Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 23: Occupying Everything (3)

He guessed that Hayun was killed by a bad guy. Kang-jun decided to listen to Hayun’s grudge. 

“Tell me. What is your grudge?” 

“That is… Oh my god!” 

Hayun was about to tearfully explain her grudge when her body suddenly trembled. 

“Oh my god! Why is this happening…? I really can’t believe it.” 


What was she suddenly talking about? Kang-jun couldn’t understand Hayun’s attitude. 

But then Hayun jumped up and started bowing towards Kang-jun with an expression of respect? 

“What are you doing?” 

“Thank you very much. My grudge has been released! I will never forget this.” 

Kang-jun couldn’t move. What were these absurd words? Her saviour! 

“When did I free you?” 

“I only knew now. My grudge seemed to be released the moment I was about to tell you.” 

“I’m glad but that doesn’t matter to me.” 

“Regardless, think about it. You are the reason why my grudge is released.” 

Hayun said with confidence. Kang-jun figured it out the moment he heard it. 

‘Did removing the obstacles from Room 413 also affect Hayun?’ 

It seemed like it. This wasn’t Kang-jun’s intention, but he somehow managed to release Hayun’s grudge. 

“Come to think of it, I might have released you during the night. But that’s it. Isn’t it just releasing the grudge?” 

Hayun said with tears dripping down her face. 

“No. Both things can’t be separated. Due to my pent-up grudge, I have never been able to escape from these constraints. Originally I wanted revenge. It made me turn bad… I would never have been able to get rid of the pent-up feelings.” 

“But why were the feelings released?” 

“I don’t know. I can’t understand it but I am now free. I no longer have anything remaining on my mind. Yes. Does that mean my revenge is gone? The pent up feelings are disentangled. I really feel free.”

“That’s great. So now you can relax and go to the afterlife.” 

“How can I repay the favour if I go to the afterlife? I will help you.” 

“Help me?” 

“I don’t understand, but my instincts told me that you can access both dreams and reality! If you allow it, I can follow you in both worlds.” 

Kang-jun was surprised to hear it. How did Hayun know that? A ghost had managed to figure out Kang-jun’s secret! 

Then Kang-jun suddenly laughed. 

‘Ah, that’s right. Isn’t she a ghost?’ 

Kang-jun nodded as he thought about it. 

“But can you really enter the dream world of Hwanmong?” 

“Perhaps. But you probably need me more in this world. I will protect you when you fall asleep.” 


That’s right. Even if Room 406 was called a safety zone, he still couldn’t feel any peace of mind. For example, the building might fall due to a natural disaster. If Hayun was guarding him then Kang-jun would be protected from such situations. 

“Please accept me. My strength is absolutely not weak. I will be very helpful.” 


Kang-jun was locked in thought for a while. 

Hayun was a ghost, but that wasn’t something he would be fearful of now. Was there any need to reject when she was offering to help him so eagerly?

‘I might be able to summon the ghost as a subordinate, just like the monsters.’ 

Kang-jun made a decision and nodded. 

“Okay. I will accept.” 

Hayun replied with a stunningly pretty smile. 

“Thank you. I will be sure to repay the favour.” 

Kang-jun was taken aback. Despite knowing that she was a ghost, his heart was pounding from her smile. She had a killer smile. He had to resist the impulse to kiss her on the mouth. 


Well, it didn’t matter. Even if she had resolved her grudge, she was still a ghost! 

He wouldn’t be lured by a ghost. He wouldn’t! He restored his mental state. 

Kang-jun gave Hayun a mock disapproving expression. 

“Don’t smile like that in the future.” 


“Just because. Anyway, don’t smile in front of me.” 

“I’m going to smile. I will smile with all my heart.” 

Hayun leaned her face closer to Kang-jun. Kang-jun turned his head away. 


Then a message appeared in front of Kang-jun. 


[Hayun has joined your household.] 

[The skill Summon Hayun has been created.] 


A skill. It was also a skill with a very unusual name. 

‘Summon Hayun?’ 

She joined his household and there was even a summoning skill? 

Kang-jun quickly looked at the skill window. 


Summon Hayun 

-You can summon Hayun to a particular place. 

-5 black magic energy will be consumed. 

-It is possible to summon her to the punishment field, battle field and the world of Hwanmong. 


‘Unbelievable! It is real.’ 

It was like Hayun said. Kang-jun was now able to call her to the world of Hwanmong. 

She was also available for the battle and punishment fields. It would be quite useful when meeting an opponent stronger than Kang-jun. 

Kang-jun stared at Hayun and said. 

“By the way, I said I would listen to your circumstances. How did you die?” 

The grudge was released but he was still curious about the circumstances. Hayun grinned and shook her head. 

“I don’t remember at all.” 

“What does that mean?” 

“Originally it was a very painful day, but now I don’t have any memories of it. I don’t know why I died.” 

That was possible. The memories disappeared along with the grudge. 

‘Indeed. It is better not to know what happened. Remembering would be too painful.’ 

Hayun watched Kang-jun and said. 

“But can I use this room?” 

Kang-jun nodded. 

“Of course. This is your room from now on.” 

“Thank you.” 

Despite not having the grudge anymore, Hayun seemed more comfortable with Room 413. Anyway, he only signed a contract for Room 413 so that he could construct a barrack in Hwanmong. 

‘That’s right. Research centre! Should I find out if Room 401 is empty?’ 

His subordinates would become much stronger if he built a research institute. 

Kang-jun left Room 413 and headed straight to the management office. But Kwon Myeong-cheol was absent. 

‘Where did he go in the morning?’ 

Kang-jun went to the kitchen but he wasn’t there either. Then he heard some male voices near the stairs. 

“Is the ghost still there?” 

“I don’t know.” 

“Hyung, take a look. Kang-jun hyung might be dead by now.” 

“C-crazy. I should call the police to come.” 

“Won’t the police think we are crazy?” 

“Fuck! Why don’t they believe in ghosts? Sang-min, I think I will give up the manager’s position.” 

“I will find another goshiwon. Look! I am too frightened to even pee at night.” 

The familiar voices were none other than the manager Myeong-cheol and PC room worker Sang-min. They were talking with stiff expressions. Then their eyes widened as they saw Kang-jun. 

“Eh? Kang-jun! You are alive?” 

“Kang-jun hyung! You are safe?” 

Kang-jun was puzzled. 

“What are you talking about?” 

Then Myeong-cheol and Sang-min’s expressions changed. 

“Didn’t you see the ghost standing in front of your room?” 

“I saw it, Kang-jun hyung. A female ghost wearing black clothes! She was standing in front of Hyung’s room all night.” 

Kang-jun laughed. They were acting like obnoxious children because they saw Hayun last night. 

“A ghost? I haven’t seen it. Look. Where is the ghost?” 

Kang-jun pointed towards Room 406. Myeong-cheol and Sang-min’s expressions turned uneasy. 

“Perhaps she went into the room?” 

“That’s right. She is probably in Hyung’s room.” 

They were convinced of their words. Kang-jun opened the door to Room 406 and showed them. 

“Eh? She really isn’t here.” 

“Where is the ghost?” 

“This is becoming dull so I’m going to make ramyun. It is morning so I am going to eat.” 

Kang-jun headed towards the kitchen with them. However, someone was already there boiling the noodles. 

Straight hair that came down below the shoulders. Slender legs stretched out under the short dress. 

Only the back of the woman could be seen but she was obviously a goddess.

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