Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 164: Rearranging the Order of the Hierarchy (1)

The Abyss. 

A place where the great demonic gods established a hierarchy. 

Of course, there was no concept of time so it was a bit funny to say this, but Kang-jun defeated the 5th ranked Spiros on the first day. 

Kang-jun was now in 5th place and Spiros was in 6th place. 

Next,  Kang-jun was going to challenge the great demonic god, Shilenda, who was in 4th place. 

He didn’t force Spiros to do anything but he naturally followed his commands. 

He would defeat the 4th ranked person and work his way up to the 1st rank. 

This was Kang-jun’s plan. 

"It is pretty normal." 

He didn’t know how much distance he had covered on the snow field. 

How much time had passed by in reality? 

After falling into the Abyss, he no longer moved from Hwanmong to reality. 

Perhaps the real Kang-jun was still asleep in the Delta building. Or Kang-jun’s body might be missing. 

It was very likely that Kang-jun being dropped in the Abyss had affected the Kang-jun of reality. Perhaps the Delta building and Han Yeon-soo’s Black Dragon Law Firm had all been scattered.  

Kang-jun’s anger blazed again when he thought about it. 

‘Just wait. I’ll get them all back.’ 

In particular, his anger soared when he thought about the people still suffering in hell. 

“We've arrived." 

Spiros stopped moving and told Kang-jun. 

There was a huge castle in front of him. 

It was a castle made of snow. It was clear that the power of destruction could be used for a wide variety of purposes. 

For example, Spiros armour was a gorgeous red colour. 

It wasn’t dyed red but had changed to that colour through the power of destruction. 

Now the 4th ranked person showed the extremes of such an application. 

The size and appearance of the castle was as beautiful as a palace from the Celestial World. 

That wasn’t all. 

Various dolls were present around the castle that could move like they were alive once the power of destruction was inserted into them. 

“It is quite excellent. This guy has a pretty good style.” 

Kang-jun said with admiration and Spiros laughed awkwardly. 

"A man... it isn’t.” 

"Then it is a female demonic god?” 

“Yes. But you should be careful. They are totally crazy.” 

Totally crazy. 

That was his description in just a few words. 

It wasn’t a normal person saying this but the great demonic god Spiros. 

Not a demonic god, but a great demonic god. 

His nature was vicious and evil. 

If Kang-jun had been defeated by Spiros then he would have been in a terrible mess right now. 

Just the degree of humiliation would make it a horrible thing. 

“How much stronger than you are they?” 

"If there were hundreds of me then I still wouldn’t be able to touch one hair on that person’s body.” 


The gap was huge. 

Kang-jun made a shocked expression and Spiros giggled. 

“To be honest, it is crazy that we came here. It is wiser to return now. If you get caught then you will suffer for a few hundred years, wanting to die.” 

Spiros trembled. 

Furthermore, he seemed reluctant to enter the castle. 

There were dark shadows on his face. 

Spiros’ depressed expression suggested that he had been harassed many times. 

His personality was dirty and he was an extremely strong great demonic god. 

Yet he thought it was crazy and reckless to visit her. 

Kang-jun knew that he would be defeated by Shilenda at first. 

But that was what he had been hoping for. 

It was because death would be beneficial to Kang-jun. 

The more he died, the closer he got to the power of a Hwanmong Ruler. 

The door was opened so Kang-jun and Spiros entered without any obstructions. 

“Oh! Visitors to the castle!” 

“Hoho! Come on in.” 

Humans and elves with stunning appearances greeted Kang-jun and Spiros. 

They were running around just like ordinary humans and elves. 

Their shapes were so sophisticated that he wouldn’t have been able to tell they were dolls. 

In other words, they were combat golems powered by the energy of destruction. 

They had the ability of self-defense. 

Kang-jun’s heart started beating faster. 

‘If these demonic gods escape from the Abyss, then it would be a catastrophe in the dimensional system.’ 

Even if Spiros, who was the lowest among the great demonic gods exited, it would immediately become hard for the Celestial World to bear. 


Meanwhile, Shilenda knew that Kang-jun and Spiros were here and finally showed up. 

A gigantic gust of wind blew over the square and turned into a woman. 

She had radiant white skin and hair as red as a ruby. 

Her eyes seemed somewhat bored. 

They were also filled with reproach for coming here. 

The red lips opened up anrevealed white teeth with a slight gap between the front ones, giving her a coquettish air. 

That wasn’t all. 

A sensual body with the golden ratio. She was in a mostly naked state with only the important areas covered by a bit of cloth. 

It could be expressed in just one way. 

The adult version of Karosio, the Goddess of Destruction! 

Karosio was a transcendent beauty but she was nothing compared to this great demonic god. 

She literally had everything that a human woman would wish for

Just looking at her made Kang-jun’s heart beat wildly. 

He had an absurd impulse to do whatever she said. 

However, Kang-jun quickly recovered his spirit. 

His mentality had improved after overcoming Karosio’s temptation, but his ability to resist this time was mainly due to being able to freely control the destruction power prevalent in the Abyss. 

Strictly speaking, everything that attracted his eyes was an illusion of destruction so Kang-jun used his destruction power to resist. 

Kang-jun regained his calmness in a flash and Shilenda gave him a strange smile. 

On the other hand, Spiros had a grim and distorted expression on his face that showed he both wanted to run towards Shilenda and run away from her. 

“Spiros, who is that person?” 

Her sweet voice sounded like a hallucination. In addition to her appearance, her voice also contained a bewitchment that resonated within a man’s heart. 

Spiros flinched and replied. 

"Sovereign Lucan. He is a new person who hacome to this mysterious world and has come to see Shilenda.” 

His tone was extremely polite. 

Despite being a great demonic god who could crush all the demon kings with one finger, Spiros didn’t dare to say anything rude to her

Then Shilenda stared at Kang-jun. 

"Human, you wanted to see me?” 



"To make you my servant.” 

Shilenda laughed at his outrageous words. Even her laughing face was attractive. 

On the other hand, Kang-jun had a question. Why did Spiros fear Shilenda so much? 

It was natural for a human like Kang-jun to feel uneasy around a great demonic god, but Spiros was also one. 

However, his question was immediately answered

As a transparent film covered her eyelids, bizarre expressions appeared on Shilenda’s face. 

How could so many facial expressions appear simultaneously on one face? 

She stared angrily at Kang-jun. As well as with extreme craving and excitement! He could understand feeling something like that in this situation. 

However, other expressions also appeared at the same time. 

Violence, blood-thirst and slaughter! 

A terrible desire could be seen on her face. 

A devilish desire to kill Kang-jun after abusing him and drinking his blood! 

It was a creepy desire to completely destroy Kang-jun. 

He already knew she wasn’t normal from the beginning. 

"Completely crazy." 

These words fell from Kang-jun’s mouth. However, Shilenda showed very little reaction to his words. She just twisted her body and approached. 

"Your words sound like you’re going to be my servant. It is so nice that you came here of your own free will.” 

"Are you deaf? The one who will be the servant is you. I will make it so.” 

Kang-jun didn’t speak any longer and swung his sword. 


However, Kang-jun’s right hand was cut off as soon as he moved. 

‘Euh! This!’ 

He couldn’t even see the attack. However, that wasn’t all. 

Chwack! Chwack! 

A fountain of blood emerged from Kang-jun’s chest and neck. 


Her beautiful laugh showed that she was truly enjoying it. 

It contained a gruesome and beautiful fascination. 

However, Kang-jun despised her. 

Kang-jun stared at her coldly. 

‘Stronger. I have to become stronger so that I won’t fall to wicked beings like her.’ 

He couldn’t speak due to the hole in his neck. Both his arms were cut off and blood was gushing from his heart. 

He felt more anger than when the celestial gods had thrown him in the Abyss. 

It was ridiculous that such an evil desire existed. 

Above all, Kang-jun’s powerlessness incited his anger. 


Kang-jun collapsed helplessly. 

But he got up energetically as soon as he fell. 


Not surprisingly, his level rose by one again. 

"I’ll kill you again.” 

Kang-jun wielded his sword with all his power. 

Shilenda was confused by this unexpected situation. 

Of course, she didn’t think that Kang-jun would just die. 

Even if he was human, he possessed the power of immortality. 

Therefore, she decided to slaughter him until he surrendered. 

Moreover, it would take him a bit to exert his power of destruction after being resurrected. 

In other words, she was going to play with Kang-jun like a toy from now on. It would meet all her needs for violence, blood-thirst and slaughter. 

Yet Kang-jun was standing up with a much more energetic appearance. 

“Really? I’ll see if you can try again.” 

Seokeok! Chwack! Chwaaaak! 

Kang-jun swung his sword with all his power but only hit air. Kang-jun’s limbs were separated and he died instantly. 


Of course, Kang-jun immediately revived again.