Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 172: Showing them Despair (1)

The reason why Kang-jun had Spiros make such a big commotion in the southern area was to draw the chiefs here. 

It was tedious to go find them directly. 

Fortunately, they all came. 


Kang-jun called out Shilenda from the sealed world. 


A great demonic god with ruby hair and white skin. 

Her red eyes were frightening and cold. 

However, she was extremely polite towards Kang-jun. 

“Lord, did you call me?” 

"Show the chief gods your anger.” 

Shilenda’s eyes widened when Kang-jun pointed at the four chief gods. 

It was natural for her to want vengeance on those who threw her into the Abyss long ago. 

“As you command.” 

She didn’t appear overly displeased or excited like Spiros. 

Even if she was in a good mood, her expression wouldn’t show it. Rather, she looked like someone who was becoming angrier. 

She used it to appeal to Kang-jun but to others, it was a disaster. 

It has been a long time.” 

As Shilenda approached them with a gentle smile, the expressions of the chief gods hardened. 

“Great Demonic God Shilenda!” 

“Unbelievable! You are still alive?” 

The chief gods remembered when they tossed her into the Abyss. 

An even more horrible existence than Spiros. 

At that time, all they could do was seal her power. 

However, Shilenda had appeared again after so many years and an even more terrifying power was emanating from her

Shilenda sneered at their surprised expressions. 

“Of course I am alive. I am very well.” 

Her hands stabbed into the air and the chief gods staggered with a scream. 

Chwack! Sukeok! Puhak! Sakak! 

Notos’ wrists were cut off. Liviana’s legs were cut off while Ceres’ neck was sliced. Dianas’ heart was crushed. 

Of course, they had a strong resilience unique to the chief gods. However, Shilenda just separated their bodies again once they returned to their original state. 

Seokeok! Seokeok! Seokeok! 

The celestial gods and angels watched this scene with angry expressions. 

"Ugh...! What is this?” 

“Ahh! How can such an evil being have such terrible power...” 

They wanted to assist in some way, but an unknown barrier blocked them. 

Furthermore, now wasn’t the time to be worried about the chief gods. 

As the chief gods were being attacked by Shilenda, Spiros was rushing towards them with thousands of weapons. 

Kwarururung! Kwaang! Pa pa pa pa! 

Spiros’ weapons flew and blocked the angels. 

Kwaang! Kakang! Kakakak! 

There was a tremendous impact the moment he collided with them! 

The weapons were steeped in the power of destruction so it was impossible for them to block it. 



Screams filled the air everywhere. There was the pain of their whole body being crushed before they turned into dust and scattered. 

Tears flowed down the chief gods’ faces as they gazed at the helpless angels and celestial gods. 

How could such a terrible thing happen to the Celestial World? 

Disaster had come to the Celestial World today. 

Unlike those who were killed and sealed elsewhere, the chief gods kept reviving despite being killed more than a dozen times. 

This meant that Shilenda was intentionally not sealing the chief gods. 

No, strictly speaking, it was Lucan’s order to Shilenda. 

Instead, the chief gods felt despair as they watched Lucan. 

But their fear of Lucan was like a distant mirage. 

Their fear was focused on Shilenda, who was causing them such tremendous pain. 

As rulers of the Celestial World, the chiefs had transcended pain long ago. 

However, the pain Shilenda caused them was so tremendous that they couldn’t help but scream


“Aaack! P-please stop now!” 

"Kuooh! I’d rather die!” 

The chief gods howled from the pain. This was because Shilenda first poured the power of destruction into their bodies, making the chief gods feel immense pain. 

At this moment, a situation similar to what happened in the Abyss was occurring to the chief gods. 

Pain! Pain! Pain! 

Falling into an endless pit of despair! 

Kang-jun gazed at them with a nonchalant expression. Shilenda turned to ask if she should continue and Kang-jun nodded.

“It is still far from enough so keep going.” 

"Yes, Lord.” 

Shilenda was excited. As the screams of the chief gods continued, Spiros swept up all the angels and celestial gods in the southern area. 


Kang-jun watched them blankly, but his mind wasn’t that good. 

‘If they accepted my offer then this wouldn’t have happened. Don’t blame me when you were the ones who caused my anger.’ 

Instead, the chief gods decided that Hwanmong was evil and threw him into the Abyss like he was a great demonic god. 

If Kang-jun didn’t have his desperate will to survive and good luck then he would have already been destroyed. 

No, he might be in the terrible position of living as Spiros’ or Shilenda’s slave. 

Kang-jun had used everything and survived. 

He had stabbed a sword into the heart of despair and now he was in control of the despair. 

To those who had fallen into the hell of despair, he would make them feel what true despair truly was. 

They would feel the despair. 

The despair of being punished for their decisions! 

They would feel what a heavy punishment felt like. 

As Kang-jun watched the chief gods being punished, Shaoniel woke up in his wings and let out an aghast sound. 


Shaoniel grieved as she saw the southern area being turned into hell. 

Tears flowed down as she stared at Kang-jun. 

"Lucan, please have mercy... Please forgive the Celestial World.” 

She knelt in front of Kang-jun and begged. 

Kang-jun shook his head and lifted her up. Then he smiled gently and said. 

“Shaoniel! There is no need for you to get on your knees since you have done nothing wrong. Rather, I should be rewarding you. I will accommodate it if it is possible, so tell me if you have a wish.” 

Shaoniel was the only one who tried to defend Kang-jun when the chief gods had unanimously decided to throw Kang-jun into the Abyss. 

As a result, she also suffered in hell but she never gave in. 

Therefore, he intended to save Shaoniel even if Kang-jun killed all the other celestial gods. 

No, he would listen to whatever she wanted. 

Shaoniel realized Kang-jun’s meaning and begged. 

“I want only one thing. Please forgive them.” 

“I can’t do that.” 

Kang-jun laughed coldly. It was something he couldn’t accept at this time. No, he didn’t want to accept. 

The reward should only be for Shaoniel. 

Shaoniel had made a drastic sacrifice so why should they be rewarded? 

Those people deserved to suffer for what they did to the innocent Shaoniel. 

It was nonsense to reward them. 

Kang-jun continued. 

"I think that they aren’t qualified to be the chief gods. Therefore, I will throw them into the Abyss for a while.” 

“Throw them into the Abyss?” 

Shaoniel was startled. The chief gods trembled as they heard Kang-jun’s voice from a distance. 

Kang-jun nodded. 

"I will show them what the Abyss truly is and they will feel true despair.” 

“Can’t you forgive them if they are sealed and repent?” 

Shaoniel asked anxiously. 

"I think that they misjudged you. Those people will feel regret that they misunderstood you and Hwanmong so please let go of your anger.” 

Kang-jun shook his head. 

"It was not just a mistake in judgement but a result of their arrogance. An arrogance that defines everything that didn’t come from them as evil. As long as there is such arrogance, they won’t change and will repeat the same mistakes. Of course, I won’t let them make repeat these mistakes.” 

Kang-jun was adamant. He tapped Shaoniel’s shoulders for encouragement and said. 

"I don’t think we need four celestial skies. I will unite the Celestial World and it will be ruled by Shaoniel.” 


Shaoniel was shocked by these unexpected words. 

Kang-jun was saying that he would make her the ruler of the Celestial World. 

It wasn’t a lie. 

Kang-jun had the abilities to make it happen. 

He had practically occupied the Celestial World. 

Shaoniel was silent for a moment before carefully opening her mouth. 

“It is possible to do it by force with your strength. However, the Celestial World will lose its vision. I truly appreciate it but I can’t accept." 

Kang-jun frowned lightly. 

“Do you want the Celestial World to stay like it is now?” 

"The Celestial World will change. Today's lesson will never be forgotten.” 

“Let’s see! How can you guarantee that?” 

"I will guarantee it.” 

Shaoniel declared with spirited eyes. 

"If they let you down again then I will follow your words. However, I want you to watch it just once. Until then, I won’t be a celestial goddess but your goddess of Hwanmong.” 

"You will become mine?” 

"It doesn’t matter if you treat me as your servant.” I'll do anything you want.”