Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 18: Barrack Construction (2)

‘This place?’ 

A strange but familiar area. It was Kang-jun’s room in Hwanmong. But unlike before, the internal space was now expanded by several more times. 

Fortunately, he couldn’t see any ghost. The door was open but the goshiwon’s corridor was empty. 

It was natural. This was Hwanmong, the dream world. The ghost in reality couldn’t come chasing him into the dream. 

‘By the way, why is the room so much bigger?’ 

The large interior space was obviously due to the completion of the base. 

It was impossible in reality, but this was Hwanmong. 


[This base is the headquarters of the territory that you control.] 

[The base headquarters acts as a safety zone that protects you in reality.]


‘Safety zone?’ 

Kang-jun realized why the ghost had to knock from the outside. 


[Now enter Room 413 and remove all obstacles.] 

[Then the threat in reality will disappear from Room 413.] 


‘The threat in reality?’ 

It was obviously the ghost. If Kang-jun removed the obstacles from Room 413, then he didn’t need to be afraid of the ghost anymore. 

‘Then I can’t hesitate.’ 

Anyway, he needed to absolutely complete Mission 3. 

Kang-jun left the base and headed towards Room 413. The doorknob that was impossible to use last time now turned and the door opened. 

What was inside? Was it infested with the rat headed monkeys called ratians? 

Kang-jun nervously entered the room. 


But dark clouds covered Kang-jun when he entered and cleared to reveal an unknown cave. 


[Ratian Dungeon] 

[Get rid of all the monsters in dungeons.] 


‘What is this?’ 

There was a cave in the small goshiwon room. This was only possible in the dream world of Hwanmong. 

Then the ratians? They were the opponents he faced last time. The rat head monkeys! 

Sure enough. Once he entered the dungeon, three ratians wielding clubs came running up. 



He had been quite surprised when he first saw them, but now they were nothing. 

Kang-jun calmly tackled the one in the lead. He dropped down to avoid the club and finished it off with a kick to the head. And he picked up the club. The club was used to break the skull of the second monster. 

He subsequently acquired experience and nodes. Soon the three ratians were puddles of blood on the ground, while Kang-jun kept staring straight ahead. 

‘I need to be careful of the ones shooting bows.’ 

The dungeon space was wide and incomparable to the cramped goshiwon. In addition, there were plenty of places where archers could be hidden. 

Kang-jun moved forward while studying the rocks in front of him. 



As expected, the ratian archers were exposed. They shot their bows as soon as they saw Kang-jun. 

Piyok! Piyok! 

Kang-jun swiftly hid behind the rocks to avoid the arrows. At the same time, he picked up one of the ratian corpses on the ground and threw it towards the archers. 


The ratian archers were freaked out by the blood. Kang-jun swiftly ran out and slammed the club into a ratian archer. 

Papapak! Pak! 



He took care of three ratian archers. Then he saw something shiny near one of the bodies. 



[Minor Health Potion] 

[40 health will be restored when taken orally.] 


‘A potion isn’t necessary at the moment.’ 

Kang-jun placed the potion in his pocket. The pocket could comfortably hold five potions. 

Kang-jun continued by picking up a bow and arrows. His accuracy with the bow was low but it would be useful to scare the ratians. 

‘When will those other ones appear?’ 

There should be some giant ratians. Kang-jun prepared the bow and arrows. 



It was as he expected. 

A two metre tall rat head monkey holding a large log. The appearance of a giant ratian. 

Two of them emerged at once! But 2vs1 wasn’t that much more difficult that 1vs1. 

Kang-jun waited for one to approach before firing the arrow towards the face. 



The arrow embedded in the left eye of the giant ratian. Kang-jun jumped up and mercilessly smacked the club into the head of the one staggering. 

Bam! Bam! Bam bam! 


Exactly four hits! The giant ratian was laid out. Meanwhile, the other giant ratian moved towards Kang-jun and brandished the log. 



Kang-jun bent at the waist to avoid it and pushed his feet against its chest. Then successively struck with the club. 


Bam bam bam! Bam! 


Thus, he took care of another giant ratian without being hurt. 

‘Are these guys weak? Or have I become stronger?’ 

The giant ratians were straightforward to deal with. 

In fact, Kang-jun’s combat power had become much stronger since he reached Lv3. His strength and agility increased, so he could deal much more damage to the ratians. 

There were shiny items around the corpses of the giant ratians. 


[Minor Health Potion] 

[Minor Health Potion] 


Two potions! 

This meant he had a total of three potions. It was reassuring. 

Kang-jun placed the potions into his pocket and moved inside the dungeon. 


A giant ratian showed up again. 

Kang-jun dealt the first blow with the arrow before using the club. At that moment. 


[Your level has risen.] 


Kang-jun rose to Lv4. 

‘Yes! Level up!’ 

His level rose after dealing with three giant ratians. 


But then all of a sudden, the ground vibrated. A spacious area was revealed behind the giant ratian. 

There was something in the middle similar to an altar. There was a gigantic statue erected on top. 


The stone statue started to move with a dismal laugh.

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