Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 31: Person Who Wins Everything (1)


There was the sound of a skull cracking. Surprisingly, Keirun was still alive. 

How could he still be alive when his face was caved in? 

A warlock really did have mysterious abilities. 

“Your life is really tough. This time I really will finish it.” 

Kang-jun prepared for another strike. 

“Kuoock! W-wait a little bit. Please…” 

Keirun was too pathetic. He seemed to want to say something to Kang-jun. 


And Keirun painfully got up. He didn’t die and now he could raise his body? Speaking of which, Keirun’s earlier injuries were noticeably recovering. 

He really did have a mysterious vitality and resilience! 

“A deal with me…let’s make one.” 


“That’s right. I can give you very useful information.” 

Giving information in return for sparing him. 

Kang-jun didn’t know what great information Keirun had that would change the situation. 


[A ratigers has been summoned.] 


At that moment, one ratigers was summoned to the barrack. 

There was a ringing sound as the giant stone golem immediately headed to the 1st floor of the Dafeng building. 

“Please give me a command, Lord.” 

The golem walked proudly and gave off a truly imposing air. 

In the meantime, the ratians and giant ratians gathered around Kang-jun out of fear. 

That wasn’t all. 

Hayun had finished getting rid of the ghosts and was standing next to Kang-jun. 

Keirun’s expression became even more desperate. Apart from the senior ghost, there was also the golem ratigers! He realized that it was impossible to escape from Kang-jun. 

Then Kang-jun asked him. 

“Tell me. What great information do you know?” 

“Will you let me go if I tell you?” 

“I will hear it first. I will decide what to do with you after that.” 

Keirun gave him a strange smile. 

“I know another sovereign in the area. Kukuk! I know his location.” 

Kang-jun was startled. 

Having another sovereign nearby was an extremely dangerous threat to Kang-jun’s survival. 

If Kang-jun knew the position of the sovereign then he could attack first. A bonus was taking the sovereign token. At the very least, he could be prepared for the sovereign’s assault, so it was really important information. 

“How about it? Isn’t that worth sparing my life?” 

However, Kang-jun shook his head. 

“I can figure that out on my own. I would rather kill you. Ratigers! Smash his head.” 

“As Lord wills!” 

The Ratigers lifted its stone blade and prepared to strike. 

Keirun felt some consternation. No matter how great his vitality was, it would be the end if he was hit by the ignorant but strong ratigers. 

“W-wait a minute! Then another piece of information…” 

“I don’t need it. I won’t feel at ease if you aren’t dead.” 

Kang-jun was prepared to send a signal to the ratigers. 

Of course, Kang-jun didn’t intend to kill Keirun straight away. He wanted to get a bit more information before throwing him away. 

In the end, the terrified Keirun fell facedown in the dirt. 

“S-Sovereign Lucan…! I will be your loyal and devoted subordinate. P-please spare me.” 

“Loyal Can I really believe that?” 

“Please believe me. Don’t worry about betrayal. Once I am part of your household, it will be impossible to betray you unless you release me. Forever!” 


“Yes. So please take me into your household. I know a lot about the world of Hwanmong. In particular, my experience as a sovereign will be a great help to your survival.” 

Keirun hit his head against the ground while speaking. He had been aiming to become a sovereign again, so could Kang-jun really trust his words? 

Then a new message appeared. 


[Would you like to take Keirun into your household? Yes/No] 

[The early conditions of completing Mission 5 will be automatically achieved if you accept Keirun into your household.] 


It meant he didn’t need to kill Keirun to accomplish Mission 5. 

‘Can I really believe him?’ 

If he didn’t need to worry about betrayal then accepting Keirun would be a great help. 

Kang-jun was immediately attracted by the vast knowledge Keirun would have as a previous sovereign regarding Hwanmong. 

This would be a huge help to Kang-jun when it came to passing the final mission. In addition, knowing the location of other sovereigns in the area would help with his immediate survival. 

“But…there is a condition, Sovereign Lucan!” 

Keirun, who was watching Kang-jun carefully said. Kang-jun’s eyes instantly became cold. He was speaking about a condition in this situation. 

“Now there is a condition?” 

“No, it is more like a favour than a condition.” 

Keirun’s entire body shivered. One signal from Kang-jun would have his head smashed in by the ratigers. It really was crazy for him to talk about a condition right now. So he quickly changed it to a favour. 

“What favor?” 

“The day you become so strong that I am no longer useful to you…will you set me free?” 

“Free you from my household?” 

“Yes. Then I can start again as a sovereign in another world.” 

Keirun still couldn’t abandon his dream of becoming a sovereign again. 

He was willing to join Kang-jun’s household for a chance to become a sovereign again in the future. 

Kang-jun nodded. 

“Okay. I will think about it.” 

Keirun’s complexion instantly changed. 

“T-thank you. Sovereign Lucan! I will be a loyal subordinate to you.” 

However, Kang-jun had a strange smile on his face. 

He only said that he would think about it. 

Once they joined his household, they would be there forever. 

He was going to win everything. The loser would give everything to the winner. 

It was like Keirun said earlier. 


[Would you like to take Keirun into your household? Yes/No?] 


The question appeared again. 

‘Yes! I accept.’ 


[The shadow sovereign Keirun has joined your household.] 

[Keirun will become your faithful subordinate in the world of Hwanmong.] 


“Keirun! Now you are part of Lucan’s household.” 

“I swear my allegiance to you, Lord.” 

Meanwhile, Keirun’s body had completely recovered, so he stood up and bowed. 


[Mission 5 has been completed.] 

[As a reward, enough experience will be given to increase your level.] 

[300 nodes have been given as compensation.] 

[The skill Aura of the Wind has been given as compensation.] 


His level rose again to Lv8. 

300 nodes and a new skill. 


[Aura of the Wind (Active)] 

-Additional wind property damage will be added to all attacks. 

-Movement and attack speed will increase significantly. 

-Consumes five black magic energy. 

-Duration is one minute. 

-Wind, fire, water and earth can’t be used simultaneously. 


Thus far, he had obtained two of the four elements. 

Unlike Aura of Earth that focused on damage, Aura of the Wind was a skill oriented on attack and movement speed. 

Having both skills was comforting. 

He could use them interchangeably depending on the situation. 

Anyway, that wasn’t important right now. Kang-jun asked Keirun a question he was wondering about. 

“What does the power of Hwanmong want? What is the final mission?”

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