Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 20: Barrack Construction (4)

[Through the Aura of Earth, you can confront powerful physical attacks from the enemy. It will exert a more powerful strength as your level rises…] 


[Aura of Earth skill has been acquired.] 


[Aura of Earth (Active)] 

-Additional earth property damage will be added to all attacks. 

-Physical defense has increased significantly. 

-Consumes 5 black magic energy. 

-Duration is one minute 

-Wind, fire, water and earth can’t be used simultaneously. 


5 black magic energy will be consumed to use this skill to increase physical attack and defense for one minute. 

‘A skill specialized in defense rather than offense.’ 

He didn’t know how much his defense and attack would increase but it was still his first skill. 

‘But what is this bead? I think it was called Essence of Earth?’ 

Kang-jun picked up the big brown bead inside the box. There was a description the moment he picked it up. 


[Essence of Earth] 

-Rating: Rare 

-One of the four elements, earth has been condensed into a bead and can be used as building materials or summoning monsters. 


The bead in Kang-jun’s hands disappeared. In addition, the blue coins in the box also disappeared as Kang-jun touched them. 

At the same time, a new window appeared in front of Kang-jun. 


[Resource Status] 

Money – 167 nodes 

Essence of Earth – 1 


This was the amount of property Kang-jun currently owned. Of course, this property was only in Hwanmong. 


Then the black cloud shifted and the dungeon faded away. 


[You can build a barrack in Room 413.] 

[Resource required is 100 nodes.] 

[Would you like to build a barrack? Yes/No] 


Finally, he could construct a barrack. He could accomplish Mission 3. 

‘Yes! Construct the barrack.’ 

A brilliant light shone in the room the moment Kang-jun gave the command. 


[Stage 1 barrack construction.] 

[Degree of Completion: 0%] 


Just like the base, a little bit of time was needed to complete the barrack. 


[Stage 1 barrack construction: 10%] 


Fortunately, the construction of the barrack was very fast compared to the base. He only waited a few moments. 


[A barrack was built in Room 413.] 


The cramped area of Room 413 expanded and it looked just like an army barrack. 

‘This is a barrack.’ 

He finally achieved Mission 3. 

Sure enough. 


[Mission 3 has been accomplished.] 

[As a reward, enough experience will be given to increase your level.] 


Lee Kang-jun 

Lv.5 (Exp 20.00%) 

[War] Beginner 

Health: 170/170. 

Black Magic Energy: 80/200 

Strength: 8 

Agility: 9 

Intelligence: 6 

Good Luck: 6 

Charisma: 8 


His level rose. His health recovered and the black magic energy capacity also rose.

‘My muscles have hardened.’ 

There was a clear difference. The rise of strength and agility! Thanks to that, his body felt much lighter and stronger. Kang-jun gave a satisfied smile as he felt his body becoming stronger. 

In addition, his head also felt clearer. It was thanks to a rise in intelligence. In the future, it would be useful when studying or reading a book. He would have to try it out at least once. 

In the meantime, a new message appeared. 


[Now that a base and barrack have been built, you can earnestly participate in a full-scale war.]

[Gather troops to scout.] 

[Everybody else besides you will be the enemy.] 

[Remove all threats that you see.] 

[Your army will become more powerful through invasion and plunder.] 


Kang-jun was surprised. 

‘Full-scale war?’ 

Furthermore, everybody except for himself were enemies! 

Invasion and plunder? 

A new message appeared while he was having doubts. 


Mission 4 

-Occupy the Dafeng building. 

-Compensation: Experience, 200 nodes and 3 Essence of Earth. 


What was this? 

Occupy the Dafeng building. 

‘The Dafeng building is this one.’ 

That’s right. Dafeng was the name of the building containing the goshiwon. The goshiwon was on the 4th floor, the 3rd floor had the PC Room, the 2nd floor was a coffee shop and karaoke, 1st floor was the real estate office, while the basement contained a karaoke bar. 

The mission given was for him to occupy the Dafeng building. 

‘How do I occupy it?’ 

Was it simply through scouting? Or did he need to use money to purchase it in reality? 

The latter option wasn’t simple. 

The building was old but it was still in Gangnam. It was in Shinsadong, the administrative area of Gangnam. He could go to the real estate office but he already knew the market price of the building would be huge. 

‘Crazy! Surely the mission doesn’t require buying this building.’ 


[This area doesn’t belong to you in reality so you can capture it through invasion.] 


‘Such a thing is possible?’ 

Kang-jun finally understood the contents of the mission. 

In other words, the mission didn’t require purchasing the building with money in reality. It was a mission that required occupying Dafeng through force in Hwanmong. 

If so, there was no need to hesitate. There might be tough enemies hiding. 

‘I need to produce some troops.’ 

Kang-jun looked directly at Room 413. 


[You can summon monsters you’ve obtained knowledge about in the barrack.] 


[Available to Summon] 


-Giant ratians 



Kang-jun had gained knowledge about three types of creatures so he could summon them. It was possible to summon the boss monster ratigers! 

The stage 1 barrack had a capacity for 10 troops. Of course, it wasn’t free. Resources such as nodes and the Essence of Earth were required. 


Ratian infantry 

Resources: 10 nodes 


Ratian archers 

Resources: 10 nodes 


Giant ratians 

Resources: 20 nodes 

-1 charisma is required to summon  



Resources: 100 nodes, 1 Essence of Earth 

-3 charisma is required to summon 


In the case of certain monsters, summoning was impossible if his charisma was too low. 

Fortunately, Kang-jun had eight charisma. He did well by rolling the dice again to increase charisma during the reconstruction of his body. 

Currently he had 67 nodes. 

Kang-jun summoned two ratian infantry, two ratian archers and one giant ratian.

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