Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 19: Barrack Construction (3)

‘What is it?’ 

A moving stone statue. At first glance, it had a height of two metres and was similar to the giant ratian. However, it had body armour and was holding a sabre. 


It let out a dismal laugh and moved towards Kang-jun. 

‘Shit! Boss monster?’ 

He was certain that it was a boss monster. Something that he couldn’t avoid! He needed to fight to unconditionally win. 

Kang-jun tried to shoot the bow at the statue. 


The arrow flew straight at the head of the stone statue. However, there wasn’t even one scratch. The stone statue quickly jumped towards Kang-jun. 


There was an eerie sound as the stone blade descended. 


Kang-jun quickly avoided it, but the floor shook violently like there was an earthquake.


A huge shockwave! 

Kang-jun fell backwards before standing up painfully. His whole body was throbbing. 

It was obviously due to the shockwave attack. Was it a ranged attack? 

This wasn’t a normal opponent. 


Health: 102/150. 


His health dropped by nearly 50 points from just one attack. Kang-jun quickly drank a potion and refilled 40 points. 


Health: 142/150. 


It was a relief that he had the potions. 


Meanwhile, the statue roared and the sabre descended again. 


At the same time, shockwaves occurred all over the place! But Kang-jun had withdrawn far away. 

‘I won’t be hit by it twice.’ 

The stone statue had a dreadful appearance and strength. Still, it didn’t move as quickly as the giant ratians. If he paid close attention to the actions of the long ranged attacks then he could withdraw to avoid them. 


It occurred again but it wasn’t difficult to avoid at that range. 

‘The attack pattern is simple.’ 

It was like victory was already in his sights. Kang-jun was sure of his victory. He needed to focus and not become careless. Being hit by even one attack could ruin him. 


Kang-jun shot the bow towards the statue. 


It bounced off the statue but succeeded in making it flinch for a moment. 

Piing! Piing! 

Kang-jun continued to fire the bow at the stone statue. He spun clockwise and then suddenly turned anti clockwise! 


Sswiing! Hwing hwing hwing! 

The stone statue moved from side to side but couldn’t keep up with Kang-jun’s movements. It stumbled as it tried to chase after Kang-jun. 

Kang-jun didn’t miss that moment. 

He immediately rushed in and knocked against the chest of the statue. Then he furiously struck its head. 


Pak! Pak! Paak! 


His arm trembled as it hit stone. The club also cracked. But the statue seemed to receive a big shock. 


The statue staggered around and tried to recover. 

‘This won’t do!’ 

Kang-jun whacked the statue’s right hand. 

Pak! Pak! 

The right hand couldn’t hold onto the sabre and it fell to the ground. Kang-jun threw the club away and instantly picked it up. 


Kang-jun swung the sabre back and put all his weight into it to increase the strength. A strike with literally all his power! 


The stone head received the exact hit. 


The head of the statue was soft like tofu. The statue stopped stiff. 


Then the body literally crack and broke. 


It turned to dust around Kang-jun. 


He barely won. Kang-jun sighed with relief and looked around. 

‘Is it now finished?’ 

There weren’t any other monsters nearby. Kang-jun had removed all the monsters in the dungeon. 

‘Oh! There is a scroll.’ 

Kang-jun found the flashing scroll through the broken fragments of stone. 


[A stone statue that is the guardian of Ratian Dungeon. It has strong power and be careful of the ranged attacks…] 


At the same time, the scroll turned into dust and disappeared. 


[You have gained inferior knowledge of the golem ratigers.] 



The name of the stone statue was ratigers. 


[Combat strength against the ratigers has risen by 10%.] 

[The likelihood of acquiring items from the ratigers has risen by 5%.] 


Knowledge. After the ratians, he now learnt about the ratigers. 


[All obstructions have been removed from Room 413.] 


At the same time, an empty box appeared on top of the altar. 

‘What is that?’ 

The box opened by itself as Kang-jun reached out. 

There was a book, a large brown bead and shiny blue coins inside.


[Skill Book – Aura of the Earth has been acquired. 

[One Essence of the Earth has been acquired.] 

[100 nodes have been gained.] 


‘Oh! Amazing!’ 

Unbelievable! It was a treasure chest. 

In particular, a skill book! He could finally get a skill? 

The title Aura of the Earth was written on the cover in hangul. 

Kang-jun picked it up. 

Flash! Hwaaack! 

At that moment, a brilliant light wrapped around his body.

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