Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 165: Rearranging the Order of the Hierarchy (2)

A cold smile appeared on Shilenda’s face when she saw it. 

"Hehehe, so that’s the  reason you managed to defeat Spiros. Then should I just not bother killing you from now on?” 

She had realised that Kang-jun would become stronger after dying. 

Seokeok! Seokeok! 


Kang-jun’s arms were cut off again. However, no more deadly attacks were inflicted. 

“You can look forward to it from now on. Time is infinite so I will make you experience all the pain one by one.” 

Shilenda made Kang-jun helpless and then started torturing him. 

Kang-jun’s body was like a stone statue as he couldn’t move. 

It was possible to become paralyzed even if his destruction power was intact. 

This was because the gap between Kang-jun and Shilenda was too great. 

Ssik! Ssiiik! 

Shilenda tore off all his skin. Then she inserted thousands of pieces of destruction energy into his veins. 


From then on, he felt the most excruciating pain. 

"Kuook! Kuooook! Kuaaaaak!" 

The worst pain a human being could feel. 

Kang-jun couldn’t stop the horrifying screams from emerging as the great demon god laughed. 

But she had overlooked one thing. 

Kang-jun wasn’t becoming stronger through dying, but through enlightenment. 

He was overcoming his limitations. 

He used extreme situations to break through the barrier in front of him. 

Being killed by a powerhouse was one such extreme situation. 

But in fact, making him helpless and putting him through extreme torture provided enlightenment incomparable to the enlightenment from dying. 

"Ugh! I won’t forgive you.” 

A light flashed in Kang-jun’s bloody eyes. 

That’s right. 

He was the only one able to see his condition. 

Kang-jun had already stepped on the threshold of a Hwanmong Ruler. 

He reached that threshold, but the journey was so tiring that he wanted to sleep. 

He was in such a state. 

A demonic god killing him was like having small ants walk all over his body when sleeping. 

The sting slowly woke him up from his sleep. 

That was his first level up. 

Kang-jun had the strong desire to get up and beat the ants but he ignored it and went back to sleep. 

It was because he was too tired. 

The fatigue formed a barrier. 

However, what if the ants dug into his nostrils instead of merelcrawling on his arms and legs? 

He would wake up instantly to kill the ants. 

Kang-jun had woken up. 


His level immediately reached the limit. 

Despite this, Shilenda didn’t realize what she had done

As the light flashed in Kang-jun’s eyes, Shilenda’s body instantly stiffened. 

Kang-jun’s eyes were burning. 

“I will return everything back to you.” 

Chwack! Chwaack! Jijijik! 

Since then, Kang-jun started his revenge. 

It was no more or less than what she did to him. 

Kang-jun peeled the skin from her body and inserted thousands of pieces of destruction power into her veins. Kang-jun literally reproduced everything that had been done once to him. 

"W-wait a minute! Aaaagh!" 

Shilenda was paralyzed but her mouth could still move. She tried to speak but only ended up letting out horrifying screams. 

"Aaaaack! Kuaaack!” 

Shilenda was sadistic but being on the receiving end was painful for her. 

Kang-jun repeated this process dozens of times. 

Torture, kill, torture and kill again. 

The actions were repeated for the sole purpose of punishment. 

The opponent was a great demonic god. 

It was really only just punishment. 

After a while Shilenda finally fainted. He realized today that even a great demonic god could faint. 

Like this, she died dozens of times. 

She no longer felt any pain or suffering. 

If left alone, she would be restored with the destruction power. 

"You woke up again.” 

Kang-jun wasn’t upset. Meanwhile, Spiros felt a sense of deja vu as he watched from a distance. 

"You came to.” 

"W-why... kuaaack!” 

He woke up and saw two ants. 

If one of the ants bit his body then, of course, he would kill them. He would get rid of both the ants, not just one

That was the case with Spiros. 

Shilenda was a great demonic god. It wasn't enough just defeating her a few times. 

After a certain amount of time. 

Kang-jun stood with his arms folded as he gazed down. 

The two great demonic gods were kneeling before him. 

Shilenda’s charismatic face was full of discouragement. She was next to the uncomfortable Spiros. 

Then Kang-jun said. 

"I'm going to ask. Who am I and who are you?” 

"You are my master and I am your servant." 

"Lucan is my master. I am your faithful servant.” 

The two individuals replied. 

Kang-jun smiled and nodded. 

"Now guide me to the 3rd ranked.” 

Shilenda and Spiros’ faces hardened. Once he saw the deep fear on their faces, Kang-jun realized that they were very scared of the 3rd ranked great demonic god. 

However, right now they were even more scared of Kang-jun. They nodded. 

“I’ll take you there.” 

"Follow me." 

After a while, a huge castle appeared again. 

It was a castle with a dismal atmosphere, unlike Shilenda’s elegant and beautiful one. 

Anyone who saw it would think that a demon king or demonic god was living inside. 


And the occupant showed up without Kang-jun even going near the castle. 

"There hasn’t been much to satisfy my taste buds these days then you came along. It seems like I will eat something tasty today.” 

It was a great demonic god with the same shape as an ogre. 

He was the great demonic god Daric, the 3rd on the hierarchy. 

His face was only full of a desire to eat.

Spiros and Shilenda flinched as they recalled it. They retreated like they were in front of a predator. 

Kang-jun was suddenly curious. 

"Let me ask you one thing. How do the people you eat survive?” 

Naturally, they wouldn’t die. Immortality was a very special ability.

In other words, they would eventually come back to life even if they were eaten. 

He was curious about how it worked. 

Daric smiled like it was a very good question. 

"Don't worry. After being digested in my stomach, you will be resurrected from the residue coming from my anus.” 

So it meant resurrection from shit. 

Kang-jun frowned slightly. He inwardly sighed with relief. 

‘I should thank Shilenda for reaching the level limit in advance.’ 

Otherwise, Kang-jun would have only been able to kill Daric after being eaten and resurrected from shit several times. 

However, such a process wasn’t needed now. 

He just needed to turn his head to become a Hwanmong Ruler. 

"Gulp! Shall I taste the new ingredients?” 

The moment that Daric approached Kang-jun, a light gleamed from the sword at his waist. 


And that was the end. Daric’s eyes were shocked like he couldn’t believe it. 


His body was sliced into countless pieces and fell down. 

"Put him into a pot and boil him.” 


Kang-jun intentionally obstructed Daric’s resurrection. 

It was possible because he was in control of Daric’s flesh. 

He was dead but his spirit still remained, so he would be forced to feel the pain of his meat being sliced and boiled. 

In that way, Kang-jun made various dishes using Daric’s body.

Of course, he wasn’t going to eat them. It was only a punishment to inflict Daric’s actions back on him. 

Once the dishes were complete, they were scattered and resurrection was allowed. 

Resurrection, then he was turned back into dishes! 

Kang-jun repeated the process dozens of times. 

There was no need for words. 

He had already experienced how to deal with the great demonic gods. 

Finally, Daric kneeled in front of Kang-jun with the same expression as Shilenda and Spiros. 

"I'll do whatever you want so please no more... Kuooh! P-please, spare me.” 

"Who are you to me?” 

"I am your servant, Lord.” 

Daric exclaimed as his head thudded against the ground. Kang-jun nodded. 

"Now guide me to the 2nd ranked.” 

"Yes, I will take you there.” 

Daric, Shilenda and Spiros guided him to the slaughterhouse of the 2nd ranked person. 

There were only bodies everywhere. 

However, the actual bodies didn’t exist. 

They were created corpses. 

In other words, things made from the power of destruction. 

It was obvious that the bodies were originally animated and then slaughtered. 

The great demonic god Thanatos. 

She was even more beautiful than Shilenda. 

A blend of black and white. 

She looked like those stars on the black and white TV. 

Black hair and white skin. 

Two shiny black eyes. 

Dark lips beneath towering nose. 

She gave off a creepy yet bewitching air. 

It looked like Karosio had used her a role model. 

However, Thanatos didn’t feel any lust or sadistic desire. She was only filled with the desire to kill. 

"I wasn’t satisfied despite killing all of them. I will kill all of you.” 

Thanatos rushed straight at Kang-jun and swung her sword. 

Regardless of the reason. 

Killing was the only purpose in her life. 

That’s why Daric stayed away from her and wouldn’t have come to visit if it wasn’t for Kang-jun. 

However, Thanatos’ head fell to the ground as soon as Kang-jun wielded his sword.


Thanatos’ head rolled across the ground and stared at Kang-jun. 

It seemed like she didn’t know why she had died. 

Then she was resurrected. 

She attacked Kang-jun again. 

If she had another hobby aside from killing, it was combat! 

In a way, she had the true charisma of a great demonic god. 

The others had perverted tendencies but Thanatos was literally the incarnation of death. 

However, Kang-jun killed Thanatos again without blinking. 

Kang-jun had already surpassed Thanatos so she couldn’t defeat him. 

Kang-jun inwardly sighed. 

'Thanatos, I thought I would be able to break my limit with you but I guess I have to look for the 1st ranked person.’ 

Now he needed to only take one more step forward. 

The last hurdle. 

Unfortunately, he couldn’t advance that last step. 

It was the step to reach a Hwanmong Ruler and be called the true absolute being of Hwanmong. 

However, Thanatos wasn’t an opponent for the Lv500 Kang-jun. 

Seokeok! Chwack! Seokekeok! Puhak! 

It was a long time of killing, resurrection, and killing but Kang-jun didn’t stop his sword. 

Thanatos was endlessly slain by Kang-jun. 


At that moment, Thanatos finally fell to her knees in front of Kang-jun with a tired expression and shouted. 

“Stop! Please stop! I'll do as you wish now.” 

Kang-jun also sighed with relief after it ended. 

'A really tough person.’ 

Thanatos was much stubborner compared to the previous great demonic gods. 

It took more time to subdue Thanatos than the time for the previous three combined. 

Kang-jun had killed Thanatos so many times that he couldn’t remember it. 

He had given up counting after passing 1,000 times. 

However, she would only continue dying to Kang-jun so Thanatos eventually gave up her pride. 

Thus, Kang-jun was accepted by four people and became the 2nd ranked in the hierarchy. 

Now he only needed to defeat the 1st ranked Cardia. 

"Now guide me to Cardia.” 

"I understand." 

Thanatos bowed and replied. 

It was at that moment. 

"You don’t need to go, I am Cardia." 

A great demonic god showed up in front of Kang-jun.