Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 173: Showing them Despair (2)

Kang-jun was inwardly baffled by Shaoniel’s words. 

Of course, Kang-jun had no intention of treating her like a slave. 

Although she could be called a servant due to the chief gods being defeated by Kang-jun, Shaoniel had always helped him. 

How could he treat her like that? 

Therefore, he wanted to send the chief gods to the Abyss and make her the ruler of the Celestial World. However, he felt a little bitter when she said she would rather become his slave. 

On the other hand, a new greed was sparked in Kang-jun. 

She wouldn’t be a celestial goddess but a Hwanmong goddess. 

That’s right. 

It would be nice if Shaoniel was Kang-jun’s goddess instead of the Celestial World’s. 

Among Kang-jun’s people, there were many evil gods but no good ones. 

There were spirit rulers and a naga queen but no good goddesses. 

He was crawling with demonic gods.  There was even a top demonic god. 

Therefore, having a heavenly being, who was the incarnation of good, would balance them out. 

Moreover, it was the greatest beauty, Shaoniel, so his heart would warm just by looking at her. 

There was also something persuasive about Shaoniel’s words. 

If the Celestial World made such a mistake againhe could put Shaoniel in their place. 

There was no need to rush. 

As Kang-jun became silent, Shilenda and Spiros stopped their slaughter. 

They waited quietly for Kang-jun to decide and the chief gods were staring at him as well. 

They had already realized that resistance was meaningless and knew that the Celestial World’s fate would be decided by Kang-jun’s next words. 

It was a miserable situation, but they had to accept reality. 

In particular, the northern chief god felt a sense of responsibility. 

'I didn’t say anything even though I should have. It is clear that his anger was caused by our actions, which we made despite me knowing that it was wrong to do so.’ 

Dianas had used the pretext of preventing the division of the Celestial World as the reason for their actions. 

However, now that she looked back, she didn’t like that a new world, which was out of the Celestial World’s control, had appeared. 

it was true that the demon gods were trying to obtain Hwanmong, but Lucan was the guardian of Hwanmong and he was going against the demonic gods. 

Therefore, Dianas broke the silence first and spoke up, 

"I, Dianas, on behalf of the northern area, take responsibility for all this. Please give the Celestial World another chance. We will never interfere with Hwanmong and your work. Moreover, the Celestial World will be glad to cooperate if it is necessary.” 

The words Kang-jun wanted to hear before entering the Abyss were now coming from Dianas’ mouth. 

Kang-jun glanced at her. 

"If I had taken action soonerI could have prevented the Celestial World from becoming like this. I don’t know why I didn’t speak up, but I am now feeling the bitter taste.” 

Dianas bowed her head humbly and didn’t say anything else. This time, it was Notos of the south who spoke, 

"Lucan, it was me who instigated the idea that you were evil. Now, I know that it comes from my ignorance of you as well as my arrogance. Therefore, I am determined to receive any punishment, but please limit your anger to just me. I’d like to ask for mercy for the others.” 

Notos had a very self-deprecating expression on his face because he thought the Celestial World had become like this due to him. 

Liviana and Ceres also spoke up,

"I will support you if you throw us in the Abyss and appoint Shaoniel as chief. I realize and take responsibility for today’s situation.” 

“I will as well. So, please release all your wrath onto us and spare the other angels and celestial gods. They are bound to follow our orders.” 

Kang-jun’s expression relaxed noticeably. 

To be honest, Kang-jun didn’t intended to throw them into the Abyss now that the chief gods had come out like this. 

This was the difference between the demonic gods and the celestial gods. 

The celestial gods could reflect on their own. 

They acknowledged their mistakes and were even willing to accept punishment. 

On the other hand, the demonic gods simply obeyed out of fear. 

So, it was easier to deal with the demonic gods. 

The demonic gods were worthy to be his servants. 

Kang-jun was silent for a moment. 

"I will give you one last chance because of Shaoniel. Of course, there will be some conditions.” 

Shaoniel’s face regained its colour. 

“Ah! Really?" 

The chief gods also had tumultuous expressions on their faces. 

They were actually thinking that Kang-jun would throw them into the Abyss. Thus, they had wanted to at least save the angels. 

The chief gods hadn’t expected Kang-jun to give them new opportunities. 

They couldn’t help but be surprised by the unexpected words that emerged from Kang-jun’s mouth. 


“Are you really going to give us another chance?” 

Kang-jun nodded. 

"As long as you return my household members and Hwanmong to its previous state. Additionally, it should be the same for Earth in reality as well.” 

"We will do so." 

Dianas accepted instantly. Not only that, the other three chief gods nodded like they agreed. 

Kang-jun had a pleased expression due to their cooperative attitude and continued with his conditions. 

"I believe there will be no complaints if Shaoniel becomes the goddess of Hwanmong instead of the Celestial World.” 

"Of course." 

"We will respect Shaoniel’s will.” 

The Celestial World might cause trouble later on, but for now, he felt positive about them

Kang-jun continued,

"She is the only goddess of Hwanmong. Although she is a goddess, there are no angels or celestial gods to assist her...” 

Dianas nodded before Kang-jun even finished his words. 

"We will send four celestial gods, ten advanced angels and 100 general angels to defend Shaoniel, who will permanently be the goddess of Hwanmong.” 

Kang-jun’s expression brightened. 

"I guess that is reasonable.” 

As a result, four celestial gods, ten advanced angels and 100 angels now belonged to Shaoniel and Kang-jun. 

Kang-jun turned toward the portal in the south and pointed to Luminael, an advanced angel who had been looking on with a devastated expression. 

"I want him to be one of the advanced angels.” 

Dianas accepted that like she had already expected it. 

"We will do so." 

Luminael sent Kang-jun a bemused expression. 

He never imagined that Kang-jun would take him as an advanced angel of Hwanmong. 

In fact, Luminael had been in distress. 

He had opened the portal for the destruction of the southern area because of Kang-jun’s efforts. 

How could he wash away the sin of selling out the Celestial World due to fearing a great demonic god? 

Thus, he thought he would be punished for today’s work once the Celestial World became stable. 

His actions were a sin that would be hard to wash away even if he repented in hell for hundreds of years. 

He was only left with despair. 

It was with a type of consideration that Kang-jun decided to bring to Hwanmong. Kang-jun knew that Luminael would be punished if he stayed in the Celestial World. 

'Anyway, he will be stuck in hell if he stays here. It is better to take him.’ 

It might be a disservice to the Celestial World, but Luminael had helped Kang-jun. He smiled immediately and said, 

"Luminael, come to Hwanmong and help Shaoniel. That is all you have to do.”

“As you command.” 

Luminael was sad about leaving the Celestial World but excited about becoming an advanced angel of Hwanmong. 

Then Dianas asked Kang-jun mildly, 

"Do you have any other requirements?” 

“That is enough. Don’t interfere with Hwanmong in the future and I won’t come to the Celestial World.” 

"How about we do this? If there is a branch of the Celestial World in Hwanmong and a branch of Hwanmong in the Celestial World, there won’t be any misunderstandings because we can communicate with each other.” 

They had a desire to maintain a friendly relationship between the Celestial World and Hwanmong so that they wouldn’t become enemies again. 

"That's a good idea." 

Kang-jun accepted readily. If there was a need to cooperate with the Celestial World, he could talk to the celestial branch in order to solve it. 

Of course, Kang-jun didn’t need to bother with such a hassle since he could just fly to this place and talk to the chief gods. 

However, it would be troublesome to come here if there were many things that required the cooperation of the Celestial World. 

He would let Keirun and the others take care of it. The celestial branch was necessary to make their work easier. 

Kang-jun was considering his people even now. 

‘I’m not living in this world alone.’ 

I can live comfortably even if I have nothing, but my people are different. 

Kang-jun would be happy as long as his people were having fun. 

Sususu. Susususu. 

Once the negotiations were finished, Kang-jun released all the angels and celestial gods in the sealed world. 

At the same time, the great demonic gods that they had been so scared of, Spiros and Shilenda, disappeared into the sealed world. 

Shaoniel smiled and said, 

"Peace has returned to the Celestial World. It is all thanks to Lord.” 

She called Kang-jun, ‘Lord’ and Kang-jun nodded. 

"Peace has come to the Celestial World due to Shaoniel. You’ve gone through a lot, so just go into my wings and rest.” 

"Then I will be going.” 

Shaoniel staggered once she relaxed. She hadn’t recovered completely yet. 

So, she headed immediately into Kang-jun’s arms and entered his wings. 

It was at that moment... 

A portal was created in the southern area and a bloody angel exclaimed hurriedly, 

"This is serious! The western area is now being attacked by demonic gods.” 

“What? The demonic gods?” 

The chief gods, including Dianas, had startled expressions on their faces. Panting, the angel replied, 

"The Goddess of Destruction, Karosio, and her servants.” 

Dianas replied angrily, 

"She must have attacked knowing that there was another war in the Celestial World.” 

This time, it was Notos who cried out, 

"We have to focus all our forces on fighting Karosio. We have to go.” 

The chief gods were tense. 

Kang-jun said with a laugh, 

"I will take care of Karosio, so don’t worry. I was going to handle her in the near future, so this is good." 

He immediately headed to the portal.