Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 22: Occupying Everything (2)


Kang-jun tried to quickly close the door, but the ghost had already rushed inside. 

“Kikiki! I’m going to kill you.” 

The wild black hair. The bloody light in her eyes! 

Why was she still haunting him? It clearly said that the threat in reality would disappear. Furthermore, the momentum of the ghost didn’t seem to have changed at all. 

The cold eyes of a virgin ghost. They were as cold as the north or south pole. Any man looking into those eyes would feel himself wither. If this continued, the ghost really would kill him. 

‘Shit! I won’t obediently let her kill her me.’ 

Kang-jun desperately decided to resist and threw a punch towards the ghost’s face. 


It was naturally a reckless attack. The ghost wouldn’t budge even if Kang-jun managed to hit her. 

However, the actual situation unfolded differently from his expectations. 

Peok -! 


The ghost was like a scarecrow in front of Kang-jun’s fist. Both Kang-jun and the ghost were surprised that he managed to knock her down. 

“You dare do something like this!” 


The ghost hurriedly jumped up and grabbed Kang-jun’s neck with both hands. 


At that moment, Kang-jun’s right foot struck the ghost’s chest. It was followed by his left foot that had his full weight behind it. 

Bam bam! 


The ghost was blown down the corridor with a sharp scream. 


The ghost staggered up with confusion on her face. Her eyes showed that she couldn’t accept this situation. 

On the other hand, a relaxed smile appeared on Kang-jun’s face. 

‘The ghost’s power has clearly weakened.’ 

The words stating that removing all obstacles in Room 413 would make the threat in reality disappear wasn’t total nonsense. The ghost was definitely weaker compared to before. She no longer posed a threat to Kang-jun. 

‘Then I can’t leave it alone.’ 

Kang-jun needed to stop the ghost from coming near him ever again. 

“You took it well today. I’ll give you some more.” 

Kang-jun approached with a ferocious expression, causing the ghost to flinch back. 

“D-don’t come.” 

But Kang-jun ignored those words and continued moving forwards. Then the ghost rushed into Room 413. 

Kang-jun immediately tried to open the door to Room 413. However, the door didn’t open easily. The door knob wouldn’t turn, like someone was holding it on the other side. Of course, that person was the ghost. 

Sure enough. 

“Don’t come in. Please! It is a request.” 

The ghost said in a pitiful voice. It no longer wailed and sounded like the normal voice of a woman. Appealing to his pity? 

But Kang-jun wouldn’t be moved by such a thing. 


Kang-jun punched the door and said coldly. 

“I am telling you nicely to open the door.” 

Then the force holding the door shut disappeared. Kang-jun who was holding the doorknob opened it. 

“Please! Don’t come in.” 

The ghost begged, but Kang-jun ignored her and entered the room. 

Instead of the black clothes and wild hair, the ghost was wearing a white dress and straight hair and was staring at Kang-jun with an uneasy expression. 

She looked quite pretty. No, she wasn’t pretty but beautiful. But she was still a ghost. 

Kang-jun reached out and grabbed the collar of the ghost. 

“What are you?” 


The ghost fearfully made eye contact with Kang-jun before replying.


“Hayun is my name.” 

Her name? The name of a ghost? Although it was natural. She would have had a name when she was alive. 

Anyway, that wasn’t important right now. 


Kang-jun roughly pushed her against the wall. 

“Why would I ask about your name? I’m asking about what you are!” 

Hayun replied feebly. 

“You already know that. You know what I am.” 

Of course he knew. However, Kang-jun couldn’t help wondering if Hayun was really a ghost. Especially a virgin ghost. 

“Are you really a virgin ghost?” 

Hayun glared at Kang-jun. 

“Is there any need for me to answer?” 

“Of course. Tell me! Are you really a virgin ghost?” 

Hayun struggled for a moment before opening her mouth with a sigh. 

“Yes. I am a ghost. But I’m not a virgin. Is that a problem?” 

Kang-jun was lost in thought for a moment. 

‘So she is a ghost but not a virgin?’ 

This! Kang-jun was afraid that Hayun had misunderstood him. She seemed to think he would have more sympathy if she was a virgin. 

There was no such thing. He was simply asking if she was a virgin ghost. According to legend, the most terrifying ghost to be haunted by was a virgin ghost. And to Kang-jun, the meaning of virgin was just an unmarried woman. 

But Hayun seemed to have misunderstood. 

His face started to become hot. He wasn’t expecting such an honest answer. He hadn’t even been curious about such a thing. 

Kang-jun looked at her with an awkward expression. 

“Anyway, I am right that you are a ghost.” 


Hayun obediently nodded. Kang-jun sneered and said. 

“If you are dead, why don’t you go to the afterlife instead of scaring people in this room?” 

“This is my room. I don’t want anyone else in this room.” 

“What does that mean?” 

Kang-jun couldn’t understand why the already dead Hayun was clinging to Room 413.

“And why are you here? Did you die in this room?” 

Hayun nodded as tears dripped down. 

“Will you listen to my situation?” 

“Leave this room right now. And don’t come anywhere near me again.” 

“It is a request. Please don’t drive me out. I will be quiet. If you listen to my situation…” 

“Why should I listen to your circumstances? I’m not curious at all! Just get lost!” 

Anyone watching the scene would think Kang-jun was an unscrupulous landlord kicking out his poor tenant Hayun. 

“I can’t. I will never leave.” 

“Do you want me to hit you? Or will you leave?” 

Kang-jun raised his fists in preparation to hit Hayun. Hayun closed her eyes. 

“Hit me. I will be alright. Instead, just let me stay here.” 

Hitting her. He could just hit her. But how could he hit her when the ghost didn’t even resist? He somehow felt dirty. 

“Then I will make you leave.” 

Kang-jun lifted Hayun up and prepared to throw her out the door. Hayun hurriedly exclaimed. 

“I’ve scared people but I never actually harmed them.” 

“Lies! Then why did you try to kill me last night?” 

“You threatened me first. I never really intended to kill you.” 

Kang-jun had used the black magic attack first. 

“Apart from that fact. Why are you talking to me now?” 

“If I leave this room, I will gradually lose my memories and become a wicked spirit. I don’t want to hurt people. Please don’t drive me out. Please!” 

He had to believe this. 

‘Dang…this has become complicated.’ 

Kang-jun placed Hayun back in the room. 

“So you have to stay in this room forever?” 

“I can’t leave before my grudge is resolved.” 

“Grudge? What is it?” 

Hayun gazed at Kang-jun with expectation. 

“Then you will release my grudge?” 

“I didn’t say that. But I will listen to your situation.” 

Kang-jun flopped down on the bed and said. 

Damn! It was too unexpected. 

He now needed to listen to the circumstances of a ghost. 

However, he couldn’t just drive out Hayun if it meant she would turn into an evil spirit and harm others. 

“Tell me. What is your grudge?”

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