Dimensional Sovereign


New Beginning (2)

‘This club is very good.’ 

Thanks to the dice rolling, my agility and strength had plummeted downwards. 

It wouldn’t have been easy to defeat those monsters if not for the club. 

Then Kang-jun frowned again. 

He had forgotten for a while due to the tension. 


The pain from his arrow-pierced arm was considerable. 

Blood was pouring down. 

“Euh! What should I do about this?” 

Wouldn’t the pain get worse without any first aid?  However, he couldn’t afford to do that because more rat head monkeys jumped out from Room 413. 



The crimson eyes showed that there were at least three of them. 

They were all holding clubs. 


Kang-jun reflexively swung his club. 


Kang-jun’s club hit the head of a rat head monkey and it burst against the wall of the goshiwon. 


The other rat head monkeys screamed and ran back. 


[Experience has been gained.] 

[3 nodes have been gained.] 


Meanwhile, a rat head monkey on the other side swung its club at Kang-jun. Kang-jun hurriedly blocked it with his left arm. 



A scream emerged from his mouth.

A bone seemed to have broken. His left arm was already in excruciating pain from the arrow. Now it was hit with a club. It was disorienting. 

But Kang-jun clenched his teeth and endured it. He had intentionally sacrificed his left arm. The club was being held by his right arm. 



Kang-jun smashed the rat head monkey. 


[Experience has been gained.] 

[4 nodes have been gained.] 


Experience and money. 

But now wasn’t the time to be happy. There was still one remaining. 


Kang-jun’s left foot instantly kicked the rat head monkey’s chin. 


The rat head monkey fell back. 

Kang-jun took two steps forward and mercilessly struck. 



He struck the rat head monkey so hard that there was a dent. 


[Experience has been gained.] 

[4 nodes have been gained.] 


Kang-jun took deep breaths as he confirmed that there were no other enemies. Fortunately, there was none.  

It was still too early to feel relieved. He didn’t know if other rat head monkeys would emerge from the mysterious Room 413. 

Dduk. Dduk. 

Blood was flowing down from his left arm and soaked the floor. 

Kang-jun’s body shook from the pain. 

“Euh! Damn! If this situation continues, I really might die.” 


Health: 47/90 


His health had halved due to his left arm. 


[Stage 1 of the base construction: 48%] 


It was fortunate that his base was 48% complete. He just needed to somehow live long enough until it was finished. 

‘Just a little longer.’ 

Then Kang-jun’s eyes noticed something. 

‘Eh? This?’ 

There was something shining brightly next to the corpse of a rat head monkey. 

A glass bottle containing a red liquid. 

‘What? Is is a potion?’ 

The form of a potion that he saw many times in games. He walked closer and picked it up. 


[Minor Health Potion] 

[Consuming it will restore 40 health points.] 



Unbelievable! It really was a potion. It was also a health potion! Was this also due to his good luck stat? 

Then why did he need to hesitate? 

Snap! Snap! 

Kang-jun immediately opened the cap and drank the potion. 

Then something strange happened. 

Suuuok – 

The arrow lodged in his left arm was removed of its own accord and the wound instantly started to heal. 

‘My arm is fine.’ 

The sickening pain disappeared. 

Apart from some slight throbbing, his arm felt almost normal. 


Health: 87/90 


Thanks to that, his health was almost completely restored. 

‘I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.’ 

Drinking a potion would spontaneously cause an arrow to fall out? 

It was the type of lie that could happen in this world! It was possible because Hwanmong was the world of dreams. 

Anyway, he was glad. It would have been awful if he needed get the wound treated at a hospital. 

‘Phew! I feel better now.’ 

I shuddered nervously just thinking of the pain. 

‘I have to be careful not to get hit by another arrow.’ 

Kang-jun glanced around sharply. 

He couldn’t release his tension despite his health recovering. He needed to stay mentally aware until his base was completed.

‘I don’t know when they will turn up again.’ 

Sure enough. 


Something suddenly came out from Room 413. 


The sound pierced through the goshiwon. 

‘Euh! What? This?’ 

Kang-jun jumped with surprise. 

The form was exactly the same as the rat head monkey. However, it was more than two metres in height. 

‘Is it the boss?’ 

Kang-jun was 178cm tall and the monster was even larger than him. None other than the boss of the rat head monkeys had appeared. 


It opened its mouth and roared. The crimson eyes turned towards him. 

“Shit! Come!” 

Kang-jun cried out while gripping the club tightly. 

It was inevitable. A fight to the death! 

Kung! Kung! Kung! 

The oversized boss monkey brandished a big club. 

Hwing! Hwiing! 

It looked like a thick log! 

Kang-jun nervously avoided it. 

‘One hit will be the end.’ 

Fortunately, this was a narrow corridor in the goshiwon. It wasn’t easy to swing a long stick in the cramped corridor. 

Kwang! Kwakwang! 

The low ceilings and narrow walls of the corridor stopped the full power of the club. 

Kang-jun quickly penetrated inside a gap. 


Kang-jun hit its head, but the boss monkey didn’t even nod. 


It threw away the club and aimed both hands towards Kang-jun. 


It happened in the blink of an eye. 


Kang-jun quickly tumbled backwards. 

His back ached. 

‘Euh! I almost died. An unbelievably fast bastard.’ 

No matter how much his agility was reduced by, it had really moved instantly. 


Both hands swiftly headed towards him. 


Kang-jun was prepared and avoided it before brandishing his club. 


Bam! Bam! 

He struck the chest and head. But the boss monkey just grabbed the club Kang-jun was holding. 


Kang-jun tried to pull but the club didn’t budge. 

Huge monster! But ignorant. It wasn’t an opponent he could overcome with force. 


The boss monkey threw away the club and just focused on using its power. And it tried to grab Kang-jun with both hands. 

At that moment, Kang-jun’s right foot kicked the abdomen of the boss. 


At the same time, he rotated and his left foot struck the abdomen again. 

Pak pak -! 

The first attack was just a teaser while the second attack was real. A power with all his weight behind it. 


The boss monkey staggered back one step. 

Kang-jun didn’t miss this opening. 

Bam! Bam bam! 

He unleashed a dizzying barrage of kicks to the side of the boss monster’s face. 


The brilliant taekwondo techniques! A mere monster couldn’t withstand them. 

The boss monster staggered back but didn’t fall. Instead, both hands flashed forward and grabbed Kang-jun’s right foot. 


His foot was being held by a monster. There was a possibility of a broken leg. 

Kang-jun nervously rotated his body and kicked the chin of the boss monster with his left foot. 



The boss monkey’s neck was then struck afterwards. It staggered back and released Kang-jun. 

‘A chance.’ 

Kang-jun kicked the chest of the rat head monkey boss. 


The large frame fell backwards. 

Kang-jun immediately picked up a club and mercilessly beat the head of the boss monkey. 

Bam! Pajik! 

‘Ah, god!’ 

The club broke. Kang-jun quickly picked up another club. 

In the meantime, the boss monkey was wriggling around and trying to get up. 

Kang-jun desperately struck with the club. 

Bam bam! Bam bam bam! 

Now he had missed out on two chances. 

He needed to get rid of it before it regained its spirit. 

He couldn’t allow it to counterattack. 

Die! Die! 



There was a loud popping sound as the rat head monkey boss screamed. 


[Experience has been gained.] 

[12 nodes have been gained.] 

[Your level has risen.] 


He did it. And finally! 


Kang-jun cheered at the message stating he gained a level. 

Level up! 

The boss monster gave him a large amount of experience.



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