Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 16: Ability to Make Money (4)

The moment that Kang-jun shouted, the people walking nearby stopped like they had been struck by lightning. At the same time, their gazes were fixed to Kang-jun and the plates of tteokbokki in front of him. 

That wasn’t the end. Some of them started moving naturally towards the plates of tteokbokki.

“Shall we eat tteokbokki over there?” 

“Yes. I suddenly want to eat tteokbokki.” 

“Hoho! Somehow that seems tasty.” 

A total of 10 people. They seemed possessed while the rest of the people passed by like nothing had happened. 

‘I did that!’ 

In fact, Kang-jun just wanted to test the power of the buff. 

However, 10 people came flocking at once. It was clear that the buff had a stronger instantaneous power compared to Draw In Customers. 

More people would continue to flock if Kang-jun called. But Kang-jun had no intention of doing that. He was just trying to figure out the management skill. 

“I ate well. Sell a lot.” 

“Yes, Customer-nim. Please come again.” 

Kang-jun paid for the food and left the tteokbokki stall. Kang-jun left but more customers were flocking. And the ajumma completely forgot all about Kang-jun due to the other customers. She thought it just happened by chance. 

“Two servings of tteokbokki over here.” 

“Yes, Customer-nim.” 

“A small serving of soondae please. Quickly!” 

“Yes, hoho! It is just a short wait.” 

She was working hard to get the food out to the customers. 

Meanwhile, Kang-jun moved to the second floor of the coffee shop on the opposite side. Kang-jun sat at a window table with a cup of americano and watched her. 

The Draw In Customers skill lasted 20 minutes. There seemed to be a steady supply of two or three customers every minute. 

Kang-jun watched the situation and found one unique point. 

‘Not all the customers will order. A lot of them just leave.’ 

The skill drew in customers, but that didn’t necessarily mean they would order. All it did was attract the attention of the customers. But even that was huge. If the menu was at a moderate level then it would never fail. 

‘Orders would increase if there was a more appetizing flavour. The patrons would then become frequent.’ 

Guests were attracted until the duration of the skill ended. 

Kang-jun drank all his coffee but continued investigating the tteokbokki stall. Not surprisingly, people continued to rush past. 

Kang Young-cha was still busy making food for the customers who ordered. However, new customers didn’t come anymore. After 20 minutes, the stall returned to its original state. Still, the stall was briefly crowded so the ajumma’s face was much brighter than before. 

‘The skill only has an effect in the time limit.’ 

Kang-jun left the coffee shop. He was no longer interested in Kang Young-cha’s tteokbokki store. He didn’t care about other people’s business. 

‘Now I need to find an item to make money.’ 

He was originally planning to find a part time job, but the management skill changed that. 

His current bank balance was 1,332,821 won. The convenience store owner had deposited the money she owed to him today. 

He needed to pay 180,000 won in rent money for Room 413. Earlier he had already paid a down payment of 20,000 won. 

So he would have approximately 1,150,000 won remaining. If he excluded the cost of living, that would be approximately 800,000 won. 

This money wasn’t even enough to become a street vendor. He needed at least a few hundred thousand more as capital. 

‘There has to be something.’ 

Kang-jun returned to the goshiwon and looked up street stalls on his laptop. He had some knowledge about market stalls due to his previous part time jobs. 

‘This is it.’ 

One of the posts caught his eyes. 


Title: Street stall vendor needed! 

Writer: Oh Young-sik / Views: 39 

Contents: The location is at K Traditional Market.

There is a good floating population. 

Prohibited items: Fruits, vegetables, side dishes, phone cases, toys, accessories etc.  

Available industry: Underwear, socks, taiyaki, etc. 

Per Day: 40,000 won [Prepaid] 

Per Month: Consultation (Offer good prices) 

Phone: 0XX-38X-33XX 


It was a method where someone could pay one month’s rent in advance. But sometimes there were contracts on a daily basis. 

He took note of the prohibited items. It meant there was other competition nearby. If such things were ignored then it would become a fight of available stock. 

The available businesses were underwear, socks or taiyaki. It was a little too early in the summer for taiyaki. 

It would be a little awkward for women to buy underwear from a man. Of course, if he used the skill then women would flock to buy panties and bras from Kang-jun, but it was embarrassing. Even female high school students wouldn’t choose it as a part time job. 

‘I’ll just choose socks.’ 

Kang-jun had been to K Traditional Market several times so he knew the atmosphere. He could take advantage of Draw In Customers to attract the floating population and generate some revenue. 

Kang-jun made a decision and called the number. 

“Are you Oh Young-sik?” 

-Yes, I am Oh Young-sik. 

“I saw your post and decided to contact you. Has the stall been rented out yet?” 

-Not yet. How long do you want it for? 

“One week starting from tomorrow.” 

-350,000 won for 10 days, if possible… 

Then it will be 35,000 a day. Kang-jun contemplated for a moment before saying. 

“I decided to go. Please tell me the location.” 

Kang-jun immediately made a contract with Oh Young-sik. 

In fact, the stall wasn’t in a very good location. Originally, he probably wouldn’t have sold even 100,000 won worth of goods. However, Kang-jun could draw in people within a 40 metres radius. If there was a critical hit then it would be 80 metres as well as the magic Art of Communication! 

He already knew a place to obtain wholesale socks. Kang-jun obtained information about the area. 

Kang-jun ordered children’s socks, adult socks, hiking socks etc. He booked a quick delivery for tomorrow morning and went to bed early. 

The next morning. Kang-jun headed to K Traditional Market.

9 a.m. He waited in front of the stall for the order. 

There were six large boxes. They were filled with a variety of socks. All of it was worth 400,000 won. Even those with seasoned business skills wouldn’t find it easy to sell that much in one day. 

However, such common sense didn’t apply to Kang-jun. As soon as he displayed the socks, customers started coming in from everywhere. 

“How much is a pair of adult socks?” 

“10,000 won for seven pairs.” 

“How about the hiking socks?” 

“10,000 won for four pairs! Isn’t it cheap?” 

“What about the child socks here?” 

“It is five pairs for 3,000 won!” 

Of course, this was due to the power of Draw In Customers. 


[All people within 40 metres of you will be affected by the skill.] 

[Some of the people within the radius of the skill will be interested in the products you are selling.] 

[Duration is 20 minutes.] 


Some of them left without even asking the price, while others left after asking the price. 

But some stayed. 

Kang-jun continued to use the Draw In Customers skill every time the 20 minute duration ended. 

Two hours passed. 

He refilled his black magic energy on a semi-regular basis. This was an area with plenty of people so it was easy to find targets. 

After some time. 


[The skill’s critical hit has occurred.] 

[The radius of the skill has extended to 80 metres.] 

[You have received the buff skill Art of Communication for 10 minutes.] 

[People will become interested in the products you are selling when they hear you talk about it.] 


‘Ohu! Critical hit!’ 

He had been waiting for that moment. He had six points in good luck so a critical hit wouldn’t happen every time. How could he miss this golden time of 10 minutes? 

“Come, cheap socks! Cheap! Luxury socks! Hiking socks! Come and check it out once!” 

Kang-jun vigorously exclaimed. The people in the vicinity started staring at Kang-jun’s stall. Their eyes flashed. 

It was like using a taunting skill in a game. It wasn’t surprising that people came up him. 

“Young man! How much are those hiking socks?” 

“One pair for 3,000 won. Four pairs for 10,000 won.” 

“What about a pair of adult socks?” 

“2,000 won.” 

Kang-jun energetically welcomed the people. 

The buying rate was low, but Kang-jun continued to gather people and succeeded in selling all six boxes by the time it was evening. 

“Hahaha! Everything was sold!” 

Kang-fun felt tired but proud as he gazed at the empty boxes. The boxes full of socks were gone. They had changed into money that entered Kang-jun’s pockets. 

1.26 million won. 

Excluding the value of the goods and other expenses, he earned approximately 800,000 won. This was in just a single day. 

When he was working part time at the convenience store, Kang-jun only earned 50,000 won a day. Now he earned 800,000 won. 

‘Huhu, I can increase it further in the future.’ 

Kang-jun’s eyes shone as he clenched his fists. 

‘This is only the beginning.’

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