Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 168: Conditions for the Seal (1)

Kang-jun started with surprise when her body disappeared. 

‘She hasn’t entered the seal. Indeed, a top demonic god.’ 

The power of Hwanmong meant it was now possible to seal someone without a power jewel. 

The moment he defeated the target, they would enter the sealed world but Cardia had resisted. 


At the same time, a flurry of snow rose on the snowy field and Cardia appeared again. 

‘A perfect state of resurrection.’ 

It was just like when he first saw Cardia. 

Even the distinctive white cloths that covered the important parts were the same. 

The attack power also didn’t decline at all. 

If a great demonic god died and resurrected then their combat power would decline, but Cardia was different. 

In fact, Kang-jun was also like that. 

Even if a strong opponent appeared and killed Kang-jun, he would still be resurrected in a perfect condition without a decline in his combat strength. 

Cardia was currently in such a state. 

If Kang-jun’s power was significantly superior to Cardia then it would be possible to temporarily delay her resurrection or to seal her, but this wasn’t the case. 

He could win but it wasn’t winning overwhelmingly, so there was no way other than to kill her once she resurrected again. 

Cardia also knew this and gazed at Kang-jun with an obnoxious expression. 

"In the end, you will block me like the prophecy said. Then we will fight forever. I will also prevent you from leaving this place forever.” 

With those words, she wielded her sword again. 

Hwiiiing! Papapat! 

The sword aimed at Kang-jun! After separating numerous spaces, she transformed each of them into weapons that aimed for Kang-jun. 

All of them had the extreme destructive power that would turn a great demonic god into dust.

“How troublesome.” 

Kang-jun rushed through the attack and swung his sword. 

There was no need to defend since he wouldn’t receive any big injuries and he would only suffer pain. 

Of course, the pain was considerable. 

He would be able to tolerate one or two ant bites, but what if there were thousands of rats biting him at the same time? 

It was a terrible torture. 


Kang-jun ran through the weapons and ruthlessly struck Cardia’s body. 


An extreme pain rushed through his body. 

Just like how dust could accrue into a mountain, he didn’t receive a fatal injury but the pain accumulated. 

Still, Kang-jun managed to split apart Cardia’s body again. 


"Ack! D-damn! I’m angry...” 

A line was drawn from Cardia’s neck to waist and her body disappeared. 

She stared at Kang-jun as she left. 

However, she immediately reappeared again after disappearing. 

In the meantime, Kang-jun’s bloody body returned to its original state. 

He didn’t have to use a potion or recovery magic as it just healed itself. 

There was no end to this battle. 

He didn’t remember how many times he killed her after that. 

At glance, it seemed like he killed her thousands of times. 

Kang-jun continued to kill and Cardia continued to die. 

But unlike Thanatos, her fighting spirit burned even more every time she died. 

Kang-jun determined where she would pop up and aimed his sword at her. 

However, she avoided it and then he was forced to chase Cardia and the time it took to kill her again became longer. 

Kang-jun asked sadly. 

“Why don’t you give up now? You can’t beat me, Cardia." 

"Shut up, you damn bastard! I will never let you leave this place unless you take me with you.” 

"How many more times do you intend to die?” 

“Let’s see! I’m thinking about dying at least a billion times. I might consider it again after dying a billion times. If I die more than a billion times then I might think about it seriously. But prior to that, there is no way. Kill me as much as you can. I’ll just revive again!” 

Cardia glared at Kang-jun. 


Kang-jun was dumbfounded. Her mentality was entirely different from a great demonic god. 

Kang-jun could finally see that Cardia would not surrender no matter how many times he killed her. 

So it would stay like this. 

He now had two ways 

One was to further enhance the power of Hwanmong in order to become overwhelmingly stronger and seal Cardia. 

However, Kang-jun thought that was virtually impossible. 

So far, everything had become possible in a short amount of time but this wouldn’t be that easy. 

He had no sense of time thanks to being immortal but it would take a great amount of time, training, meditation and luck. 

Therefore, he couldn’t use the first method. 

The second method was to negotiate with Cardia. 

But that was also nonsense. 

If he wanted to convince Cardia to be his slave then he needed to give her something in return. What could satisfy her? 

What conditions would make a top demonic god agree? 

Such a thing was impossible. 

Or he would have to kill her a billion times and tell her not to leave this Abyss forever. 

Cardia wouldn’t accept any conditions that Kang-jun gave her unless she went mad. 

Furthermore, it was still a possibility

If he killed her a billion times and asked to negotiate then Cardia would accept. 

Cardia was a huge poison. 

Once her escape from the Abyss became impossible, she seemed to be trying to retaliate by keeping Kang-jun in the Abyss. 

Kang-jun wasn’t sure and just swung his sword. 

‘I will just keep killing her.’ 

He couldn’t find another way. 

If he offered a ridiculous negotiation then it would only be laughed at. 

Thus, he decided to just immerse himself in killing Cardia. 

Anyways, no other strong being could be sensed in the dimensional system. 

If Cardia entered the dimensional system then a disaster would occur

Therefore, Kang-jun was protecting the dimensional system just by killing Cardia. 

Killing Cardia had such a meaning but he didn’t feel it afterwards. 

There was no meaning whatsoever. 

Only killing Cardia! He only focused on that. 

Seokeok! Chwack! Puhak! 

Kang-jun casually killed and Cardia revived with a poisonous expression. But inwardly, she was very frightened. 

'Those eyes, it seems like he really plans on killing me for eternity.’ 

She hoped that Kang-jun would negotiate and sighed when he didn’t act that way. 

In the end, it seemed like she would have to start the negotiations. 

“Wait! Let’s have a discussion.” 

"What discussion? Just die.” 

Kang-jun said as he approached Cardia with his sword. 

"Just let me kill you 1,000 times.” 


"If you die 1,000 times then I will become your servant.” 

Cardia stared at Kang-jun with a large smile. If he allowed her revenge then she would become Kang-jun’s servant. 

Kang-jun just snorted. 

He wasn’t naive enough to believe her. 

He didn’t intend to die 1,000 times, but even if he did, Cardia might not keep her promise anyway. 

"Shut up and die.” 

Kang-jun pierced Cardia’s throat with his sword. 

After she resurrected, she stared at him with a frown. 

"How about 100 times?” 

"There is nothing else. You will just die. If you don’t want to die then be sealed and become my servant.” 

Kang-jun killed her again. Her eyes were filled with poison when she revived again. She was so frustrated that she felt like crying. 

“10 times! No, only once! Please die by my hands once, and I will be your servant.” 


Kang-jun thought about it for a brief moment. It was ridiculous. However, it wasn’t difficult to die once. Even if she tried to deceive him, it wouldn’t matter since it was just once. 

Just how much did she want to kill him? 

"Will you really become my servant if you kill me once?” 

“Yes. Just let me kill you once.” 

Kang-jun honestly didn’t want to do this but it couldn’t be helped. His household members were crying in hell and he couldn’t just keep killing Cardia forever. 

He decided to try and grab the chance

“Okay. However, be sure to keep your promise.” 

Kang-jun weakened the power of Hwanmong that was protecting his body. 


Then Cardia approached like she had been waiting for a long time and stabbed Kang-jun’s heart with her sword. 

“Hohoho! Kill!” 


Kang-jun’s body was crushed and turned to dust. 

However, he instantly reappeared in his original spot. 

He was in perfect condition. Kang-jun laughed bitterly. 

'Dying always feels dirty.' 

Even if infinite resurrection was possible, dying was never pleasant. 

On the one hand, Cardia was making an extremely satisfied expression. 

It was like she had killed an enemy of the clan or an enemy who killed her precious person. 

Were they the eyes of a group who defeated the bandits? 

He felt like he was seeing the dignity of a hero or an independence fighter who saved the country. 

Kang-jun was dumbfounded but he declared towards her. 

“Cardia! Now become my servant like you promised. You shall forever be sealed in a Hwanmong world.” 

If she didn’t enter the sealed world on her own then Kang-jun couldn’t force her. 

Of course, he realized that this was ridiculous. 

No matter how he thought about it, dying once wouldn’t satisfy her. 

Not surprisingly, Cardia cried out. 

“Are you crazy? I won’t do something so ridiculous.” 

“Are you trying to break your promise?” 

"Heh, I just said I was going to be your servant. A servant doesn’t have to follow their master’s orders. Conversely, there are situations where the master must listen to the servant’s orders.” 

“In the end, this is just the beginning.” 

Kang-jun wasn’t greatly disappointed that Cardia hadn’t kept her promise. 

Still, he hadn’t known so it was worth dying once.