Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 90


Chapter 90 – Glacial Temple

The blue and green lights of the stone monument melted together as the runes fused. These billions of light strands formed the outline of a magnificent temple-like structure in mid-air right above the abyss.

The stone monument disappeared into a flash of blinding light and became the cornerstone of the temple. Seconds after it was in place, the temple started to materialize.

Immediately after the temple appeared, its supreme presence was felt throughout the realm – from the edge of the skies to the very depths of the abyss. An array of runes grew and burst forth from the temple’s peak; it shone down a thick blue pillar of light.

The pillar bored a hole through the sea of thick black smoke and landed directly on the serpent’s head. Hit by a force greater than the weight of a mountain, the serpent was dragged back down to the bottom of the abyss before it could even cry or struggle free.

“Zoom! Zoom!”

Floating on top of the abyss, the temple emitted a majestic aura. Its energy quickly patched and repaired the rift in the ground; the abyss that so suddenly appeared and split the ground turned into a narrow gap and eventually disappeared. Just seconds later there was no trace that the abyss had ever been there.

The beast in the woods, the abyss that suddenly appeared, and the levitating temple which swiftly closed the abyss, suppressing the serpent and demons inside, all happened too quickly one after another. Ye Wei’s mind was numb; it was as if he had been stuck by a sledge hammer so many times that now he could feel nothing.


Ye Wei exhaled slowly and raised his head to look at the grand temple. His face displayed utter fascination. He couldn’t even imagine what kind of technique was used to build this majestic runic structure.

“Zoom! Zoom!”

While Ye Wei was still in shock, the sky suddenly distorted and a surge of mysterious energy penetrated the dimension. This caused a wormhole to appear as, Hong Xun, Xue Yao, and a few hundred Warriors fell from the sky.

“Bang! Boom!”

All of them looked very confused as they clumsily fell to the ground one by one. While everyone was screaming and sobbing in pain, Hong Xun and Xue Yao were able to summon two pairs of primal wings on their backs, stabilizing their bodies just after few flaps.

“Little bro!”

“Boy!” Hong Xun and Xue Yao were happy to see Ye Wei; they wondered why he looked so sluggish at a closer glance.

“Huh?” Ye Wei was not really responsive, even though Hong Xun and Xue Yao flew closer to greet him, his eyes were still set on the sky.

They followed Ye Wei’s sight to see what he was looking at. Their eyes widen as they saw the floating temple, neither of them could contain their excitement and shock.

“This is… Is this the legendary Glacial Temple? So this labyrinth is left behind by that man!” Hong Xun and Xue Yao looked at each other and shared a surprised glance.

“What temple?” Ye Wei knew that he just heard an important name but he knew nothing about it. Ye Wei, curious to find out what the two words meant, he looked confusedly at Hong Xun and Xue Yao as it was apparent that they knew something about this place.

“That is…”

“What a magnificent temple!”

“Oh god! Where the hell are we?!” Amused by the sight, the Warriors began to stand up.

“There is no mistake. We are at the Glacial Emperor’s tomb!” Hong Xun clenched his fist as he stared at the temple with fiery eyes.


There was a slight redness on Xue Yao’s face, her heart beating faster; she was nodding excitedly.

“Glacial temple? Emperor’s tomb?” Ye Wei slightly frowned and with a questioning gaze he asked Xue Yao who seemed to be overly excited.

Xue Yao’s eyes lingered on the temple. After making an effort to turn her head, she finally switch her attention elsewhere. “Little boy, you are here for the Glacial Emperor’s tomb right?” She asked with a gentle smile on her face.

“Who is the Glacial Emp…” Frustrated and feeling like secrets had been kept from him, Ye Wei frowned again. But as he was about to ask a question, a loud angry voice from a distance was heard in his ears.

“Lin Zi Yan, give me that Condensing Primal pill!” Jin Yan was pointing his golden spear right at Lin Zi Yan; his bloodshot eyes were staring at the levitating, purple-haired girl.

“Lin Zi Yan, you are going too far! There are ten Condensing Primal pills and you want to take them all?!” Mo Ya shouted as he stood on his sword. His long hair was gracefully flowing in the wind, and his cold gaze pierced Lin Zi Yan.

Her eyes flashed purple, as always when she was angry or mad, but her face showed indifference while staring Mo Ya and Jin Yan down. Lin Zi Yan did not speak a word, she just put the pills into her bag, answering with action instead.

“I only want three pills, Lin Zi Yan! Don’t push me any further because I will fight you!” Seeing that she had put the pills away, Jin Yan’s face darkened. With anger glowing in his eyes he was ready to thrust his spear through her.

“Three!” Mo Ya looked at Lin Zi Yan from a distance. He indifferently held up three fingers. A swirl of powerful Qi started to form around him, energizing the air, his robe was flowing in the windless sky. He was definitely a fierceful enemy any cultivator would be scared of.

“It’s Jin Yan, Mo Ya, and the girl from that family!” The shouting caught everyone’s attention. They turned their eyes from the temple to the three strongest Warriors present, looking at them with great respect.

“Condensing Primal pill?! How lucky are they to have found such a rarity?!” Hong Xun glanced at the trio, his face slightly changing color while his eyes shown with undisguised envy.

“People from that family really can’t be measured by a normal scale. She is not even at the same cultivation level as her opponents and still she was able to make them dance on her palm, getting everything she wants?!”

“With just one of the pills, surely one of their family members could easily break through to the level of condensed prime Warrior! No wonder Jin Yan and Mo Ya are so angry!” Xue Yao heard that Condensing Primal pills were mentioned in their conversation, and desire was apparent on her pretty face.

The barrier between a Warrior and a condensed prime Warrior was incredibly vast, in the history of cultivation there were countless ten-star Warriors who were stopped by this wall and died without ever becoming condensed prime Warriors.

When ten-star Warriors attempt to breakthrough, they would have to fight their own evil desires. The ones who couldn’t defeat their inner demons during the process would never progress any further.

In Green Moon City, for example, resided several thousand ten-star Warriors; however, there were only a handful of condensed prime Warriors. This gap clearly reflected the difficulty of breaking through the Warrior realm.

On the other hand, it was a completely different story for someone in the possession of a Condensing Primal pill. Taking just one pill grants a Warrior at least a ninety percent probability to fight off their demons and advance to the condensed prime level.

Both Jin Yan and Mo Ya were peak ten-star Warriors, they were qualified and physically prepared to attempt a breakthrough, the only thing holding them back was that they were uncertain about how they would deal with their inner demons.

Therefore, Jin Yan’s and Mo Ya’s desire for a Condensing Primal pills could easily be imagined.

After being teleported to this realm, Jin Yan and Mo Ya were extremely thrilled to have found these pills, and thinking that breaking through was now a certainty, they started to imagine all the possibilities their future would hold. All that just to have their dreams come crashing down because of some girl who happened to be faster than they had thought.

There was no way Jin Yan and Mo Ya would let Lin Zi Yan take all the pills! If it was any other treasure maybe they could let it go because they were born with golden chopsticks in their mouths, but for these pills, they would fight Lin Zi Yan even if they had to face the consequences of angering that family. Both of them were determined to use all it took to obtain the pills!

“There are ten pills in total, what do you say to Jin Yan taking three, I can take three, and you can have four. I really do respect your family, please don’t force us to fight you. Like Jin Yan said, there is nothing more valuable to us than these pills!” Mo Ya politely said to her, but his tone of voice was harsh in contrast.

“These are the first Condensing Primal pills I’ve ever gotten. Why should I share them with you? I got my hands on them before either of you did.” Lin Zi Yan arched her brow in surprise as she spoke keeping her beautiful voice clear, steady, and emotionless. “One pill is more than enough for you to reach Condensed Prime level. Both of you are just being greedy.”

“One Condensing Primal pill might not be enough to guarantee a breakthrough!” Jin Yan grunted.

“I have been a ten-star Warrior for more than a year, and Mo Ya couldn’t be more correct. There is nothing I want more than these pills! And I, Jin Yan, get what I want!” Jin Yan held his golden spear even tighter while floating in the air. Jin Yan thirsted for blood. He stared coldly at Lin Zi Yan and said with a prideful tone, “Even if you are from that family, I can see that your cultivation level is close to ours. That means if nothing else you are just their distant relative! You should behave and learn to respect others!”

“It’s ten Condensing Primal pills we are talking about. I am sure I can use them for something else, instead of just giving them away.” Lin ZIn Yan shook her head and glanced towards the ground. Her eyes shone with joy and confusion when she spotted Ye Wei; she didn’t expect him to get this far.

In the future, both herself and Ye Wei will have to face the ten-star Warrior breakthrough, and that was why she was not willing to give in.

“Just giving them away… Is it so? Now I feel offended.” A shadow of bitterness flickered over Mo Ya’s handsome face. He slowly stretched out his fingers and quickly drew hundreds of runes forming a unique pattern.

Mo Ya’s silvery Qi flowed through the pattern linking all the runes together and forming a three meter long green spectral sword that pointed right at Lin Zi Yan’s heart.


Jin Yan grunted, and he stomped his foot while waving his golden spear around as he sped towards Lin Zi Yan

“Jin Yan! You will have to go through me!” Suddenly, Ye Wei tore one of the medium-grade scrolls he had left. Runes written in the blood of demons poured out of it creating a pair of translucent wings on Ye Wei’s back.

Ye Wei wings shook gently causing him to travel so quick that he became a flash of light and reappeared between Jin Yan and Lin Zi Yan.

Even though Lin Zi Yan had extraordinary strength, it was still a challenge for her to deal with two ten-star warriors all by herself. She could only bank on using her Shadowshift stance to buy herself some time and avoid serious injury.

Seeing that Lin Zi Yan was in a bit of trouble, Ye Wei couldn’t just stand there and watch. It shouldn’t be a problem for him to entertain Jin Yan for a while, or even defeat him, with as many medium-grade scrolls as he had.