Demon’s Diary

Chapter 184

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Chapter 184 – Gold Spirit Guests

When Liu Ming’s body came out of the steel doors to the prison, he glanced around and was quite stunned at what he saw.

The guards that should have been frozen in place were gone. What replaced them was a strong man wearing yellow animal skin and a red-faced old man with long eyes.

One of the two had a dark and thin whip tied to his waist while the other had a light-yellow sword on his back. However, both of them looked at Liu Ming with interest as he walked out.

“Gold Spirit Guests?”

Although Liu Ming was quite shocked, he showed no large emotions as he calmly asked.

“That’s right, us two are Gold Spirit Guest. We were patrolling here today and managed to bump into Fellow. This really is a matter that makes one’s head hurt! Could I ask what the relation between these two and Fellow are?” The red-faced old man gave a sigh as he swept his gaze over to the two people behind Liu Ming.

“It is not much, the ancestors of these two have helped an ancestor of mine. I’m here to repay that debt.” Liu Ming emotionlessly replied.

“Oh, that is something so coincidental! These two both have a relation to Fellow and were both incarcerated in the same prison at the same time while waiting for Fellow to save them?” When the man wearing animal skin heard this, he rolled his eyes and sarcastically replied.

“Yes, the matter is so coincidental!” Liu Ming responded without any concern.

“Hmph, if you didn’t meet us two, then even if you emptied the entire prison, it would not have affected us at all. However, now that we have met, we can let you take one of the two since you are one of us, but the other person must stay.” The red-faced old man spoke with a serious expression.

“No way, I will be taking both of them and not leaving behind either of them.” Liu Ming rejected the proposal without hesitation

“Looks like Fellow is extremely confident in your abilities and is planning on a fight. I will first state that since we are Gold Spirit Guests of the government, we will naturally team up in a fight.” The red-faced old man spoke with a dark face.

The animal-skinned man let out a cruel laugh as he grabbed the whip at his waist. With a single shake, the whip started to move on its own. It was actually a living long black snake.

The head of the snake was incredibly flat and one could see that it possesses a deadly poison.

“Hehe, there is no need to fight.” When Liu Ming heard the speech of the old man, he gave a snicker as he took a large step forward. With a “pu” sound, a huge aura burst out from Liu Ming.

The space around Liu Ming started buzzing as a black violent gust appeared out of nowhere. Spinning around Liu Ming, the gust turned into a tornado that stretched up to the sky.

When the red-faced old man and the animal-skinned man saw this, their expressions turned ugly. Before they could even speak, a huge pressure smashed against them.

The two of them involuntarily backed up a couple of steps. A space was made between them.

Liu Ming’s body moved as he brought Censor Chen and Mister Sun to rush through the space between the two Spirit Apostles. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared out of a door.

The animal-skinned man tightly held his black snake as his face was full of fear. Likewise, he made no motion to stop Liu Ming.

The red-faced old man had an expression of anxiety and waited until Liu Ming left his sight before he spat out the words “Late Spirit Apostle!”.

“Looks like he is indeed a Late Spirit Apostle and may even be a Late Spirit Apostle at Perfection. Otherwise, us two Beginning Spirit Apostles would not have been so useless.” The animal-skinned man gave out a sigh, and with a flick of his wrist, he tied the black snake back to his waist.

“Yes, that is indeed possible. No wonder he dared ignore us like that. This person is on the same level as some of the old monsters within the imperial family. No matter what, he is not someone we can offend. However, since it is like that, we have an answer for this matter. As long as we report this back, we will not be punished too much.” The red-faced old man replied with a helpless face.

“We can only do that. However, the atmosphere in Xuanjing is turning stranger and stranger. First, the higher level Gold Spirit Guests and the old monsters of the imperial family all declared that they would enter secluded cultivation and ignore all matters of the outside world. Then, during the two years since, the number of cultivators that entered Xuanjing are many times what they were before. Many of them are even entering with sneaky intentions. From what I know, there are quite a few cultivators that are like the one we met today at the Perfection level of a Late Spirit Apostle. As for those that we don’t know with hidden cultivations, who knows how many there are.” The animal-skinned man’s eyes flashed as he suddenly spoke in a whisper.

“Hmph, do you need to say that? Most of our brothers have seen that something is amiss. However, what qualifications do we, as cannon fodder, have to talk about such things. In addition, when we entered the Gold Spirit Guests, we signed a blood contract. Every day before the deadline of the contract means that we will not be able to do the things that we want. Even if something big happens, we will have to move as one with the government.” When the red-faced old man heard this, his face darkened.

“If only it were this simple. The key thing is that the government is also acting strange, and even though many of the imperial family know what is going on, they don’t explain anything to us guests. Although I have signed the Blood Contract, I don’t want to be cannon fooder that doesn’t know what is going on.” The animal-skinned man replied with anger.

“Brother, is that what you really think?” The red-faced man’s face changed colors as he suddenly asked.

“Of course, I don’t have much cultivation and am only a Beginning Spirit Apostle. However, as a Loose Cultivator, it took me many hardships to cultivate to the point where I am now, so how can I just simply be used as cannon fodder.” When the animal-skinned man heard what his partner said, he immediately patted his chest and reassured.

“Since Brother Zhuan speaks truthfully, I will give you an address and you will go there three days later. There, I will introduce you to some people who are like-minded.” The red-faced old man responded with resolution.

“Alright, I will definitely be there!” When the animal-skinned man heard this, he was extremely happy.

Although the red-faced old man was like him in terms of cultivation, the red-faced old man had created an incredible network among the Gold Spirit Guests. If he said that he was going to introduce some people to the animal-skinned man, they definitely were people that would be strong.

“Although that person has left, we have to go inside and check if anyone else is missing.” The red-faced old man looked at the steps beyond the steel door and rememberes to say something else.

“Of course. Let’s hope that he only saved these two and didn’t kill the rest.” The animal-skinned man quickly agreed after hearing the red-faced old man.

As the two of them entered the steel door, they found a couple of prisoners that were unconscious. Naturally, they quickly cast spells to wake those prisoners.

However, the prisoners that woke up did not remember what happened before they were knocked unconscious.

With the sandalwood scent lingering in the prison and the red dots on the the heads of these people, the red-faced old man and the animal-skinned man looked at each other and guessed what had happened. With this knowledge, they could only bitterly laugh.

The method to wipe memories that the other person knew not only involved cultivation techniques but also included other methods such as medicinal ingredients and used some mortal secret techniques. The complexity of this was beyond their imaginations.


A couple of hours later.

Below a small hill beside a government path, a green carriage was quietly stopped there. An old man was seated at the front of the carriage as he looked toward Xuanjing constantly. His face showed anxiety. It was as if he was waiting for someone.

“Uncle Lin, is there still no news of Sir Immortal?” Lady Chen’s voice of anticipation suddenly emitted out of the carriage.

“Lady, please relax. Immortal Sir has incredible powers so how could a simple prison stop him. It is only day break now. I believe that not long later, master should be back to meet lady.” When Uncle Lin heard this, he immediately and respectfully replied.

“One can only hope. Uncle Lin, only you stayed with us through this ordeal of the Chen House. When me and my husband come back together and settle down, we will definitely have you enjoy the rest of your years.” When Lady Chen heard these words, she reminisced as she replied.

“Lady, you are being too courteous. If not for grand master’s helping hand, my life would have been gone dozens of years ago.” Uncle Lin replied in surprise.

“Those are two different things. Uncle Lin, based on how you have served the Chen House for all these years, the debt that you owe to us has long been paid off. The favor that you have done us this time will definitely be repaid by me and my husband.” Lady Chen disagreed.

“Lady, actually… Huh, there’s a carriage coming and it seems like master is directing it.” When Uncle Lin heard her speak, he was about to say something when he suddenly saw a carriage fly down the government path. The person directing the carriage looked like a familiar silhouette. Immediately, he yelled out in joy and surprise.

“What? Is it really my husband? Are you sure!?” The front curtain to the carriage was immediately pulled up and Lady Chen led the small boy as she walked out. She then stared at the government path in excitement.

“Hehe, Lady Chen, be at ease. It is your husband.”

At this time, a clear male voice came from the sky.

Uncle Lin and Lady Chen were both shocked as they looked up to find a black cloud slowly descending. Above the cloud was a young scholar, Liu Ming.


In about fifteen minutes, Liu Ming stood at the peak of the hill as he held the token that Lady Chen had just returned to him. He then looked at the carriage that was turning into a black dot on the government path and could not help but smile.

He had already given word to Martial Uncle Lei. Soon after Censor Chen and his family left Xuanjing, there would be someone who would take care of the other things.

With this, he had finally resolved the matter that Martial Uncle Lei had given him. As a result, he even felt his heart become slightly lighter.

“Mister Sun, now would be a good time to talk about the huge secret that you mentioned.” Liu Ming’s gaze withdrew from the path and turned to a man of around fifty years beside him.

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