. 

He had been stuck at Lv1 in the past. 

A lot of time was spent as a shadow sovereign. No, there was also the many years he spent in hell. 

Although he unfortunately didn’t become a sovereign, he was able to join the household of one and level up again. Depending on his efforts, his level would continue to rise in the future. 

Keirun’s heart felt like it was going to burst. Kang-jun just smiled. 

"Congratulations Keirun.” 

"I also have to congratulate Lord. Today you have gained three levels.” 

"It is the result of willingly taking risks.” 

"That's correct. It is just getting started. Lord has to become much stronger.” 

"Of course." 

After opening all of the gnomes’ treasure chests, the following items emerged. 


284 nodes. 

Three minor health potions. 

Three minor black magic energy potions. 


[Minor black energy potion] 

-Drinking it will recover 40 black magic energy. 


Kang-jun could finally recover black magic energy in Hwanmong. Although it was only 40 points, it would be a very useful item when needed. 

"Now it’s time for the last boss. We should go quickly before the effect of the garlic bread runs out. Before that, check if there are any threats to the base.” 

Kang-jun’s eyes became more intense after his level rose. 

"Currently, there are no real threats to the base. You can safely focus on targeting the boss.” 

Keirun’s eyes also become fiercer. He didn’t forget to frequently check on the Dafeng building. 

“Then let’s go.” 

Kang-jun grabbed the Solid Iron Axe tightly as he climbed up to the roof. 

The extended roof area had a school playground built on it. 

Dozens of gnomes were in the middle. 

There were also four intermediate gnomes. 

There was a cat monster with golden fur in the front. 

Half-folded ears. Burning golden fur that seemed to rise. Two large, sparkling eyes. 

It was an odd monster with the head of a cat and the body of a boy. 

“Bah! You managed to climb up to here. But this is where your luck runs out. I am Rodiam! I will let you know what it means to invade the area of the gnomes.” 

They were words that were intended to cause fear! It was unexpected that such words would emerge from the mouth of a cute cat. 

However, Kang-jun and Keirun’s eyes widened the moment they heard he was Rodiam. 

The gnome boss! The boss of Sungkwang building! 

"Is that cute guy really Rodiam?” 

"Lord, you should be vigilant against cute looks.” 

"Don't worry.” 

Kang-jun nodded. Just like Keirun said, he absolutely couldn’t let his guard down. 

Rodiam was a boss monster so he would have formidable attack power. 

Not surprisingly, Rodiam’s body then changed into a giant monster with the head of a cow. He was over four metres tall. Two red horns formed that reminded Kang-jun of the devil. 

Keirun paled. 


“Shit! Isn’t he fairly big?” 

Kang-jun was distracted by the fact that he grew to over four metres. It was questionable if a blow from an axe would damage it. 

Keirun’s eyes flashed as he said. 

"The minotaur is a giant monster with the brute force of an ogre. A monster that absolutely can’t be present in a low rise building like this. Despite the appearance, the actual combat capabilities won’t be that great.” 

"The surface might look like that but he is still a gnome. I can face him.” 

Rodiam’s mood seemed to worsen as he heard Kang-jun and Keirun’s mocking words. 

“Kuwaaah! Gnomes rise! Show these cheeky intruders your fury.” 

“Kuweeeh! Spread fears among the intruders!” 

"Kwaaang! Show the anger of the gnomes!” 

The gnomes came flocking. Kang-jun hurriedly exclaimed. 

“Keirun, lead the troops to handle the mobs. I will deal with the boss.” 

"Yes, Lord. Please go.” 

Keirun started to give commands as Kang-jun moved. 

“Ratigers, forward! Archers, aim at the intermediate gnome in front. Giant ratian no. 1 should escort the archers while no. 2 should support the ratigers.” 

Kwa kwang! Syuok! Papapak! 

In an instant, one intermediate gnome broke and returned to the earth. Two gnomes were laying still on the ground. 

Kang-jun was filled with admiration. 

'He is better at that.’ 

The ratigers, giant ratians and ratian archers moved naturally like they were Keirun’s limbs. 

'Huhu, I should go quickly.’ 

The sovereign directed the commander, who in turn led the soldiers. 

Keirun was a competent commander. Kang-jun could feel very reassured with a commander like that. 

Keirun gave a leisurely smile. 

“Lord! Leave these wannabes to me. Please be careful.” 

“I understand. Don't worry.” 

In the meantime, Kang-jun confronted Rodiam, who was a large minotaur. 

“Kukukuku! Let me how you what a real weapon is!” 

Rodiam held up a large battle axe. Kang-jun was filled with tension. 

'That is an oversized weapon.’ 

Whether it was transformed or not, he couldn’t ignore the strength that would come from that oversized body. 

It was the same for the weapon. 

One blow would evidently have considerable strength. 

Rodiam mercilessly wielded the battle axe. 

Hwing! Hwing! Hwing hwing hwing! 

Surprisingly, the speed was very rapid. 

Sswik! Hwing hwing! 

A vertical and horizontal offensive! It struck twice in succession. 


Kang-jun hurriedly bent over but the battle axe struck his left shoulder. 



His tattered left shoulder and arm caused him a lot of pain. 

‘Ugh, shit!’ 


Health: 208/290. 


He lost 80 health from just one hit. 


Kang-jun reflexively retreated as he removed a potion from his pocket and poured it into his mouth. 

“Kukukuku! Do you think you can escape?” 

Rodiam came chasing after him. 

‘He isn’t randomly singing. He isn’t an ordinary opponent.’ 

Kang-jun looked at the axe being swung back and forth. 

The attack patterns should be read. So that he could find any gaps to attack in. 

Kang-jun drank another potion to completely restore his health. 


Health: 290/290. 


He needed to maintain the best conditions to knock down the opponent. Kang-jun avoided the axe and calmly waited for an opportunity. 

Rodiam wielded the axe more violently as Kang-jun kept dodging. 

"Kuoh! Are you going to continue to avoid it?” 

Hwing! Hwiing! 

However, Kang-jun effortlessly avoided receiving any damage. 

He had somewhat grasped the attack pattern. 

In addition, his movement speed was quicker due to Aura of the Wind. Otherwise the axe would have already hit him in the head. 

“Kuweeeh! Please get hit! That's right!" 

Hwing! Hwing hwing hwing! 

A barrage of strikes from the battle axe! 

Now Kang-jun was familiar with the pattern. Kang-jun moved like flowing water as he dodged the axe strikes. 

Bam! Bam bam! Bam bam bam! 

The knee, thighs, chest and sides. He struck in those locations. 

“Kuuuuck! D-dammit!" 

Rodiam seemed confused as he moved backwards. At that moment, Kang-jun continuously slammed against both of Rodiam’s wrists. 


The axe fell to the ground. 


Before Rodiam could grab the axe again, Kang-jun relentlessly hit his head. 

Paak! Papapak! 

He reached Lv11 so his strength had increased! There was also additional wind attribute damage! Finally, there was the increased attack from the fragrant garlic bread! 

Rodiam couldn’t endure the cumulative damage any longer. 

"Kuooh! H-how annoying...” 


Rodiam’s huge body fell. At the same time, black smoke poured from his body like a fountain. 


The body of the minotaur shrank as the smoke emerged. 


After a while, there was a bloody cat monster moaning on the ground.

"Now your true form has returned. Let’s go!” 

Kang-jun nonchalantly raised his axe, causing Rodiam’s body to tremble. 

“S-spare me.”

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