Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 166: Top Demonic God vs Hwanmong Ruler (1)

Two bright eyes that shone under blond hair. 

Vivid red lips. 

Skin that was reminiscent of moonlight. 

A white cloth covered all the important parts but it blended in perfectly with her skin. 

She didn’t do anything, she just stood there. 

However, she made Thanatos and Shilenda look plain. 


Just looking at her was enough to make this bleak world seem fascinating. 

A goddess that epitomised the splendour of destruction. 

A brilliant star illuminating the darkness! 

It wasn’t an exaggeration. 

Kang-jun stopped breathing as soon as he saw her. 

The 1st ranked great demonic god Cardia! She was literally a thousand out of a thousand. 

Until he saw her, Kang-jun had thought that Karosio, Shilenda, and Thanatos were the culmination of beauty. 

Of course, Thanatos was by far the most beautiful out of them and he had been sure that there would be no one who could surpass her in the dimensional world. 

However, just like there was always someone stronger, was there an end to beauty? 

If he had to express beauty in terms of combat power, Thanatos and the others would be a chaos being while Cardia would have the power of a Hwanmong Ruler. 

However, Kang-jun soon realized that her beauty was very dangerous. 

Her beauty was beyond the other great demonic gods because the inherent destructive power in her surpassed imagination. 

That’s right. 

Most beings wouldn’t be able to endure the destructive aura she emitted and would be destroyed. 

Gods with immortality wouldn’t disappear but they would be damaged for quite a while. 

Should they be at least at the rank of a great demonic god to endure it? 

That wasn’t enough

Spiros, Shilenda, and Daric were literally petrified on the spot. 

An extreme curse that turned even the great demonic gods into stone! 


Thanatos, who had been resisting, was petrified with a final moan. 

It was a type of seal. 

They would be locked in stone forever unless Cardia released the curse. 

If they died then they could be resurrected. However, they weren’t killed but petrified in stone forever. 

‘A very scary curse.’ 

Kang-jun wasn’t paralyzed but he was tense. 

In fact, Cardia’s beauty wasn’t the only problem. 

The destructive power of beauty! 

It was only the tip of the iceberg of her true abilities. 

An aura of unprecedented power was emitted from her! 

It was something beyond the power of destruction. 

What type of level has she reached? 

At that time, Cardia watched Kang-jun and lamented. 

"Could that prophecy really come true? Suddenly you’ve appeared before me.” 

“What does that mean?" 

"On the day the Abyss opened, there was a prophecy that a person with the power of Hwanmong would appear and stop me. You are the one that prophecy was talking about.” 

Someone with the power of Hwanmong. 

There was a prophecy about it? 

Kang-jun laughed. 

“It is the first time I’ve heard of this. However, I do have the power of Hwanmong. So that prophecy will probably come true.” 

Then Cardia laughed coldly. 

"No, you're wrong. Although it is just like the prophecy, and you’ve appeared before me but you can’t stop me with your current power.” 

At that moment, Kang-jun’s body trembled and his feet started to get harder. 



It was that curse of petrification again. A part of him was turning into stone. 

It was incomparably strong compared to before.

‘Euh! I can’t stop it.’ 

A curse derived from the transcendent power of destruction that couldn’t be stopped by him. 

Cardia scoffed at Kang-jun. 

“Resisting is useless. I have surpassed the power of destruction a long time ago through meditation. Just in time, you appeared before me.” 

Kang-jun stared at her. 

"Beyond the power of destruction! Then you should be called a top demonic god, not a great demonic god.” 

“A top demonic god? Heh, I don’t dislike the sound of that. But it is a little pointless.” 

Cardia smiled and continued. 

“I have no interest in things like destruction. It is trivial now.” 

"So what do you want?” 

Cardia replied like she had been waiting for Kang-jun to ask. 

"I will hold the entire dimensional system in my hands. An absolute being in the dimensional system. That's what I want.” 

Kaebul! Kang-jun wanted to tell her not to talk nonsense but he couldn’t say anything. 


In the meantime, the petrification had progressed to his mouth. 

Fortunately, his spirit was still intact. 

As such, he could still hear Cardia’s voice. 

"Now this Abyss can’t keep me bound anymore. After a while, I will go up to the Celestial World and throw them all away. The celestial gods are the ones blurring the order of the dimensional system. Once they disappear, the dimensions will become peaceful.” 

It was ridiculous. 

Although Kang-jun was furious about the celestial gods, he had confirmed that they were necessary existences after coming to the Abyss. 

The great demonic gods in this Abyss. 

He couldn’t imagine how much harm they would have done if they remained in the dimensional system. 

In other words, he wanted to praise them for throwing the great demonic gods into the Abyss. 

However, he was angry about being treated the same as the great demonic gods. 

In addition, what did his household members do wrong that they were thrown into hell? 

Thus, Kang-jun was still thinking about how to handle the Celestial World. 

Of course, he would still occupy the Celestial World. 

He wouldn’t let them get away with it. 

Kang-jun would pay back everything they had done. 

However, that didn’t mean he would get rid of the Celestial World. 

At first, he was angry enough to get rid of the Celestial World but now he realized the necessity of their existence. 

Kang-jun didn’t want to be in charge of such a troublesome thing. 

Now the top demonic god said that she wanted to destroy the Celestial World. 

If Kang-jun didn’t stop her here, those words would soon become reality. 

She said that she wasn’t interested in things like destruction, but her words showed signs of true destruction. 

Cardia approached and said. 

"Before that, I intend to seal you completely. Something still seems strange. Half the prophecy came true so it would be very disconcerting if the other half came to pass as well.” 

So what was she going to do? Did she mean to kill him? 

That was impossible. 

Kang-jun was already an immortal being. 

Therefore, Cardia could use all types of curses on Kang-jun but she couldn’t kill him. 

But now wasn’t the time to be relieved that he couldn’t die. 

Cardia was aware of this fact more than anyone else. 

In the meantime, her face that came close to Kang-jun was really beautiful. 

He could still see despite his eyes being changed to stone. 

It wasn’t just sight. 

His sense of smell and hearing were all still alive. 

Cardia’s voice sounded like it was coming from a dream. 

The mysterious fragrance coming from her body was enough to make his nose bleed. 


Cardia laughed at Kang-jun. 

Her smile was so fantastic that it even made Kang-jun’s cursed stone heart beat wildly

The calm smile on her red lips was also extremely sexy. 

However, the words coming from that mouth wasn’t beautiful at all. 

"It is convenient to leave you here like this and troublesome to move you elsewhere. So I’ve come up with a good idea.” 

Her two eyes shone brightly. 

"I will break you up into several pieces. And I will lay another curse on each of them. I will even carry one piece. How about it? Isn’t it a good idea?” 

As expected from a top demonic god, saying such terrible words with a bright expression. 

Suuk. Suuk. 

She was already putting her own words into practice. She waved her hands and started separating Kang-jun’s body into pieces

Duk. Duk. Duuk. 

His head was cut off and his limbs separated into several pieces. 

"What should I take? Indeed, the head is the best.” 

Cardia picked up Kang-jun’s head with both her hands and wiped off the dirt. Then Kang-jun’s head was compressed to the size of a small pendant. 

She pulled out a golden string and inserted it into Kang-jun’s ears. Thus, the necklace was complete. She hung him on her neck and said. 

"Don't be too saddened. It can’t be helped since I’ve been stuck with the words of the prophecy for so long. If you were in my position then you would also understand why I am doing this.” 

She summoned a mirror and looked at the necklace with satisfaction. She patted Kang-jun’s pendant head and smiled. 

“How is it? The feeling of hanging around the neck of the ruler of the dimensional system.” 

Of course, he felt dirty. Not that he was capable of answering. 

Kang-jun knew it was a strange world but he never expected to be made into the pendant of a necklace. Not to mention it was also only his head. 

‘No! She is really crazy.’ 

Compared to Cardia, he thought that the great demonic gods Thanatos and Shilenda were very normal. 

And outside this world, Karosio who was known as the Goddess of Destruction could be called an angel. 

Especially when compared to Cardia. 

Speaking of which, the longer he spent in this world, the more insane it seemed. 

Did her extreme beauty lead to extreme madness? 

Anyway, now was the time to wake up. He couldn’t just stay here watching. 

'A top demonic god is nothing but a wicked demonic god. Yet you will be the one to break my last limit, Cardia.’ 

The string of the necklace holding the pendant suddenly broke and Kang-jun’s head flew up. 


The compressed head was returned to its original size. 

Chak! Chachak! Chaak! 

That wasn’t the end. His mutilated body gathered and merged together like a transformers robot. 

It was still petrified. 

However, the stiff body immediately began to move. 

What was going on? 

The curse created by the transcendent power of destruction was released. 

Surely Cardia hadn’t changed her mind and released Kang-jun’s curse? 

Of course not. 

It was Kang-jun who released himself.